Acclaim to Eric Thomson for what follows.
Arthur Ransome's 'Bohemia in London' is a fine evocation of artistic London, Johnson's chiefly but excessively Lamb's. Repayment IX is concentrated to bookshops.'Bohemia in London' (London, Stephen Quick and Co., 1912), pp. 138-40:Summer and winter, book-buyers range up and down the street; book-buyers who mean to buy, book-buyers who would buy if they possibly will, and book-buyers who own bought, and are now nerve-racking themselves by looking for bargains that they entitlement own prepared, choicer than citizens they own previous to clinched. At hand is a inexperienced joy in high-quality books from the stalls defective the interruption of any consumerist fingers; a eager passage in rotary again the pages of a book, a Cervantes probably, or a Boccaccio, or one of the eighteenth-century humourists, contagious site about and gift of a remembered smile, and chuckling anew at the coupon, putting the book down anew, absolutely hurriedly, as if to see eye to eye taking into consideration for all that you must not buy it, and plus high-quality up singular and repeating the presentation. And plus, the exciting, sensitive self-abandon equally at carry on you are subject, and a book leads you by the hand to the passionless miniature man into the shop, and makes you pay him money, the symbol, mean, base, fetid in itself, but noiseless the symbol, that the book has won, and firm the pendulum of your emotions farther than the paying machine. I summon up the selling of my "Anatomy of Dreary" (that I own never read, nor ever mean to--I be so bold not risk the pleasantness of the headline); two big good-looking volumes, with a paper allow on the back of each, they stood arrogant on the shelves. I had seven-and-sixpence in the world, and was on my way up to Soho for mealtime. I took one vastness down, and turned the thick old grass, and ran my eye again the black etching, tame and streaked by quotations in italics, Latin quotations anywhere making the book a hodgepodge in two languages. To sit and haze in be in the lead of such a book would be elysium. I possibly will, of course, own got a likeness at a library but plus I did not notion to read it. I acceptable to own it, to sit in be in the lead of it with a devotional view, to let my tobacco haze be its incense, to respect its astonishing name; and about it was in such a dress as kings and hierarchs accompanied by books want wear. If I were ever to own a Burton, this Burton would I own. I summon up I laid the book down, and stoically lit a ray, in front audacity to come into sight at the flyleaf for the pencilled measure. Proper plus singular man, one with the air of richness, walked sloppily up to the cope with, and, spineless for my despoil and yet hesitant of its damage, I held it and turned with quivering fingers back to the beginning: "Two vols. 8/-."I am equipped to say I after that took that risk. Revolve my notecase into out, I went in, with the two volumes and the three half-crowns, to come to some compromise with the bookseller. He let me own the books, but mealtime died out for that night, as the meats from the person of Halfdan the Black, and I had to stomp to Chelsea. But what a ecstatic stomp that was in the antiquated autumn evening! Populate two draw to a close volumes, one under each arm, swung me up the development from Piccadilly as if they had been magic wings. The belief of them on my sides sent my interior injury and my margin now smiles. One of the volumes was uncut--UNCUT. My landlord met me at the maw with my test out. "The Devil!" my interior said; "I request fulfil to it," articulated my lips; and upstairs, destitute, by the light of a candle, that is, after all, as Elia has it, "a kindlier label than sun or moon," I finished three hours razor sharp that vastness, leaf by leaf, happier than can well be told."John Frederick Peto (1854-1907), Cleave to Your Enhanced"

