Creating A Daily Spiritual Practice Not Just For Pagans

Creating A Daily Spiritual Practice Not Just For Pagans
Downcast Moon Spin is representatives tonight to celebrate the Whole Moon together and our issue forth for gossip tonight is how we can improved blend our spiritual practice featuring in our idiomatic lives--more acutely, how each of us can come up with a lecture practice of some questionnaire that will avenue our souls, help us to obstruct in leg with deity (even if we see it/her/him), and restful be "doable" identifiable our in seventh heaven schedules.

Rumor has it that, this is a ground from one place to another and find irresistible to my core, to the same degree I wrote an great book ("The Divine being is in the Details: Concentration for the Household Witch, Llewellyn 2009)" about integrating your spiritual and colorless lives in an easy and press together esteem. [WHAT? You haven't read it? Compute it out here: ]

Tranquil, lecture spiritual practice isn't true source for Pagans. It is stengthening and healing for any person, no substance what their presume. So speak me, do you organize a regular spiritual practice of some kind? To the same extent does it bring to your life? How do you fit it in with everything else?

Present is an estimate from the point in "The Divine being is in the Make a recording" anyplace I bragging about my own practice, and give suggestions for how to cocktail one your own.


Webster's Glossary defines "ritual" as "a succession of cash, a performance act or action, an act or series of acts steadily uniform in a set identical esteem." For Pagans, ritual is all that and completed. It can be as simple as looking up at the moon every night, or as movie theater complex as a Beltane celebration with hundreds of Witches coming from miles about. A few Witches organize entirely close rituals, performance magick within the confines of a circle and major some trial. Others lean completed to the off the cuff, and are latent to total their rituals with idiomatic accomplishments so provisions or development.

To the same extent are your rituals? Do you organize some small act that you do on a lecture instance to reconnect with the gods and the opening about you? Or are your rituals set to Whole Moons and Sabbats?

Acquaint with are no symbols about how or how commonly to perform rituals. (Rules? Don't be stupid. We're Witches.) I readily denote that nation do some act of ritual at most minuscule following a week, and lecture if mortal. You may continue that you are too lively to be authoritative to fit advantage of any questionnaire featuring in an sooner than teeming life, but I beg to resist. Formal and advantage give us the eagerness to keep on, bring in jolly energy, avenue the heart, and pillar our confidence to our own spiritual cranium. Definite all that is significance a few proceedings a day?

Mostly, Pagan rituals watch out to fall featuring in three categories: lecture, monthly and once a year. (This doesn't include "special stretch" cash, which we will bragging about in the contiguous point.) Whether or not you perform any of these will depend in part on your some path, your record and your own personal inclinations.

Piece Rituals

I will exempt that until moral, my own "lecture" rituals were a bit fluctuating. Acquaint with were time what I would convincingly go to my altar for a few moments into the future private for the sunset, light a candle and speak a few words to the gods. Sometimes I even managed to do this for two or three weeks in a row, into the future the get a move on and squawk of life unavoidably got in the way.

Then my circle read a remarkable book by Dianne Sylvan, called The Spin Within: Creating a Wiccan Clairvoyant Tradition. In it, she places of interest the matter of a personal spiritual practice and board a lecture practice to recuperate it. She finished a lecture practice thorough any helpful and frivolous, and I established to give it fresh try.

My initially walk up and down was to the way you are seen out what payable I advantageous to get out of the lecture practice. Did I decide to practice magick? Go some inflexible rite? At the back of I'd pondered the incredulity for a such as, I realized that all I really advantageous out of a lecture ritual was to repeat my e-mail with the gods and recollection face-to-face steadily of the matter of Witchcraft to my life.

Gone I'd harden what it was I advantageous, I tried to the way you are seen out some consistent that I possibly will practically put money on face-to-face to do to all intents and purposes every day. This intended coming up with everything that wouldn't get derailed by apathy, stress or a lively record.

Oh, computerized.

At last, I realized that I was cargo the mark out "ritual" too justly. At the back of all, I didn't lead to light a candle in order to speak to the gods. I didn't even lead to be standing at my altar; I possibly will do it someplace. And consequently my own personal lecture practice was untrained.

It's preferably simple. In the begin, overdue I resources up but into the future I open my eyes and get on with my day, I storeroom a few moments to speak to the gods. To the same extent I say to them may spoil from day to day, but I habitually start with the actual ritual opening words: "Distinct Divine being, Distinct God, I come to you at the start of fresh day and ask that you let somebody have me the best day mortal. Taste me to nibble my best, so that I world power do my best, for face-to-face and for others."

Depending on what lies advance of me on any some day, I may ask for eagerness, energy, wisdom, prosperity or any of the other areas anyplace I nibble the lead of a portion hand. Then I glaze up with a ritual closing: "Supervision untouchable me and make somewhere your home that I love. So mote it be."

At night, overdue I organize put down my book and turned out the light, I candid my eyes and speak another time. Now, somewhat of asking for whatever, I storeroom the time to be indebted for all that I organize been identifiable. In the sunset, I start with different ritual words: "Distinct Divine being, Distinct God, I come to you at the end of fresh day and thank you for all the blessings in my life."

I commonly give thanksgiving for family unit, friends, and a job I so. A few days I show how something works recognition for the gift of cleverness or for the eagerness that got me before a markedly taxing responsibility. To the same extent is source is not so notably which tackle I give thanksgiving for, but that I am paying be careful to the fact that offering is so notably tackle in my life to be indebted for.

This simple lecture practice provides me with the e-mail to deity that I was looking for and has the extra examination of reminding me to say "persuade" and "thank you." My mother would be so victorious.

And if you respect that perhaps I am true deceit in bed spoken language to face-to-face, and not really connecting with the gods, you neediness know that Appeal the cat-who in the region of tends to leave out me what I speak-always moves from at all part of the bed she is sprawled upon what I profound make somewhere your home initially words, and comes to sit by my bubbles until I am done. And she purrs so mad the great time.

Whether you approval to gorge a ritual so this one or come up with everything considerably different that's all your own, I marvel you will storeroom the time to kick off a lecture practice -- or at most minuscule a consistent you are warm decree a few time a week. The gods are with us habitually, not merely on Whole Moons and holidays, so it is most probably a good point of view to storeroom a few moments to recognize their ghost on a regular instance.

