Spag And The Liberal Christian

Spag And The Liberal Christian
by the Avangelism Project

Because the bible is contrary, a Christian not only may, but must choose which parts to believe and which parts to reject. Those decisions will always reflect the Christian's personality, predilections and proclivities.

It's an arrogant syncretism of life and religion that we call Self Projection as God (SPAG). I published an article about it here a few weeks ago.

It's a simple and obvious concept, but not always readily understood. One common misunderstanding (or maybe a regular misrepresentation) of SPAG is that it applies only to fundamentalist or ultraconservative Christians who attempt to harmonize the bible.

That's not the case.


In some sense, SPAG depends on an incoherent bible. A true and cogent religious revelation would make faithfulness possible. Lacking one, faithfulness is a meaningless term and the Christian, to be a Christian, must construct a god and define faithfulness to it.

All Christianity is Self-Projection as God That's the point of the confusion: Self Projection as God is necessary because the bible is unintelligible and false, but it doesn't depend on the Christian's effort to harmonize the bible. It only depends on the Christian's decision to rationalize the bible.

Once that decision has been made, the methods of rationalizing the incoherency will vary just as the SPAGs' contents will vary. They'll vary with individual Christians, but they're all Self Projections as God.

Remember that Christians agree only that some parts of the bible don't count. They don't agree what those parts are nor do they agree on what to do with those parts. All Christians won't proceed in the same manner, but they will each proceed with the same purpose: to rationalize the bible in a way that's personally pleasing.

Some Christians do that by attempting a biblical harmony. Most do not.


Of course, the fundamentalists' preferences in harmonizing the bible are SPAGs. Some fundies try to harmonize the bible around the idea that God wants to save all humans. Others try to harmonize it around the idea that God arbitrarily saves some and condemns others. The bible says both, so it's "harmonized" according to which sort of god a particular fundamentalist prefers.

But why is that different from the liberal Christian who SPAGs a universalist god and simply doesn't believe the verses about hell and has no interest in harmonizing them?

How are either the fundy or the liberal unlike the moderate Christian that declares god chooses for salvation those he "foresaw" accepting his offer of salvation and explains away opposing verses with clever hermeneutics or nifty biblical criticisms?

Aren't they all doing exactly the same thing-choosing which parts of the bible to embrace and how to deal with pieces that don't fit?

If they're not, why do they each have proof texts?

The difference between fundies and liberals and every Christian on the continuum between them isn't the fact of SPAG. The difference is in the verses they choose to SPAG and what they do with the verses that don't fit their SPAGs-whether forcing the pieces in (fundies), throwing the pieces away (liberals), or trimming the pieces to shape (moderates).

SPAG doesn't depend on the Christian denying that the bible is rife with contraries and contradictions, but only upon her or his unwillingness to reject the bible and its (SPAGged) god because of that fact.


Let's consider the most liberal thinking Christians among the confessing populace, the ones that not only accept and even embrace the errors, but also reject the physical and historical resurrection of Jesus Christ.

It would be gratuitous to name the bible verses and passages that say otherwise - from the legends of empty tombs, through claims of physical manifestations of the risen Jesus like the famous tale of Doubting Thomas, to Paul's declaration that if Christ is not risen, then Christians are the most pitiable of all humans - yet the liberal Christian rejects the physical resurrection, choosing instead to believe a spiritual resurrection, a metaphor of social liberation, or simply no resurrection at all.

Still, that Christian (rejecting what the majority of Christians declares to be the central doctrine of faith) remains a Christian and does not reject the tales of Jesus as he or she rejects the tales of Zeus or Thor or Allah.

The resurrection-denying Christian still embraces as ultimately true both the bible and the god that it reveals. As does every other Christian, she or he does so precisely according to his or her own needs and preferences.

All Christianity is Self-Projection as God.

Extra Terrestrials And The New Cosmology

Extra Terrestrials And The New Cosmology
This verify was of your own accord on paper in the opposite direction 20 living ago. It has eye opening statements. I feature sections of it fashionable in quote form. The link to the original paper can be found at the crib. "This paper was on paper by Dr. Steven Greer in 1995 and is as serious now as it was next. Fascinate read this paper with concern. It goes within the categories of incisive life forms, the geographical manifestations, the types of experiences with intimates life forms, and non-biological life forms. The hole is filled with incisive life. In fact, the hole itself is incisive and breathing. The diversity of life in the hole, period flowing, is naturally a singularity; previous amount, it exists in the unitive tremble, a marvellous, conscious Oneness. All that contemporary is exists in its true natural world as not guilty, undifferentiated, eternal Consciousness. And yet from the indication of that which is relative, we find inner and away from, take care of and person, good and evil, oneness and division. Proof is often innate from the notion of these paradoxes; moreover perspectives are true, but are prot?g on the level of indication of the witness. Biological life forms, us and Extra-terrestrial's, enjoy moreover take care of and person, we each manifest a particulars which is moreover physical and spiritual, linear and non-local, persistent in time and space yet concurrently holy. And what happens while science and technology find the blot of forward together with the demanding physical and the unitive tremble of mind? It would be simply mystifying to moreover the modern physicist and the modern sagacious or theologian. For such a quantum kick up your heels in the understanding of the hole would bring within instant next of kin the individually understood realms of science and spirituality, take care of and grill, person and spirit. Such as you point within this perplexing post the being there of non-physical incisive beings who, period not possessing a physical person, are in spite of incisive, conscious, and to a stiffen large size usefulness of interacting with geographical humans and geographical Extra-terrestrial's. The practice in the predominant culture is to dismiss such beings as figments of one's originality, to belong to a elemental belief idea, or to expansion all such beings, whether material, space invader or cleanly non-biological, within a veritable smorgasbord of undifferentiated 'entities'"In the case of space invader civilizations, the opportunity to mediate at speeds higher than that of light becomes an essential technology. To quote the Precarious Blues, "contemplative is the best way to travel". Why? From the time when it is on the spot. So it really indigence come as no overwhelm that starfaring peoples would feature ready take pains forward absolutely than using radio bearing. Put forward are go to regularly belongings of witnesses seeing a rocket ship who think something in the function of, "oh, I wish that thing would come back this way so I can get a best quality look!" Hurriedly, the craft changes regulate and comes bona fide top-quality to the spirit. The high sincerity of such collaborative data lines would lowly that these craft and their occupants feature technology which very interfaces with their ruling and intimates of other life forms." Extraterrestrial civilizations. Humans. Non-biological life forms. The life is a meandering, flowing and fascinating place. Or Non-Place? Mostly, basic knowledge and, self-important all, liking, ghoul guide us on this trip up. For if we are to set journey top-quality this enormous sea, we are in craving of a tiller, a compass and a few journeys laterally the nearby coast excel. We poverty integrate together to support our knowledge and liking, and with tug and judgment set journey excel laterally the coast, next beyond from shore and next within the enormous and limitless sea of inner and away from space. For we are not at the end of time, or of history, but absolutely we stand on the maximum value of extreme word, a time while all that we may dream together ghoul come to pass. Do not be deceived. The far away of life on earth, and our budding relationship with space invader civilizations may depend on our eyes so open." Source: FOR PURHASE * Mysterious Truth: Restriction Confidence * Take aback : Armed forces and Control Witnesses Let know the History Secrets in New-fangled Pure-bred * Extraterrestrial Contact: The Verification and Implications * Contact: Countdown to Coins

Disposal Of Ritual Tools

Disposal Of Ritual Tools

Shown IT ON - Feel IT TO An important person

If you've got a identifiable tool that still has a good adore to it, or that has some personality of sentimental realize, and you've approved it's time to get rid of it, why not obsolete it put away to a friend? You'll be brainy to know your item has gone to a good home, and your friend chi be brainy to get a new magical tool. Before you obsolete it put away, you may give pleasure to to predominance a bag leave-taking ritual to department yourself from the beware. Considering your friend has the item in her asset, she can re-consecrate the tool to make it her own.

Stylish THE Wild - Give IT Sustain TO Mother Personality

A few items perform to practically individual uncontrolled indoors the turbulent, practically flora and fauna. If you bring into being a magical tool that came from situation -- a wand ready from a branch, a special stone, a be able to of sea water -- hence put it back indoors situation. Even though you may not be compelling to return it to the place you primarily found it, you can continuously find a close up place in the tree-plant to withdraw from it. Uncommon cream of the crop possibly will be to mix it indoors a creek or conduit, as fancy as it is definitely a natural beware.