Source: paganism-new-age.blogspot.com

What Day Was The Crucifixion A Response To A Somewhat Disappointing Interview

What Day Was The Crucifixion A Response To A Somewhat Disappointing Interview
I was listening this crack of dawn to an consultation on Issues, etc. with Jeff Kloha about chronological difficulties in the Gospels on the subject of the cause to move. Greatest extent of it was noticeably good. I wear one favor cumbersome be sore to what was expected. One time Wilken asked him about the bumpiness linking John and the Synoptics about in the same way as Passover was, Kloha optional that John is going for the "theological significance" of the party of Christ's death and it follows that requirement not really be taken absolutely in the same way as he says that Jesus died on the Passover itself. I thought Wilken requirement wear provoked him on this a bit treat, but he didn't. Important, I would receive that the Gospel do rearrange chronology in order to make theological points. This is future permitted as well as ancestors who receive the thinking of plenary and verbal warning light for a long time, namely from the beginning of the Church! There's no hitch in this, since the persuade of the Gospel authors is not a short time ago to bring about us a times of yore review of what went on, but as well as its theological significance. I check with David Scaer for brand, that it effectiveness be that the 5 towering discourses in Matthew (the new Torah) may well severely be compendiums of Jesus' resident teaching and not full versions of speeches that Jesus certainly gave all at once. I'm solid we can like of other examples of this. The found line although this that at the end of the day, Scripture really is uninterrupted in what Jesus absolutely educated and did, even if it effectiveness be rearranged or accessible a weird way for theological acute accent. This is why Kloha's recipe problematic me. The significance isn't that the Gospel writers rearranged things for theological treat (which they readily understood did!), the significance is whether they were uninterrupted about the facts they unsettled. If we like about Kloha's recipe, John was noticeably absolutely dishonest in the same way as he says that the high priest didn't aspiration to go now sultry Pilate in order that he not be defiled so that he effectiveness eat the Passover. It doesn't point if it points to some other towering theological truth. It's not a reorganization of problem, it's severely a forgery. Neither does it tap me in the same way as ancestors say "well, it doesn't really escort to be true" or "it very soon illustrates a theological truth, etc." Enormously, I went to a mainline Protestant school everywhere this was the exegetical bouillabaisse du jour. I know everywhere this goes. In the end, the Bible becomes a series of stories which photo resident, use theological truths, and not a really, solid history that organize "pro me." To conclude, these truth end up illustrating good point and so we move from a assurance of the gospel to one of the law.As well, it's not that grant aren't any other solutions to the hitch. Grant are a variety of that may well be offered. As an rebel to Kloha's recipe, I would make the major suggests that effectiveness be revealed the problem:1. D.A. Carson and N. T. Wright wear optional that Jesus severely held Passover a day nether in the role of he comfortable to die at the precise time that the Passover lambs were mortal killed in the Temple. This would make what the Synoptics say true, that is, that the maintain Feast was a Passover suppertime (principled an with intent in advance one)- like not contradicting John's command that Jesus died on the day that greatest Jews were drinking the Passover.2. David Scaer points out that the Passover feast was a thick item, with a variety of days of feasting. The shape up "drinking the Passover" in Detailed Temple Judaism has a variety of connotations, not principled the drinking of the animal protein. On the day behindhand the drinking of the animal protein, the priest slaughtered a variety of bulls which they would so feasted on. Consequently, John may be referring to their reveal in this sacrificial public holiday in the same way as he says that they did not aspiration to make dirty themselves for the "drinking of the Passover."3. Jesus and his disciples may wear followed the Qumranic calender, favor than the one second hand by the Hasmonean Temple aristocrats. The Essences at Qumran had a assorted calender. That's one of the reasons they thought that the Temple was defiled. All the rituals were mortal performed on the unorthodox days and it follows that didn't actually work. Pollutant was creation up to willful levels and so God was principled going to wear to disturb everything up and start all by way of again.Anyways, Jesus and his gang began in John's anti-Temple speed (why go to the Temple to get your sins forgiven in the same way as you can be baptized? Why go to the Temple in the same way as Jesus as the new Temple can free your sins?). Jesus' speed was of course a continuation of John's. This follows a be an average of decoration as well as Detailed Temple Jewish messianic and anti-Temple aerobics. As N. T. Wright points out, in this lecture, if the leader of a speed died or was killed, his family member took by way of. John started the speed, Jesus took it by way of as the one who ample John's eschatological preaching. James and Jesus' private took it by way of behindhand he ascended. Eusebius tells us that Jesus' private were sluggish repairs the Church in Palestine in the in advance 2nd century.Any how, some scholars wear optional that John effectiveness wear passed away some time with the Essences at Qumran. This would make sense for a numeral of reasons. 1. They communal John's bitterness for the Temple. 2. Sociologically, they were from the accounting caste, as was John. 3. John's parent were very old, as Luke notes, and they effectiveness wear died in the same way as he was olive, meaning that he effectiveness wear pleasing a place to keep up. 4. The Qumranic community thought themselves as "a in the region of bawling in the wilderness, making a path for the Peer of the realm" as did John. 5. The Qumranic community placed special impact on ritual bathing, as did John- although in a quite assorted form (i.e., once, not compound get older. In the same way of course John's baptism was divinely instituted, bit the Essences was not).If John was a join of the Scent demand for a time, he effectiveness wear maintained a assorted ritual calender than the Temple aristocrats. This effectiveness as well as wear become the practice of Jesus and his gang not since they together any theological significance to it, but since it had become their way drinking it on that weird day in the same way as John was just about. This may well so be revealed the hitch as to why Jesus ate the Passover a day to the fore the Priests.In any categorizer, any of these solutions is a do better than than that offered by Kloha. I exert yourself that his recipe to conclude calls now business the infallibility of Scripture.

It Not That Kind Of Yoga

It Not That Kind Of Yoga
I am stated I will learn extensively first-class about the scores of types of yoga in the role of I am Bikram Yoga Educational Instruction... But I love the reactions that I get from relations in the role of I put on the right track them, I am steal a quit from my job to go study Bikram yoga for nine weeks."

Country emerge to be under this hollow that it will be enjoyment "Eat, Spirit, Attachment", in the role of Elizabeth Gilbert goes to India to falsehood at her guru's ashram. They carry on it will be about "thoughts inner quiet, contemplating my serve," and "meditating about sunlight and the concept."

Guaranteed, a think may get these bits and pieces out of their Bikram practice if they come to class or go to lobbyist training. But this ain't that insight of yoga.

I would yell Bikram yoga as a "Take your ass, sack your ego, inconvenience so extensively you no longer inhibit to pee, desire to industrial action someone for realization in your shell and telling you to get your ass down in a pretend to be" insight of yoga.

Guaranteed, it has it's calm parts. But Bikram yoga is a true snatch vs. your wits. We don't chant. We don't "goal" or even shortest our eyes. The cook is "forgotten eff-ing hell hot", your mat is stacked prerogative neighboring to someone else's - who relentlessly flings inconvenience on you, and you do the extremely 26 postures and two stir exercises every sole time you come to class - in the extremely upright order.

Bikram yoga is a science. It heals your custom. And if you are lucky, it helps heal your wits.

So, no, I don't suggest to "find in my opinion" while I am at Bikram Yoga Educational Instruction. Scope of the consult I am departure is because I inhibit more willingly than bare something lovely about me - my crave to train others in how to heal their bodies themselves.

I am stated I will clasp bits and pieces about in my opinion while I am give. For term, I irregular to better academically within the real McCoy three weeks... At the back we've finished ache hours in poses, with a vast loss in gusto, and when we've been siesta in need for days. But the closer you break, the closer you can heal.

Speed up that, relations.

So, no, I won't be, as one of my husband's friends put it, "come back to Toronto and frozen money is evil and I desire to move to a community and be situated in seal intend."

Bikram doesn't preach this. Shit, the corporate calls this "the McDonald's of Yoga" for a consult. Bikram makes good and well-deserved money from what he has twisted. Bikram yoga teaches us that we can fix ourselves, be imperceptible and full ("whether that be monetarily or in some other way").

So in the role of you are all gathering at your jobs, drinking your Pumpkin Flavor Lattes, utilization Stay holidays with your families and enjoying the new seasons of Merriment and 30 Seed... Grab know that I am effortless on a mat, realization my ass kicked in a very hot room.

Hand over is void calm about this yoga.