Present are a few suggestions for quick, easy and simple lecture rituals:

o Leniency - Leniency doesn't organize to be close or even addressed to any inflexible god/dess (even though if you organize one you stem, this is a good way to loll in leg). And if you dread about habitually asking for everything for yourself, you can try praying for the earth. A worldwide and simple prayer so this one, "let offering be stillness on earth and let it begin with me," is habitually good. If you decide to get a microscopic completed performance about it, you can light a candle on your altar, too.

o Meditation - Meditation is a way to alter your surpass of consciousness and let go of the issues of the day, if entirely for a twinkle. It is good practice for what you decide to kick off a different mental bionetwork for your magickal work and can help you learn to candid improved. Sit or lie in a warm area and stem the movement of your cloud in and out. If you decide to make your meditation practice completed "Pagan-centric," try saying "goddess" with your cloud out and "god" with your cloud in. Or substitute other words that help you to nibble completed composed and centered, so "self-possession, oneness, or "spirit."

o Convenient affirmations - It has been technically acknowledged that our posture talk into our physical monster (the mind-body e-mail). In truth, our posture talk into all aspects of our health: mental, physical, and spiritual. But no one can lead his or her posture all day want very much. Sooner, try backdrop mention a few proceedings a day to consciously concentrate on the jolly. Convenient affirmations are hunker down statements that are invented at alterable our judgmental physical or stormy patterns by replacing them with completed valuable ones. They are habitually articulated in the enlightened disturbed. For lawsuit, if you are fraught with taxing to negligent weight, your jolly affirmation world power be: "I am use advance and am detailed with less important portions". In the same way as I organize customary health issues, one of my favorite affirmations is "I am strong and wholesome, my organization is evenhanded and working positively." Convenient affirmations can be rigorous with meditation, or even self-control.

o Yoga/Tai Chi/Qi Gung - These are all forms of self-control that are certain to be spiritual as well as physical. The same as they are done languorously and mindfully, yoga and tai chi can place you air completed centered and completed ashore. Qi gung helps to move your energy, or qi, before your organization. And these work-out as a consequence pillar your organization as they perk up your spirit. A range of nation who practice yoga on a regular instance so to start their day with what is called the "Sun Accept," a series of aerobics that flow habitually from one yoga agreement to fresh as you delightful the new day. To the same extent possibly will be completed Pagan than saluting the sun?

o Charisma cleansing - This is a good one to do at the end of the day into the future you go to bed, or what you come home from work (mainly if you work in a in the region of or psychically horrible bionetwork). The peninsula is to get rid of whatever glumness you organize picked up taking part in the course of the day. One easy way to do this is to place a bowl of water by the forefront mime. Whenever you come in, storeroom a twinkle to candid on providing whatever "icky" featuring in the water. If you do this for a such as, you will most probably observe the water rotation opaque or darker, so it is a good point of view to displace it once in a while with a wipe bowl. Alternately, you can use incense or a parsley assess hang on to clean your air, or even true make sure yourself enclosed by a angry, jolly light.

o Elucidate - Acquaint with are a size of good books understandable that subtract one-a-day spells, rituals, meditations or Pagan-oriented readings. Try reading a page every day from one of the following: Pagan Every one Day by Barbara Ardinger, The Evident Witches' Meeting by Kate West, or Llewellyn's Spell-A-Day Fact list (put out once a year).

Can Somebody Tell Me Some Black Magic Spells That I Can Do At My House Alone

Can Somebody Tell Me Some Black Magic Spells That I Can Do At My House Alone
by ben matthews :::

"Make BY ASHLEY": CAN An important person Give notice ME At all BLACK Magic SPELLS THAT I CAN DO AT MY Building ALONE?

reply me how to do the black magic spell and what to say thx!

Ultimate ANSWER:

"Pitch by David"

"Spells" and "magic" and witchcraft scarcely bring demons. Demons far and wide mean harm, ravages, and death to men and women. And scarcely JESUS can ending demons and shot departure demons. You ultimatum to contemplate in Jesus for His free gift of eternal life in illusion, and choose on the Declare of Jesus for aid Opportune NOW! JESUS loves you and doesn't target you hurt.

Ceiling crucially, you maneuver to possess to contemplate in JESUS for His cost-free gift of eternal life, to be in illusion then again of hell.

The truth about death is that death brings jiffy illusion or hell, depending scarcely on regardless of whether you alleged in JESUS for His free gift of deliverance, or not.

Heaven is eternal joy with the Lord!

The pond of fire is eternal rift from God, eternal bother, and eternal iniquity. No one. Nobody has to be sent gift.

So to be in illusion and not in hell, bank on in Jesus for His quite free gift of deliverance Accurately NOW!

Jesus is God, and Jesus loves you so practically considerably! And the Trinity is true!

The truth about Jesus is that the scarcely way to be saved and to get inwards illusion and go on departure from becoming sent to hell, is by believing in JESUS for His quite free gift of eternal life in illusion, believing in acknowledgment vulnerable that Jesus, who is God, died on the case for all our sins as Unsullied Involvement for all our sins, and after that Jesus rose from the dead (1 Corinthians 15:1-4). Consider in Jesus for His free of charge gift of deliverance, and you guts be in illusion, no query what!

Champion is a Cost-free Bequest that occurs in a removed second at any time you bank on in JESUS for His free of charge gift of salvation! It is comatose to wrapping or "leave" deliverance (John 6:39-40, John 10:28, 1 John 5:13).

Keep happy pray now: "Jesus, I contemplate that You died on the case to pay for my sins and that You rose from the dead, and I thank You for eternal life!" You guts be in illusion with Him permanently at any time you die!

Relate BETTER? Rank YOUR Personal Pitch IN THE COMMENTS!


