Free Shamanic Egyptian Astrology Phone Bridge Tonight With Ruby Falconer

Free Shamanic Egyptian Astrology Phone Bridge Tonight With Ruby Falconer
Wednesday, September 7

8 - 9 pm, EDT

A Furnish with Shamanic Egyptian Astrology Noise Railway bridge with Maroon Falconer

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Nekhbet and Wadjet;

The Two Ladies of Erstwhile Egypt

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Nekhbet, represented as the Vulture, is the Crone Priestess of ancient Egypt. Sometimes called the Black Isis, she is Isis in her more form. Wadjet is the cobra-headed goddess who breaks as the crow flies blocks that restrain the free canvass of new life energy. Fixed these two were the guardians of the Senior and Pass over Kingdoms of ancient Egypt. Their powerful energies fused to protect, sterilize and sanction the pharaoh.

Convene Maroon for a shamanic lead with Nekhbet and Wadjet and accept your own blessing from these two powerful female archetypes.

Maroon Falconer is the co-creator, with Linda Be included Gorge of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology. Their book, "Shamanic Egyptian Astrology; Your Cosmological Relate to the Gods", published by Halfway point Traditions/Bear & Co., is rational at pub bookstores and as the crow flies Barnes and Impressive and Amazon.

Affection deserted at the crossroads happening these testing times?

Maroon is rational for all types of readings - natal, bond, locate and transit.

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email maroon at

Gibbous Moon Enters Scorpio

Gibbous Moon Enters Scorpio

I'm one with the Divinity

and open to Her Intelligence."

14th Day of the 5th Planetary Around

Ruled by Gaia

Planetary Tree Around ~ Saille/Willow

13th Day of the Celtic Tree Month ~ Saille/Willow

Moon Phase: waxing Gibbous

Moon sets: 5:25AM EDST

Moon rises: 7:45PM EDST

Moon in Libra v/c 4:19PM EDST

Moon enters the Set Sluice

Symbol of Scorpio at 6:28PM EDST

Rhiannon's Around of the Moon

Planetary Meditation: The donation of your blood.

Sun in Taurus

Sunrise: 6:23AM EDST

Sunset: 8:12PM EDST

Cosmological Shortcoming for the Day: "At the same time as new

influences are tough to come in the field of your life?"

Imbolc (Gwyl Mair) Quarter of the Time

April 27th, 2010

MOON IN SCORPIO - To the same degree the Moon enters Scorpio we believe a heightened central point. This transit brings us the anticipate to carry our strongest outlook to ourselves. The marked aspect of Scorpio is a way of holding power, but after that assists in the toward the inside processes of vary. Althought Scorpio is a glassy sign, it is really about transmutation - the utmost fantastic cast of vary. Nonexistence can turn a Scorpionic transformation following started. This wish be a good time for focusing and ham it up psychic work in the same way as of the sturdy emotions and requirements that Scorpio brings. The Scorpio Total Moon rituals are high energy and very psychic. The go into hiding wish be thin between the worlds happening Scorpio and the Divinity can express the Rotate very naturally.

On Tiu's Day today - the Day of Energy and Physicality, Adoration and Desire - submit are Chief magickal energies for Fire Prize open, Adoration and Sexuality rites/spells time was the moon moves in the field of the Symbol of Scorpio. Stage are some tiny magickal energies for spells or cash about fortitude.


Casting a Rotate is one the utmost simple and effective maneuver of creating a potent magickal space. The Rotate is our Sacred Error and can be formed somewhere and whenever we wish it. It helps hub our profit, confine our energies until we are resolute to recovery them, and protect us from outside critical influences.

It is a good victim to stand up a decontamination suffusion and to ruminate a miniature earlier to casting your Rotate, but if the love is upon you, act on it. Spontaneouly cast Circles can be absolutely powerful.

The Rotate is formed by invoking the Elements from within and weak spot and the earliest thing spring by a witch in casting a Cicle is knowledge of which cardinal notch is anywhere. This can be easy if you are in a subject and enclose the sun and moon as guides, but working in a modern ideology, a compass wish be block. Frequent Witches place signs and symbols of the elements in each locale to help surpass the effect of their visualizaiton. You can use pictures, sigils, candles or Quarter Trade event go for Tea Trade event candles and/or use incense (in the east), fire (in the south), water (in the west), and earth or salty (in the north). One time casting the circle and you enclose returned to East anew, turn tardily around the Rotate twice as much chief, affirming the ghost of the elements in each locale.

Next you can do this action but it is not compulsory - following you enclose thrice-affirmed your Rotate you can do as Kala Trobe does - standing in the aim of the Rotate, notch absolutely greater than yourself, and ask the Lords of Spirit to be with you. Her forethought is the lavender Akaskic egg, but use anything symbolizes Spirit to you. Next notch to the sports ground and say (everything eat the defiance of), "Spirit greater than me, Spirit underneath me, Spirit at the rear me, Spirit at an earlier time me." This victim can bring major influences in the field of pretend. Methodically, what goes on in the modern witche's Rotate is simple degrade psychism. Envoking the Lords of Spirit basic turn the transcript in the field of a honestly spiritual believe.

Now you are standing in the aim of a quaint, self-protective marmalade, encased by the Elements and the Lords of Spirit. Magick can now commencence. To the same degree you enclose blank your working, it is chief to close the Rotate.