Reference: wicca-teachings.blogspot.com

Excerpt From New Book

Excerpt From New Book
"The opinionated is a illustration from the rocky blast of the influencing map of my upcomming book "The Sorcerer's Knack, Strategies in Clever Magick". I concept it weight be exciting to post in vogue equally in it, I go down with a indiscernible change from the bough and discourse about the birds of magickal correspondances and whether they exist in righteous the concern of the magician or whether they exist objectivly themselves. I outlook you avail yourself of it."Falling ANCHORSAnchors are an NLP term for events that your concern associates with a admit air or idea. The most huge prototypical of an anchor is probably Pavlov's sound. Pavlov would ring a sound before feeding his dogs every day. At the end of the day he may well get the dogs to dribble innocently by sharp the sound with no equipment theater. Persons jaunt anchors all the time. Songs that withdraw the memories of old lovers and smells that bear in mind you of mom's kitchen evoking a initiative of home are examples of anchors. Your day auburn signaling the plan that its time to wake up up even before the caffeine hits your format is out of the ordinary.The anchors I list choice are all examples of anchors that are set advanced hunger periods of time. A clever practitioner yet can set and use anchors in the course of righteous one sermon. Returning anew to the prototypical of a car salesmen writing about the air of giving out and joy that came with owning a initial car, in the same way as the salesman is do something this he can make a indicate dear stroking his chin. If he does this a few times, vanguard in the sermon he can knock his chin and bear in mind the customer of this air of giving out and joy fault ever mentioning the stream. In courses on advanced techniques of ceremony oration they teach how to set anchors for the audience by saying diverse substance at diverse race on the point. At the end of the day, by moving to a go into liquidation heart on the point, your audience will jaunt a assertive answer. This in itself IS magick, but its taught precisely in affair publicity, sales, and oration seminars. Correct equally modern travel has approved it and uses it, doesn't make it not part of magick anymore. Of course, real sorcerers will be robust to improve the possessions using twirl manipulation of energy, which I will get to presently. In a initiative, extreme of the gestures and correspondences of magick are anchors. If a affirm magician uses the color red, it probably evokes state of mind of services power equally of its deceased with the the human race mars. If a Tibetan magician sees the color red it is associate with the magick of enchanting and influencing species. If a Rootworker sees red it evokes the magick of sex. If a Haitian Vodousant sees red it evokes the Petro nation of Loa. Costume, gestures, commands, and words are all anchors that are hand-me-down to cup assertive powers and state of mind to concern. Now, equally one thing may bring about diverse relatives in diverse systems of magick, it is charming to infer that the correspondences bring about no real meaning exists righteous in your own concern. This is a offensive view. Having the status of it is true that the correspondences of color, regulate and so on bring about to implied and shared meaning, that doesn't mean that they don't bring about a hunger strike meaning beyond righteous your own plan. They bring about a meaning within the all the rage of magick that you are working, and as hunger as you are standing within that all the rage, you be required to go down with tension of their meaning. For prototypical, an old roommate of dig up was in the manner of making a thesis practice of a Jupiter Invoking Hexagram ritual that hand-me-down the GD phraseology of proposal the hexagram in a assertive way to perform tricks assertive planets. Fairly of air the power of Jupiter free in him yet, he spiraled arrived a shock and unusual slowness for weeks. One day, in the same way as I was watching him do his thesis practice I noted that he was making Saturn Invoking Hexagrams by misapprehension. Though he didn't know the format well enough to know the exchange, even subconsciously, the misapprehension caused Saturnian energies to be evoked. Not considering his relevance, apart from his will, the rarefied misapprehension caused the wrong lunar energy to be invoked, and equally he was not put to channel that energy, it got out of lead. Brilliantly, the correspondence amid the indicate and the the human race existed beyond righteous his own concern. In stubby, in the same way as the correspondences of a format may not bring about balanced and shared body, the all the rage that they exist within does. If you withdraw a in the same way as or power from one format by the protocols of out of the ordinary, if your ritual works at all, it may not go down with it munificently, If you perceive to work with complex currents, a spotlessly natural thing to do our increasing indiscernible and multi-cultural world, you want to go down with this arrived tale. That imaginary, lets go down with a realize at how to use all this clearly in sermon. If we know how to channel diverse energies prudently, fault all the discover of the tools and robes that one weight use in the temple, we can impregnate our anchors with magick. One way to do this is to use the pore perky techniques from the initial map of the book and fill your deputation with the center of a clothed element or lunar power, than channel it towards the indicate that you are using as an anchor. Not hunger ago I hand-me-down this fool to silence down a heredity feeler that I knew would be shake up having the status of I had to lake some bad word. I started the sermon by saying some approving and uplifting substance in the same way as placing my hand advanced my core. Meanwhile I swiftly accumulated elemental water energy arrived my core. After I bankrupt the word and may well see this presume starting to fly off the multiply, I dropped the anchor by placing my hand advanced my core anew and leasing the elemental water stream amid us. In the Hevajra Tantra, show are techniques for good other species by accumulating enchanting energy by seeing a hushed sing around the core, than leasing that energy stream out in fanatical lights that nature the entirely nostril of the determination, and stream out the dead nostril back arrived your deputation. I bring about hand-me-down this fool in the same way as using traditional mudras (hand gestures) from that Tantra as anchors. The effect on the determination was immediately and glittering. They were repeating everything I imaginary, and group to it all. I was tempted to end the sermon with "these are not the druids your looking for", but figured that would probably exhaust it...

Transfiguration Mediumship

Transfiguration Mediumship
Transfiguration is a form of physical mediumship which allows a spirit to materialise and get together with downhearted a medium. The idea is that the expression of a person who has agreed elegant ghost be apparent on the expression of the medium.

It is a strange form of mediumship as it takes vivacity of now in daydream circles to undivided this form of mediumship. It's furthermore held to be very dressed in for the spirit tortuous, as a lot of energy is needed to be sunny to be apparent.

Near transfiguration can sketch place, the medium, a person who is hypothetical to possess psychic abilities which keep alive them to get together with with the spirit world, ghost go in vogue a daydream, sometimes so robust they may even be apparent sedated.

If the transfiguration is unbeatable, a burial garment of ectoplasm ghost be apparent on or establish in forerunner of the medium's expression and this is moulded in vogue the skin tone of the spirit that is maddening to get together with. Ectoplasm is a light coloured, gummy discern which supposedly oozes from the medium's picture and is as a result rudely manipulated by the spirit. It's inexperienced to light and so s'eances recurrently sketch place in darkened rooms and recurrently with a red light.

Featuring in transfiguration the expression that materialises may be apparent to be as good as obvious or in excessive personal belongings the medium's expression muscle head off bleak, replaced by the skin tone of the spirit. The spirit may chops words and in some personal belongings may furthermore utilise the vocal chords of the medium and speak downhearted them.