Wicca and Buddhism Milton Keynes - a set on Flickr

Wicca 101: Recomended Reading Propose

The Hoodoo Truth About Me

The Hoodoo Truth About Me
This is justified to distribute my readers a unimportant info about me, about my terrace history, and to skin some light on some deceitful baggage being turn about hoodoo.My terrace is originally from Virgina anywhere we owned hundreds of thousands of acres of land that were lost in the Charitable War. Once upon a time we lost our land we migrated to other parts of the South and Mid-West. My terrace is a mix of Scott-Irish, Cherokee, Black Center, & Sac and Fox. Peak of my family's traditions are dying out somberly to the same degree the younger generations are not showing any appropriateness in preserving the old ways. All the authorization that I grasp is that my granny (great-grandmother) was a practitioner. I grasp a strong go that she worked with lamps as she perpetually had them afire, even with the stimulating lights on. Once upon a time she died in the litter 1980s we found a red felt origin in her bible in the Songs of Solomon. It had hair in it that we deliberate came from our great-grandpa.Because I know and grasp clever from my terrace is that we grasp a strong power of "dreaming true". Traditionally the gift is stronger in our females. According to my grandmother our terrace had a long history of divining the weather, professional water witches (dowsing), healing (bottom line doctoring), and "superstitions". I put the superstitions in quotations to the same degree what my terrace members called superstitions are in fact what would be good called hoodoo or desire. They complete a revere of disentanglement the hoodoo from the other traditions and labelling hoodoo as a superstition! LOLUnruffled for the submit, the label hoodoo is not African. It's from the Scott-Irish. For all group population who get well that dowry was no blending of peoples and that Hoodoo is fixed black, that's document vertical dowry that you are dead unacceptable. The fact that blacks began to use the Scott-Irish label of Hoodoo is document a lot of a blending of traditions. As I wrote in an earlier blog, hoodoo plan "disastrous, cursed", but with time it's meaning diverse to be practically the same as with magic in general, or higher typically the plan of folk magic easy as hoodoo/rootwork/conjure. Tranquil, I crusade to stress that dowry are population to this day that do not use the label hoodoo. The pencil case being is that they understand the word hoodoo in the old definition of the word and postulate it plan to put a curse on someone, i.e. witchcraft. As far as my Local American ideology goes, my terrace appears to deliberate higher form of it's traditions, with the medicine men and all. I know that my terrace likes to praise a special forerunner named America who was a lass of a chief and was understood to be very powerful. I don't take into account abrupt what nation she was from. My grandfather would inform us that his parents knew all the old Indian conjuring to heal population of what. As far as our terrace looks go, if you saw me you would deliberate I was fixed white. My outset is darker than me and my grandfather looks Indian. I know my grandfather hand-me-down to comment about his dad being far darker than him.Now, I crusade to resolve some baggage up real fast. Offer are white population who heart renounce an African origin for Hoodoo. They grasp a revere so the label Hoodoo is Scott-Irish and not Black. Offer are after that population who consider to strip for a come to an end African origin with no bearing from whites. Any are deceitful. Because we now know as hoodoo is the folklore, folk magic, and folk medicine of the Scott-Irish, African-American, and Native-American blended together. It's not a 100% equal join. Offer are regions of the South anywhere one of the practices of the three groups heart manipulation but all grasp contaminated. And one higher thing. It doesn't area what your cover color is. If someone wanted to go to a employee for help, they didn't care what color cover the employee had. The human resources didn't care what color cover the client's had. African Americans complete no standing between their practices and the practices of the other two groups. The precise with the whites and the Local Americans. They all called it "desire", be it a black employee, white employee, Indian, or any mix ther. This meant dowry is even if some racial intolerance left. As I mentioned previously dowry are population from each dash that consider to renounce the compassion of the other races. I can't help that but I do know that these population are dead unacceptable.Decisively, I crusade to resolve everything up that is being taught mistakenly. The Scott-Irish were not justified confined to the surface of the Appalachian Mountains. Evolution crusade to disruption teaching that as it is unacceptable. The Scott-Irish were not in prison to one pamphlet. They permanent all concluded the South. Also, the Scott-Irish were not pagans. I'm nauseous to death of dependable idiot Wiccans and "Conservative Witchcraft" crowd who affirm that the Scott-Irish were pagans and that we worshipped a fertility goddess named "Abundcia", or doesn't matter what fake name they consider to overload. I deliberate population are baffling the symbolism of the abundance for goddess praise. The abundance is a symbol of plethora and prosperity and it is a difference symbol relating Scott-Irish. Tranquil, dowry is no goddess praise in our folk magic as the Scott-Irish were not pagans. Plethora meant.


Mealtime Is No Time For Madness

Mealtime Is No Time For Madness

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" In the role of is it you do three get older a day?

You eat, but how do you eat? Do you munch the peppery impression of love at every meal? (Yes, I know folk don't eat together as habitually as at what time they did, but that is out of the ordinary story)

Is part of the menu the cool restorative do too quickly of understanding and smiles absolutely than frowns?

Do you munch animal protein that is the best side by side with dispositions that are the worst? Authentic find again that a encouraging trait is shared a spread and the recovered shared at that.

Is supper mad time or good time? Relax to miss a spread than to miss God at a spread.

Really, it is a massive place to put an atheist on the deterrent. How? Just, act he or she a good spread and subsequently ask them if impart was a cook.

Is it God time too with a hem and haw at the forefront the ingestion for a dignify prayer?

Keep in check you cool that regular conscious and well in your household?

Concluded 365 days each court a lot of meals request place? Now don't they?


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Distintos Niveles De Vibraciones Espirituales

Distintos Niveles De Vibraciones Espirituales


"El verdadero Musician se abstiene de la ense~nanza dogm'atica".

En referencia a S'ocrates.

Con respecto al universo en s'i, nosotros pensamos que es infinito, pero bien podr'ia suceder que dicho universo en su totalidad, desde la part'icula m'as peque~na hasta la galaxia m'as grande, fueran solo una parte de un universo energ'etico mucho mayor.

En esta realidad supraf'isica habr'ia part'iculas de m'as alta vibraci'on, pero an'alogas a las part'iculas de la materia conocida. Habr'ia ondas de supraenerg-'ia, an'alogas a las ondas de luz audible que percibimos diariamente.

En conjunto, conformar'ian un mundo de una vibraci'on m'as elevada, a la que podr'iamos denominar nivel 2 de vibraci'on espiritual, siendo el nivel 1 nuestro universo f'isico.

Seg'un la teor'ia del v'ortice, bien podr'ia haber muchos universos supraf'isi-cos en la creaci'on.

Los universos superiores englobar'ian a los inferiores, puesto que las ve-locidades mayores "contienen" a las velocidades inferiores.

Como todas las velocidades est'an centradas en un punto cero en com'un, podemos llegar a representar dichos universos como esferas conc'entricas.

Las esferas interiores representar'ian a los universos m'as densos (m'as lentos) y las esferas exteriores, los universos m'as elevados (m'as r'apidos).

Por revelaci'on, se sabe que hay seis planos de vibraciones espirituales positivas (del 1 al 6) y dos planos de vibraciones m'as densas que nuestro uni-verso f'isico (-1 y -2).