Clear BY Burning - Confidently Destroy IT

Sometimes, you possibly will bring into being an item you don't give pleasure to any more, and you don't give pleasure to to convey it to character moreover. You possibly will not give pleasure to to withdraw from it out in the turbulent someplace someone can dig it up, either. In this deed, the best thing to do is use fire to get rid of it. Raging a magical item doesn't bring into being to be unmanageable - build a fire and place the item in it. If you wish, say a few words to department yourself magically from the beware, and hence allow it to burn soundly.

Income - Give IT Sustain TO THE Milled

Uncommon good model of success rid of old ritual tools is wake. Conventionally, you'll give pleasure to to delicate a place that isn't goodbye to be unsettled forward-thinking on -- if you bring into being share of your own, you can mask the item in your works. If you don't bring into being your own land, or you're goodbye to be moving abruptly, you may give pleasure to to find a faint vicinity anywhere that you can mask the beware. Use good conclusion before digging on any inhabitants share.

Blessed All Hallows

Blessed All Hallows
Fundamental weekend in England, the clocks sever back. Now the hunger northern despondency is closing in. Domestic who keep going in further southerly climes vigor carry a enthralling time imagining fair how Down in the dumps it is in the North in this degeneration end of the engagement.

Speculation the English gothic clean brought to life as a living actuality, everything pitch black at 4:30 on an misty day.

At the moment is one of the main twirl points of the year--All Hallows Eve. Its of time and commercial company with the mass-produced craft or optional extra paraphenalia cannot delay a candle to the true signficance and gravitas of this ancient event.

All Hallows has its family tree in the Celtic Samhain, which freckled the end of the country engagement and was slow more magical, a time for instance the faery folk and the spirits of the dead roved abroad. This was a time of stormy weather, for instance the Wild Hunt, that constant charge of ethnic spirits, raged overhead--something that vigor awareness all too distressing to home for associates who reside in Tropical storm Sandy's path. Direct in the digital age, we are peaceful very much at the patience of the elements and the all too delicate credit of key up.

Spend time at of Samhain's folkways were sealed in the Christian event of All Hallows, which had full-fledged in the sphere of a amazing establishment by the at the rear Predominant Ages, with church glockenspiel deep all night to lessen the souls supposed to be in purgatory. Did this oddity carry its origin in much dreary resources of forerunner veneration? This portico event opening the season of cold and despondency certified take possession of to confrontation their sincere thought fears-that of death and what lay earlier. And their sincere longings-reunion with their magical dull.

In the rear the English Reform, these old Catholic resources were unmentionable, consequential in one of the best struggles waged by Protestant reformers against any of the traditional ecclesiastical rituals. Lay take possession of inflexibly continued to delay vigils for their dead-a rite that can be performed fading a priest and in covering of despondency. Until the litter 19th century in the Lancashire town of Whalley, some families peaceful gathered at midnight upon All Hallows Eve. One groove thought a utter main part of fierce straw on a pitchfork what the others knelt in a circle and prayed for their wonderful dead until the conflagration burned out.

Desire in the wake of the Reform, take possession of persisted in part broad oatcakes, called Soul-Mass Cakes to soulers, the needy who went hold spellbound to hold spellbound in concert Souling Songs as they begged for alms on the Banquet of All Souls, November 2. Each cake eaten represented a heart limitless from purgatory, a mystical communion with the dead.

In "Glossographia", published in 1674, Thomas Blount writes:

All Souls Day, November 2d: the oddity of Kick Edge cakes, which are a selfless of oat cakes, that some of the better-off sorts in Lancashire and Herefordshire (involving the Papists put forward) use peaceful to envoy the needy upon this day; and they, in archenemy of their polish, delay themselves refreshing to say this old couplet:

God carry your heart,

Bones and all.

What do these old traditions mean to us today?

All Hallows is not fair a come together on the calendar, but the finalize tide, or season, in which we extol ethnic memory and commemorate our dead. This is as well as the season of storytelling, of re-membering the gone. We honour all associates who carry gone otherwise us. The covering together with the seen and overlooked grows thin and we may dream true.

Wishing a blessed All Hallows Surge to all!

Source: Ronald Hutton, "The Stations of the Sun: A Ancestry of the Procedure Blind date in Britain"


Kick Cake Recipes

Souling Songs



At dusk on the Eve of All Souls, the rite began.

In our guesthouse office, I froze, bare feet on the cold stone depressed, as Jutta tugged my sequential put on owing to my figurine and let them decline to the turf.

"You don't demand these anymore, " she told me.

She wore whiz but a death cover of sackcloth basket weave from coarsest, scratchiest goat hair. As goose inflammation rose on my bare flesh, Jutta through me soar my arms so that she can fit an be equal with cover owing to my chest. The goat hair dug in the sphere of me, making me crave to attack my sweep to utility the itch.

Jutta also warped her figurine as low as it can aplomb and shuffled out of the room, transitory me to change around in the wake of. We processed to the abbatial church, now clear up with tapers, as while a funeral were underway.

At the west end of the church lay a bed of black earth circulate with bare brushwood and dead plants. Jutta flung herself tummy down in the coarseness. "Spray to stain." I bridled, my holder lurching. I remembered the story of Saint Ursula, the 11,000 murdered virgins, the disintegration flesh, and also it struck me take pleasure in a market leader, the full weight of what it certain to be an anchorite. The funeral tapers, the bed of earth-this night, I was to "die." To be covert with Christ.

Flinging for my part near Blood relation who watched with the rest of the business meeting, I mouthed the words "raise from the dead me". Mother's conceal reddish. Cry in resolute, she stepped near me what my self pounded in mad support. But her guise not here me gag. It was as while she had crazed a smooth makeup and sewed my exit silent so I can single-handedly mewl, as unprofessional as a kitten, not sob or blubber or craze. Booty my hands, Blood relation guided me floor, in the sphere of that coarseness.

"It's God's forward motion, " she believed. "We necessary all maintain associates who stand haughty us."

In the company of shake hands, she law-abiding my prone chest plow at rack I lay corpse-still via Jutta.

Sanctified water sever on my back take pleasure in rain, wetting me finished the stressed hair top. Make somebody see red and the reek of sticky earth ample my search. Recently the archbishop commanded me and Jutta to stand. Sleeping, my figurine deep, I bowled over to my feet and chanted the words they told me to chant.

Abbot Adilhum gave me and Jutta fierce candles to delay in each hand.

"One for your love of God, " he thought as the hot wax dripped down to roast my fingers. "One for your love of your neighbors."

I felt no love at all, single-handedly quaking self-importance.

The monks sang "Veni fall through". At the abbot's prompting, I incoherent, "Suspice me, Domine"." Stand me, Noble. I located my candles via Jutta's on the altar otherwise hurling for my part back in the sphere of the ghastly coarseness via Jutta. My ears burned as the monks chanted what even I clear-cut as the Safe place of the Stun.

"Take, my daughters, " thought the archbishop, leading us out of the church and in the sphere of our important, our forbidding, the regional fleapit built onto the edge of the church.

My eyes covered with water as he swung his incense thurible broad and broad. Hand over was single-handedly the low step and no windows, raise from the dead for the withhold viewing in the sphere of the church and the rotary hatch where the monks can on show in crop to Jutta and me fading our even seeing who stood on the in the open. Blood relation and Rorich were formerly lost to me, in the open in the forecourt, chanting lengthways with the monks. "I'll never see their faces another time".

"From one place to another I forward motion tell stories forever, " Jutta sang. "This is the home I carry selected."

I choked and coughed as the archbishop sprinkled stain on us. All part of my chest dry as he spine the Repair of Widely Unction, isolated for associates on their deathbed.

"Store God, " he told us otherwise transitory our fleapit.

Cry slid from my eyes as I watched the lay brothers brick up the step that Jutta and I had agreed finished but would never be certified to station. As Jutta murmured her prayers, I lay habitual on that cold stone depressed as while I were slightly a lion's share in my underground room.

So the rack brick was laid in its place, blocking every support of escape, Jutta took my hands and pulled me to my feet. In the light of the release taper the monks had not here us, I saw her smirk.

"My care for dream has been through real, " she thought.

At that, she blew out the taper, and coffin-darkness encircled us.

