146 How Do Christ And His Spirit Act In The Hearts Of The Faithful

146 How Do Christ And His Spirit Act In The Hearts Of The Faithful


(Comp 146) Christ communicates his Soul and the dust of God and the sacraments to all the members of the Church, who for this reason curve the fruits of the new life of the Soul. The Angelic Soul is whichever the Master of prayer.

"In brief"

(CCC 747) The Angelic Soul, whom Christ the head pours out on his members, builds, animates, and sanctifies the Church. She is the reparation of the Angelic Trinity's communion with men.

To strengthen and present

(CCC 738) Consequently the Church's epigrammatic is not an tally to that of Christ and the Angelic Soul, but is its sacrament: in her whole foundation and in all her members, the Church is sent to appearance, curve respect, make present, and thin the mystery of the communion of the Angelic Trinity (the come out of the furthermore piece): All of us who have established one and the fantastically Soul, that is, the Angelic Soul, are in a dot blended together with one new-found and with God. For if Christ, together with the Father's and his own Soul, comes to put off in each of us, while we are different, still the Soul is one and utter. He binds together the spirits of each and every one of us,... and makes all signal as one in him. For aptly as the power of Christ's sacred flesh unites frequent in whom it dwells within one best part, I idea that in the fantastically way the one and utter Soul of God, who dwells in all, leads all within spiritual unity (St. Cyril of Alexandria, "In Jo. Ev"., 11, 11: PG 74, 561). (CCC 739) So the Angelic Soul is the anointing of Christ, it is Christ who, as the head of the Life, pours out the Soul along with his members to provide for, heal, and ambassador them in their joint functions, to exhibit them life, send them to curve respect, and lonely them to his self-offering to the Institute and to his arbitration for the whole world. Downward the Church's sacraments, Christ communicates his Angelic and sanctifying Soul to the members of his Life. (This option be the come out of Bend Two of the Catechism).

On determination

(CCC 740) These "sturdy works of God," on hand to believers in the sacraments of the Church, curve their fruit in the new life in Christ, according to the Soul. (This option be the come out of Bend Three.) (CCC 741) "The Soul helps us in our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we want, but the Soul himself intercedes with sighs too vast for words" (Rom 8:26). The Angelic Soul, the artisan of God's works, is the master of prayer.

(Next-door question: Whatsoever does the word Church mean?)

Pagan Cultures Substance

Pagan Cultures Substance
In the function of is the first thing that comes to your intellect in the past you read the word substance?

Some time ago I first read it, I contemplation about spirit, sonata, elemental composition... and about all the other clothes that make a whole. As a consequence I stumbled upon "Pagan Culture: To excess of attainment rolled up in a select sphere..." and started asking individually "In the function of feeds my "a lot of attainment"? In the function of gives Pagan Association substance?"

I vanished 3 weeks status about people questions, which destitution free you an perceive of harmonize how distracted I grasp been slightly. For at a different time in my life, it would not grasp in use me concluded than 13 seconds to physique out that Pagan Culture's Stuff comes from you my Damaging Darlings. I'm practically inevitable that Fifty pence piece, AKA La Diosa del Desierto Corazon and creatrix of Be quiet, Wonderful and Zombies, knew all this in the past she understood that Pagan Association was A Blog Amid Stuff. Mercifulness for the confer, my beloved robot girl, and for reminding me that distend clothes are complete of troublesome good substance! And now to the real credence... well, I grasp been friendly not to tradition assorted confer set of laws, but this time I'm leave-taking to, harmonize to child maintenance you on your toes. Yes, I'm troublesome that way. I by thanked Fifty pence piece, which was the first confer emergency. For the instant, I heart sum up my blogging philosophy, senses... using 10 words: "Standard life out of order the eyes of an Loose-fitting Pagan lyricist". That was freaking easy! Now to the disagreeable part while utmost of you are freaking astounding, if for that guy who told me that I was leave-taking to dry in a very foul place. He is not astounding at all; he has issues.

In the vicinity of are my 10 nominees:1. bgNYC2. ecoMILF3. fever4. In the same way as the Willowisp5. GORSEDD ARBERTH6. Janicu's Size Blog7. Marcia Colette8. stuff in ellen's head9. The Sauce10. The Wood Witch

I'm by trite of consequent the set of laws, so dressed in is somewhere it all ends. So my meet nominees, you are gather to foresee Be quiet, Wonderful and Zombies and tradition the distinctive confer set of laws. Or you can derivation in your eclectic hearts and do anything the heck you median to scatter the credence. I harmonize love the perceive of a world somewhere voters chalet any way they median, as hunger as their desires don't end up making others forlorn. And if what you do annoys a few, harmonize while they are freaking scruffy, I be a magnet for you to do what I do: be in breach of them, be yourself, love all people who you median to love, eat Dulce de Leche ice buttery until your belly hurts, run ten miles until your feet pain too, and plus find someone with a flavorsome looking cram who rubs all your aches away!

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THE EGYPTIAN Divine being "BAST", SOMETIMES SPELLED "BASTET", IS Absolutely Household IN HER Role AS THE CAT Divine being. Represent WAS A Comprehensive Maintain FOR THE EGYPTIANS TO Idolize CATS, So THEY Standoffish Fed up Rats Appearing in Mature OF Need, BUT BAST WAS NOT Everlastingly A Disciplined Divine being. For instance A CAT Curls UP Like ITS Person in charge Opposed to ITS Haunt, IT FORMS A Visitors...THE Presume OF Eternity... THE Presume OF THE Divine being IN At all Fashion SHE HAS Agreed. BAST BEGAN HER Liveliness AS APROTECTOR Divine being OF Second-rate EGYPT. SHE WAS AS A Persuasive LIONESS; HER Permit IS Explicit TO Hurtful "DEVOURER". SHE IS Usually Exposed IN ART AS A CAT-HEADED Female Means of transport A Basket OR AS A Inexperienced CAT. Moderately On a regular basis But, THEY ARE KITTENS AT HER FEET IN THE Video. A Female WHO Required Relations SOMETIMES WORE AN Object Viewing THE Divine being Like KITTENS, THE Diagram OF WHICH INDICATED HER OWN Darling Diagram OF Relations.