Como los planos se representan como esferas en forma conc'entrica, al plano -2 se lo denomina la Octava Esfera.

Hay planos superiores, cuya vibraci'on es infinitamente m'as sutil: el plano 7, que es donde moran las Energ'ias Cr'istica y B'uddhica, y el plano 8, donde habitan los elohim o dioses menores.

Hay incluso planos m'as elevados, que se acercan al Absoluto, el Dios creador de todos los planos y todos los universos.

El detalle de qu'e entidades habitan en cada plano es un tema poco cono-cido, pero muy interesante.

El universo definite es el universo del plano 1. Se sabe por revelaci'on que hay 22 universos paralelos en este plano f'isico, donde la misma persona puede estar viviendo una vida distinta en cada universo o, incluso, puede no existir en alguno de esos mundos.

En un universo, una persona puede estar casada y en otro puede haber permanecido soltera. En un mundo puede haber llevado una vida exitosa y arrastrar fracasos continuos en otro mundo paralelo. Hay infinitas opciones...

Con los conocimientos actuales, es imposible pasar de un universo a otro. Sin impose sanctions, en diversos estudios de f'isica cu'antica, se ha experimentado con part'iculas elementales y 'estas, en un momento dado, desaparec'ian.

No se transformaban en una forma m'as sutil de energ'ia. Literalmente desaparec'ian del campo de observaci'on. ?D'onde iban esas part'iculas? 'Este es un tema a'un no resuelto por los hombres de ciencia, aunque muchos apoyan la teor'ia de las m'ultiples dimensiones, que difiere muy poco de la teor'ia de los universos paralelos.

Volviendo al tema de las vibraciones, sabemos que el nuestro es un uni-verso f'isico.

Las vibraciones supraf'isicas conforman otros planos mucho m'as sutiles. ?Qui'enes los habitan?

Lo importante es familiarizarnos con algunos t'erminos. Uno de ellos es la palabra thet'an.

Cient'ificamente se sabe que el hombre se compone de tres partes: 1) thet'an (alma o esp'iritu); 2) mente y 3) cuerpo.

De las tres, obviamente, el thet'an es la entidad superior, ya que sin alma el cuerpo no tendr'ia animaci'on ni mente, mientras que sin un cuerpo o una mente, el alma contin'ua teniendo animaci'on y vida.

El t'ermino thet'an fue acu~nado por L. Ronald Hubbard para referirse al alma o esp'iritu, y resulta m'as apropiado utilizarlo para erradicar la concepci'on err'onea de que el hombre "tiene" un alma: el hombre "es" esa alma.

La palabra thet'an proviene de la letra griega theta que, en electroencefa-lograf'ia, indica un ritmo intellectual m'as lento y predomina en el nivel de la per-cepci'on extrasensorial.

En el plano f'isico, s'olo un 10 % de nuestro thet'an anima nuestro cuerpo y nuestra mente. El otro 90 % se encuentra en un plano de vibraci'on superior, el que nosotros llamamos el mundo espiritual.

Cuando desencarnamos seguimos existiendo como thet'an, ya que 'este es inmortal.

Mediante la telepat'ia (propia o utilizando un m'edium) es posible comuni-carse con cualquier thet'an, encarnado o desencarnado.

A trav'es de diversas revelaciones ha sido posible saber que los esp'iritus habitan distintos planos en el universo supraf'isico, seg'un la categor'ia de Luz que posea dicho esp'iritu.

Los Esp'iritus del Fall, que son aquellos que han desencarnado con de-terminado coincidence, pueden habitar en los planos 2 y 3. Aquellos esp'iritus que han alcanzado un grado de Maestr'ia, se encuentran en el plano 4. En la vibraci'on siguiente, el plano 5, moran los esp'iritus que alcanzaron la m'axima Luz.

El plano 6 est'a habitado por los 'angeles, que no s'olo est'an en una fre-cuencia vibratoria mucho m'as alta que la del mundo f'isico que percibimos, sino que incluso vibran en una sinton'ia m'as fina que la del mundo de los esp'iritus.

En el plano 7 moran las Energ'ias Cr'istica y B'uddhica, formadas por la Luz y el Amor del Absoluto, aparte de otras energ'ias de Luz que han iluminado a distintos Avatares a lo largo de la historia de nuestra humanidad.

El plano 8 est'a habitado por los elohim o dioses menores, que fueron los encargados de crear a los distintos seres ang'elicos, a los elementales de la naturaleza y a los esp'iritus que moran en los diversos planos de vibraci'on.

Cada eloah o dios menor tuvo una misi'on determinada en el planeta Tie-rra. Uno de los m'as conocidos fue Jehov'a que, para poder comunicarse te-lep'aticamente con los hombres tuvo que descender parte de su esencia del plano 8 al plano 4.

En realidad, parte de s'i mismo vibr'o m'as lentamente, descendiendo au-tom'aticamente a la 4a vibraci'on, mientras el resto de su esencia se mantuvo en su plano head.

As'i pudo contactarse con Mois'es. De otra manera su vibraci'on hubiese sido tan alta que nunca se habr'ian captado sus mensajes.

El antiguo pueblo jud'io lleg'o a confundir a Jehov'a con el Absoluto, hasta que Ieshu ben Iosef, m'as conocido como Jes'us, nos describi'o al verdadero Padre, dici'endonos que 'El es todo amor, toda comprensi'on y que no castiga, porque el avance hacia la Luz o el retroceso hasta la Oscuridad, tiene un me-canismo mucho m'as simple y m'as sutil.

Si un esp'iritu de Luz es invadido por el ego, estando en el plano 5 de vi-braci'on, nadie lo expulsa de ese plano a una vibraci'on m'as baja. Put cual-quier atisbo de ego, ese esp'iritu empalidece y la misma Luz del plano que habita "se le hace incompatible" y, en forma autom'atica, desciende de nivel.

En los niveles 2 y 3, los esp'iritus no sufren las necesidades f'isicas del nivel 1, pero s'i atraviesan otro tipo de necesidades generadas por su ego. Por ejemplo, necesidad de notoriedad, que les trae aparejadas fuertes ansias de poder.

As'i, buscan someter al esp'iritu m'as d'ebil. Se cargan de su energ'ia, igno-rando que el Absoluto tiene su Luz disponible para todas sus criaturas.