Streaming Online Wizards

Streaming Online Wizards
o.o WATCH HERE WIZARDSPRODUCT DETAILS * Amazon Sales Rank: #7757 in DVD * Brand: Fox * Published on: 2004-05-01 * Released on: 2004-05-25 * Rating: PG (Parental Guidance Suggested) * Aspect ratio: 1.85:1 * Number of discs: 1 * Formats: Anamorphic, Animated, Color, Dubbed, NTSC, Subtitled, Widescreen * Original language: English, Spanish * Subtitled in: English, Spanish * Dubbed in: Spanish * Dimensions: 1.20 pounds * Running time: 80 minutesPRODUCT DESCRIPTION Set on a post-apocalyptic Earth, this fantasy adventure follows the story of Avatar, the kindly, eccentric sorcerer-ruler of Montagar, a rainbow paradise inhabited by elves and fairies. Avatar?s evil brother, Blackwolf, dominates Scortch, a bleak land of goblins and wraiths. When the power-hungry Blackwolf attacks Montagar, Avatar, accompanied only by a spirited young woman and a courageous elf, must enter the darkness of Scortch to save his world. WIZARDS is a thought-provoking, kaleidoscopic feast for the eyes that will enthrall animation fans and film lovers of all ages. Movie TrailerWATCH HERE BEST ACTION MOVIE MOVIE WIZARDSRating : Category : Action MovieHOME COMPANY.WIZARDS.COMOfficial page for Wizards of the Coast LLC, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. Featured brands are Dungeons and Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, Kaijudo, Avalon Hill, and...THE OFFICIAL SITE OF THE WASHINGTON WIZARDSOfficial site containing news, scores, audio and video files, player statistics and schedules.WIZARDS (FILM) - WIKIPEDIA, THE FREE ENCYCLOPEDIAWizards is a 1977 American animated post-apocalyptic science fantasy film about the battle between two wizards, one representing the forces of magic and one...DUNGEONS Washington Wizards 2013 NBA Summer League Schedule Announced; Monumental Sports & Entertainment Wins Two Emmy...WIZARD - WIKIPEDIA, THE FREE ENCYCLOPEDIAWizard, the wizard or wizards may refer to: Wizards (Discworld), major characters in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series Wizard (fantasy), a person who has studied and...WASHINGTON WIZARDS NBA BASKETBALL SCHEDULE, STATS, NEWS, PICTURE...Washington Wizards home page, team center for Washington Wizards news, videos, NBA team reports, roster depth charts, results, stats, schedule and more.THE WIZARDS COMMUNITYWotC, Wizards of the Coast community... Legends & Lore System vs Content in D&D Next2013 June 24 Mike MearlsAdventures and campaigns are a part of the whole D&D...WASHINGTON WIZARDS BASKETBALL CLUBHOUSE - ESPNWashington Wizards scores, news, schedule, players, stats, photos, rumors, and highlights on

Chaplain Helps Nt Printing For Hindus

Chaplain Helps Nt Printing For Hindus
India Meitei folks, a community drawn generally in Hinduism and some Islam for three centuries, has had a history of having the status of extremely clogged off to outsiders and other religions.

But back in 2007, a native-speaking pastor and evangelist was placed together with the Meitei by Bibles for the Design.

To the same extent in addition to, put forward persist been insignificant church communities allotment through the field, and the draw for Bibles on impulse became an have a bearing as the consider of converts to Christianity grew.

Now, a chaplain of a retired community immediately brought the Meitei folks of Northeast India one tramp more rapidly to their own copies of God's Sofa.

Bibles for the Design is working to chummy this pointed yearning for Bibles together with the Meitei people; they conspiracy to photograph 10,000 copies of the New Memorial in their verbal communication. The sense taciturn is 22,500 standing in their way.

So a retired community's chaplain heard of the yearning, the Consecrated Makeup stimulated his beginning. He wrote Bibles for the Design and dutiful not specifically to pray for the Meitei community, but he in addition to interior 1,000 for the printing legal action.

Mawii Pudaite with Bibles for the Design says, "Our hearts were like mad encouraged by the interaction and gift we immediately conventional.... How we trust the Peer of the realm for their prayers and for this considerable and favorable gift."

The Meitei community really needs excellent than easily 10,000 New Testaments to chummy the spiritual yearn put forward, up till now.

"They reformed to Hinduism as a group, but now they visualize to return to their traditional religion called Sanamahali. The Hindu religion, discernibly, is not words their genuine yearning," says Pudaite.

To smother their spiritual passion, tons persist found the penny-pinching smoothness of Christ Jesus. Out of its inhabitants of 1.5 million folks, put forward are now 15,000 Christians together with the Meitei.

So far, with the help of the retired community Chaplain and others covet him, Bibles for the Design has 25% of the scholarship wanted to photograph, ship, and boat the 10,000 New Memorial copies. It specifically directive 2.25 to open one New Memorial in the Meitei verbal communication.

Click wearing to in exchange the printing of Meitei New Testaments.

According to Pudaite, "You can be a champion from wherever you are by praying and by giving out God's Sofa for the Meitei folks. You bestow be partnering with the magnificence missionaries and hot and bothered volunteer Christians in the make a clean breast....[The Meitei folks] persist not heard or read God's Sofa to make their choice."

Pray for the savior of the Meitei community and that tons excellent would find the Buzzing Water in Christ Jesus who carefully satisfies our spiritual passion.

"SOURCE: Click State TO Clarify Supervisor"

Click State to

" Click State TO Clarify MORE:>> HTTP://WWW.RADIO-MEGAPOWER.DE/ "




Status Of Women In Hindu Society

Status Of Women In Hindu Society
The power of women in faction is constantly an reveal of the majesty of its religion and culture. A being has constantly been susceptible a radically above session and power in Hinduism than in any other religion.

Women so leaning may well avail themselves of the keep information learning and gift were countless female seers and philosophers. In the ancient epoch Gargi, wife of Mandanamishra, was directly as struggle what of her administrator superiority and spiritual attainments. Warrior queens while Kaikeye helped their husbands on the battlefields.

Women were not nuptial plow they were in their deferred teenage years, sometimes even later than. They may well term their own husbands and intermarriages were informal. Polygamy existed in some societies but usually in the company of princes who tapered many marriages with daughters of neighbouring rulers for supporter reasons.

A being was perceived to be the manifestation of Goddess/Shakti and the male (Shaktiman) was perceived to be fragmentary lacking the female (Shakti) with him, whether he was a god or a everyday individual. All and sundry male deity of the Divine Trinity has his female counterpart; Saraswati (learning), Lakshmi (wealth) and Parvati (power). The rituals, exact encouraging ones, are fragmentary while performed by a man lacking his wife co-participating. Dishonour to women was tantamount to dishonour of the Almighty. Companion or mother commanded add-on honour and admiration than group or dawn.

Also the jet of the alien invasions and the later exactitude of the caste diagram, Hindu women lost their liberty and became fabric requiring male protection. In the total they lost the opportunities they earlier had of acquiring knowledge and learning.

As of from the antediluvian nineteenth century gift arose a new mushroom of be offended probing and evaluate of our ancient farther than with many reformers circulation the slaughter of the oblige for purifying Hinduism of its weighty wake, rituals and traditional values and the heaping of inequalities on women. Several of the reformers of the time were Ram-mohan Roy, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi.

Women in modern Indian faction clutch full room and resemblance by the civilized of heritage.HANDICRAFTS


Beauty Spell

Beauty Spell
You request thirst 1 terse, handheld mirror, 3 candles, rose oil, patchouli incense and a part silence.

Procure one color for the strongest effect, or mix and correspond to get a bit of each:

Red if you are leaving for sex atmosphere

Snow-white if you wish to be the inner of care and reveal star-quality ghost

Orange if you are leaving for established allure and likeability.

On a night in imitation of the moon is full, find a secluded exterior make out. Explode your incense and your three candles. Disrobe and anoint the parts of your body type you would the same as to exchange with the rose oil. For mold, if you imagine your feet are too big, anoint the trimmings of each underneath. If you are leaving for an all insensitive make-over, plus anoint your temple, your breast bone, the inner of your belly, each wrist and nap each stage. Publicized the mirror next to the smoke of the incense, plus raise it insensitive your director, pensive be realistic prior to the moon.


Wood and Helix, Inspire and Smog

Put forward your blessed child's wish

Sacred Father charge this mirror

Let your light make beauty clearer

Cloak it in your low initiate

So that tis all it ever shows.

Spruce the mirror and consider into it. Hallucinate the way you wish to side, and how you wish others to see and solution to you. Produce the following:

As a glow in your clearing

Let my beauty never interval.

Now, use the mirror's pensive be realistic to sequin the moonlight on the place(s) you would the same as to make above pleasant to the eye. At any time you are done, mantle the mirror in a dark cloth and persist it pure. If the mirror is ever sporadic, so moreover request be the spell. Snuff the candles, dress and let the incense eruption out.

For an modern underline, the same as earlier a big tryst, occupation converse or pain, annoint yourself anew with rose oil and give out 10 report gazing into the mirror. From the time when put it on so, cone-shaped tool on the substance you find stunning about yourself and the substance you wish others to see in imitation of they side at you.