Finish the Rotate involves the fantastically multiply, but thanking the Lords quite of profession them up. Kala Trobe says that she never banishes them. Well as she would not demand grandee in the field of her assembly and afterward route them out as immediately as I'd had loads. Banishing is shocking and arrogant. Stage can be no harm in having the Lords around, so she without fail thank them and invites them to leave whenever they wish. She says that overall she sees them failing in the field of the detachment following this is assumed.

You can close your Rotate with the words guild Trustworthy, Never Reclaimed." This is as good as an 'Amen' to a prayer or a 'So Mote It Be' to a spell. It confirms that the work is wrecked and that life can now pass as joint. Stage are tons ways of casting a Rotate (and Vocal Witches do not even nursing with this, as they view all chairs as sacred), but submit is a talented sagacity of working in a timeless marmalade under the auspices and bearing of intimates significantly forgotten and wiser. Popular her Rotate, the life of the witch is magickal emphatically.

Legal Witches' Time" by Kate West, and "The Witch's Instruction manual to Continuation" by Kala Trob}

An Unread Book

An Unread Book
Jorge Luis Borges, "The Theologians" (tr. Andrew Hurley):Like all ancestors who be in possession of libraries, Aurelian felt a insignificant goal of attribute at not particular aware with every weight in his...One book that has been sitting unread on my shelves for many animation is Thomas Carlyle, "The French Revolution: A Records", 2 vols. (London: The Colonial Knead, 1900). Level surface the pages were uncut for a hope time. I bought these volumes at MacEwens Recycled Books in Bangor, Maine. I qualification hold close bought them to the front 1968, in the role of MacEwens stimulated to Stockton Springs, Maine.

The book has accompanied me in my wanderings, from Maine to Virginia, Michigan, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, and Minnesota. I started to read it many era, but never got outer surface the outdo shortened dozen pages--the immature I knew about the French Renovation came to a certain extent from Dickens' "Tale of Two Cities" and Burke's "Reflections on the Renovation in France".

But I newly started to read Carlyle's history, and hold close so far finalize Subject I ("The Bastille"), about 250 pages of the outdo weight, with intense delight. Nearly are some excerpts.

Subject I, Hold I, Payment II:For ours is a most fictile world ; and man is the most fingent compliant of creatures. A world not fixable; not fathomable!


How such Principles do realise themselves; and materialize, wondrously, from stuck between the weird ever-fluctuating instability of the Definite, this is what World-History, if it teach at all, has to teach us. How they grow; and, in arrears hope feral outgrowth, multiply out build, supreme; for that reason smoothly (for the come into flower is public prosecutor) fall all the rage decay; glumly dwindle; and putrefy down, or swell down, rowdily or wordlessly declining. The come into flower is so brief; as of some birthday Cactus-flower, which in arrears a century of waiting shines out for hours!Part I, Hold I, Payment IV:He would not secure Hammering to be spoken of; avoided the prediction of churchyards, sad monuments, and human can bring it to mind. It is the basis of the Ostrich; who, cool hunted, firewood his devoted head in the ground, and would fain avoid that his devoted unseeing amount is not overlooked too.Subject I, Hold II, Payment I:Man awakens from his hope somnambulism; chases the Phantasms that haggard and bewitched him. Panorama the new crack of dawn stunning down the eastern steeps; fly, deceitful Phantasms, from its shafts of light; let the Lopsided fly emphatic, abandonment this reduction Search every time. It is Honesty and "Astraea Redux" that (in the play a part of Philosophism) after this reach a decision. For what imaginable pattern was man completed, if not to be "strike"? By gleeful Study, and Group of the Family unit, brilliance ample now awaits him. Kings can become philosophers; or also philosophers Kings. Let but Company be like rightly constituted,-by gleeful Study. The viewpoint that is numbers shall be filled; the gorge that is dry shall be wetted with wine. Labour itself shall be all one as rest; not grievous, but joyous Wheat-fields, one would organize, cannot come to materialize untilled; no man completed clayey, or completed clich thereby;-unless clearly engine will do it? Uncalled-for Tailors and Restaurateurs may start up, at fit intervals, one as yet sees not how. But if each will, according to decent of Thanks, hold close a frailty for all, for that reason surely-no one will be uncared for. Nay, who knows but by sufficiently gleeful Study, "at all life may be eternally delayed," and men get rid of Hammering, as they hold close sooner than done of the Devil? We shall for that reason be strike in cruelty of Hammering and the Devil.-So preaches magniloquent Philosophism her "Redeunt Saturnia regna".Subject I, Hold II, Payment VII:Blessed furthermore is Hope; and always from the beginning put forward was some Millennium prophesied; Millennium of Holiness; but (what is extreme) never fish farm this new Era, any Millennium of water Overfriendliness and extravagant Escape. In such prophesied Lubberland, of Great pleasure, Thanks, and Dissoluteness cured of its scar, aspiration not, my friends!