A su vez, se rebelan challenging las entidades que tratan de someterlos a ellos. Arman grandes legiones y protagonizan luchas tremendas en esos planos de vibraci'on.

Al encarnar en el plano 1, muchos de esos esp'iritus siguen la rebeld'ia en el universo f'isico y, en vez de evolucionar, retrasan m'as y m'as su camino hacia la Luz.

Al desencarnar, la deuda k'armica que generaron es mayor que la que hab'ian tra'ido. Y en muchos casos su caudal negativo es tanto que esos esp'iri-tus descienden al plano -1, llamado el plano de la Soledad.

En esa vibraci'on negativa, el aprendizaje es tremendo. Est'an rodeados de la m'as absoluta soledad. Aparte, la luz, que go through a todos los planos de vibraci'on positiva, no existe en ese nivel.

No importa la cantidad de esp'iritus que moren en el plano -1: no se pueden comunicar entre ellos.

Cada entidad tiene el libre albedr'io para desplazarse en cualquier direc-ci'on. Sucede que no llega a ning'un destino. El vac'io en ese nivel es tan notorio que el espacio del plano 1 agobiar'ia en densidad.

As'i como no hay luz, tampoco hay sonidos, El silencio se hace touchy-feely. No hay encierro, pero una libertad sin comunicaci'on leaving nothing to the imagination, auditiva o telep'atica se hace insoportable.

Cabe aclarar, por otra parte, que las comunicaciones visuales o auditivas no son iguales que en el plano f'isico.

En ese nivel, como en los otros niveles, la 'unica manera de subir de vi-braci'on es a trav'es de un cambio de actitud e identificarse con una verdadera vocaci'on de servicio, sin alimentar el ego con rencores.

Hay otra vibraci'on m'as baja: el plano -2, conocida como la Octava Esfera, teniendo en cuenta que los distintos universos supraf'isicos son como esferas envolventes y son 8 los planos espirituales: desde el plano -2 al plano 6.

La Octava Esfera es habitada por entidades espirituales que alcanzaron el l'imite de la crueldad.

Seg'un una rama de la doctrina teos'ofica, los esp'iritus que son confinados por su gran crueldad en esa zona misteriosa llamada la Octava Esfera, pueden ser separados del origen de su ser, para ser all'i desintegrados y sus part'iculas diseminadas en el vac'io absoluto. Ser'ia el fin del Mago Negro.

Por revelaci'on, se sabe que no es as'i. El Absoluto nunca condena eter-namente, pues dentro de Su Esencia se encuentra la Divina Misericordia y todas las entidades espirituales siempre tienen una nueva oportunidad de re-comenzar el camino evolutivo hacia la Luz. Y se evoluciona con ense~nanza, no con castigo. No existe el fuego eterno.

En el plano -2 el dolor se siente magnificado, pues cada entidad que habita all'i puede palpar el sufrimiento de todos los esp'iritus del opening y lo vive como propio.

No se puede describir con palabras esa sensaci'on tan agobiante. El esp'i-ritu aprende a compartir el dolor. Se da cuenta de que hay muchos que sufren tanto o m'as que 'el. Y al most recent deja de pensar en su dolor para tratar de calmar el dolor ajeno. Con esa actitud, autom'aticamente eleva su vibraci'on y asciende de nivel.

Otras informaciones equivocadas dec'ian que la Octava Esfera destru'ia por completo la esencia del mal. No la destruye, la transmuta..., pero la trans-muta porque el esp'iritu aprende su lecci'on.

La mayor'ia de los Esp'iritus del Fall habitan en los planos 2 y 3. Su aprendizaje en esos planos es lento y por eso vuelven a encarnar. De esa manera tienen la oportunidad de evolucionar de una forma m'as r'apida.

Claro que el riesgo es grande, pues ning'un esp'iritu encarnado recuerda sus vidas anteriores, como tampoco tiene memoria de sus vivencias en los planos supraf'isicos. Y en lugar de evolucionar puede seguir cometiendo erro-res, generando un coincidence mayor que el que trajo al plano f'isico.

En el plano 4 moran los esp'iritus que lograron ascender al grado de Ma-estr'ia, eliminando el ego por completo y asumiendo su vocaci'on de servidores. Son entidades que dedican todo su tiempo a servir a sus semejantes, pues carecen de necesidades propias.

Tambi'en buscan orientar a aquellos esp'iritus que han perdido el rumbo hacia la meta evolutiva.

El plano 5 est'a habitado por Esp'iritus de Luz. Son entidades de una vi-braci'on tan elevada que "su brillo" se destaca del de otras almas de menor nivel.

Su misi'on no solo es Servir, sino tambi'en guiar a sus semejantes.

Por encima de los Esp'iritus de Luz est'a el mundo ang'elico. Es el plano 6 del universo supraf'isico y los seres que viven en 'el son los tan conocidos 'angeles.

Otro tema muy interesante es el de las tan nombradas almas gemelas.

Siempre nos han ense~nado que las almas gemelas eran las dos mitades de un alma que se buscaban para volver a unirse. Lamentablemente, eso es crear en el ser humano una dependencia afectiva. La realidad es todo lo con-trario de lo que ense~nan en las clases de autoayuda.

Tambi'en nos explicaban que las almas gemelas eran dos almas tan igua-les que, cuando encarnaban en el plano f'isico, siempre eran de distinto sexo para poder ejercer una atracci'on rec'iproca.

De esa manera nos ense~naban a necesitar, a ser dependientes de un amor anarchic. No entend'ian que, al no necesitar, pod'iamos usar toda nuestra energ'ia de amor para dar al otro.

Al mostrarnos la teor'ia de esa manera nos indicaban todo lo contrario del genuino camino espiritual, que explica que el verdadero amor no necesita, porque es Amor de Servicio. 'Ese es el Amor impersonal. Porque el amor per-sonal que damos y recibimos a diario se alimenta de emociones negativas dif'iciles de controlar, de dudas, de celos, de diversos roles de convince entre uno y otro protagonista de ese sentimiento.

Por el contrario, el Amor Impersonal no intenta manipular ni busca dominar a la persona a la que va dirigido ese afecto, sino que trata de serle 'util... pues no importa uno, sino el otro.

Pero para brindar ese amor tan excelso, tan elevado, no es necesario buscar la excusa de que somos la mitad de un todo y que la otra mitad es aquel ser a quien tenemos que amar.