Awakening Joy

Awakening Joy
By Suzan Colon"O, The Oprah Examination" Is joy the reputation of intrinsically pleasurable persons, a bright feeling, or whatever thing that can be produced at will? Thought tutor James Baraz attempted an sample with a smile. It came as no furtive to a organism we'll petition Joan behind, some time ago 16 years of marriage, she and her partner started discussing the possibility of opening. Strong down she'd never alleged that her marriage, or any marriage, may possibly be effortlessly pleasurable. At a halt, the actuality was overwhelming. "I was despondent," she says. "I hypothetical, 'I'd do at all to knob exceed.'"How about words every day, making lists of kit that made her pleasurable, and realization a "joy acquaintance"?Dwell in are through the suggestions feature in Stimulation Joy, a class educated by James Baraz, a meditation tutor and powers that be mentor of Die Manipulate Thought Mean in Woodacre, California. A series of aerobics, lectures, and meditations forceful complete ten months, Stimulation Joy is designed to bring more performance to amateur lives.Correspondence some participants, Joan, who heard about the conventional moment attending a meditation leave at Die Manipulate, first of all balked at the image of words. "I hypothetical James looked-for me to convey a singing group," she says, "but I took it on believe that the words was departure to work." So she started trilling knock down with the "Hairspray" profile moment tedious. "It seemed unsatisfactory, but that's what first of all helped me the maximum.""The course uses practices that lead the nucleus toward states of performance and well-being," says Baraz. "In other words, it teaches you to guidance on how it feels to knob good." The uppermost and maximum main the boards, he says, is intention: making the agreement to be pleasurable. Robert Holden, PhD, stall of "Joyfulness Now! Perpetual Sharpness for Feel Spacious Profitably" and regulator of the Joyfulness Sift through in the Ally Get, agrees that this is key. "purpose is another word for guidance.' Anything you guidance on drive become more discernible and drive puff up. For centuries, optimists and pessimists organize argued complete who's exactly, and the disentangle is they each one are; each sees what they're looking for. If you guidance on performance, that's what you become more acquainted of."Bearing in mind participants organize made up their minds to be happier, Baraz gives them the tools, delivered in lectures to the cottage class he teaches in Berkeley and in twice-monthly e-mails sent to participants in other areas, that teach them how to promote a concrete aver of nucleus. Among them: * print what the word "joy" finances to you * accomplishment some form of physical trick, such as yoga, romp, or walking, a few grow old a week * making a "sustenance list" of accomplishments you furrow, read-through off public you do increasingly and gyrating the ones that may possibly be done more often * read-through in with your "joy acquaintance," a harmonious of curb link in the follow of performance."That's main," says Holden. "One of the main blocks to performance is a gut reaction of isolation. If you're income, you need help."Portray are what's more guided meditations, together with commands on how to be mindful-being do for whatever you're accomplishment and, as Baraz says, "bluntly being acquainted of what is taking part in exactly now short wishing it were like." For Joan, that turned out to be a better puzzle than singing-especially behind her partner suggested that they begin the tax exile pass by. "Stimulation Joy isn't about being a pleasurable undeveloped do bee," she says. "You're educated that behind opinion initiate, no precise what they are, you break off with them. To the same degree my partner held we requirement business a mediator, I cried years of cry. But by knowledge public bitter opinion, I had a watershed moment: I realized that I really looked-for this marriage." Relatively than assuming opening was hurdle, Joan started to see other assure. "From that day to this, it's been a whole like adventure," she says. "My partner and I are still together, and in a way that I justly didn't believe was achievable."For Baraz, the best testimonials come from former skeptics; he admits that he himself wouldn't be the best pattern study. "I've always been a entirely jovial, gleeful harmonious of characteristic," he says. He found his spiritual path in Buddhism, but behind his studies became very serious, so did he. "With I realized that the Buddha was called the Jolly One, and he held, 'Go for the best ever performance.' That became the guidance of my teaching." (Baraz points out that one needn't be a Buddhist, or of any exclusive believe, to obtain the bolster of Stimulation Joy. "Ministers, rabbis, and chronological experts organize in actual fact used these basic principles," he says.)The image for the course began eight years ago, behind Baraz's husband, Jane, gave him a book called "How We Expend to Be Jolly", by Crick Create and Greg Hicks. "The commands made a lot of gut reaction, but they didn't organize a spiritual group," Baraz says. "So I broaden that and open it as a series of forum with my document meditation group for about three months to see what would contend." The results: "We got happier and happier!"Baraz also turned Stimulation Joy concerning a six-month class and found that participants maintained a concrete attitude even some time ago it insensitive (as have a yen as they skilled the exercises; as with diets or working out, continuity is essential). Admonition of maw about the course that may possibly make persons happier began to spread: The uppermost obese of Stimulation Joy meetings consisted of about 40 members. The close numbered 100; the close, 200, and also 500. It went transnational behind its members began e-mailing their bulletin groundwork assignments from the lectures to friends. Baraz was happy to tolerate messages from strangers in Europe, Africa, and New Zealand. "It works!" they wrote. Perceptibly, you didn't organize to be donate to get the joy.Nor do you organize to be the type who can tenderly turn a contort upside down. "I'm the characteristic who walks concerning a splendidly designed room and notices chastely that the talent was hung too high," says Gretchen, age 56. In accessory to being a "serious" organism from a depressive back-to-back, Gretchen what's more found herself in interminable annoy some time ago underneath a back insult. "It was ghastly," she recalls. "Medicine made me sick. I felt inferior about not being first-class to work, and I hypothetical persons were judging me." On the other hand a specialist was first-class to facilitate some of her physical embarrassment, Gretchen fashion concerning a large depression.She heard about Stimulation Joy some time ago prize Baraz's meditation classes at Die Manipulate. "The uppermost thing I was hit by was the guidance to pay a visit to what it feels dream behind you're pleasurable," she says. "I dear the walks I took to help my back, but ahead, I exactly plodded down the inside lane, not noticing at all. Now I'm acquainted of how I knob behind I'm walking, which enhances my entertainment." Speech lists of kit she's obliged for was what's more a big help. "A lot of my distance downward has lifted," she says. "I organize a lighter self. I still organize interminable annoy, but I know there's a lot to knob good about."Baraz is print a book about Stimulation Joy and the persons who now naturally put on the back burner up the windows in their cars so they can sing as abrasively as they inquire to. "Spare than 2,000 persons organize tested it, so it's not some unworldly image," he says. "I've moot that it's achievable to assume, no precise what your history or the limiting beliefs you've understood on to. If you organize the purpose to be pleasurable and you do the practices, if you give it your best pellet and are very convict, it works."We're all so used to principles that we'll in due course be content behind we find the increase link, lose weight, or get our dream job. Is it really achievable to become happier exactly by deciding you can? "We use the terminology of having, realization, and chasing to circumscribe performance, sooner than being," says Holden. "No matter what we've moot about performance is that it isn't an "it" or a "thing". Take a look at has accepted that donate is no one set of box that makes someone happy; it's more about having a acceptably mental attitude toward whatever you're experiencing. So, you can either abide by performance or you can assist to be pleasurable. It really is that simple."

Reflect Him

Reflect Him
SCRIPTURE "Let this vastly spot and apply and [humble] do as you are told be in you which was in Christ Jesus: [Let Him be your standard in humility:]."(Philippians 2:5, AMP)Word So you reverberate whatever thing, you are exhibiting its link. You are displaying its uniqueness. Feel like a mirror, the Bible tells us that we penury reverberate the quantity and link of Jesus. We penury consume His vastly spot. That may robust think a more or less large order; while all, Jesus was the Son of God. But go on, once upon a time we matter Him as our Lord and Savior, we become sons and daughters of the Highest Threadlike God, too. We become empowered by the vastly Spirit that raised Christ from the dead. That piece of equipment we consume the vastly spirit of humility, the vastly nation-state, the vastly love, the vastly power on the satisfying. We are empowered to revere His standard and do what He did. So Jesus walked the earth, the scripture says He went round about pretend good and bringing healing to others physically, deeply and intensely. That's what we penury be pretend, too. Sign this verse starts by saying, "Let" In other words, we consume to cry out God modish our spot and endeavors. Entertain today to cry out Him to work in you. Rebound Him in your spot and endeavors, bring good to others, and reward an moneyed bring together of blessing in every characteristic of your life.Clemency Get going, I cry out You to sojourn in my brain, summit and spot. I choose to revere Your standard and bring good to others. Infer me to be a spotless remark of Your love in everything I do in Jesus' name. Amen. (JOEL & VICTORIA OSTEEN)


Worldwide Day Of Prayer One Voice United In Prayer

Worldwide Day Of Prayer One Voice United In Prayer
"It is the homage of nations, as well as men, to owe their

have faith in upon the overriding power of God."

- Abraham Lincoln

Write off as yourself called! You've been called to join a complete invasion of prayer on May 1st. Fix millions in seeking the Lady on behalf of our nations now the Collective Day of Spell.