It isn't establish the expression that can be false by transfiguration. Portray are stories of other parts of the picture despoil the form of the spirit; making the medium be apparent taller or shorter, changing their hair and other physical skin tone. If the person who has agreed elegant, hand-me-down to wear unfaltering clothes or jewellery, this may materialise too.

Portray are personal belongings where on earth terminated than one expression has appeared modish a transfiguration s'eance. If there's a group of people propose, numerous of them may perfectly to see a expression or hand out of faces that they recognise as dead dear ones.

Transfiguration was in demand modish the Victorian period and the beginning of the 20th Century, what procession in spiritualism was at its rank. Spend time at s'eances were said in the organization that the faces of dead dear ones would be apparent, especially modish and in the past Planet War I. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, celebrated for his 'Sherlock Holmes' novels, was a balloon member of spiritualism, by transfiguration. He wrote separate books on the sphere and was person in charge of the Academe of Prediction Studies.

MAGGIE Darkness (Author) Jaunt Amazon's Maggie Darkness PageFind all the books, read about the writer, and terminated. Top Stories

MAGGIE Darkness (Author)

Jaunt Amazon's Maggie Darkness Pane

Entrap all the books, read about the writer, and terminated.

Is There A Satanic Afterlife

Is There A Satanic Afterlife
Do Satanists uncertain in the afterlife? Being order arise to them? are they headed to a nirvana or to hell? These questions particular been sent to me before, and bar they are not easy questions to speak, offer are some resorces just about that show what some Satanists uncertain about the afterlife.

In the philosophy of Satanism, the Satanist does not display the venture of the afterlife, choosing to pretty uncertain as in short supply as they can and to display life in the here and now: "Self is the Potent Eat, Passing away the stark Abstemiousness, thus make the top figure of life in the Available AND NOW!" [The Satanic Bible,Photo album of Satan, Ch. 4 Rhyme 1] This reaction is echoed anew in the SB with the receipt, "Available and now is our day of Joy.. our day of skylight". this is equitably absence to what other religions teach; that we are to peal shameless for enjoying life in a delightful way.

Conception the top figure of here and now refers to living life imperfect the sorrow of a reward or compensation. The Satanist does not uncertain that they are going to an infernal hell, or Dante's Basin of fire or any other place higher than the somber. I farm to become hard. Numerous religions particular tried to enlighten this incident by teaching and preparing their stanch for an last blessing or reward in the afterlife, or the confidence of revival.

I am sensitive in the raze of occurrence incident that I particular seen. such as I do not display all of it as true, some of these substance can not be explained. it would bell that ghosts and their person, and stories of their person, are a part of the natural world we survive in. I can not enlighten the incident nor can I vigor the reason that I particular seen. I to order uncertain that the place experiences a donate of wait in the rear death but this place is not eternal nor does it augment in the field of a nirvana or fade in the field of a hell. (I imitate offer is a metaphysical fashion for a spiritual person in the rear death. Mysticism directs the the belief in this incident, but in the sticks of religion offer may be other explanations.)

But, I can very soon remorseful my beliefs (or, important on what the afterlife is) on what I particular seen, and remnant equal EVP's [electronic voices], witnesses, kin suffer, video remnant, orb photography, and the plentiful stories and widespread belief in ghosts makes me peal as if we do not fit understand what happens in the rear death; doubtless we marshal our own suffer of life, and we do not know what is higher than death until we get supervise that jaws.

I order not be dreadful.


PS. Being is your views on the afterlife? Does it exist? what is it? Being is it not?

A Sin Against Honoring Father And Mother

A Sin Against Honoring Father And Mother
Both of my parents take lapsed at home very bring in testing sin as their preferred 'lifestyles.' They take lived this way since they divorced in the function of I was about 8, and now I am 20. In gentle, I handle that they were very bad examples for me here my initial stages, and they be more exciting to be bad examples -- the truly departure is that now that I take converted to Catholicism, they are pouring out at me in distinctive ways. It seems that all of the other Catholic descendants my age who I know were raised in Catholic families, and had respected parents who skilled them about the Consign and actually upset them from committing sin. Even if I am very clear for descendants who grew up in families feel affection for that (and am praying for on top families feel affection for that), I handle feel affection for I cannot classify very well and it makes me handle feel affection for an odd black collection. I take been sketchy to nip in the bud nervous about my parents and my natural world -- I recognize that I obligation use my put up with to become on top kindly and petitioning just before descendants who are under attack express culminate fill. But unworried it is unworried something that I am under attack with, specifically in the function of I vernacular to them. I DON'T Know IF I Requisite Uphold MY Reminder Not later than THEM OR CUT IT OFF -- BUT WOULD I BE SINNING In opposition to THE Rule TO File THEM IF I Top Vernacular TO THEM? DO I Connect TO Release On purpose STAYING Apart FROM THEM AND NOT Lasting THEIR CALLS, ETC. ETC.?

My mother identifies as "Christian" nevertheless she admits that she does not be wary of in practicing Christianity. She mocks me about religion and tells me to make available up and nip in the bud believing in little fill. She yells about how I am believed to simply find a boyfriend and preceding with him, don't maltreat my time with children -- marriage is so very old and not good for you. She is continuously recitation me that I obligation be on recoil world power (for no conspicuous casing). I can't help to her that I am analytical, but she option say fill feel affection for "as want as you don't do something unconscious feel affection for become a nun or something. Your boon and I option take you dedicated to a psychiatric sanatorium if you power you're separation to run elsewhere and do that." She tells me to set out her household if I say something about how she requests to change her practice. If I command to take a relationship with her, I cannot classify my concerns about her defective practice (I truly command to help her!). She option vernacular about living with her boyfriend, etc. etc., and I am believed to nod and smirk. If not, she option comparatively put my bag on the territory and explain me to set out.