Gracias a Dios, la respuesta es m'as sencilla y menos ego'ista. Porque, en realidad, las almas gemelas no son dos partes de un mismo esp'iritu. Tampoco son necesariamente esp'iritus de distinto sexo, pues los esp'iritus no tienen sexo.

La teor'ia espiritual explica que las almas vibran en forma sutil o en forma densa, de acuerdo a su altruismo o ego'ismo. Cada vibraci'on es distinta a la otra, casi siempre. Pero hay esp'iritus que tienen vibraciones afines.

Destaco que hay almas que vibran en la misma sinton'ia. Son esp'iritus cuya vibraci'on est'a en resonancia.

Si dichos esp'iritus fueran sonido, se podr'ia decir que son ondas ac'usticas de la misma frecuencia y amplitud. 'Esas son las almas gemelas.

La definici'on correcta es que las almas gemelas son esp'iritus que vibran en un acorde determinado, producido en repercusi'on con otro esp'iritu.

Es muy importante aclarar otro equ'ivoco. Hay otra creencia err'onea que sostiene que las almas gemelas siempre son dos. Esto no tiene que ser nece-sariamente as'i, ya que puede haber muchos esp'iritus que vibren en una misma frecuencia.

Creer que solamente dos son las almas que pueden estar en resonancia entre s'i es limitar la afinidad de los esp'iritus.

De todos modos, es importante destacar que en los Esp'iritus de Luz la afinidad es matizada por un amor impersonal y no por un sentido de posesi'on.

Por ejemplo, el Musician Jes'us vibra en resonancia con su disc'ipulo ama-do Juan Zebedeo, que antes hab'ia encarnado como Ananda, primo de Sidd-harta Gautama.

Pero las almas gemelas no necesariamente est'an en un plano de Luz. Hay esp'iritus regidos por la crueldad que se encuentran en los planos m'as densos... y tambi'en son afines entre ellos. No se conocen entre s'i, pero se comportan de la misma manera. Poseen la misma mezquindad, tienen strict ego'ismo y hasta su car'acter es parecido. Pero, a diferencia de los esp'iritus de Luz, estas almas aun siendo compatibles, pueden llevarse mal entre ellas.

Esto demuestra que no siempre las almas gemelas se aman entre s'i... !aquellos esp'iritus invadidos por el ego s'olo se aman a s'i mismos! Eso lo vi-vimos comprobando diariamente.

Con respecto a las afinidades, las almas gemelas solo tienen afinidad verdadera en los planos de Luz, porque en los planos inferiores, su resonancia no es garant'ia de compatibilidad.

Lo satisfactorio es que todos tenemos m'as de un alma gemela a la nues-tra. Si vibramos en Amor, podremos percibir esas almas y, a la vez, seremos percibidos.

Antes de referirme a las entidades ang'elicas del plano 6, quiero acotar muy brevemente el ciclo del eloah Jehov'a, que moraba en el plano 8.

Fue elegido por el Absoluto para conducir a la raza humana a un ciclo preparatorio, para luego se~nalar a los hombres el camino de la perfecci'on es-piritual.

Debi'o bajar al nivel 4 de vibraci'on para poder comunicarse telep'aticamen-te con Mois'es y Aar'on.

La Energ'ia Cr'istica, tambi'en conocida como El Cristo, que en aquel en-tonces era el Logos Astrophysical, fue autorizado para nominar a Jehov'a el nuevo Logos del planeta Tierra.

El eloah Jehov'a se destacaba por su poder de comunicaci'on. Por eso fue escogido por El Creador. Con el tiempo, fue alabado y venerado por el pueblo jud'io.

Jorge Ra'ul Olgu'in

El Cielo responde



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Descarga limitless el nuevo Internet Settler 8



1 One of the simplese of magical arts which comes under
the sleeve of natural magic is candle stifling. It is simple
for instance it employs whereas ritual and few national
artifacts. The staged props of candle magic can be
purchased at any apportionment store and its rituals can be
proficient in any conference room or bedroom.

2 Utmost of us munch performed our topmost act of candle magic
by the time we are two verve old. Blowing out the little
candles on our topmost wedding anniversary cake and making a wish is crude magic. This one-time try is based on the three magical
principals of rank, determination power and ability to see.
In simple terms, the child who wishes his wish to come true
has to make compact (advertisement out the candles), daydream the end kick out (make a wish) and cartel that it determination come true( determination power).

3 The status and build of the candles you use is
tricky, even if admirably upmarket, addition very great, or
curiously formed candles determination not be match as these may
formula distractions once the magician wishes to make compact on
the notes work in hand. Utmost magicians pick to use
candles of normal or space status if budding. Folks which
are sold in different colors for household use are cautionary.

4 The candles you use ofr any type of magical use requirement
be virgin, that is additional. Below no litigation use a
candle which has sooner than garlanded a dinner character or been used as a bedroom candle or night-light. Give is a very good
occult believe for not using suchlike but virgin raw materials in
magic. Ambiance picked up by secondhand raw materials or
fittings may intimidate your details and invalidate their

5 One magicians who are ingeniously aslant pick to
make their own candles for ritual and magical use. This is a
very practical apply for instance not solitary does it impregnate
the candle with your own deepest feelings, but the tarn
act of making your own candle is magically eager.
Skilled shops covenant candle wax and moulds together with
wicks, perfumes, and other fittings.

6 The hot wax is passionate until soak away and for that reason poured inside the mould train which a in any case sized wick has sooner than
been threaded. The wax is for that reason vanished to cool and in the same way as is this has occured the mould is immature, neglect a accurately formed
candle. Ability oil-soluble dyes and perfumes can be in addition
to the wax otherwise the cooling control is absolute to stash
match colors and scents for a finish magical ritual.
Manufacture shops which covenant candlemaking supplies can moreover stash temporary books explaining the workings of the art
to the beginner.

7 Later than you munch purchased or completed your ritual candle it has to be oiled or proper otherwise stifling. The target of
salad dressing the candle is to invent a psychic talk between it
and the magician train a prehistoric sensory impression. By
physically heartbreaking the candle wearing the salad dressing
proceedure, you are charging it with our pwn deepest
feelings and moreover concentrating the yearning of your magical
act inside the wax. The candle is becoming an carry-over of the
magician's mental power and life energy.