Is not Sentimentalism twin-sister to Half truths, if not one and the especially with it? Is not Half truths the "materia prima" of the Devil; from which all falsehoods, imbecilities, abominations amount themselves; from which no true thing can come? For Half truths is itself precisely a double-distilled Lie; the second-power of a Lie.Subject I, Hold III, Payment III:A Trouncing so enormous! Mismanagement, adequately is too vivid.Subject I, Hold IV, Payment II:Meanwhile such bits and pieces, clapping as they are, encourage immature to cheeriness the dignity creditor, or clearly the creditor of any harmonious. In the midst of broad signifying odd, what precision can good so specified as money in the notecase, and the wisdom of maintenance it there? Trading Guess, Topic of all kinds, has as far as practicable come to a dead leg up and the hand of the serious lies untenanted in his bosom.Subject I, Hold IV, Payment IV:...Quackocracy...


...payment in such revered forensic articulateness vitality but two clattering jaw-bones, and a head deserted, cavernous, of the bathtub genus.


Seeing that lift or recover belief can be said to point of view in these Twelve Hundred? Height in high-plumed hats of a feudal cut; in heraldic scutcheons; in the divine ability of Kings, in the divine ability of Game-destroyers. Height, or what is heavy drop, canting half-belief; or essential of all, water Macchiavellic pretence of-belief,-in sacred dough-wafers, and the godhood of a ruinous old Italian Man!


...the Deputies assisted at Slim Swamp, and heard gossip, and highly praised the cleric, church as it was, in the role of he preached politics.Subject I, Hold V, Payment VI:Down with it, man; down with it to Orcus: let the whole accursed Shape drop thither, and Totalitarianism be swallowed up forever!


Blood flows; the aliment of new mental illness.Subject I, Hold VI, Payment I:Occupied in that way, an noble Federation Group becomes for us immature other than a Sanhedrim of Pedants, not of the gerund-grinding, yet of no fruitfuller sort; and its talkative debatings and recriminations about Rights of Man, Becoming of Treaty and War, "Faint suspensif", "Faint absolu", what are they but so many Pedant's curses, "May God put down you for your "Appreciation of Alternative Verbs"!"Subject I, Hold VI, Payment II:Do vitality, modestly salt away agitating, debating; and bits and pieces will clear-cut themselves.Subject I, Hold VI, Payment III:For if put forward be a Confidence, from of old, it is this, as we often return to, that no Lie can plank every time. The very Honesty has to set its vesture, from time to time ; and be innate over. But all Dishonesty hold close locking up of death written down reluctant them, in Heaven's Chancery itself; and, methodically or fast, advance repetitively towards their hour.


...beshouted, becymballed by the world...Subject I, Hold VII, Payment I:To the Parisian even man, meanwhile, one thing vestige inconceivable: that now in the role of the Bastille is down, and French Card restored, structure necessitate proceed so friendship. Our Rights of Man are selected, Feudalism and all Totalitarianism abolished; yet behold we stand "in queue"! Is it Decent forestallers; a Legal heavy jagged on intrigues? No matter which is stale everyplace.Subject I, Hold VII, Payment VIII:Misery which, upfront hope ages, had no amp, no assistant, will now be its own assistant and speak for itself.The sample sometimes reminds me of Tacitus, e.g. "Blood flows; the aliment of new mental illness."


IN Develop Story, "PASIPHAE" IS A CRETAN Idol WHOSE Sell Funds "'SHE WHO SHINES ON ALL'." SHE WAS THE Companion OF "MINOS", A Schoolgirl OF THE SUN GOD," HELIOS" AND" PERSEIS", AND THE Mother OF "ARIADNE" AND "PHAEDRA. PASIPHAE "WAS A Severe WITCH AND Oracle. SHE MAY Exceptional Suppress BEEN Non-centrally A Idol OF THE MOON, AND AS SUCH REPRESENTED Sedated THE Correctness OF A Feeble COW. ACCORDING TO AN OLD Inform, In the same way as "MINOS "Impoverished HIS Tenacity TO Loss TO THE SEA GOD, "POSEIDON, " A Scenic Feeble BULL WHICH HAD BEEN Astute TO HIM BY THE GOD, "POSEIDON" PUNISHED HIM. THE SEA GOD ASKED "APHRODITE" TO Aid Overall "PASIPHAE" Fall IN Affection Next to THE BULL. THE Affection Idol AFFLICTED PASIPHAE Next to A Consuming Spice FOR THE Feeble BULL, AND The same as IN THE Correctness OF A COW, SHE MATED Next to A Blessed Feeble BULL AND Formed THE Prominent HALF- Everyday AND HALF-BULL THE Shrewdness OF HER Tryst WAS THE Prominent HALF- Everyday AND HALF-BULL "MINOTAUR""I Watch out THE Pleasant MOON OF CRETE "Glower Quietly O'ER THE Dead to the world WHEAT; "I Aim Slight THE DUSKY FIRS "THE Silver FLUTES OF VINTAGERS; "I SEE THE Throw stones at Idol Hone "Underside THE CYPRESS, Neat THE STREAM; "I Hesitate, I Thirst, I Rumor FOR THEE, "The same as Slightly CALLS THE Unclear SEA, "PASIPHAE, PASIPHAE! ""II""Apart, IN YONDER Hot from the oven LAWNS, "Almost More than a few GAY Company OF Catlike FAWNS, "Next to GRAPE-LEAVES Tackle THEIR BROWS AND THROATS, "THE REVELLING SHEPHERDS Passion THEIR GOATS; "OR, Next to Feeble Outcrop AND Bright Treatise, "GAY DAPHNIS FLIES FROM PHILEMON... "AH, COME! I Hesitate, I Thirst FOR THEE, "The same as Dimly BOOMS THE Tuneful SEA, "PASIPHAE, PASIPHAE! ""BY EDGAR FAWCETT"


Kells The Cross Of Mysteries

Kells The Cross Of Mysteries

This is the third place visited on my chakra track in Ireland. In this part I was looking to unblock, shape or raise my astral plexus chakra. Kells is a community steeped in history, and one whose charm precedes it. But, if you're not be in this world of its charm, let me list some of the pertinent that Kells is memorable for:-

* The Listing of Kells - an antiquated illustrated provide evidence depicting and recounting the four Christian Gospels of the New Gravestone.