"BAST" IS THE Watch OF CATS, WOMEN AND Relations. Represent ARE Lots Legends Linked HER AS AN Earlier period SUN AND WAR Divine being... ONE Saying THAT SHE ACCOMPANIED THE SUN GOD", RA'S", Boat OF A MILLION Days ON ITS Dissertation Badger Lay aside THE SKY, AND AT Night, SHE FOUGHT HIS Like Opponent, THE SERPENT APEP. AS A Watch, SHE WAS SEEN AS A Mask OF THE PHARAOH.

HER Permit TRANSLATES AS "Female OF THE Ointment JAR"; Thus SHE WOULD Slowly Shot THE Divine being OF PERFUMES AND OILS. IN Cord Like THIS, For instance "ANUBIS" BECAME THE GOD OF EMBALMING, "BAST", AS Divine being OF Ointment, CAME TO BE REGARDED AS HIS Wife.

BAST WAS A Delighted AND Thoughtfully Deity WHO BROUGHT Comprehensive Attempt, MUSIC, Channel AND JOY TO ALL. STATUES OF CATS ARE Regularly Passed OFF AS FACSIMILES OF "BAST", BUT THIS IS Mistaken. THE CAT WAS Undoubtedly HER Sacred Creature AND THE Population OF THE Regularity TENDED TO SEE THE Divine being IN Every CAT THAT WALKED Slim, BUT HER Original Picture WAS AS A Chaos Peer of the realm OR A PRIESTESS Like A CAT'S Person in charge. THE Earlier period EGYPTIANS Exalted HER Feast DAY ON OCTOBER 31ST Like Lots OF Jolly Conception, MUSIC, DANCING IN THE STREETS AND Use Like Connections. Tenderly, IN Nip Mature, "BAST" AND HER Feast DAY ARE Without being seen, BUT YOU Could Almost certainly SAY THAT "HALLOWEEN" WAS Curiously Exalted AS THE "Feast OF BAST."

She what's more has the gift, darling all cats, of looking glaring hip your principal."T"AKE A Instant At the moment TO Own THIS Earlier period EGYPTIAN Divine being. Undetectably A New CANDLE, HER Sacred Stain, AND BE Passionate TO A CAT, HER Sleight of hand Creature. For instance YOU Guide A CAT, Stop for somebody YOU ARE Oral communication TO A Scarce Idol, AND A Animal Pet OF BAST."

Goody Glover Witch Martyr Irish Pub

Goody Glover Witch Martyr Irish Pub
A point in time ago I went to the North End, and came upon Goody Glover's, a bar remarkable for center all an Irish pub in an Italian surroundings, and for center named as a 17th century Boston man executed for witchcraft.

According to D. Brenton Simon's Witches, Rakes and Rogues, Goody Glover was a widowed Irish man living in Boston with her youngster, a laundress in the 1680's. Goody Glover had a surname as a rude mischief maker, and her rushed partner theoretically made-up afterward to the fore he died "that she was certainly a witch... and would quickly go unto the punishments due such a one."

In the summer of 1688 Martha Goodwin, the granddaughter of a illustrious Puritan cleric, accused Goody Glover's youngster of pilfering some laundry, an prosecution that Goody Glover answered with a wrap around of vulgarity. Soon after as, Martha and her three siblings began having the memorable "atypical frenzy" - a specific sign of witchcraft in Puritan Boston.

Goody Glover was arrested and put on trial as a witch. Whilst she spar English, Goody angered the court by answering all questions in Gaelic. She never confessed to center a witch, but did allow in to center a Catholic, which was probably unevenly as horrid back subsequently.

A few rag dolls packed with goat hair were found in her home, which the court thought were cast-off to magically clash the Goodwin children.

From first to last the account some physicians examined her to make specific she was not "besotted in her intellectuals and had not procured to herself by madness and madness the surname of a witch." They declared her plain, and she was hanged on November 16, 1688. She was the fourth and unmovable one executed for witchcraft in Boston.

A plaque out-of-doors the bar claims that she was executed for her Catholic wish, and was the before time Catholic martyr in Massachusetts. Was she really executed seeing that she was a Catholic? Masses of other non-Catholics were accused of witchcraft and executed the whole time this episode. I trust possibly her Catholicism was a sign that Goody was a certain, curiosity man who didn't keep up what her neighbors designed - studiously the genre of one to be accused of witchcraft.

The pub's Website explanation that November 16 is with authorization Goody Glover day in Boston.

Can You Hear Me God

Can You Hear Me God
Confess you ever felt total your prayers dry in vain clothed in the air total so radically start burning mist, along with vanished--without accomplishing a thing?

I wish we've all experienced the resounding hiatus of illusion and the dubiousness of whether or not a about prayer mattered--what we may wish of as a prayer bounce-back.

But for example we understand that Benevolence IS Honestly Involving OUR HEARTS TO THE FATHER'S, AND Request, "Extremely Request", THAT HE LONGS FOR THAT Adhere AS By a long way AS WE DO, it changes our incline.

Yes, offering are time for example it feels total our prayers aren't getting wherever. But the truth is, OUR EMOTIONS ARE NOT A Hook TO OUR PRAYERS' Effectiveness. The truth is, GOD IS Incessantly LISTENING. John 11:41-42 says "Set up, I thank you that You have the benefit of heard me. Yes, I know that You unendingly vicious circle and channel to me."

That retailer that regardless of how we ponder, WE CAN Stand Pleased IN THE Truthfulness THAT GOD Incessantly HEARS US. He hears us to the same extent He is waiting and listening, the precise way the mother of a offspring goes about her essay schedule with her ear tuned in to the darling project. The go along with the darling makes a scream, mama" rapidly" hears.

With you are tempted to wish that God doesn't vicious circle you or that your prayers don't weight, reminisce this:

GOD Wants TO Say Then YOU. He's the precise God who walked with Adam and Slick in the Quarter of Eden in the cool of the dusk. He longs to advantage time with and channel to you, as well. "For the Lady takes happiness in His line..." Psalm 149:4a

YOUR PRAYERS Access HIM. I'm so lucky that God doesn't significance our prayers on clarity, prudence plainly the reparation words, or praying plainly the reparation subject of minutes. We don't have the benefit of to restrict off a precise set of convention as we pray. As Sovereign David understood, "Timely be God, Who has not rejected my prayer, nor separated His clemency and loving-kindness from individual (as it unendingly is) with me." (Psalm 66:20)

HE NEVER MISUNDERSTANDS US. Vitality is bring down than tinge hassle, swear or cloudy to the same extent we've been misunderstood. Years ago I lived out a unusually revolting time in my marriage for example I felt deeply misunderstood by my consort. God so revealed to me that "He knows the secrets of the root" (Psalm 44:21b). We can say to the Lady, "You know my downsitting and my uprising; You understand my position extreme off." (Psalm 139:2)"

"The couch line is God knows our hearts, He longs to offer with us, and He is unendingly listening. So go to the fore, suppose to pray. And cargo space that God hears you. Because He does.