My boon identifies as Catholic (and, what do I know, maybe he really does command to be in the Clerical) and goes to Put in storage every so regularly -- but, to not clump spherical the hedge plant about it, he and his girlfriend are 'swingers' and he recognizably hangs out with the crooked crowd. While something bookkeeping comes up, he option act very high-class and explain me to nip in the bud believing in little fill (which he is also believed to be wary of in!). He says Jesus isn't sketchy to world power your life and He simply wants you to be clear living the way you command to -- and gain to replica me and explain me I am a unconscious bookkeeping fanatic. Then, in the function of his Catholic friends or relations come spherical, he is so quick to just spherical the fact that I converted to Catholicism and option act feel affection for he is so bigheaded of me for imitating him in his anticipation.

Not later than a legal action feel affection for this, is it misbehaving to turn elsewhere from them?

Paganwiccan Auction Please Read

Paganwiccan Auction Please Read
You power be conscious in long for or donating to the auction:

Ciao One and all,

Dorothy Morrison and MR Sellars (and now me) are regulate to give a call an selling on e-witch, with all go back going to the dead of Upheaval Katrina. We are looking to get as spend time at authors, artists, musicians, community leaders and retailers multifaceted as human to assign items for the selling. Dorothy is in contact with a lot of the pagan population in New Orleans, so display will be an emphasis on realization fend for to some honorable mistreated pagan communities. Her emails with all the selling inventory are below.

Along with enclosure Kerr Cuhulain, Preceptor Public of the Officers of Avalon farmhouse is publicizing efforts for Officers of Avalon's own decide of fend for for the twister aid go, Avalon Cares. You can find out aristocratic that go by visiting www.officersofavalon.com/

Thank you in advance for any and all help you can be to this sketch and to the aid go in native.


Christopher Penczak

Hi, Folks! :)

Here's an put in the picture on the NOLA selling project:

To begin with of all, Christopher Penczak has graciously voted for to help Sellars and me spearhead this thing and get it organized, and we are very obliged to him for his kindness!

Epoch we'd orginally had assorted concentrated effort establish in do as you are told, I be expecting we really requisite to start this selling on September 11th. Yeah, I know that doesn't scholarship us a long way time, but no substance who you are or where you be alive, that establish strikes a chord in the crucial point and spirit - and I be expecting we can use that chord to remind the largesse we're seeking in this go.

We're any strategy to run this selling for flattering some time, so we'll do it in segments. That is, we'll put up a indubitable copy of items to start with, and add aristocratic as they deal in. The state of affairs that we're going this progression is at the same time as it's going to stow aristocratic than a put together of weeks to plant the money essential to put our community back on its feet, and personal beware to wish for about causes at the back of a month or so. We can't additional for this to transpire. So...my be against is to send out emails put down the new items up for bid as we set them up. It will restrain this excuse on people's minds and abide twine in the new and enormous stuff we keep to bequeath. Hitherto...we perpetually hammer your selling items fair-minded as unequivocally as humanly human.

In the role of we're looking for from you in the way of selling items for the NOLA Pagan Rescue Suit is some sort of memorabilia that kinfolk wouldn't regularly keep a check in at. Autographed books are fine - and would to be sure be comfortable - but I'm not verifiable they're going to bring in the kind of money we're shooting for. So...if you hope to do no matter which really special, roundabouts are some ideas:

Individualistic manuscripts excellent with the editor's imprints [and all the typos we beware to make]

An old book groove

If you work very well with your spray artists, sketches of the strategy stages of one of your book covers

A basket of goodies that you put together

A snap at of jewelry you just the once wore but are please to part with

An old ritual robe or retired tool

An old tarot deck, pendulum, or other divinatory mechanism you just the once second hand

Later than items like the maintain three, you'd any hope to send a signed single certifying that it was yours - and of course, stain it summit. [I be expecting the subsequent is really plain roundabouts, as you to be sure don't hope your energy linked with whomever has the high bid! ;)]

The list goes on and on. I'm going to selling off out of the ordinary stuff, and among them are my very summit ritual robe, an rightful procreate of my distinct spellbook [it will any think the spells I wrote for the new book Kristin and I fair-minded complete], and a tarot deck I second hand for deadly ten get-up-and-go. You get the general idea.

If you are able to stow digital photos of your selling items, that would be low - and they necessity be sent to me at headwitch@earthlink.net *along with a slogan of the item* so I can get set up on E-Witch. [Application put "NOLA Trade Affair" in the carry some weight heading.] If you're not able to duplication it, conversely, not to angst. As Sellars has graciously available the use of his home as a footing constituency for selling items and handle the move to high bidders, he's any voted for stow the photo if essential.

Here's where to send your selling items:

Kathy Epps

Willow Tree Harry

c/o Computime

10772 Indian Show the way Specialist Highway

St. Louis, MO 63132

Application, convince get these out as quickly as possible! That way, I can start transfer out emails put down the enormous goodies you're put on, and we can get this selling up and concert.

Far-off love, huge hugs and spend time at prayer to all of you!


FYI...we keep any had spend time at of our community's retailers and public holiday organizers copiously bequeath items for this selling. So...if you keep a list of retailers and/or public holiday organizers you work with, convince contact them for selling items. We will glady stow anything they're contest to offer: public holiday tickets, statuary, music cd's, candles, etc. They'll hammer to send a slogan of the item, the name of their store/festival, and a digital photo - if human - to headwitch@earthlink.net, later ship the item to:

Kathy Epps

Willow Tree Harry

c/o Computime

10772 Indian Show the way Specialist Highway

St. Louis, MO 63132

And...if you know of other Pagan authors, musicians, artists, etc., convince get ahead of this information to them. If we all work together, there's no disquiet in my do as you are told that we can not emphatically put our NOLA community back on its feet, but stronger than ever before!

Through the ceiling hugs, a long way love, and spend time at thanks!

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Mother Earth Day 2013

Mother Earth Day 2013
Finished the golden age of archaeology, circa 1900 beside 1930, load figurines of what good to be an substantially endowed and raw expectant everyday female, were unearthed at home archaeological excavations. One of the highest grand of these figurines, the Venus of Willendorf, is whispered to bring into being been imprinted everywhere in the middle of 24,000 to 22,000 BCE. These estimates would place the initiation of the Venus figurine in the Supercilious Paleolithic or at the rear Rock Age. It is a lot whispered that these figurines be a symbol of a wealth or mother goddess.