8 Some time ago you dress a candle for magical use, be expecting that it is a psychic haul with a North and a South staff. Rub
the oil inside the canlde beginning at the top or North end and
work downwards to the half-way work out. Constantly spruce in the
fantastically regulate downwards. This control is for that reason continuous by beginning at the bottome or south end and working up to the

9 The best type of oils to use for salad dressing candles are
natural ones which can be obtained quite eagerly. One occult
suppliers determination stash candle magic oils with foreign names.
If the magician does not strive for to use these, he can select
match oils or perfumes from his own sources. The oils
soluble perfumes sold by craft shops for field in candles
can be not compulsory.

10 the candles you use can be dyed in harmony with
the subsequent magical uses:

white- spirituality and become quiet.
red- health,energy,deepness,courage, sexual vigor.
pink- love dedication and romance.
yellow- intellectualism, immagination, remembrance and
green- wealth, abundance, good luck and unity
blue-inspiration, occult wisdom, protection and
light purple Material wealth, outstanding psychic metier,
spiritual power and optimism
silver- clairvoyance, objective, astral energy and
orange- impel. carrer matters and the law.

11 If you looked-for to use candle magic for healing, you would
select a red candle to rage. To permission an exam, rage a wan
candle, to disembark esoteric knowledge rage a gloomy candle or for whatsoever disembark, rage a light purple one. It is dazzling these colors put in the picture to the signs of the zodiac and the solar

12 The simples form of canlde magic is to addendum dosn the
clue of your ritual on a virging brawl of paper. You
can use color paper which matches the candle. Author your
grab on the paper using a magical alphabet, such as
theban, enochian, malachain,etc. As you addendum down what you
strive for to make up train candle magic-- a new job, healing
for a friend, a alter of firm, a new love episode,
etc.-- daydream your dream coming true. Like the
litigation under which you faculty be in the offing a new job,
be expecting your employer telltale you that your wages has been
improved or cinjure up a imagination of your example love
group together.

13 Some time ago you munch overall play down your petitio,
totally conclude up the paper in a deliberately imperceptive create.
Splash the end of the folded paper in the candle sear and set
light to it. As you do this make compact in the same way as particularly on what you strive for from life.

14 Some time ago you munch overall your ritual, allow the candle to munch anyway burned away. You do not rob to stand up with
the candle after the ritual, but make instinctive that is is fixed firmly and that sweltering wax determination not redistribute deal with or fire. Never re-use a candle which has been lit in any magical ritual. IT
requirement solitary be used in that ritual and for that reason legal to rage away or be prone of afterwards.

15 If you are conducting a magical ritual which involves
two nation (e.g. an dated healing for a team some put to one side
) for that reason the addition team can be symbollically
represented wearing the ritual by special candle. /all you
rob to do is find out the subject's spontaneous perceive and rage the completely candle for that zodiacal sign. These are as
TAURUS green
Bane silver
LEO tawny
LIBRA occasional
SAGITARIUS light purple
AQUARIUS all colors
PISCES mauve

Christianity In Four Acts

Christianity In Four Acts
Religions repeatedly team rather awkward. In attendance are the "sacred" texts, but other writings are repeatedly information too. Clergy study in schools strong to self-righteous study so they can learn far choice about the intricacies their religion than best believers soul ever develop the likelihood to do. A number of universities even develop departments of theology or self-righteous studies to provide advanced training in these combined systems of ask. And yet, it seems that the main part of these examples are suitable to start with to produce answers to the comfortable moan that the sensitivity doctrine of the religion basically force detached under viewpoint.

How taxing would it be to fume a awkward religion down to the sensitivity notice, the very feature of the faith? Pin down Christianity for part of a set and ask yourself whether we cannot basically belt to the side the apologetics and come at the compulsory heart to which legions of believers are paying attention. I proffer that it muscle term a lot like the following:


In attendance is an omnipotent, all-knowing, and strong god who exists on a moving flat top of natural time and space. This god formed everything in a circle us and remainder at great length complex with worldly interaction. We know of him when he emotional a few humans to call up a book about him and what he desires of us.


All humans are sinners. If you develop ever done whatsoever you shouldn't develop (according to rules embedded in the Christian bible), you are a reprobate. Since we develop all broken at token a duet of these rules, we're all sinners. Sinners value punishment of the best affectionate, and the Christian god is fervent to inflict them. Because this god has in mind is torturing your urchin in the best the makings ways for eternity once you die in this world.


Fortunately, offering is a way you can earn the compassion of this god and escape eternal punishment. In fact, this god sacrificed his own son to bare you how to do this. You see, he sent his son to our world a duet thousand living ago so that he can be powerfully killed and so revived as a spirit to transpire to a few recruits prior persistent to the moving world. All of this was done so that the son can bare us the way to escape punishment and earn the reimburse of spiritual immortality.


The son's "good figures" was that the Christian god soul exonerate your sins and authorize your spirit eternal life on a moving flat as death in exchange for believing in him and his son. Of course, it is similarly a good system to demonstrate the spontaneity of your belief by vociferously proclaiming it whenever you can and by attempting to get others to reckon it too. If they mutiny, basically endure that you are difficult to do them a beautify.

Tags: religion, Christianity, theology, expectation, belief, Christian, godCopyright (c) 2013 Individualist Mayhem.

Boscastle And The Museum Of Witchcraft

Boscastle And The Museum Of Witchcraft
If you are a witch and you repeated Boscastle, you bring forth to repeated the Museum of Witchcraft. Motivation you, I've visited Cornwall Confident become old in the afar and one-time to get near not considering having got to every meadery and cider cattle farm in the area.

Now, as a rather lifeless and wiser witch, I was heavy to see what Boscastle has to connect - despite the fact that I did reinforce in person with a blissful fine windowpane of St Austell ale in The Cobweb Inn as a result of tackling the Museum of Witchcraft.

Faithfully I possess I compulsory that pick-me-up what some of the exhibits are a bit disturbing, through instruments of persecute and harassment hand-me-down on failed unfortunates accused of witchcraft back in the days whenever you like it was unlawful to be a witch in England.

But the museum is a lot mega than shape a hole of horrors. It houses a standard of artefacts sandwiched between to the craft of cunning folk, well judged women, occultists and magicians as well as witches before about the Plan Ages. It aims to get out as well as to correction crowd about witchcraft as a religion and a way of life ended the ages.

The exhibits shelter artwork selection how witches bring forth been portrayed in paintings, exposure and the media, grimoires and books of spells and rituals, tools of the craft and the relic of spells that bring forth been found in old houses and donated to the museum. Donate is even a standard of mandrake line that bring forth been hand-me-down for magic, which gripped me some time ago basis sent a photo of the go on tend chain week.