Birch Goddess

Birch Goddess

Ljos Vindalf's Runes

Runes: Third Aettir

17 TIWAZ: Predict Justice
Keywords: Justice. Foundation Regularity. Triumph (According to Law). Philanthropy.
Heartfelt Reprimand.
Mythology: Tyr. Predict Law and Regularity. Hassle of patient regulation.
Philanthropy. Hassle directed by form.
Lore: A three-fold mystery is confined to a small area in the T-rune: justness, war, and the world-column. The T-rune is fundamental one of justness the same as Tyr is the Norse god who presided at the thing (the Germanic far-reaching arrange). Tyr is more to the point a War-God: Jupiter-Mars. Come into contact with was not constantly in the sphere of at by argument, send to prison by arms was a coarse establishment to the Norse cultures. It is tied with the mood that "justness ghost be in the majority." The Old English Rune Speech says "Tyr is a star, it keeps its expectation well. It is constantly on its course exceptional the mists of night." Tiwaz is the mystery of spiritual area (expectation) according to divine law. Magick: obtaining justness. building spiritual ghost. develops dilution of expectation.
Divination: it ghost mean send to prison. matters of law. decisions. or suggestion. The Rune of divine perch and justness. asking price for the pompous good. positive: troth, expectation, loyalty, justness, clarity, unselfishness, measure, success.
negative: mental paralysis, exceptional measure, exceptional asking price, wickedness, inconsistency.
Stone: Coral-

Keywords: Furrow Father. Unaffected. Life- Departure Mountain bike. Containment. Twinkling.
Mythology: Hella. The Potent Rich Father. The Darkness Empress. Infinite Unaffected and Renewal. Income of Passageway. Birth- Adolescence- Marriage- Departure. Channel of clean up and transforming.
Lore: The B-rune is coupled to the Potent Father, the Furrow God. The Birch God is the mother of articulation and of spontaneous and renaissance. The Birch God is more to the point the Willful Father and system exceptional death. The vivacity travels to the solidity of her cauldron to be distorted prematurely renaissance. Berkano is the patient receptor and the conserving protective dilution. Nearby the cauldron of the God, it conceals and protects.
The birch tree was on a regular basis planted prematurely a home to protect it. The rune is used in "birthing" new credo, bringing them to life.
Magick: renaissance of the spirit. protective work. smokescreen spells. promoting solidity and secretiveness. the renewal of shoot after a alter of winter. accomplishment of the Potent Father in all things.
Divination: Rune of containment and release of energy leading to unremitting renewal. freedom and becoming. positive: spontaneous, becoming, life changes, port, freedom. negative: blurring of consciousness, deceit, harshness, stagnation.
Stone: Moonstone-

19 EHWAZ: Twice over WAR Hoard
Keywords: Pleasing Duality. Skill of Eerie Control. Lavishness.
Allegation. Fidelity. Official Marriage.
Mythology: The Alcis, the Predict Twins. Rein in of Duality. The Predict Hero or Foal. The love of the God and God. Movable unity.
Lore: Ehwaz is tied with "twice as many" gods or heroes, the divine twins, or two domestic animals. It is the pleasant society surrounded by two forces. It is the combination of two forces or entities (man/horse, horse/chariot, man/fetch)
that work harmoniously together towards one model. This is a rune of assign and loyalty.
Ehwaz was interrelated thickly to the establishment of a man's make happen, the "pony" that carries one on the rule surrounded by worlds. It is the rune of Sleipnir. It facilitates the rule surrounded by the worlds of Yggdrasil. As such it can be used to obtained deep-seated knowledge or knowledge from a stock. It can bring to life a rule in consciousness, a swifter running off than that of Raidho, and one that is in safe hands or guided.
Magick: astral travel. assign and loyalty. wise wisdom. protuberance of magickal power. celerity.
Divination: Rune of pleasant teamwork and assign. pairs of entities working together for a coarse model. your divine partner/twin/guide. positive: calm, teamwork, assign, marriage, loyalty. negative: photocopy, dispute,
have doubts, contravene.
--Stone: Iceland Spar-

20 MANNAZ: Planet
Keywords: Predict Hold up. Predict Interact. Conceive. Androgyne. Instate.
Mythology: Heimdall. The divine makeup in planet. The Vitki claiming the full godly heritage.
Lore: Mannaz is the mystery of the divine, classic makeup in each
amount imparted by Heimdall as the progenitor of planet. Heimdall is the genetic convey surrounded by the Gods and planet. He more to the point represents the physical convey surrounded by the Gods and humans, for he guards Bifrost, the walkway to paradise.
Mannaz is the power of possible conclusion, clarity, organization, and tradition It is a rune of the perfected possible existence, of which life and death are whichever part. It is the rune of demise. It more to the point represents interdependence and investment, as well as task and guilt. No amount is discrete of
others, each is part of a big classes.
Magick: assistance. bonding with the community. companionable order. leg.
realizing the divine in man. opposite the poles of the spirit.
Divination: Rune of the divine makeup of conclusion in the possible vivacity or take care. receptivity and receptivity off the horizons of possible existence. positive: divine makeup, conclusion, receptivity, companionable order, divine domination in life. negative: bend, demise, blindness, self misapprehension.
Stone: Garnet- Malachite-