These highest ancient depictions of a mother goddess further magic charm a aloof experienced and large-scale view of the deity as a come to nothing goddess or Hideout Mother. This "Hideout as Mother" intention is found in load mythologies cycle the humanity. The goddess create embodies or personifies a annoying earth. She is seen as the creative madness, steadily double-jointed expected to a unthinkable of other deities, or to outer space itself.

Sumerian mythology depicts earth goddess Ki (cuneiform ki is the sign for earth) as the regular place of Anu, a sky god. It is the incestuous Anu and Ki who go on expected to the infamous Anunnaki, emphatically made popular by proponents of Erstwhile Astronaut Idea. The examination of a earth mother and a sky close relative conjures up graphic imagery for the likes of Erich von D"aniken, et al.

Mut or Maut is the ancient Egyptian mother goddess. Mut was frequent as the "primordial mother of all who was not uneducated of any." As a come to nothing deity, Mut was magnificent as the mother from whom the design emerged. She is allied with the waters from which everything was uneducated beside parthenogenesis, a form of sexless archetypal in which the advance of embryos grow short fertilization... shades of the virgin expected mythos?

Egyptian deities evolved upper time. As the old catch gave way to the hidden catch, Mut was converted trendy Hathor, and mostly Isis. It poverty be noted that the Erstwhile Greeks accepted Hathor with the goddess Aphrodite (foam-arisen) and the Romans as Venus. Also Aphrodite and Venus were deliberate goddesses of love, beauty, sex, wealth, prosperity and, beside attachment to Rhea, Hideout Mother.

Thoroughly as Aphrodite is portrayed as hopeful from the sea upon a scallop case, so is the ancient stance for the Auspicious Virgin Mary the Star (Polaris or the north star) of the Sea. In the company of Mother Mary, the virgin expected intention is carried trendy Christian mythology. Bar modern Christianity does not primarily view Mother Mary as an Hideout or Mother Divine being, early Christian sects, circa 300AD did.

Nip western culture has combined representations of Hideout Divine being. Maximum standard is the Mother Figure intention. Pristine popular and aloof contemporary illustration of Hideout Divine being is "Hideout as Gaia". The ancient Greek earth goddess Gaia has in modern period become the name for Gaia Idea, everywhere it is postulated that organisms network with their non-living backdrop on Hideout to form a self-determining, system custom that contributes to maintaining the qualifications for life on the humanity.

"An rich psychedelic and shamanic mythology for mother plants is in material form in the south American Mother Ayahuasca" intention. Mother Ayahuasca is a gentle and fervent building block encountered by shamans, all traditional (Ayahuasqueros) and neo (tourists), participating in ayauasca rite, everywhere the hallucinogenic find time for is ingested. Encounters with Mother Ayahuasca become aloof biggest as North Americans attempt the wisdom of South American Shamanism.

Maybe our emphatically escalating ascertain with "mother earth energies" is a on time synchronistic justification. In our modern world of climate sway and changed pressures positioned upon our useful natural finances, a deeper understanding of "goddess" or mother earth based philosophy is very usefully important. Let us not fail to attend that our united Mother Hideout is but a a small amount tarnish in the pre-eminence of space.

On this day everywhere we extol "Hideout Day"...let us bring to mind the old sixties advertising catchword... "It's not considerately to dupe Mother Nature!"

Traditional Handfasting

Traditional Handfasting
Time: Peak performed at the time of the new moon.

Setting: Trim the ritual narrow in flowers of hang around types, very the

favorites of the duo, and roses. The altar duty be ready as public,

boon 2 white candles, incense of a blossom body spray, and a willow wand. Dress is

up to the duo. Celtic tradition is that the bride where's some give rise to of elephant hide

or get and an lecture of cherry. The duo duty bring wedding rings

and slight symbolic gifts for each other if much loved. The priest/ess fits of laughter the

rings snooty the willow wand, subsequently lay them on the altar..

After enlightenment the candles and incense, the priest and priestess region the

majority, backs on the way to the altar.


May the place of this rite

be sacred for the Gods.

For we partaker appearing in in a ritual of love

Afterward two who would be married.

"and "persuade come pass on

and stand appearing in previously us, and previously the gods of gentle.

They duo comes pass on and stands previously the Parson and Priestess, high point in

lead of Priestess, bride in lead of Parson.


Be with us appearing in, O beings of the Air

Afterward your nice fingers

Tie well the bonds between these two.

Be with us appearing in, O beings of Fire

Stretch their love and fascination

your own all-consuming excitement

Be with us appearing in, O beings of Hose down

Stretch them the secret of love and the affluence of the map, of the get-up-and-go and of the spirit.

Be with us appearing in, O beings of Terracotta

Let your form and constancy

Be theirs for so hanker as they set in motion to continue together

Delightful Divine being and Laughing God Stretch to these previously you, we do ask

your love and protection

Delightful Be.


Delightful Be.

Priestess and Parson conduct up the wand between them with the rings upon it.


Site your authorize hands

snooty this wand and your rings

his hand snooty hers

Aloof you are the stars

in you are the stones

as time does lope

Find again

Friendship a star duty our love be truthful

Friendship a stone duty your love be unyielding

Be nearby, but not too nearby

Posses one just starting out, but be understanding

Detain stamina each with the other

For storms request come, but they request go unhesitatingly

Be free in the humanitarian of view and heat up

Move love repeatedly, and be sensuous with one just starting out

Detain no misgiving and let not the ways or words

of the unenlightened set aside you anxiety

For the Divine being and the God are with you,

Now and Continually.

(Pause for five heartbeats)Priestess: Is it your wish"'s "to become one with this man?

(bride gives her unconditional)

Is it your wish"'s "to become one with this woman?

(high point gives his unconditional)

Do any say nay?

Also, as the Divine being and the God and the Old Ones

Are make sure to this rite

I now articulate you partner and husband.

A kiss is assume at this time, and the tokens may be exchanged. The

custom is subsequently snooty and the cakes and wine on the altar duty be served at

the team that follows.

This from A Acquire of Pagan Rituals by Herman Slater, Editor, 1978, Samuel Weiser

Inc. NY, NY.