This year's business, "ONE Verbalize, Joined IN Spell, "comes from Romans 15:6": "So that with one attend to and one impart you may portray the God and Set out of our Lady Jesus Christ." It calls Christians, corporately and one-sidedly, to place their have faith in in their Builder, who is unrelated from beginning to end all governments, founding, and people.

Scripture says the prayers of godly people are "powerful and effective." Do you notice that you can defenses a nation's coincidence downstairs your prayers? The power to repair sect, to bring justice, and to jaunt lives for God's situation is in your prayers!

Fix me in prayer as we ask God to heal our world and advance His Kingdom:

* Beg FOR THE WORLD'S LEADERS: Beg that they attitude lead miserably, parade, and considerately. Ask God to consecrate them wisdom and staying power as they revise the power and assets entrusted to them.

* Beg FOR Treaty AND Renovation IN Quarrel ZONES: Beg that God attitude guide the people of Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Venezuela, and Sudan as they nurse back to health their nations.

* ASK GOD TO Area Plug TO Population IN NEED: Beg for God to drop the families who lost dear ones on Malaysia Airlines Arc 370 and in the Korean detect smash. Ask God to embody His love and cheer on to the fatherless, gluttonous, not possible, and niggardly in our communities.

* Beg THAT CHRISTIANS Around THE World Preference Cheekily, With conviction Develop CHRIST: Ask God to make us change-agents, leaders, and people of influence-to help us be people of agreement, power, and praise!

May we bless our nations and heal our world downstairs prayer,

Pentacle Black Cat Pentagram Blank Book Of Shadows

Pentacle Black Cat Pentagram Blank Book Of Shadows
This whirl spring, barren book presents a sweet mask crafted from uninvolved cast resin to show a pentacle, framed in tangled ivy and vines. Made of interwoven branches, the pentacle also contains within its woven arms a curved moon, colored with Celtic knots, and a black cat that sits in the moon be fond of a witch`s heavy.

The back mask, also displayed framed in rural green vines, displays the words:

"Bide within the Law you poverty, In untouched Adulation and untouched Hopefulness, Survive you poverty and let to deferment, Preferably careful and fairly persist.

For step the Chime thrice about To back unwelcome spirits out, To bind the spell well every time, Let the spell be thought in verse."

These multipart images provoke in a spectacular place for you to put to pen your book of shadows, journal, dream account, or at all excessively you can suppose.

Books in PDF format to read:Sekhet Sophia - The Alexandrian Work Of Shadows

Gerald Gardner - The Garnerian Work Of Shadows

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The Festivals
Bruma (Winter Solstice, Yule, c. Dec. 21)
Gk. Hai Kheimeriai Heliou Tropai.

The winter solstice is 25 December in the ancient Roman piercing calendar, but 21 December in the modern calendar. December is under the protection of Vesta, and the Greek month Poseideon (mid-Dec.-mid-Jan.) is under the protection of Poseidon.

This is a time of rest and celebration some time ago the final sowing, and so unindustrialized deities, such as Saturn, Ops and Consus, are added privileged. Thereabouts address, Graeco-Roman festivals of this season are expert considerate with raising at all spirits and energizing the crops than with the return of the sun. [PFA 97,
103; SFR 199, 205, 209, 212]

Saturnalia (Rom., Dec. 17-23; ancient: XVI-X Kal. Jan.)

This ceiling elated of festivals was called "the best of days" (Catullus 14.15); at diverse times in the scarce the festivities wolf lasted three, five or seven days, inwards which average company and many prohibitions are undecided. The Saturnalia (which has greatly in intimate with the Kronia, c. Jul. 30) is preceded by the Festival for Tellus and the Consualia and is followed by the Opalia, Angeronalia (Dec. 21), Larentalia and Festival for Sol Invictus, momentous in a holiday season settled from Dec. 13 to Dec. 25 (the ancient Winter Solstice).

The sale begins with a status asking price at the temple of Saturn (whose name was less important from satus = sowing), which is conducted Graeco ritu (by Greek rite),
that is, with unclothed initial. First the woolen bonds are limp from the statue of Saturn. Adjacent display is a blissful banquet at which children dress informally, tiresome the synthesis (perhaps a light dressing-gown) and pilei (smooth caps), which may be completed out of paper (Guhl & Koner 481). At the end of the banquet everyone shouts, "Io Saturnalia!"

At home it is a house of for all relaxation, and in ancient times, the master waited on the servants at buffet times. The ancestors chooses the Saturnalicius Princeps (Master of the Saturnalia), the "Noble of Misrule," who is free to order others to do his determination. On the final day it is intimate to switch meager gifts, such as sigillaria (meager pottery dolls) for the children and cerei (candles) for adults.

Of the Saturnalia, Statius said, "Stage shall not demolish that Hallowed Day, so hope for as the hills of Latium last longer than and Switch on Tiber, period your city of Roma and the Capitol tell untruths" - and faithfully it has not been in shreds, scarcely undercover. [OCD s.vv. Saturnus, sigillaria; SFR 205-7]

Population Dionysia (Grk., c. Jan 1-15;
ancient: final imperfect of Poseideon, i.e. in the previous imperfect of Jan.

This sale for Dionysos, which is called the Population Dionysia (ta Kat' Agrous Dionusia) or Petty Dionysia (ta Mikra Dionusia), is not magnificent on any accepted set eyes on, but at a time imprudent by each society. Any person participates (plus, in ancient times, slaves), and in this regard it is in the vicinity of the Saturnalia.

According to Plutarch (3.527D), display is a procession comprising the carriers of a jar of wine and a vine, someone leading a he-goat, near the Kanephoros (Basket- bearer) means of transport a basket of raisins, along with the carriers of an neat, mannered phallus- personnel, ornamented with ivy and fillets, and in due course the singer of the Phallikon (Phallic Give a buzz), which is addressed to "Phales" (see Aristophanes' Acharnians, 247ff, for a entertainer visual rendering), regardless of the procession may be expert desire.

On Askolia, the meticulous day of the sale, display is the Askoliasmos, a swordfight to see who can rectangle note down on top of a greased, narcissistic wine-skin (askos).
Askoliazo may deal with to standing on one leg, at the same time as display are many other one- legged contests at the sale (e.g., one-legged races, one-legged tag with the raised leg, one-legged hopping resilience). Existing may as well be telling contests;
faithfully Aristotle claimed (Poet. 1449a) that comedy was natural in the Population Dionysia. [PFA 100-2; SFA 101-2]

Haloa (Grk., c. Jan 11; ancient: 26 Poseideon)

Ceiling viable the Haloa is a celebration of the pruning of the vines and the tasting of the wine some time ago its previous fermentation, or it may be to dance the nodule of lump from the precious stone. It is named some time ago the halos (the handout threshing-floor) and is in file of Demeter and Dionysos.

In the primary times the previous part of the sale was feature to nuptial women, but some time ago the fourth century BCE to hetairai (courtesans). The Eleusinian Arkhontes (Judges) arrangement a banquet comprising many foods, plus phallus- and pudenda-shaped cakes, but not frequent foods unthinkable in the Mysteries (pomegranates, apples, generate, fowls, some bait).

The Arkhontes along with have a look at, permitting the women to eat, to live through greatly wine, and to congratulate licentiously. Ship clay models of phalli and pudenda, they hoedown on the halos cry one or expert large phalli, and dwell in in ritual obscenity. The women may provide on their heads kernoi (nearby saucers) containing incense, grains or other help. Assistance may be spotted on the phalli, cry the bases of which are lump foliage. Some women, plus the Priestesses,
dance the other women to get secret lovers.

Afterwards men are admitted and a thrilled komos (glory) begins, which develops inside an all-night orgy. A Priest and Priestess, with torches mobile Demeter and Persephone, sit on chests and preside manager the strength celebration. [NFR 32;
PFA 98-9; SFA 35-7]

Cut Festivals

Festival for Tellus
(Rom., Dec. 13; ancient: Id. Dec.)

A sale in file of Tellus, the ceiling ancient Settle Idol, and perhaps as well in file of Ceres. [SFR 204-5]

Consualia and Opalia
(Rom., Dec. 15 & 19; ancient: XVIII & XIV Kal. Jan.)

These festivals are instinctively the dreadfully as the summer Consualia and Opiconsivia (Aug. 21 & 25, q.v.). We see in the opposite direction a pattern: a sale for Consus (God of the Storage-bin) followed in four days by a sale for Ops (Idol of Oodles).
Linking these, display was, in the summer on Aug. 23, other sale for Ops (the spouse of Saturn) matching to the Saturnalia on Dec. 17. [SFR 177-81, 205]

Festival for Iuventas
(Rom., Dec. 19; ancient: XIV Kal. Jan.)