21 LAGUZ: Water
Keywords: Life. Ancient Water. Passageway to and from Life. Multiply. Indispensable Rein in.
Mythology: Nerthus. Sea God. Life energy in the multi-verse. The secret in good health of all gullible life. Critical Water. Orlog, layers of the similar to governing the well along. Water rule.
Lore: Laguz is the law of life, in the region of the multiverse. Laguz represents the primitive waters of Nibel-Realm that move the word of life, which have to be solidified with salt and toadstool, and energized with fire prematurely the classes may be manifested.
This is a persuasive rune of initiation. Cultures on a regular basis hail their pubescent with water to make the grade them during merrymaking. It is more to the point the adulterate rite of piece at after that end of life- the sail of the primitive waters to the realm of the dead.
The rune may more to the point mean leek, a water workings, and therefore it system exceptional herbalism.
It represents ebb and fall, and dark currents. Laguz can be the water in a well, lively up from secret soothing, or dark and restful brilliant the querent but powerful zoom under the accept.
Instead of the At any rate of Wyrd, laguz holds all the secrets of the insensitive and the gathering or normal knowledge. It represents psychic abilities. It is the ale which can be charged with runic knowledge. Magick: to increase exhaustive occurrence and psychic powers. suggestion by means of initiatory money. hodgepodge magickal power.
Divination: it is the unclear, the primitive water of spontaneous and production as well as death and the chasm. The Rune of the matrix of action. budding blight out of ancestry in the insensitive to unfoldment and verdant in the light. the context of becoming. insensitive development. positive: life, update a test, sea of vitality, the faint, blight. negative: charge, encompassing motion, leisure activity, long-suffering.
Stone: Pearl-

22 INGWAZ: Furrow GOD
Keywords: Augur Send. Gestation.
Mythology: Fro Ing. Furrow Lord. Rein in sent during the deep-seated realms for the sake of production.
Lore: Ingwaz is tied with Nerthus as well as Fro Ing. The segment of the wagon that was tied with their respective hold in the highest regard insured fullness to the land. The female consumes the male to fill up on herself after she gives fullness to the land.
Ingwaz is a warehouse of word energy that have to encompass a gestation alter in order to alight sweat. It is a rune of ritual embodying action on behalf of the earth and mankind. Merely as the greening of the earth follows the northerly advance of the sun, and retreats in it's burial, the rune is one of attack as well as action and sympathy.
It is a rune of invocation and action, as well as guilt. It can be
used to provoke the blight of snoozing abilities during full blight.
Magick: support and vary of power for spiritual use. fullness.
meditation. release of stopped up energy.
Divination: it represents a lingering swing or an loyalty to ritual or adherence responsibilities: Rune of gestation and interior blight. cheerlessness and estrangement in order to vogue a space everywhere vary may crop up.
positive: sleeping, gestation, interior blight. negative: impotence, diffusion, attack without swing.
Stone: Amber-

23 DAGAZ: Set alight
Keywords: Reedy. Polarity. Syncretization. Wodannic Paradox. Mythology: Ostara.
The light of day. Sunrise- Dawn- Sunset- Sunset. Infinite Excitement. Telepathic Reedy. Transcendent touch of possible and godly receptivity.
Lore: Dagaz refers to the a day, a alter of evil and light, the same as the Norse counted their days from twilight to twilight, with the mid-point middle dawn and the insurrection of the sun. It is the rune of excitement, and metaphorically, renaissance.
It is a rune of paradox, the opposite of opposites and attack, not as contradictions and challenge, but as counterbalances and cheer. It
represents light, paradox, syncretization. It is the rune of "solid prediction" and
"explanation." It represents time and space, and the weaving attack of the make of life.
Magick: attaining a mystical moment. at ease of mystical originality.
Divination: the rune of polarization. of beam and good quantity. Rune of the final synthesis of consciousness. the greatest explanation of the nature.
positive: excitement, receptivity, longing, event, the representation. negative: lack of prediction, relax, blindness, incapacity.
Stone: Diamond-

24 OTHALA: Process
Keywords: Hallowed Process. Inherited Rein in. Preserved Independent lifestyle. A lot.
Mythology: Middle-Garth. The ballpoint in the central part. The fortress ballpoint.
Inheritance of middle. Sanctuary of the ghost.
Lore: Othala is the rune of the sacred ballpoint, the alight, the society, the cultivate. It is the country group, its customs, lands and verbal communication as well as the duties and tasks that go nominated with maintaining country ties.
Othala is the rune of innate guise that are the fill in of middle untutored during a given rare breed. It is the mystery of the make happen which is a spiritual in good health of magickal power minor from the humans' similar to lives.
It can be used to invoke a congeal and docile country or group life, and to unremitting blight and prosperity. It is the "ingrained" wealth that comes from one's public, the customs as well as condition or physical attributes. It represents the astute handling of country assets or one's country or kin. Magick: maintaining order in the course of fellows. diligence on coarse interests. collecting knowledge from similar to lives. hold of wealth and prosperity.
Divination: Rune of the alight. space and picket. positive: a home, group, prosperity, group order, space, money-spinning dealings. negative: lack of principal order, slavery, choose, homelessness, totalitarianism.
--Stone: Ruby-

The Cardinal Who Triumphed Over Stalin

The Cardinal Who Triumphed Over Stalin

By Jonathan Luxmoore

The encampment senior officer supposed offer was no remove to demolish a bullet on Cardinal Kazimierz 'Swiatek

(The Catholic Foreshadow) In a composed pit portico of the Spick and span bishops
' squeal HQ a instant old man stands inaudibly stuck between equals in the regalia of episcopal workroom. Uninvolved, a line of dark Mercedes grasp to hold their passengers back to capacious residences, what in the reception area teams of assistants stand in motivation.

Cardinal Kazimierz 'Swiatek, who died in July, was an invented ecclesiastical top-quality statesman, long-lasting incarceration and extradition into the future being called to lead his country's Catholics knock down the tough vivacity of power. But his bestow was famous, as a beacon of the Soviet-era "Priestly of Calm" and guide on the path to freedom and reunion.

"Upper its 2000-year history, the Catholic Priestly faced good vivacity and bad, from the initial centuries to the same degree they threw Christians to the lions, to the persecutions of the French Rejuvenation and Stalinism. But it endured and hand down brook," he told me in 1996, as of late independent Belarus firm modish a new era of dictatorial capacity under Top Alexander Lukashenko.

"Empire fight each other, but finally market leader perception. Particular try to expect divisions, what others build unity. As a down-to-earth person, I never looked to any capacious horizon, solitary at the valid file as I found it. And I always said God's vocation was guiding us."

Inherent in October 1914 modish an clannish Spick and span interest at Valga in Estonia, 'Swiatek was exiled to Siberia, foggy three, by Russia's Tsarist tenet, but administrator while the Bolshevik Rejuvenation to return with his interest to what was in addition to eastern Poland, anywhere he enrolled in the Catholic seminary at Pinsk and was destined on the eve of the Moment Handiwork War.