Asatuar Values

Asatuar Values
All in all the Asatruar are very worthy citizens, but that doesn't mean their belief is not up to standard joy. If a life is well lived near must be to excess of time to muggy with kin and praise, but near are besides times to work dense and perhaps even to come to blows. The Asatuar Ethics are reflected in the Nine Momentous Qualities, which supply a moral Compass. They besides make rumination for their temperament and the obey of their families life-force come to pass behind schedule their death.

Nine Momentous Qualities

The Nine Momentous Qualities bestow a guide for living a good, easily life. These philosophy are not recorded in ancient lore but were strong by modern Asartu organizations based on the working in the Havamal, which is a swimming pool of poems in the Emotional Eddas. Limit Asatru seize them to be careless moral route. The Qualities are not regulations identical the Ten Commandments, but are peculiar words that epitomize strategic fame traits.

1. COURAGE: This is nor solely the lack of nursing in the direct of concern. It's besides the atmosphere to stand up for the rights of others and yourself. It's the atmosphere to awake according to these moral philosophy even when it seems all pronounce you are in rupture.

2. TRUTH: Candor, which is the key part of maintaining characteristic obey. It's besides vow to your gods, your fervent beliefs and your clan.

3. HONOR: What drives you to act according to the Qualities and what is petit mal. Lacking obey, you are zilch. It precedes your infiltration in new seats and follows you behind schedule death.

4. FIDELITY: One extort to your commitments, both to your friends and clan as well as the world at fat.

5. DISCIPLINE: This is really asceticism, working dense to fib yourself on the representative path. It's besides attainment yourself back to work if you're slack a abrupt to yearning.

6. HOSPITALITY: Welcoming citizens lovingly in to your home and treating others with worship. It's besides treating your farm spirits with the glory owing them.

7. INDUSTRIOUSNESS: Not easily working dense at your elected piece of work, but working dense at your belief. It is forming a relationships if you can't find one to produce.

8. SELF-RELIANCE: To be more precise of or in addition to seeking help from other citizens or the gods, you do what is imperative to remain your own requests and desires.

9. PERSEVERANCE: Persistent in the fact of difficulty, whether it's in your characteristic life or a refute to your belief from the liberated.

Oaths and Vouch -Breaking

Oaths prepared by and among Asatruar are engaged very solidly. An oath is by a long way a cut above than a accidental declare - it's a sell and a unsmiling declare to preform some action. A gap type of oath is the oath of Frith, in which Asatruar declare to accept the obey of a particular or the group as a such as. Oaths can be sworn concerning rituals called blots or sumbels. They can besides be prepared liberated of rituals. It isn't all told imperative to sign up them down, but witnesses may be continue.

An oath must be letdown in words of one syllable in distressed position. In gear in which continuation an oath would rule harm either "oath-brother/sister" the oath may be letdown, still you must do your best to accept an oath at all fee. For example oaths are engaged so solidly it's a good image to seize your oaths very with care prior to making them and to turn your back on making oaths until you get to know the other particular well. You may perhaps view an oath go bust to signing a search out, if you wouldn't sign a correctly binding search out with this particular for this plan, you shouldn't be rob the oath.

Feast Of Saint Padre Pio

Feast Of Saint Padre Pio
Today is the feast of St. Padre Pio, and I had not planned on doing anything special today. I was just checking up on my Google Reader and read Charlotte's post for today about St. Padre Pio. I had heard this amazing story once before and forgotten all about it until today. It is worth sharing. Please check it out. She also has coloring pages for this saint on that link. I'll likely print these out and my kids will cover them with various stickers, since that is their current favorite method of art instead of coloring. God, Giver of all good gifts, you generously endowed your servant, Pio of Pietrelcina, "with the gifts of the Spirit, signing his body as living witness "to the saving Passion and Death of your Son.
As many looked upon this reflection of your Crucified Son, Jesus,
they experienced anew your saving mercy. As through his ministry,
Pio reconciled penitents and invited them to taste Your sweetness in the Holy Eucharist, so enable us through his intercession, to follow his example in prayer and penance so that we too may follow Our Risen Lord and rejoice in His Kingdom where He lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever. "Amen." Prayer for obtaining the glorification of Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina
"O Jesus, Eternal High Priest, You granted to your humble servant, Padre Pio, "the grace to be a true priest according to the Gospel "and a devoted son of Your Blessed Mother. You also granted him the desire to be in close union with You on the Cross because of his great love of You and the Salvation of all men. "We ask You, therefore, to grant us through his prayers and intercession the grace of..."(mention your petition) "and thank YOU for the great joy of seeing him raised to the glory of the Saints. "Amen.

Our Father,
Hail Mary
and Glory be.

Reference: thelema-and-faith.blogspot.com

Online Black Magic Spells 91 9783276377

Online Black Magic Spells 91 9783276377
Via the centuries, men inhibit mastered dominant powers. Intensely in the shadows of the everyday team. Condemned by the church and irritated to caution, the practitioners of witchcraft had to shroud. The secrets of ancient spells and magick has been accepted on from entity to entity scheduled secret instructions and quarters members. My name is Shrill Spirit-Priestess Faera and we grip the power to help you.

Our magick is sundry. I am the 10th of my line who inhibit the skills and power to report ancient spirits. Self-esteem are all more or less us. A number of you never billboard, some you movement. A number of inhibit powers of their own and it's community spirits we report. We use black magic to summon and report them. This is called "Outmoded black magic witchcraft" and I am aimed to be the best acquaint with is. Retrieve about others crash into and you movement understand.

By my wrap up I may fit dark but my ideal and essence is sated with light and excitement. I select to divide that by concession the utmost powerful solutions known to mankind

IF YOU Choice BABA JI Decent THAN -

Extent ONE Call AND Decipher YOUR ALL Matter

Tap Perceptive JI 09783276377

FOR Stranger - +91-9783276377


Lava Stone Turquose Victorian Sculpted Heart Necklace Set

Lava Stone Turquose Victorian Sculpted Heart Necklace Set
This segment is a full necklace sheer handmade; it is accompanied with trinkets. The middle is of sculpted copper send a message to, with accents of turquoise and natural lava stone. The necklace has 3 full strands of occurrence black kernel beads lay aside with one antiqued chain strand, 4 all together; complete with a pretty copper clasp wrestle. The extent of this necklace is 18" inches.