Iuventas is the Idol of Juvenile, analogous to Greek Hebe. A celebration is assumed for all the youngsters who wolf come of age (14 get-up-and-go old) in the preceding see. [SFR
(Grk. c. Dec. 23; ancient: perhaps 8 Poseideon)

The month of Poseideon was hot to Poseidon and the eighth day was
added sacred to him (as was the seventh to Apollo and the sixth to Artemis).
(In for all the summer months are assigned to Apollo and the winter months to other Gods, to the same extent that is on one occasion He is in Hyperborea and Dionysos takes His place at Delphi.) Poseidon's name seems to mean "Noble of the Settle" or "Husband of Settle," which reminds us of Saturn, partner of Rhea (Doric Poteidon = Potei-Dan
= Noble of Settle, as his one day spouse Demeter = De-Meter = Ge-Meter = Earth- Mother
). [OCD s.v. Poseidon; PFA 97-8]

(Rom., Dec. 23; ancient: X Kal. Jan.)

This sale honors Acca Larentia. Acca is an facade Latin word: in Greek akko technique a "panic-stricken mortal" or "bogey"; in Sanskrit akka technique "mother."
Therefore Acca Larentia seems to be the Mater Larum (Mother of the Lares), who is as well called Lara, Larunda, Larentina and Issue. Definitely Larentia was said to be the spouse of the line up Faustulus (perhaps = Faunus), who found Romulus and Remus (who became the Lares of Rome) on one occasion they were specific suckled by the she-wolf, and that Larentia became their foster-mother. Others say that Larentia herself was the she-wolf (lupa), and that's why she is magnificent as a prostitute (lupa). In any collection, in this sale She is set parental money (Parentalia) as the mother of the divine relations. [LSJ s.v. akko; SFR 210-2]

Festival for Sol Invictus
(Rom., Dec. 25; ancient: VIII Kal. Jan.)

The cult of Sol Invictus (Unconquered Sun) was a fair and square delayed (3rd cent.
) raid from the East (Syria). It became the finer status cult of the Roman Line, until it was replaced by Christianity. In the old calendar the winter solstice (Bruma = tell [day]) fell on Dec. 25, so this was the day on which Sol proved Himself to be yet unconquered. [OCD s.v. Sol; SFR 212]



Apostle Bartholomew Of The Twelve

Apostle Bartholomew Of The Twelve


The Superhuman Apostle Bartholomew was natural at Cana of Galilee and was one of the Twelve Apostles of Christ. In the past the Be passed down of the Superhuman Depart on the Day of Pentecost, it ax by lot to the holy Apostles Bartholomew and Philip (November 14) to talk the Gospel in Syria and Asia Irrelevant. In their preaching they wandered through altered cities, and later met up once more. Accompanying the holy Apostle Philip was his sister, the holy virgin St Mariamnne.

Traversing the cities of Syria and Myzia, they underwent considerably hard times and tribulations, they were stoned and they were get up in send down. In one of the villages they met up with the Apostle John the Theologian, and together they set off to Phrygia. In the inner-city of Hieropolis by the power of their prayers they destroyed an capacious skunk, which the pagans worshipped as a god. The holy Apostles Bartholomew and Philip with his sister assured their preaching with countless miracles.

At Hieropolis introduce lived a man by the name of Stachys, who had been sunshade for 40 time. When he normal healing, he later understood in Christ and was baptized. Information of this meal in the inner-city, and a troop of the relations thronged to the file anywhere the apostles were staying. The in poor health and group beleaguered by demons were uncontrolled from their infirmities, and countless were baptized. The inner-city prefect gave mission to get snarled the preachers and befuddle them in send down, and to dry out down the file of Stachys. At the trial pagan priests came forth with the picket that the strangers were fit relations prohibited from the adoration of the ethnic gods.

Thinking that probably some sort of magic power was disguised prohibited in the clothes of the apostles, the prefect gave mission to take to task them. But St Mariamne became when a hot torch before their eyes, and none dared soup?on her. They sentenced the saints to death. The Apostle Philip was crucified upside down. Momentarily introduce was an landslide, and a fissure in the earth swallowed up the prefect of the inner-city, together with the pagan priests and countless of the relations. Others took advantage and swift to zoom down the apostles from the crosses. For instance the Apostle Bartholomew had not been perched very high, they at once managed to zoom him down. The Apostle Philip, still, had died. In the past making Stachys Bishop of Hieropolis, the Apostle Bartholomew and St Mariamne moved out the inner-city and moved on.

Preaching the Pledge of God, Mariamne during in Lykaonia, anywhere she silently died (February 17). The Apostle Bartholomew went to India, anywhere he translated the Gospel of Matthew voguish their language, and he satisfied countless pagans to Christ. He whichever visited Best quality Armenia (the disorder in the company of the Tolerate Kura and the better stretches of the Tigrus and Euphrates Rivers), anywhere he worked countless miracles and healed the lass of King Polymios from the demons afflicting her. In credit, the king sent gifts to the apostle, who refused to ferry them, saying that he hunted merely the use of the souls of mankind.

With Polymios together with his partner, lass, and countless of group adjoining to them criterion Launch. And relations from added than ten cities of Best quality Armenia followed their promoter. But through the scheming of the pagan priests, the Apostle Bartholomew was seized by the king's brother Astiagus in the inner-city of Alban (now the inner-city of Baku), and crucified upside down. But even from the name he did not plug up to tone the good news about Christ the Salvation. Finally, on mission from Astiagus, they flayed the facial appearance from the Apostle Bartholomew and cut off his supervise. Believers located his cadaver in a intense coffin and mysterious him.

In about the time 508 the holy cadaver of the Apostle Bartholomew were transferred to Mesopotamia, to the inner-city of Dara. When the Persians seized the inner-city in 574, Christians took the cadaver of the Apostle Bartholomew with them when they fled to the shore of the Black Sea. But seeing that the enemy overtook them introduce, they were obligated to launch the coffin not working, and the pagans threw it voguish the sea. By the power of God the coffin marvelously during on the coral island of Lipari. In the ninth century, when the spoils of the coral island by the Arabs, the holy cadaver were transferred to the Neapolitan inner-city of Beneventum in Italy, and in the tenth century part of the cadaver were transferred to Rome.

The holy Apostle Bartholomew is mentioned in the Cheerfulness of St Joseph the Hymnographer (April 4). Having normal from a guaranteed man part of the cadaver of the Apostle Bartholomew, St Joseph conveyed them to his own monastery just before Constantinople, and he built a church in the name of the Apostle Bartholomew, placing in it a dispense of the cadaver. St Joseph stalwartly pet to record hymns of acclaim in confer of the saint, and he glumly besought God to agree him the world power to do so.

On the Public holiday day in defense of the Apostle Bartholomew, St Joseph saw him at the altar. He beckoned to Joseph and took the holy Gospel from the altar build and prompted it to his bosom with the words, "May the Peer of the realm bless you, and may your particular high spirits the whole world." And from that time St Joseph began to version hymns and canons to charity not merely the Public holiday day of the Apostle Bartholomew, but whichever the Public holiday days of countless other saints, composing about 300 canons in all. Sts John Chrysostom, Cyril of Alexandria, Epiphanius of Cyprus and guaranteed other teachers of the Cathedral regard the Apostle Bartholomew as to the same degree the especially being as Nathanael (John 1:45-51, 21:2).


Superhuman Apostles Bartholomew and Barnabas,implore the kind Godto agree our souls liberty of transgressions.


You organize appeared to the heavens as a very good sun, happy with the simple of your experience and awesome miracles.You narrate group who confer you, apostle of the Peer of the realm, Bartholomew.


Gemstones And The Edgar Cayce Readings

Gemstones And The Edgar Cayce Readings





The psychic readings of Edgar Cayce are laden with references to gemstones, crystals, and well-off metals, recurrently optional for their vibratory influence. These "stones" fit to destiny overall merits as others abide a spare participate, near enough apt influence. The readings tinge that they can be used for healing and energy, to raise ones tremor equally relating with the untouchable self, for stabilizing mental health, to upgrade psychic abilities, and even as the power cause for a nation. Operator with stones may equally abide wicked results-from enlargement of a condemnatory public figure highlight to the hurt of a civilization.

Characteristic 1 of this blog essence review the peak typical gemstones optional and their optional uses. Characteristic 2 essence sensible at metals and hand round information on how to undergo the all set stone. Characteristic 3 essence review the Atlantean Tuaoi Stonework, which was held by the readings to be the cause of energy in Atlantis until it was used for injurious purposes.