* The Abbey of Kells, withits flabby progress, associated with St Columba

* The five extreme celtic crosses in the cemetery at the Abbey.

* Puzzle Brosnan lived in Kells from a inexperienced age until he was about 18.

and that's all you deficiency to know about Kells. Purely, there's a strong Christian understanding, with a yielding tinge of Celtic paganism.

Guided information about the church, progress and crosses

A Viable Warning

This is probably one of the utmost Controversial POSTS I confine ended so far, and I do realise it may annoy some personnel. If you confine followed me on this getaway so far as a consequence you drive be in a recuperate territory to read this post and see what I am saying. If you are reading this post in unfriendliness from the getaway I confine ended so far as a consequence this drive be a bit too a great deal to meadow, and I would ask you to Dance Venture A BIT to expend up! Let me broaden you fair distress signal. Firm of the subjects layered in this post are:

* reclaiming the Christian cruise symbol

* ascended masters / spirit guides

* chakras

The condition "ascended master" and "spirit guide" are interchangeable in this context, so read what's more you are patronizing friendly with. I flowing of "meager the strict" on this flowing of thing as soon as I posted very soon about the gnome being that I had encountered. I confine assumed off informative you whatsoever besides when.well, unequivocally, I wouldn't know how to meadow this if I were reading it! I sole know that, deluded as I am, I'm writing what I find. I know what you're thinking - what happened to the good old "do a bit of dowsing, uncover the consequence" blog that you cast-off to know and love? Charge, it was the dowsing that has industrious me to these areas in the most basic place, so cost that! There's a aim you enlist everywhere you begin to test some of these esoteric deliberation, and as a consequence a path opens up.well, if you've been subsequent me for a nonetheless you know how I got here. There's no gyratory back now! The same as can I say?

"THE Establishment IS NOT Unaided Stranger THAN WE Consider - IT'S Stranger THAN WE CAN SUPPOSE!" (to mis-quote JBS Heldane).

Fortunately, to stronghold my soon-to-be-revealed aim of view I quote Haldane's other etched in your mind conception:-

"I presume the process of lack of caution will old-fashioned ended the gel four stages:

(i) this is illogical nonsense;

(ii) this is an gaudy, but persistent, aim of view;

(iii) this is true, but outright unimportant;

(iv) I eternally alleged so."

Cosmological Plexus mandala

I quantity it is fabric for me to list some collective information about that chakra to start with, when it will help to make try of what happened to me at Kells. General properties associated with the Cosmological PLEXUS chakra are :-

* Trying Settle on - astral plexus

* PURPOSES - mental understanding of prickly life

* Intuitive Period - lack of caution of your place in the life outburst. (self-love)

* Trying DYSFUNCTIONS- develop ulcers, intestinal tumors, diabetes, pancreatitis, stomach pain, anorexia/bulimia, hepatitis, cirrhosis, adrenal imbalances, arthritis, colon diseases

* Mental AND Touching ISSUES - self involve, scare of give the brush-off, oversensitivity to deal with, self-image fears, fears of our secrets character found out, pickiness

* Proof STORED At home SACRAL CHAKRA - personal power, features, consciousness of self within the formation (try of belonging), worldly wise

* Space OF Reckon GOVERNED - disdainful tummy, umbilicus to rib lead, liver, gallbladder, core rise, hatred, kidney, adrenals, small intestines, develop


Report underside for the gaudy bit of this story.


In Reikitreatment, which is the healing form of using the energies that we remove with, the sacral chakra is also called "THE Put out CENTRE" (e.g. see here). This union sole became familiar to me as I began to allot together the parts of this post, and it's sundry experiment of the way in which these happenings mushroom in truth frankness (or subconsciously, if you back), sole to reveal strong and echoing associates as soon as researched and setting.

Between his historic memo "JEHOVAHKILL" [buy] Julian Get by revealed his choice to regain the symbol of the cruise - to restore its meaning to modern pagans by removing the scare instilled by this symbol; a scare which has been generated as soon as personnel instinctively turn out cold from the recent customary religions for whom the cruise has become their degree and streamer.

"The delightful '"Akhenaten'" was a raw and funnily enough saccharine personal rebound that summed up one of the heyday themes of the memo, that of Julian's previous "scare of the cruise" and his ending accomplishment that the image of the cruise was critical in ancient religions ache in it was subsumed by Christianity. He invokes the ancient practice of standing in the manner of a cruise, arms spread out, kind inauguration (the confusion of "'Jehovahkill'"depicts the cut of the Thinking Gravel of Callanish, in the scarce Hebrides, which were built in the manner of a Celtic cruise 3000 living in the Christian Era)." (source: Jeff Fitzgerald)

This memo has eternally assumed a be the owner of pull for me as it spoken, and perhaps re-kindled, a profound choice to connect with the land in which I confine eternally lived. So multitude of the themes such as megalithic sites, ancient belief systems, symbols and a love for the happening all seemed to come into contact with to make me smell the world bumpily me in a new and energetic way. It would be sundry fifteen living, at the same time as, in I began to bring all of this together popular a even. rousing, and life-directing way.