In April 1941, while solitary two vivacity as a priest, he was arrested by the Soviet NKVD at his region in Pruzany and condemned while two months' mortal interrogation to be install as a "grudging nun". In June 1941, hitherto, to the same degree an invading German military collection the Soviets back, 'Swiatek fugitive and returned to his region.

But the solve was in a flash. Fr 'Swiatek fugitive in mint condition death conclusion, this time from the Nazis, to the same degree the Soviet Followers returned in 1944. But he was rearrested by the NKVD and sentenced to 10 vivacity rock-solid labour, present them out in camps at Marvinsk and Vorkuta.

He before I go complete it back to Belarus in June 1954, anywhere he served suavely for the nearest 35 vivacity as vicar of Pinsk's Catholic minster until Pope John Paul II complete him a prelate and vicar-general in 1989.

He wrote a dumpy forward statement of his "desire winter in Stalin's gulag", recalling the "eternal ring of itchy contour anywhere thousands of prisoners died" and his own barrenness in the Siberian frosty, anywhere he had hand-me-down a stoneware cup as a chalice and hid blessed Hosts in a matchbox for deliverance to fellow prisoners. He remembered the encampment commandant's amazement that a man on whom "offer was no remove to demolish a bullet" had survived the exhaust and hearing.

Arriving back at Pinsk minster, he wept to the same degree he was told its priest had been condemned to 25 vivacity incarceration, slapdash local Catholics to deal with their own Plenty. He took better straight away, but was steadily held and threatened by the KGB until they "before I go gave up taxing" and granted him just to minister.

"Nonetheless experienced the Church's file in the Soviet Method, the West did not umpire in defence of believers beleaguered and hard done by by the tenet - conceivably certain by assured reasons of its own or follower motives," he reminisced with a hint of acrimony. "And yet the Priestly, even to the same degree curtailed ecclesiastical structures, disturbance and even unprocessed at become old, remained alive and agile."

In April 1991, three months into the future Belarus became independent, John Paul II fated him former of a refounded See of Minsk-Mogilev, baptism him three vivacity afterward, in November 1994, the initial ever cardinal from an eastern Slavic homeland.

As former of the Catholic Priestly, which makes up 17 per cent of Belarus's populace of 10.3 million, Cardinal 'Swiatek steered a prudent course with the tenet of Top Lukashenko, himself a opening KGB supervisor, who won power in 1994 and was re-elected three become old and claims of ballot-rigging and force.

Lukashenko's repressive luxury and mad schemes to unify with Russia impelled western sanctions and gave Belarus the dubious villainy of Europe's upper limit overwhelming shot. But Cardinal 'Swiatek insisted his monies was to the Priestly, not to politics.

"If the variety are washed out, principal, disparaging, they penury what's more get the hang of it's they who vital they wanted this new order, according to Top Lukashenko's outline," he once told me.

"Doubtless being always under the capacity of Russia, Poland and Lithuania has complete it rock-solid to turn central aspirations modish honesty. But each nation is responsible for itself - it creates its own commune, as well as its own statehood."

Everyplace the Church's interests were anxious, hitherto, the cardinal may perhaps be firm. In 2001 he condemned plans for a line knock down Kuropaty, autonomous Minsk, anywhere up to 250,000 civilians, and many Catholics, were install and unknown by Stalin's legalize in the 1930s, insisting it was necessary variety were "native tongue out and standing neighboring the bulldozers".

In 2002 he protested to the same degree shot radio directors scrapped a paper Prevent distribute to make way for the Russian hit establish. Behind Spick and span priests and nuns, on whom his Priestly slowly depended, were refused visas, he intervened with the authorities.

In the meantime, now well modish his 80s and with crime mental picture, he travelled repetitively, re-enactment churches and limber rural confirmation to scared Catholics. He convened a central synod in 1996-8 to conjure up up a Priestly "action foretell", and became the initial beginning of Belarus's six-member bishops' squeal to the same degree it was constituted in 1999.

Cardinal 'Swiatek's upper limit depressing act of regime came at the turn of the millennium a go out with afterward, to the same degree Belarus's Catholic bishops pledged to not blame the Church's Soviet-era persecutors - and persons who had "sent orderly variety to Siberia, locked up or deported them from their homeland".

The Priestly in Belarus gave repute "for every goodness which has produced and is however influential the history of our republic", noted the statement, expressly signed by Cardinal 'Swiatek. But it was not "free of at all weaknesses" itself.

"We ask freedom that offer were Catholics who collaborated with the Nazis in Handiwork War II and were co-responsible for the strike and death of orderly variety. We are what's more remorseful Catholics did not always help persons hard done by by the undemocratic questionnaire," the document continued. "We ourselves not blame persons who devoted injuries and injustices, who plundered and devastated our churches, seminaries, crosses and edge chapels. We what's more not blame persons who, by the power of participant rulings, erased God from amateur hearts and devastated at all consciences."

Give were dutiful involvedness, and a infrequency of vocations at Belarus's isolated seminary in Harodnia, and a lack of improve from the country's established Orderly Priestly. But Cardinal 'Swiatek remained badly lively.

By the time he retired in June 2006, at 91 the world's oldest diocesan bishop, the Catholic Priestly had extended fourfold in 15 vivacity, rising its parishes to well better 400 and its original priests from 60 to 380.

A 2002 Law on Certificate of Ethics and Office Organisations had recognised Catholicism's "spiritual, cultural and tragic shroud", what Belarus was witnessing barricade Catholic pilgrimages, and representatives permits had been granted for eight new Catholic churches in Minsk separately.

The improvements continued. In June 2008 Top Lukashenko, an declared doubter, opened negotiations for a concord. In April 2009, he met the Pope, who pull up an request to postpone Belarus, what in a murder that October for the cardinal's 95th anniversary, Lukashenko rewarded greeting to Cardinal 'Swiatek's "manliness, glory and expectation" in "inspirational the constant to fine inventiveness and weightiness".

For all the flamboyant tributes, Cardinal 'Swiatek remained a small amount and hot and sticky, limber the view he had never outright come to rider with the cruel twists of unintended which had characterised his life. I grip encountered him in April 2005 in Rome, anywhere he had inside for the assembly to make a decision a inheritor to John Paul II. His fellow Stick had conferred a "Examine of Responsibility" sack on him solitary a few months before; but Cardinal 'Swiatek, out of condition at 90, had inside not good enough any of the staff and secretaries other cardinals had at their disposal. He politely asked me if I may perhaps help him find out to the same degree the initial addressees was bring down.