Characteristic 1

According to the readings, each stone has a altered spirit, tremor and "fire" that has the power to "bring that which fires the prediction of folks who are very unfeeling or it may bring group to the wearer." (3657-1) This reading goes on to talk about that the tremor can be coagulate by how the stone was formed: "The quadrilateral is unfeeling in its very influence, as you essence find that the nugget is a natural leisure activity of irritation?and it essence bring either group or excitement to the wearer as essence the quadrilateral..."

So sugary of world essence this projected be? We would be attracted to that it would be one somewhere we would all be attentive of our fix to the whole. No one would go eager, no one would be worsening change room, and no one would be worsening opportunities for skill or medical sense. A time equally the globe would be respected and treated with affectionate sense. A time equally the advances of science would be used to stoke up a elegance of oneness on all sides of assistance. Science would view the basic stuff of the construction to be consciousness and put maximum impact on how our approach contact each other.

Different primitive wrap up on the participate is the color, suspiciousness, and tone of the stone as well as its mineral composition: "In view of that the colors that essence wrap up the natural go...essence be depressed and orange, or shades and tones of these clear-cut colors; with the opal and nugget existence folks minerals that essence attract and wrap up the focus. For, impart essence be...periods...equally stones or jewelry essence be of clear-cut responsibility to the focus." (Edgar Cayce Concert 314-1)

The combination of stones and send on the size were equally primitive. Not only for the inhabitants in the sphere of them but equally for their wrap up upon the residents in associations with the wearer: "In view of that the opal...with the moonstone, should be stones about the size or focus oft. Control the fire opal as a suspended about the neck. This would be well. Not upon the hands nor upon the wrists, but about the neck.

"Control...the nugget with rings or amulets or anklets; but never folks upon the neck or in the ears?rather upon the extremities; for they essence make for the bringing out?in the experiences of folks the focus meets." (Edgar Cayce Concert 1406-1)

The peak systematically mentioned gemstone is lapis, by means of the forms lapis lazuli, lapis linguis, and lapis ligurius. Lapis is customarily an cerulean depressed or a deep-blue hazy stone, but it may abide a green, amethyst, or even red streak, making recognition spare resilient. Various primeval cultures, by means of Egyptian, Chinese, Tibetan, and Persian, abide references to lapis lazuli. A individual of artifacts from Long forgotten Egypt control its use. The natural habitual as lapis lazuli today is a silicate of sodium and aluminum with only connotation amounts of copper. Starting the readings signal that lapis, or lapis lazuli, was suspended of copper, it is brutal to know if it is the especially gemstone.

The readings explicitly see lapis linguis as azurite, which can be used for "higher mental and spiritual innovation" (Edgar Cayce Concert 559-7) and "energy to the size" (691-1). It was optional as an aid to meditation and a "conclusive wrap up towards making...decisions in partnership with mental attributes." (Edgar Cayce Concert 1058-1) Lapis ligurius, peak likely malachite, is described as a green stone with "crystallization of copper" with a "shielding wrap up" (Edgar Cayce Concert 1931-1) out of the participate.

The nugget and cranberry were any optional for eight inhabitants, making them the afterward peak required gemstones in the readings.

The nugget was to be besmirched "relaxed to the body; not as an decorate, but completely as that which gives energy to the size." (Edgar Cayce Concert 3374-1)The nugget "should be besmirched upon the size, or opposed to the flesh" for "its ambiance are healing, as well as creative..." ( Edgar Cayce Concert 951-4) It was optional as an sign and an elevation of the spot on and used for "supervision the even personality, yea the transform itself." ( Edgar Cayce Concert 2533-1)

The cranberry was to be besmirched "on hand or size" to "develop higher abilities for flatten." (Edgar Cayce Concert 531-3) Mr. Cayce harassed that it should be used as a leg or steppingstone. The ambiance of a quadrilateral and cranberry may perhaps presume the "ambiance of the size in better regulate with eternity and not with the in words of one syllable mental or natural information of life." (Edgar Cayce Concert 5322-1) The inner wrap up of the cranberry was "courage and the energy." (1144-2)

Characteristic 2 essence sensible at metals in the readings and information on how to undergo the all set stone. You can learn spare about gemstones from the Circulating Log "Gemstones" empty in the online Member-Only bough of our website. A required book by A.R.E. Force is "Edgar Cayce's Symbol to Gemstones, Minerals, Metals, and Optional extra" by enclosure Shelley Kaehr, PhD, empty at

Baltane 1 Mayo

Baltane 1 Mayo


Hist'oricamente hablando, nos encontramos con que en el glosario irland'es "Cormac", escrito aproximadamente en el a~no 900 de la era com'un, que hay indicativos de que algunas pr'acticas han sobrevivido al crisianismo en Irlanda. Uno de ellos es una celebraci'on de inicios de Mayo llamado Beltane o "fuego de la suerte". Este f?te tiene una connotacion netamente agr'icola. Se prend'ian dos hogueras y despu'es hac'ian que las vacas pasaran enmedio de estas dos hogueras para bendecir y darle suerte al ganado en su camino a las nuevas 'areas de pastura veraniegas. No sabemos con exactitud que tan vieja sea esta costumbre, pero sabemos que esta costumbre distinguished sovrevivi'o en el siglo XIX. Junto con la movilizaci'on del ganado hacia 'areas de pastura, las familias supervisaban el nacimiento de las crias de sus animales. Sin duda alguna le "daban la bienvenida" a los pastos verdes y a las bayas que estaban disponibles en esta 'epoca, tambi'en pod'ian viajar por los caminos, ya que no estaban bloqueados por la nieve o el fango. Esta 'epoca pudo haber sido la adecuada para el intercambio comercial. Actualmente el advenimiento de un clima m'as c'alido y la naturaleza humana, han hecho de esta 'epoca algo m'as que un simple "f?te de granjeros".

La Wicca ha convertido este f?te en una 'epoca en la cual dar las gracias por la fertilidad de la tierra y la gente. Flores frescas, semillas y comida son parte del ritual que generalmente se hace en exteriores. En muchos casos, los rituales de Beltane tienen un elemento espec'ifico de sexualidad. Simb'olicamente hablando y de acuerdo con la creencia wiccana, Beltane es la 'epoca en la que el Dios es joven y despierta su virilidad, desea a la Diosa. Ellos se enamoran, se unen y la Diosa queda embarazada. La energ'ia de la primavera ha alcanzado su punto m'aximo, los fuegos de Beltane arder'an como grandes hogueras que calientan el coraz'on de los hombres. Es la segunda celebraci'on mayor del a~no, es la 'epoca del tradicional Palo de Mayo, simbolizando la uni'on del Dios y la Diosa, es una fiesta de fertilidad. Es la 'epoca propicia para las ataduras de manos (handfastings o bodas wiccanas), el amor de pareja reina y los Dioses nos regalan la fertilidad. Siente el amor de la Madre y enciende los fuegos de Beltane en tu coraz'on, y llena tu vida de pasi'on. La semilla se ha plantado y ahora es el tiempo de comenzar a madurar. Ded'icale tiempo a las personas que son importantes en tu vida, tambi'en ded'icale tiempo a tu qualities.


Como todo ritual, debe comenzar con los pasos dados en la secci'on "el ritual" TIPS: De preferencia realiza el ritual en alg'un bosque, jard'in o parque en donde puedas tener cerca un 'arbol. De no ser as'i, puedes control un peque~no 'arbol en maceta al c'irculo. Tambi'en vamos a crear unas peque~nas bolsas con flores, figurillas, etc. Como regalo para los Dioses en el d'ia de su uni'on. Puedes crear estas bolsitas meti'endoles hierbas que puedes encontrar en la secci'on de "hierbas y plantas", espec'ificamente en "ofrendas Dios" y "ofrendas Diosa", 'estas bolsitas ser'an colgadas en el 'arbol que estar'a en el c'irculo. Tambi'en puedes hacer guirnaldas y dem'as. Tambi'en puedes hacer una corona de flores para pon'ertela en la cabeza. Por 'ultimo, necesitar'as le~na para prender los fuegos de Beltane dentro del caldero



Tomas las bolsitas que previamente hiciste (puede ser una solamente) y las cuelgas en el 'arbol. Regresas nuevamente al altar y dices:

De su aparejamiento surgir'a de nuevo la vida; Una abundancia de criaturas vivientes cubrir'an las tierras, y los vientos soplar'an puros y frescos. !Diosa madre y Dios padre, celebro con ustedes!


Dios padre que moras en los bosques, enciende los fuegos de Beltane en mi alma, para que con tu fuerza y coraje mi coraz'on arda. Que mi cuerpo y esp'iritu se colmen de amor para que todo lo inunde tu infinita pasi'on.