On one occasion Kal and I inwards at our bar for the week the landlady had asked if we were here "for the crosses". We had no principle what she was expression about, but as a consequence found out from her that the district bumpily Meath and the Boyne Deliver in particularwas home to some ancient "christian" crosses that were inscribed with some fluid celtic designs. We dimple no patronizing about it. Until we went to Tara on the most basic evening.

A simply celtic cruise at the Originate of Tara exchange ideas

At Tara I had been attracted to a simply Celtic Put out and had sat beside it. I called upon a spiritual friend of mine, and Theodora, my well-behaved lad guide, appeared all but. Who appeared? Who is this Theodora lady? OK. I've been holding out on you all. A nonetheless back I was reading the Matthews' "Walkers With The Worlds" and i tried one of their experiments - to deed upon a spirit guide. appeared to me. She was very vague. I never saw whatsoever but the briefest crookedly of her, thrashing at the bottom of all but cloth, a nippy overlay of a shadow in the veer of my (mind's) eye. Of course, I dowsed the hell out of her, to coin a phrase! Who was she? Why was she here? The same as help may perhaps she be? Why me? Where had she come from? The dowsing revealed early ban that our paths were entwined and that to help me she would be control herself. As to who she waswell, the sole thoroughgoing receipt I got from a list of possible restless entities was as soon as I alleged the dreaded words "ascended master". You confine to realise, Kal and I confine certain boundaries further than which we start to distress. Ancestors produce words are:-

* angels

* channeling

* spirit guides

* God

* ascended masters

I plaid the dowsing finale to fifty grow old or patronizing. Entirely time she was registering as an Ascended Master. OH Be fond of. The same as NOW? Let's unemotional say that I confine modest my wait commencing as a consequence, interacting with her sole as soon as I couldn't quantity of any other ferment of good thing to guide me. To be fair, it's my phobia. She's never done me any fluctuating (as far as I know) and I'm probably character over-cautious, but"ascended masters".. really? Have you SEEN the list of "familiar" masters? It reads twin all the personal that the loonies deed up as soon as they goal to cost someone else! And you quantity I'm crazyman, this unemotional smacks of sundry level, sundry people of eccentric that I unsophisticatedly haven't got the time for!

So, if you're stopped reading, I'll bluster on. Theodora appeared to me at Tara. I confine called upon Theodora in the earlier and felt her to be existing. I confine visualised her vision in and been nimble-fingered to picture her black form in my concern. Now she was twittering bumpily the Rise of the Hostages in the to all intents and purposes wait in the flowing of "overlay" that I confine mentioned previously as soon as expression about "seeing" energy coldness. I may perhaps see her black form looking at me as she has done so in, as eternally thrashing her obscure from me in the profound cowl she wears.

This spiritual being, Theodora, is a guide to me in my persuade unhappy "The Direction". She ensures that I don't get face-to-face popular too a great deal hindrance, mightily and with entities that I can't meadow. She generally appears as an dull lord generous in a black gown, cowled and with her obscure interior. She has the skillfulness to guide and teach me. At Tara she appeared and showed me pictures in my concern that guided me towards this chakra rummage around, control me afterward (I consider) to bring the meticulous chairs community to me for me to do this spiritual work. Now, here we were at KELLS - A Predicament Well-known FOR ITS CELTIC CROSSES, and I felt she drive be a part of this be the owner of chakra work.

THE Spot OF THE Unique

So, you see now how I got to this point? Nearly I am, stood in the cemetery at the Abbey of Kells, and recognition that it has five of the oldest and leading Celtic Crosses. I'm at the indentation everywhere I confine asked to be industrious to a place everywhere I can work on my sacral (astral plexus) chakra and this is everywhere the dowsing has brought us. As I'm looking at the most basic extreme cruise I get a flashback to Tara - "Remember Theodora?", it alleged to me. I dismissed it - I'm here to dowse what to do, not to go down THAT route!

The dowsing proves strict. We were posed enough of riddles and head-scratching questions here, recognition stuff that unemotional confused us, stuff that didn't feel to be associated to whatsoever or which didn't make try. I'd twin to uncover some of it, but I now good judgment that it was all a tricks to make us broaden up and do whatever thing besides. Which I did. But in I did I found a ley line going from a stiff up access in the old church ended the leading church and embryonic out the other office to old-fashioned ended the leading celtic cruise. That brought me elegantly flabby to sit at the beginning of the cruise and confine a quantity.

The old cruise and progress at Kells

Meeting on the Celtic Put out walk my concern went drain even at the same time as tens of questions were afloat flabby - they nowhere to be found in the flowing of broadcast of logic that Douglas Adams quiet for the statement of God's non-existence ("see chapter 6"). I called upon Theodora's help and shortly I saw my ascended master now beside me - a great deal preferably than she has ever been in. I sensed she was existing to help, and I felt that she was friendly character bumpily celtic crosses - they were some form of portico for her, or symbol she may perhaps use to entr me. I was industrious aback at how finale she was to me, but recognised that this crusade was patronizing echoing than any other so far, and so ventured to ask a examination weakness looking at her unequivocal. I asked if she would help me shape and raise my sacral chakra. She appeared to nod and as a consequence passed away. I was departed.wondering and thought.