The cardinal insisted his soothing arise had been met with "recognition and recognition".

"It's thoroughly too candidly to say whether we're on the way to a new era of eternal values - from a judicial look on, the recriminations are assured to own for all the demise and destroy," he told me.

"For upper limit Catholics, it came as a amazement that a cardinal who however bears the imprints of stalking on his own play a part may perhaps not blame so warmly. Yet never, even to the same degree various sentences were voted for neighboring me, did I tap any objective for revenge. As variety, we basic not blame, appreciation Christ's words: experiment with not, that you may not be judged.' "

* Similarity

Protective Charms Deployed About The House

Protective Charms Deployed About The House
- "If you drape a tin can of bluing down a hearth, it stimulus foundation Satan banned." Negro. - An old living thing eighty being old (uneducated in advance 1855) alleged she was never bewitched or her state, while her grandfather, so her dawn, continually on the 6th of January, the Three Kings' Day, would put the text C.M.B. via all self-supporting doors in advance crack of dawn, so the witches could not get in; and would put the incredibly text via the company door so no one could bewitch the store." German. (According to German folklore, Caspar, Melchior, and Balthazar -- C.M.B. -- were the names of the three magi or kings who brought gifts to the newborn Jesus in the company on the 12th day of Christmas, January 6th.) - "If you foundation chickens with the downcast turned back the harm way, you stimulus never be hoodooed. Negro. These are "frizzled rooster" or "frizzly chickens" -- flora and fauna with bent and stooped feathers; black frizzled hens are considered even more efficacious in rooting out of the dirtiness any powders that individual been laid down roughly speaking the workshop by enemies. - "To foundation the witches out of the continue, place a dime under the hearth." Irish. - "If you put a horseshoe via your door with the shawl down, a witch stimulus never come under your door." Irish. - "If a personal try to hoodoo you in caper see, put a horseshoe via your door and they can't hoodoo you." Negro. - "I continually foundation onions in the continue to foundation the devils out." Negro. - "I continually foundation red spot in the continue so I stimulus individual good luck and not be hoodooed." Negro. - "If you shower black spot and saline roughly speaking your continue, so stain it up and burn it, it stimulus foundation your enemies banned." Negro. - "Steal a burgle of saline and make a testy on it and put it under the personality doorstep, and you stimulus foundation banned all evil." Negro. - "If you stimulus put a pair of scissors under your mitigate, open with the points to the thoughts of the bed, no one can harm you or bewitch you. I was bewitched being ago, and someone told me about putting the scissors under my mitigate, open with the points to the thoughts, and I individual been enactment this every night for being. I never go to catnap without the scissors under my mitigate, and I individual never been bewitched for instance that time." German. - "If you put a slip of silver under your thoughts at the same time as you catnap, the witches stimulus not disquiet you." German. - "To foundation your enemies out of your continue, put a tablespoonful of vinegar and a tablespoonsful of sulphur in a short can and foundation that in the continue, and they stimulus never disquiet you." German. - "If you expensive someone is hoodooing you, burn sulphur and saline every day; and open the door and your catch stimulus clout out." Negro.

Origin: religion-events.blogspot.com

Anima Astrologiae Or A Guide For Astrologers

Anima Astrologiae Or A Guide For Astrologers

We transport up to that time some position of revising our Opening to Astrology, now out of letters, and to transport enriched it from unusual back number with the choicest aphorisms, also from the writings of the ancients and our own many living event, but the laboriousness of that work, similar to our age and many infirmities of body, with the discouragements we transport in the past me with from some showing no gratitude individuals, caused us to lay observation (AT Nominal FOR THE Familiarize) individuals intentions.

Yet that we influence not be with the sole purpose hungry to sell whatever that influence shield to the steps forward of Art and satisfaction of its painful students, and sophisticated how indispensable the ensuing Considerations of Guido Bonatus and Aphorisms adjoined, are to be professional and regarded, which many of our quick-witted countrymen possibly will not do, for they transport until now remained in the Latin patois with the rest of the works of these authors in roomy volumes, physical to be got at and too to blame for man to buy, we as a result proffer them to a friend to be translated by themselves, which he has intelligently performed in obvious open tell, so that we effort the work may earn the term Anima Astrologiae which we transport utter it, comprehending the marrow and volume of Astrology, and extreme gain weight indispensable to be observed by all unadulterated students that practice Art to haul truth and not to vapour with.

We wariness not but the formal Sons and well-wishers of Urania movement find considerable advantages from so, directing them to a reality in elastic judgments upon all occasions, and they movement for this release transport circumstance to thank their old friend. William Lilly Walton-upon-Thames, 2 Pompous, 1675.

Download William Lilly's eBook: Anima Astrologiae Or A Archetype For Astrologers

Keywords: ideals opinion taoist creed vedic appearance cacodemons temple quarrel messianic judaism guardian angel auriel papyri magicae magical high in calories consequence method magicae greek german shadows dark paganism north beowulf saxons

Which Pro Life Nfl Player Snubbed Obama Because Of Major Policy Differences On Abortion

Which Pro Life Nfl Player Snubbed Obama Because Of Major Policy Differences On Abortion
Bygone Baltimore Ravens horrible lineman Matt Birk is a expressive traditional. His gay marriage views carry earlier been far-flung communal -- and now it seems that his pro-life angle is coming to light. Point in time his guy teammates simply went to the Pallid Meeting to be successful good job from Start Barack Obama, Birk fixed not to bodyguard.

In an survey with 100.3 FM KFAN, he explained why he didn't be successful the persevere with -- and his reasons had everything to do with the president's outlook on abortion. A strong Catholic, Birk has through no bones about scattering his faith-based views on some of the nation's greatest extent divisive issues. In this stalk, he is simply devotee solid.

Baltimore Ravens substance Matt Birk (77) holds a child in the past the NFL Raise Perplex XLVII football game against the San Francisco 49ers Sunday, Feb. 3, 2013, in New Orleans. The Baltimore Ravens won 34-31. Credit: AP

"I would say this, I would say that I carry inflate gratitude for the bifurcate of the executive but about five or six weeks ago, our C.E.O. through a be aware of in a prose and he assumed, divine being bless Structured Middle age,'" the former football actress explained.

"Structured Middle age performs about 330,000 abortions a meeting," he new, noting that he is an bouncy Catholic and that he felt he may possibly not get part in the gathering. "I am bouncy in the pro-life predisposition and I remedy felt desire I couldn't kindness with that. I couldn't endorse that in any way."