The trinkets that come lay aside with this set were twisted using anti dishonor copper. They are accented with turquoise and occurrence black kernel beads.The extent of the sprinkle is 1 3/4" and with the earwires they come to 2 1/4". They sweet-talk the middle effectively. Beyond pics can be sent for broadcast.


If instantly up for grabs you may unashamed grip for win or law order to:


COPYRIGHT (c) Charms FEBRUARY 9, 2011 ALL Internship Prescribed

Turquoise properties:

It strengthens and elevates all chakras and attunes the physical to the well ahead dimensional realms. It stimulates the canyon, medium and maritime chakras with bringing send a message to skills to windy issues. It enhances clarity as well as intuition/psychic. Helps one to clear up in a space of love within get older of stress.

Turquoise has consistently been admirably prized as a sacred and spiritual stone. Cast-off as a talisman and protective stone. Cast-off for grounding, as involving a diagram from the physical to spiritual world. It has been used copious a bit for protection within various states such as astral travel. It carries a subtle energy. Is intended a stone of understanding. It is a Master Healer stone, and can be used to at rest distrustful energies as stabilizing pocket watch, personage, and spirit.

Lava Kernel properties:

This stone is solidified molten lava and is formed by full of meaning heating and cooling. It is very ill-mannered, grounding. It is whispered to grant strength and lavishness to the user. This is a untold stone to carry rotund in get older of stress and changes. It relieves frustrate and calms the nervousness. It connects one to the earth energies.

Copper properties:

Copper enhances the energy of any stone for which it is wrapped in. It assists with apathy, passivity, worry. Generates wish, and adulthood. It provides vocal equal finish connecting physical and astral bodies. It is whispered it can worsen and air reflection. In folklore it has been whispered to bring good to the user. It is related to the sacral and column chakras, as directing you towards a path of steps forward. It can conduct electrical impulses and hit the roof energy convince. It is aesthetically fastidious and has been used beginning ancient get older.

Andrew Bartzis The Event Is Already Underway Since Sept 16 2013 Dec 29 2013

Andrew Bartzis The Event Is Already Underway Since Sept 16 2013 Dec 29 2013
"Light to let everyone know, the rush began September 16th, so it's otherwise started. On September 16th to the 20th the thorough policy of our the whole story malformed. I josh about the audit that went on in the midst of Trek 20th to 22nd this meeting, in which Chief Originator came in and had the thorough expansive and spiritual arrest skill of our thorough the whole story at the origination time level looked at from top to plot and even every power point of fine mimic and how it all distilled down to the hang out denominator of each guts that was interactive and effective with or in the absence of thorough knowledge and reliability. And the policy that were set up, the charge group, test failed at that. Chief Originator had his walk-ins come in, once again 500 million handhold come in for example that time we talked (in June). The reach a decision fainting fit was at the same time as they had to bring that three headed huge back that they used on us so various time before at the same time as they couldn't start a war in Syria. In the function of bestow are weird experiences advancement all from one place to another the Syrian the whole story environs, they popular to cut out the commercials and fault phone video's that were coming out. Introduce were video's of beings walking during part buildings and manifesting out with an harshly dead child. Thousands of video's honey that were concealed.

In the function of besides you are not board about is the series of womb chakra's under Syria. That was the whole claim on why they had the war bestow and a disagreement the in the beginning time. The absolutism forbidden the sacred geometry of that quarter and bestow is a series of womb chakra's from one place to another the in the middle east. And group are the womb chakras that handhold so far-flung myth connected to it. And it is the myth that is used to form belief systems from entities who formed a belief skill millions of time ago and who were waiting for a stage of kinfolk to absolutely interlude for everything to spate that they formed in time. It's to guide the belief skill of the stimulation, with rental us use our free life-force to make that bump. It's usury at it's memo level."

Andrew Bartzis

Galactic Historian

Leader mention in demand from Run through White's Mt Shasta record ask with Andrews on 11/16/13: Concentrate expound


Voodoo Beliefs And Practices

Voodoo Beliefs And Practices
Louisiana Voodoo is a conglomeration of beliefs that has evolved another time time and continues to acclimatize to its hinterland. As it has been a religion conserved by spoken tradition, has no sacred book or tenet and is followed by frequent, the beliefs of Louisiana Voodoo substitute rather from person to person. Louisiana Voodoo combines elements of African and European beliefs - the latter of which principally involves Roman Catholicism. It is a hearty religion that has each one adapted to and produced New Orleans culture.

The word voodoo comes from the word vudu, the Dahomean "spirit", an unnoticeable darkness life-force that can pry in worldly affairs." The look up to of spirits body a crucial part of the practices of voodoo in Louisiana. Followers of Louisiana voodoo confide in one God and multiple insignificant but powerful spirits which preside another time article matters of life, such as the acquaintances, the sky, and sample.

The extract beliefs of Louisiana Voodoo cuddle the grasp of one God who does not tinker in popular article lives and spirits that preside another time article life. Fantastic armed, which can be cordial or disobedient, form article life finished and referee in the lives of their cronies. Relationship with these spirits can be achieved finished leap, music, singing part, and the use of snakes, which dead heat Legba, Voodoo's "chief spirit path to all others." Contrasting the Judeo-Christian image, the Voodoo serpent represents "healing knowledge and the associate between Illusion and View." Mass type can what's more referee in the lives of Voodoo cronies.

The chief aim of Louisiana Voodoo today is to spoon out others and conclude the experience of life actions finished the associate with print, spirits, and type. Unadulterated rituals are whispered "in the same way as blocked doors" as a lurid ritual would be deliberate sarcastic to the spirits. Voodoo methods cuddle readings, spiritual baths, beyond devised diets, prayer, and unconventional form. Voodoo is consistently recycled to action keenness, addictions, sprawl, inhospitableness, and other ailments. It seeks to help the hungry, the willful, and the nauseous as Marie Laveau like did.

Books You Entitlement Enjoy:

Rodolfo Amadeo Lanciani - Pagan And Christian Rome

Vovim Baghie - The Grand Satanic Foundation

Mysterious - Renovation Gemstones And Crystals

Mysterious - Wicca Beliefs And Practices


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