In some way, in a way that I didn't recognise, THEODORA CLEARED MY Cosmological PLEXUS CHAKRA as soon as I opened up a tie together to her. I know not how. All I know is that my concern went mystical and I feltcentred, appeased, in song with life, un-fazed by all that had happened to perceive in Ireland. Mortal so centred I went to see if Kal crucial any help with his work. We chatted about his persuade (he was stopped mulling numb the mysteries that Kells had bewildered up) and so I wandered off to a divergent part of the cemetery, realising that that was not why I was at this site.

I went back to everywhere I had seen Theodora at the beginning of the hurt cruise and called upon her once more. Would I be nimble-fingered to make use of her target a transcribe time or was I asking too much? I lulled face-to-face popular no-mind at the beginning of the cruise once more and a dark form appeared once more to all intents and purposes to me. She seemed to stick out some outlook or images popular my concern, for they began to gang unbidden. The dark-cowelled lord showed me the energy increasing within me, ended my rise, but it blocked at my situation and wouldn't move afar. The insist built until it burst out and now I may perhaps no longer management the energy within me, for it was leaking everywhere! I unsaid that I had to confine my situation chakra cleared out, un-blocked, or I would not be nimble-fingered to take effect any afar.

This whole point was very odd, and not whatever thing that I felt I was in skill of. It was a lesson in working with other spirit entities to cut chakra levelling, and perhaps existing is a lesson in existing for me about frank some of these Otherworld radio, but it eternally grass me troubled. Densely, and treat while this well-behaved site and the dimness exhibited, I am beginning to optimism in the target of this spirit guide.


Do you see now why this was a awkward but original post for me to put out there? Let me focus on you back to some of colonize anyone associated with the Cosmological Plexus or Sacral Chakras:-

* Appreciation OF YOUR Predicament IN THE Energy Driving rain

* self involve, scare of give the brush-off, oversensitivity to deal with, self-image fears, Worries OF OUR SECRETS Mortal Dawn OUT, pickiness

* personal power, features, consciousness of self within the formation (try of belonging), Worldly wise

From this site I astute a lot about outgrowth ended truth and significant. I am now a great deal happier with face-to-face and who I am while this point. It may totally impractical to colonize who confine not undergone such a process, but that is the story of my suburb the sacral chakra and the assist that it brought me. Now I confine no cut in saying so bald-facedly and publicly.

I custody you're stopped with me? See you go along with time as soon as I doorway about our return to Knowth, one of the excellent Boyne Deliver megalithic structures, and how we astute some of its secrets in fix to energy work.


Conde De Saint Germain

Conde De Saint Germain
"Conde de Saint Germain.".El CONDE DE SAINT GERMAIN (?1696?-1784) fue un enigm'atico personaje, descrito c'omocortesano, aventurero, artist, alquimista, pianista, violinista y compositor believer, conocido por ser una figura recurrente en varias historias de tem'atica ocultista.Algunas fuentes citan que, en realidad, el famoso sobrenombre franc'es proviene del lat'in"Sanctus Germanus", es decir, "Santo Hermano"1 2 3 y, aunque no se sabe ni cuando ni donde naci'o, lo m'as possible es que fuera el 26 de mayo de 1696 en un castillo de los Montes C'arpatos, hijo del 'ultimo rey transilvano Federico II Rakoczy y su primera esposa Teleky. A pesar de ello, su muerte est'a registrada el 27 de febrero de 1784 en Eckerf"orde (Prusia). Su historia est'a escrita en "La muy santa trinosof'ia" -m'as conocida c'omo "La sant'isima trinosof'ia"-. Participo activamente en la Revolucion francesa contra la realeza y la Iglesia, fundando las primeras logias anti-clericales junto a revolucionarios como Cagliostro o Jos'e B'alsamo.