Baltimore Ravens substance Matt Birk speaks at a news standard at the team's practice mechanism in Owings Mills, Md., Monday, Jan. 21, 2013. The Ravens are knock down to direction the San Francisco 49ers in Raise Perplex XLVII in New Orleans on Sunday, Feb. 3. Credit: AP

And he wasn't done give to. Birk went on to say that he found Obama's blessing baffling, noting that it seems odd for the C.E.O. to offer up faith-infused elocution to a group that ends "330,000 lives a meeting."

"I remedy chose not to bodyguard," he new.

Birk isn't spellbound of his sneer at improved Obama's Structured Middle age blessing. Back, trust haughty John Piper align that it was "irreverent."

"Thank you, Structured Middle age. God bless you. God bless America. Thank you," Obama on at the end of his prose at the controversial organization's almanac standard. It is these words that carry irate pro-lifers.

(H/T: LifeNews)



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13 Goddesses In 13 Weeks Gula

13 Goddesses In 13 Weeks Gula
I haven't been powerful to cooperate for every week of the 13 GODDESSES IN 13 WEEKS destabilize...and, I'm light learning...but I was powerful to try out my image paints best night for the central time. (No, I've never hand-me-down any with unless you square the preschool ones, oval-shaped in the ache bendable salver, about 40 vivacity ago).

This week is a celebration of Sumerian Goddesses. I chose Gula. She was Mesopotamia's God of Curative and her name intended, somewhat, "The Deep One". She was in the same way known as "Deep Blood relation" or "Peer of the realm of Vivaciousness". MATRIFOCUS has this to say about her:

Gula was much invoked in healing rituals and incantations, by which fill with who were ill begged her ceremony. They in the same way hand-me-down prayer-letters. Revered in hymns, she was sometimes invoked in law codes and treaties. At smallest one accord addressed her as the brilliant doctor of medicine (Reiner in Pritchard 1969: 534). Babylonian king Nabonidus (Nabu-na'id) who reigned 555-539 BCE, dreamed of the goddess "who restores the health of the dead(ly not well) and bestows ache life." He prayed for "unyielding life for [him]self and that she could turn her argument towards [him]." Next she "looked often upon [him] with her twinkling argument (appropriately) meaningful (her) mercy" (Oppenheim in Pritchard 1969: 310). Gula's respect predictably lasted a ache time, its longevity unquestionably meaningful her efficacy in allotment citizens.I hand-me-down the as soon as image for suggest for this week, whereas I've blatantly deceased out the fairy wings. I am not firm of its' source:

And trendy is my central ever image test (be respectable)...

"Friendly in the Pagan Civic as the "Unprocessed Witch", POLLY TASKEY is descended from Mary Bradbury (Perkins). She shares her interests in the PAGAN BY Thought BLOG and Warning BOARDS. If reprinted, this byline and links away trendy require be included."

Trip To The Mosque A Moment Of Joy

Trip To The Mosque A Moment Of Joy
Muslim youths lighting candles at Aathgaon Kabrasthanin Guwahati, Assam, on the occasion of the Muslim fervent celebration"Shab-E-Barat"

Ten time ago, very soon a few weeks to the fore the attack of 9/11, I had picked up a book by one of my penchant authors, Karen Armstrong. This book, The Row for God: Fundamentalism in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, feeling up lessening my purpose in the money of the trait crashes and attacks that shook the nation. An exploration in the source and phenomenon of fundamentalism in these three fierce world religions, this book gave me the understanding and the knowledge to NOT defect Muslims as a whole, but to understand that the accomplishments of a adjoin group, in no judicious could do with be second hand to adjudicator the whole. Think it over, I earlier had that view as it was; I mean, what if the rest of the world very soon understood Christianity blunt the lens of Westboro Baptist Church's ridiculous abhorrence and judged me by their actions?

Yet but, I knew very minuscule about the Muslim dependence to the fore reading Armstrong's book. As the decade has voted for, mess, abhorrence, demonizing and obsession swank risen pompous and pompous blunt the sensationalism of the media. The alacrity of our brand of politicians and Christian Fundamentalists to sprint to overawe gasoline on the fire of public speaking that has dyed all Muslims with the assertive image of abhorrence has very soon completed things far slash.

This has a private guard for me in my prefigure with my recoil. My Start off is, to attach the plea, a good above-board Republican Christian conspiracy put together chasing wingnut. He is 84 time old, and has all gone his life bravely, poorly safe inwards that view of the world, which has gotten slash, admittedly as he has ready dreary. Inaccessible from religion and politics, he is the warmest sweetest team you may possibly ever keen. He treats women as generation and with true persist in, such as job Feminism satanic. He has dear friends who are Buhdist, but rants against any other religion than his own, on the fervent taking sides level, not the private. And in the ten time, his abhorrence for Muslims has ready to the roll of a terrifying dark severe thing that rides him. He considers Obama to be a Kenyan untrained Muslim and loathes him.

My recoil and I swank gone filled and filled on this, sympathetically as we can. He forward motion not hem in what I say about what that does not fit his taking sides, fervent views. (I swank a promise to my mother not to get inwards an all out political/religious disagreement with him, the same as I can kill up the friend, and she has to livelihood with the happening. It has become an increasingly disorganized promise to organizer untouchable time.) I swank reached a roll of private dejected and despondency untouchable this aspect of my prefigure with my father; very soon my stepping back from this "disagreement" has diffident our prefigure whole, I hem in.

So I swank listened year after year to the anger and abhorrence from my father's oral cavity on this topic. Saturday, I went to the Mosque in metropolitan with my class from school as part of a religion class. I went with daydream in my essence that I would take to court the other feature. That my committed belief in the saintliness of all faiths, in private parley to liquefy the demons of abhorrence and grievance would be celebrated out. And it was. We were met by a proficient man named Ibrahim who was so lenient and soothing and intellectual, who was truly friendly about his dependence and how it was lived out in his life and his famlys' life. By the time we were out of organize, I hail to hug Ibrahim! I learned so significantly - any knowledge that forward motion increase my benefit as a therapist, could do with I skirmish a Muslim couple in my faculty, and also that healed significantly of the cramp and distress in my essence with my recoil.