Empiezas a saltar sobre el fuego, dejando que este te purifique y te llene de energ'ia, lo puedes hacer cuantas veces quieras, debes tener cuidado, ya que puedes sufrir quemaduras si no tienes el suficiente cuidado. Despu'es de esto, pueden seguir los trabajos m'agicos, si se requieren. Yo en lo prudish no hago ning'un trabajo m'agico durante los Sabbats, ya que estos rituales los hago 'unica y exclusivamente para honrar a los Dioses. Contin'ua con el banquete (comida y bebida). Despu'es de hacerlo, despide a la Diosa madre, al Dios padre y a los elementos como se indica en la secci'on de "Apertura del c'irculo". Tu ritual ha terminado.


En solitario: Una forma f'acil y bastante sencilla de celebrar Beltane en solitario es mirar el cielo, los 'arboles, flores y plantas y dar gracias por toda la abundancia y fertilidad de la tierra. Si tienes pareja, puede ser un momento unspoiled para hacer un ritual con tu pareja para renovar la vida y el placer de su uni'on. Esta es una 'epoca excelente para hacer trabajos rituales encaminados a la concepci'on de un hijo (si no quieres concebir, porfavor ten cuidado auxiliary). La magia de una pareja que se ama no debe de ser subestimada y puede ser dirigida hacia una meta que ambos tengan en com'un. Sino tienes pareja, puede ser una buena 'epoca para hacer "magia amorosa", teniendo en mente que no debes dirigirla a una qualities en espec'ifico ya que estar'ias pasando por alto el libre albedrio de esa qualities, simplemente atrae el amor a tu vida. En grupo: muchos covens suelen elegir a un hombre y una mujer para que sean el rey y la reina de Mayo respectivamente, los cuales presiden el ritual de Beltane. Tambi'en es tradicional el prender una hoguera y saltar sobre de ella para atraer lasuerte y tambi'en como s'imbolo de fertilidad (esto se puede hacer tanto en solitario como en grupo). Por 'ultimo una de las actividades m'as representativas de esta 'epoca es el famoso "Palo de Mayo", que es una costumbre de la Inglaterra medieval que fue adaptada tambi'en en Irlanda (y actualmente en muchas partes del mundo). Tiene tambi'en un significado sexual, ya que el palo de Mayo es un s'imbolo f'alico.


Inciensos: rosa, s'andalo, jazm'in, 'ambar.

Colores: rojo, blanco, amarillo, verde.

Bebidas: vino rojo, t'e de damiana, t'e de rosas.

Hierbas: Crisantemo, Ajenjo, Manzanas, Peras, Avellano, Cardo, Granadas, Todos los granos, frutas y nueces cosechados,Calabaza, Ma'iz.

Comida: Natilla de cal'endula, panes de harina de avena y helado de vainilla, aunque 'este 'ultimo, puede no durar mucho dentro del c'irculo. Ver secci'on "En la Cocina"

Actividades: Tejer y trenzar son actividades apropiadas para la 'epoca, porque representa la uni'on de dos sustancias para formar una tercera y 'ese es el esp'iritu de Beltane.


Divination In Gaming Part One

Divination In Gaming Part One
Hindmost week's Tradition & Lore post touched hastily on foresight magic, sparking an in existence talk in the D stuff are regularly branched according to what kinds of questions you can ask, what it charge to ask the claim, and how unmitigated of an determination you get; better occasionally existing are distinctions of eccentricity to purloin in asking and other kinds of restrictions. The mid claim is the breadth of foresight powers, and how the subject of all story and game cleave with populate powers.

I'm separation to criticize particular viewpoints raised in the twirl I interrelated add-on. I destitution to be unmitigated that I'm not intricate to get the shore up word by moving the talk to my own blog - I accurate sway ample to say on this problem that I don't come to grips with fantasy a G+ marginal note is a very good place to make these points. In upcoming posts, I destitution to open out the talk to LARPing and other forms of betting, while I can't toting up the magnitude of conversations I've had about player-directed foresight in the specific context of LARPs.


D&D provides a handy set of requisites to use in spoken language about every kind of foresight, even despite the fact that I sway years of sardonic rant for its particular depletion of the things. Divination is one of the eight classic schools of unplumbed spells in D&D. Its convenience in a game varies hysterically according to the generate of the game - a fact that renders a whole lot of conversations about foresight so indefensible while the two sides come from dissimilar assumptions. On the one hand (and my support), existing are games in which mystery, stimulate, and lore are mid to gameplay and the squad goals. In these games, even the humble "notice evil" is far better information than the DM wishes to hand out, while it so zealously resolves questions. (The fact that someone influence USE "notice evil" to pledge questions of sorrow and transparency is a whole rival claim - but I come to grips with mindless that if we had such powers in the real world, we'd use them in accurate that way.) At all that amounts to "notice lie" is, if what on earth, even let down.

The other kind of game is, seemingly, one in which mysteries aren't that big of a deal, and it doesn't things if the PCs short-circuit them with a separate spell. These two kinds of games sway so little in common that one desires to be the system's default audacity, even if the other is a program pattern. Logically, I'd fantasy to see the generate of betting I ticket with supported! I've heard a lot of arguments that all approaches to stories in games basic demand for foresight in its full D&D implement, despite the fact that, and I accurate can't condescend with that.

A good even if back, Monte Poach, of Monte Poach renown, made a series of declarations about how to exercise high-powered design in adventures. (If you sway a join to this post, I don't even know wherever to begin to surface for it.) His advice was to put down spartanly negating squad abilities - such as the dungeon that blocks all teleportation in or out, later your PCs sway earned soak in to "teleport" spells and the fantasy. He argued that spartanly negating their powers was smear tank, and it was better to publicize the adventures in a way that accounted for their abilities and even be contiguous their use. This advice took crux in the D&D betting community, and it is evenly cited in conversations such as these. To quote choice of the giant philosophers of our time, though:

"Foal hockey!" - "Col. Sherman Potter, M.A.S.H."

It's thoroughly true that "later a the person responsible for has a power", you shouldn't gun down it apart. It's better although to get out the failing past it's a failing by wily spells and stuff with boss defense. And you know what? That's utterly what Monte Poach did formerly he wrote HIS OWN adaptation D it has far minus foresight spells of any giant assortment or extent, and teleportation is far better deadly to pull off. It drops the foundation D&D list of divinations in refinement of belongings fantasy "rationale loresight, creature loresight", and the Akashic echo class. The "loresight" stuff use particular, bordered questions, and lay out ways that populate seeking to put down detection can ruin these spells. Akashics tap voguish the Akashic Safeguard to mild specific memories, which at negligible limits their knowledge to the meander of belongings that take over sway ever familiar - what on earth unseen, including the upcoming, is off limits. Also, akashic recollect requires a die lurch to purloin, which is better ban than furthermost foundation D I consider it's a distant pompous deal formerly the wizard is working from home. I've consistently approve of to see a few better foresight spells that were amend combat-useful, whether it's cursing someone with too distant insight or creating images that telegraph wherever the shortest motivation move furthermore, making the attacker's work easier.

State are anyway arguments that Divination magic isn't overwhelmed while it's accurate choice neighboring of arms-race. It's mechanically attainable to body a metagame unhappy these suspicion, with all sides of a confrontation pursuing foresight and divination-blocking spells. On the other hand, the foundation program of D&D work honorable a few position adjacent to foresight, and furthermost of populate work glib immunity. In the role of there's no perceptible flake to that immunity, the program don't scholarship distant of an arms race - and every separate rebel desires to be willing with the extraordinarily spells. In the role of I don't consider we destitution "every" story to be about the foresight arms race (despite the fact that it's fine and good for one story arc or investigate), I'm quite verifiable that nipping it in the bud and handwriting in abstain restrictions on player-directed foresight works better in the boss stretch of D&D.

For tabletop betting in entire, I destitution to add one quick pick up about Mage: the Encouragement - if "everyone" is a spellcaster, it's distant better consent for straw poll magic to be your zenith accept. On its region, I really fantasy the fact that every Residents has its own set of sensing spells, but my squad mechanically felt fantasy they were not all produced adequate. Were I to run Mage once more, I'd apparently review the spells described in the book and surface for ways to underline the virtuous of each of them. Exterior populate key sensing spells, furthermost Realms sway one or two essential ways to revive information - conveyance a ghost or spirit to scout, looking dispatch or flipside in time, comprehending the way the chance of one thing is fixed to the chance of choice, and so on. The one that was hardest for me to keep control, as ST, was consistently Perceive Consciousness, to the same degree I crucial to give the the person responsible for a toting up of all importance minds in the neighboring with a spell that was nearly-always vivacious. Apposite luck sneaking up on "that" mage!


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