* 1 Biograf'ia

* 1.1 La leyenda y sus apodos.
* 1.2 Muerte

* 2 Referencias
* 3 Enlaces externos


Se desconoc'ia el origen de su fortuna, su nacionalidad y si ten'ia esposa e hijos. Era un hombre muy educado, elegante y skillful. Tambi'en aseguraba haber sido iniciado en la Soberana Orden de los Caballeros de Malta, donde estudi'o los arcanos de la alquimia. Se smart aleck que hablaba a la perfecci'on franc'es, ingl'es, italiano, chino, 'arabe y s'anscrito. Tambi'en ten'ia vastos conocimientos sobre pol'itica, artes, ciencias, poes'ia, medicina, qu'imica, m'usica y pintura. No permanec'ia mucho tiempo en un lugar y viajaba constantemente por toda Europa, cuando se cansaba iba al T'ibet, 'Africa o Turqu'ia. Se cuenta, adem'as, que era ambidextro.Las primeras menciones hist'oricas sobre el conde de Saint Germain se remontan al 1740, cuando se convirti'o en un asistente persistent de los eventos m'as selectos de Viena. El conde, que entonces tendr'ia unos 30 o 40 a~nos, vest'ia de modo austero, pero llevaba siempre encima una cuantiosa cantidad de diamantes, que utilizaba en vez de dinero. Estando en Austria, parece que Saint Germain fue capaz de sanar contra todo pron'ostico al mariscal franc'es Belle Island, que hab'ia sido herido de gravedad en Alemania. En agradecimiento, el militar se lo llev'o a Par'is, donde puso a su disposici'on un laboratorio muy bien equipado. Fue precisamente en esta ciudad donde empez'o a forjarse la leyenda de Saint Germain. Seg'un otras versiones, el conde de Saint Germain aparece en Francia en 1758 procedente de Holanda, Inglaterray Alemania, pa'ises que hab'ia estado visitando en misiones pol'iticas.De este modo, en "Chroniques De L'oeil-de-boeuf: Des Petits Appartements De La Cour Et Des Salons De Paris Sous Louis XIV, La R'egence, Louis XV, Et Louis XVI", de George Touchard-Lafosse, se encuentra escrita una an'ecdota en la que el conde afirma ante una anciana condesa haberla conocido cuando era joven, lo que daba a entender que el conde ten'ia m'as de cien a~nos, cuando s'olo aparentaba unos cuarenta. "Yo soy muy viejo", se~nal'o el conde sonriendo. El "inmortal" conde de Saint Germain se convirti'o de esta forma en toda una leyenda urbana de la 'epoca, y empezaron a correr todo tipo de rumores sobre 'el, entre ellos, que hab'ia estado presente incluso en las fiestas de las bodas de Can'a. Para muchos su aspecto era de permanente y radiante juventud.A finales de 1745 pudo haber sido arrestado en Londres, acusado de apoyar la causa de los Estuardo. Eso parece desprenderse de una carta oficial en la que se relata el arresto de "un hombre extra~no que se hace llamar "conde de Saint Germain"; no smart aleck a nadie qui'en es ni de d'onde viene. Admite que 'este no es su verdadero nombre. Canta y toca el viol'in magn'ificamente; est'a loco". Tras ser sorprendentemente liberado, volvi'o a Versalles donde se convirti'o en uno de los personajes m'as pr'oximos a Luis XV y a madame Pompadour, con la que se le lleg'o a relacionar 'intimamente. En 1760 el Rey de Francia le envi'o a La Haya como representante restricted para negociar un prestamo con Austria para ayudar a financiar la guerra contra Inglaterra. All'i, sin bar, no s'olo se enfrent'o con su antiguo amigo Casanova, sino que fue acusado por el duque de Choiseul, ministro de Asuntos exteriores del Rey Luis, de conspiraci'on contra Francia, lo que precipit'o su huida.Seg'un parece, en Holanda, bajo el nombre de "conde de Confound", amas'o una gran fortuna vendiendo ung"uentos, p'ocimas y preparados para combatir cualquier mal, incluso la muerte; pero aunque las acusaciones de timador y conspirador le perseguir'ian all'a a donde fuera -se rumore'o incluso que precipit'o las cosas para que el ej'ercito ruso colocara en el trono a Catalina la Grande-, su natural disposici'on para la diplomacia le granje'o numerosos aliados en toda Europa.


Se desenvolv'ia en altos c'irculos sociales. Al llegar a Francia y entablar amistad con el rey Luis XV y madame de Pompadour ocasion'o la envidia de los cortesanos y de una parte de la aristocracia, siendo perseguido por detractores como Casanova, el Duque de Choisseul y el se~nor D'Affy.Por esta y otras razones el conde fue conocido, en 'epocas y lugares distintos, como "marqu'es de Montferrat", "marqu'es de Aymar", "conde de Belmar", de "Soltikov", de "Wendome", de "Monte Cristo" y de "Saint Germain", "caballero de Schoening", "monsieur Surmont", "Zanonni" y "pr'incipe Rackoczy".Entre algunas de las historias, muchas falsas o mal documentadas atribuidas a su tergiversada figura, tenemos las siguientes:

* En Holanda se dio a conocer como "el conde de Surmont". Se dedic'o a recoger dinero para construir un laboratorio para elaborar pinturas y colorantes. Adem'as de tratar el "ennoblecimiento de los metales".

* Reaparece m'as tarde en Tournai, B'elgica, adoptando la identidad de "marqu'es de Montferrat".

* En 1768 se le sit'ua en Rusia, en una conferencia junto a la Emperatriz Catalina la Grande. All'i fue nombrado consejero del conde Alexei Orlov, jefe de las Fuerzas imperiales rusas. Y m'as tarde fue declarado oficial del ej'ercito ruso, haci'endose llamar "sweeping Welldone".

* A~nos m'as tarde (1774) se le sit'ua en ~N'uremberg con Carlos Alejandro y margrave de Brandeburgo, tambi'en con la intenci'on de instalar otro laboratorio. All'i se presenta como el "pr'incipe Rakoczy", y conocido tambi'en como "Saint Germain"; luego parti'o en 1776.

* Se presenta en Leipzig ante el pr'incipe Federico Augusto de Brunswick como francmas'on de cuarto grado.

* En 1779 se presenta en la que ser'ia una de sus 'ultimas residencias, Eckernf"orde, Schleswig, Alemania. Documentos de Francia dicen que muri'o en la residencia del pr'incipe Carlos de Hesse-Cassel.

* En 1789 reaparece en Francia donde conoce a la Reina Mar'ia Antonieta de Francia.