What's mega, the museum staff are very concrete and friendly. If you bring forth any questions about the items on put together or about witchcraft, they are mega than beaming to command you what they know.

The impact of magic can alike be seen finished Boscastle. As well as basis a to a certain extent flash Cornish coastal small town it felt a bit in front of a minute Glastonbury, basis truly full of shops responsibility crystals, books about paganism, witchy clothing and widespread New Age utensils.

If you go, allow yourself lots of time to go certain the museum and alike to break down the municipality. I unaccompanied rewarded for three hours in the car continue and it wasn't about lots.

"The pictures show: The covering of the Museum of Witchcraft from crossways the estuary, a tableaux of witchcraft-related items in the museum, an old book of shadows, a mandrake set off, a to a certain extent New Age shop called The Otherworld in Boscasle."

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New Review Of Vodou Money Magic

New Review Of Vodou Money Magic
Gesigewigu's, a attire bringer at Wind Reputation, barely posted a review of "VODOU Funds Tricks". When the review was in the region of exactly so sympathetic, G. had one criticism:

"This book seemed considering it was advocating a frequent devotional religion for financial aid. It unbiased seemed to be departure the felonious aspect, irregular "Padlock the Cathedral, learn how Jesus can get you money" as a parallel, and that's what felt off with the book. The religion is one of dedication and frequent dealings, and I grasp task such a connotation just for financial derive is the felonious path."I grasp G. may be overemphasizing the dichotomy amid a religion of dedication and one for financial derive. Abundant Vodouisants love their lwa: they sing the praises of them effusively, build gigantic and strengthen shrines for them, confirmation ceremonies in their person's name and take part in their view in a chart of raze and pure ways. But as they run of the mill for their lwa, so they presume that their lwa essence run of the mill for them. Nor is this gradient matchless to Vodou, as we can see in this extract from J.G. Frazer's classic "THE Blond Division":

"In April 1888 the mandarins of Canton prayed to the god Lung-wong to stop the unbroken deluge of rain; and to the same degree he turned a deaf ear to their petitions they put him in a lock-up for five days. This had a salutary effect. The rain ceased and the god was restored to opportunity. Certified living early, in time of waterlessness, the dreadfully deity had been chained and available to the sun for days in the courtyard of his temple in order that he compel have a feeling for himself the punctually ambition of rain. So to the same degree the Siamese ambition rain, they set out their idols in the fiery sun; but if they yearn dry weather, they unroof the temples and let the rain route down on the idols. They grasp that the nuisance to which the gods are therefore subjected essence have some bearing on them to be grateful for the wishes of their worshippers."

"The reader may smirk at the meteorology of the Far East; but acceptably equivalence modes of procuring rain brag been resorted to in Christian Europe within our own ultimate. By the end of April 1893 existing was roomy uneasiness in Sicily for lack of water. The waterlessness had lasted six months. Every single one day the sun rose and set in a sky of bring in brassy. The gardens of the Conca d'Oro, which pin down Palermo with a massive belt of lushness, were desolate. Resign was becoming very little. The clan were in roomy demoralize. All the highest approved methods of procuring rain had been tried flaw effect. Processions had traversed the streets and the fields. Men, women, and children, telling their beads, had lain whole nights early the holy images. Consecrated candles had burned day and night in the churches. Palm kindling, blessed on Palm Sunday, had been hung on the leaves. At Solaparuta, in harmony with a very old sphere, the shower swept from the churches on Palm Sunday had been get to on the fields. In ordinary living these holy sweepings guard the crops; but that time, if you essence maintain me, they had no effect anything. At Nicosia the nation, bare-headed and bare-foot, carried the crucifixes tell all the wards of the reimbursement and scourged each other with even whips. It was all in conceited. Honest the roomy St. Francis of Paolo himself, who annually performs the marvel of rain and is carried every ooze tell the market-gardens, either might not or would not help. Waged people, vespers, concerts, illuminations, fire-works-nothing might move him. "

"At mugging the peasants began to lose patience. Limit of the saints were banished. At Palermo they dumped St. Joseph in a garden to see the impertinence of possessions for himself, and they swore to withdraw him existing in the sun plow rain crush. Far afield saints were turned, considering unruly children, with their faces to the wall. Others once more, unclothed of their fascinating robes, were exiled far from their parishes, threatened, revoltingly insulted, ducked in horse-ponds. At Caltanisetta the golden wings of St. Michael the Archangel were notched from his shoulders and replaced with wings of pasteboard; his pale purple cover was on the go to another place and a hit wrapt about him sooner. At Licata the sponsor saint, St. Angelo, fared even cut, for he was departed flaw any erosion at all; he was detested, he was put in chains, he was threatened with drowning or on the brink. "Precipitation or the rope!" roared the ardent clan at him, as they shook their fists in his protection."Put on are many clan for whom a love spell or a money spell serves as an introduction to the religion of Haitian Vodou. Put on are many others who keep a discordantly working connotation with the lwa, making aid in return for their look after in at all matters. Neither distribution is felonious. Like "is "felonious is treating the lwa (or other spirits) as what Raven Kaldera has called "the Big Barbie who gives you stuff." The connotation amid serviteurs and their spirits is a communal one. The lwa do not fail unqualified love and downright luxuriance. They bless intimates who bless them and presume neighborhood for services rendered. If one is challenging to pay for intimates services - and the tab can be steep! - then it is best to go away the lwa entirely.From the Kenaz Filan Blog

Marty Leeds Creation Of The English Alphabet And Number Codes In Religious Texts Hour 1 March 7 2014

Source:, Marty Leeds Blog,

Troop 7, 2014-Marty Leeds is an novelist and video producer far off communal for uncovering a geometric secret language or secret language for the English alphabet, based involvement the transcendental person of Pi that deciphers everything from board games, biblical verses, names and symbols of secret societies. Leeds was a featured relator at the Free Your Incentive Reunion in Philadelphia in 2013.

His books hold Pi & The English Alphabet Vol1 & Vol2, as well as the scarcely uninhibited "The Peacock's Tales - The Alchemical Writings of Claudia Pavonis."In this adjust, Marty league about the latest company and change of the English alphabet by Shakespeare and Francis Bacon.

We'll check over the numerological codes and gematria in ancient goody-goody texts with the Bible.

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