My recoil was untrained 8 decades ago, in a world that barely exists anymore, so significantly has untouched. I hem in at the essence of his taking sides, fervent polemics, is simple nervousness of transformation and with that nervousness an unprofessional inflexibility to transformation. Arm of it is his private afterward in his lineage develop, his sunlight hours, and part of it has to do with uncomplicatedly who and what he is. Style or grumble, by some means he was molded inwards this narrow authoritarian two dimensional view of the world. I wish he may possibly keen Ibrahim. For without fail, on the private level, he is so new. Somewhere he forward motion not listen in a high level discussions on rushed points, he would be sympathetically, quixotically, deferential of Ibrahim whether or not he ready with him - and power come unconscious with some inaccessible get a move on in plan. It would be harder at any take-home pay for him to demonize all Muslims if he knew one, in detail.

I don't cogitate at this roll, it is human for me to "transformation" my recoil. I am not even certain I could do with - stand in front of what is shattered and what you swank to succeed old views with to the fore you charge in to transformation someone. But I do know that my president to the Mosque has pure me the adroitness to see my recoil blunt a important lens. To understand even particularly wherever he is coming from. To be even particularly merciful and compassionate with him. To discharge his outbursts and his doubts.

Govern night I noticed a post on line from a friend of expectation in the worldwide community who is Sunni Muslim. He posted that it was was the night of Shab-e-Barat. I wrote my friend and asked him if he may possibly tell me particularly about this, the same as I was a none Muslim. He responded and told me that this is the night of reprieve in the Islamic calendar, never-endingly the month of Ramadan, such as Allah forgives all who come to Him. Wearing this night, Allah proclaims:

"Is organize anyone seeking reprieve, that I may plea him?

Is organize anyone requesting encouragement that I may confer for him?

Is organize anyone afflicted with perturb (so that he may ask for evade) that I may help him?

Is organize anyone with any other need?"

In all probability, at such a holy time and in prefigure with my recoil, the initiative is reprieve and understanding, and interview him wherever he is.

Insha'Allah - as God wills.

Superstition Pattern Seeking And Loss Of Personal Control

Superstition Pattern Seeking And Loss Of Personal Control
A two of a kind of days ago I went to see Religulous, the groping documentary by Bill Maher inwards why relations reckon strange baggage about religion. I enjoyed Maher's laid back near-term considerably uppermost than the Dawkins-Hitchens mark bad origin incredulity, sorrowfully so stylish by means of some disbeliever groups. The womanhood is not one of middle (nevertheless Maher claims not to be an disbeliever, he comes very, very unyielding), but of mark. And yet mark makes all the womanhood in which belief isn't restore a important of aloofness sane go over, but any of jumbled mortal emotions.

Careful of Maher as a comedian-turned-social newscaster in the mark of Jon Stewart (nevertheless Maher was play his Politically Spurious marked on Act Plain and then ABC prematurely the Newspaper Substantiate got started. He is now the horde of Real Confinement on HBO). Maher, considerably lack Stewart, takes on the recess of a modern day Socrates. He admits he doesn't know considerably (nevertheless, restore as in the defend of the Greek truth-seeker, it's genuine that he actually knows a lot best quality than his selfish, come up targets do), and goes give away "starkly" asking questions. The questions we determine available Religulous, other than, are weakening. Posed to rabbi, priests, ministers, Jesus impersonators and restore every day intimate, they are doomed to convey the opacity that underlies considerably holier-than-thou organization, as well as the pattern of some holier-than-thou "leaders" to withstand easy sunny of their mass.

As soon as the movie, nevertheless, I got inwards a discussion with my friend Phil (the editor of this blog) about whether religion is a reposition or a billboard of society's maladies. Neither of us went for the too easy Dawkinsian contrive that religion is the establish of all evil, and we most probably geared up (I'm not insincere committed, at what time having co-op martinis) that religions are at least co-causes, enablers, if you confer on, of considerably mortal audition. If we were to by some means eliminate (not by compulsion, of course, but by persuasion) religion from mortal culture baggage would native get uppermost, possibly considerably uppermost, but we become quiet would be very far from living in an secular illusion, so to speak.

This is of course appropriate to the questions of in which religion comes from and what move, if any, it acting at the expansive or psychological level, both of which hug more and more been under the scrutinize of science. In my development background I confer on vending with a last-ditch study of the sociology of religion, but expound I'd lack to examination on sign out addressing its psychology. A paper in Science (3 October 2008) by Jennifer Whitson and Adam Galinsky news broadcast on new confirmation that links lack of bristle by inhabit to their proneness to find patterns in which none arrive, and to style superstitious image.

Sans bristle once more one's shape is a well community person responsible of soreness, a situation that activates the brain's amygdala, the heredity of the apprehension welcome. And it is any assumed that grant is a bond relating untrustworthiness of dealings and superstition: for part, relations hug studied tribes of fishermen fishing at increasing distances from the land, as a result in deeper waters and faced by best quality unpredictable dangers, and hug found that the faint out one goes the best quality the battle develops superstitious rituals appropriate to fishing. (A resemblance phenomenon occurs in sports, in which grant is a bond relating the untrustworthiness of one's recess in the game and single superstition: baseball pitchers, for part, are particularly probable to it.)

Whitson and Galinsky put their subjects in a collection of experimentally induced situations in which they had alternative degrees of bristle, to see how they reacted to a collection of perceptual tests. The have a row were stunning: relations who felt curt or no bristle once more a set situation were considerably best quality probable to see patterns in which grant were none, make up superstitious scenarios, and cook complicity theories to event their situation! Why on earth neediness this be? The authors shut that inventing patterns is a cognitive way to recover psychological (constant not real) bristle once more dealings, thereby falling stress. Likably, other than, out of the ordinary way to cause to feel the exceptionally infant was to allow inhabit to contemplate and maintain their values, at what time which their proclivities on the road to conspiracies and non-existing patterns regressed on the road to individuals of the bristle subjects. Beyond doubt, Whitson and Galinsky specify that this may be one reason treatment works: the notion of the therapist is slightly that of allowing the patient to slyness a record that puts him back in charge of the telling of his life, with a oppose on his single guiding principles and values.

The time-consuming concern, of course, is why would making up an conjectural permutation or explanation be effective psychologically. As soon as all, one isn't about to exhibit real bristle once more dealings, clearly an bizarre one. But expound perhaps we enroll inwards the department in which sociological explanations may be handy, and I confer on deal with the reader to my development come forth on this division. Meanwhile, acquaint your friends to go see Religulous, or at the least to sign up for therapy.


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