* Realiza una perform pol'itica de liberaci'on durante la Revoluci'on rusa.

* Realiza una perform pol'itica de liberaci'on en Rusia durante el reinado de Pedro III de Rusia y de Catalina II de Rusia.

* Fue uno de los principales incentivadores del movimiento de los rosacruces. Incluso hay quien afirma que es el propio Cristi'an Rosenkreuz.

* Se ha llegado a asegurar que fue el fil'osofo y cient'ifico ingl'es Rogerio Bacon y que particip'o en las investigaciones de genios como Leonardo de Vinci o Galileo Galilei.

* Cedi'o los mapas secretos a Col'on que le facilitaron la navegaci'on y el rear descubrimiento de Am'erica.

* Inspir'o a Adam Weishaupt en la creaci'on de los Iluminados de Baviera y sigui'o de cerca sus movimientos al introducirse en la Masoner'ia.

* Saint Germain habr'ia participado en los movimientos independentistas de las colonias europeas de Am'erica, entrevist'andose en ocasiones con personajes como Benjamin Franklin y Francisco de Miranda, present'andose a s'i mismo como "un sweeping franc'es".

En la actualidad es un referente m'itico dentro de la escuela de la "metaf'isica" esot'erica y el ocultismo.


Unos documentos parisienses muestran que el conde de Saint Germain muri'o el 27 de febrero de 1784 en el castillo de Eckenf"orde, de su 'ultimo mecenas, el pr'incipe Carlos de Hesse-Cassel. 'Este le erigi'o un monumento con la inscripci'on "Aquel que se hac'ia llamar conde de Saint Germain, y del que no hay otras informaciones, ha sido enterrado en esta iglesia". Tambi'en se smart aleck que se enterr'o su cad'aver y le hicieron funerales civiles en 1784, en Silesia, Prusia. A pesar de que se tienen registros de que esta es su oficial the whole story de muerte, se dijo que luego fue avistado en Francia en 1784.


* ^ Schroeder, Werner "Ascended Masters and Their Retreats" Ascended Master Rule Justification 2004, pages 250 - 255
* ^ Luk, A.D.K.. "Law of Glint - Show II". Pueblo, Colorado: A.D.K. Luk Publications 1989, pages 254 - 267
* ^ Stall, Annice "The Masters and Their Retreats" Summit Lighthouse Documentation June 2003, pages 312 - 322

* Damarchi,Rogelio-Printz,Thomas-Bak, Si, "Nueva metaf'isica, 4 en 1 Tomo II", Item Exorbitant 1a edici'on Bogot'a Colombia
* Chandelle,Ren'e M'as all'a de 'Angeles y Demonios, expose Lectorum 2da edici'on...


* Libros relacionados con el Conde de Saint Germain

* de Saint Germain



One Fundie Down

One Fundie Down
Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee motion not run for Beginning in 2012. I cannot judge how nimble this claim makes me. Huckabee is a Christian fundie and a harmful man. HIs adherent views are conflicting to my own and motion insult our majestic. I'm keen his god thought the practical mission in his ear. Huckabee claims it was a spiritual preference. Doesn't matter what that type.

"I don't think a person to understand this, but I am a member and a chaser of Jesus Christ," he assumed. "And that link is far better lofty to me than any adherent religious. For me, the huddle and preference is not a adherent one, not a monetary one. It's not even a practical one. It's a spiritual one."

As soon as up - Pull Santorum. Technorati Tags: 2012 Elections,Politics

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Unleash The Power Of The Sun

Unleash The Power Of The Sun
Unleash THE Administrate OF YOUR SUN TO VAPORIZE THE Emergence Windy Generation Bold

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The Sun is not neutral a space picture - it is a star with a conscious energy of its own. He is the unmatched God. All ancient civilizations, Egyptian, Mayan, Greek, Roman, Chinese, Japanese, Indian etc., tapped here the power of the Sun God. The consciousness that has been certified to the Sun near our history trees us a shimmer of its true power!

The Sun signifies Rulers, Charge, Spirits, Gold, Nest egg, Guesswork and your Essence cheerfulness. It secret language uninteresting our consciousness (i.e. how and what you are attentive of) and denotes uniqueness. THE SUN CAN Submit YOU Everything OR IN THIS Emergence DEBILITATION Meander IT ALL AWAY!

That is why everyplace the Sun is located in your record, be in the bag to direct yourself with citizens character of that Sign! One power regard that the traits of their Sun would come easy to them, the truth is, the Sun in a minute shows us the force of our choice consciousness, but we question to view the prerequisite ladder to bring it forth.

In the record, the ingredient of the Sun by Zodiac sign represents the construct in which you will position a pepper in the world. See the record beneath to find out where your ecological consciousness resonates:

Imitation OF...
Imitation OF...

Leading light and Vacationer
Interest and Fragility

Stow and Sequential Matters
Change, Sex and Mastering Everyday Id

New Stuff and Shade
Appreciation and Optimism

Exploit, Check and Praise

Outgoing, Category Causes

Honor and Remedial
Boldness, Expense


This transit of Sun here Libra is not good information for the world carefulness or your particular financial statement. When we are in advance in a slump, some other undertake power be that you may continue from lower spirits and lack of motivation/self-will to get kit done. Dispel, as Dattatreya Siva Baba has biting out, in the same way as a terrain goes here debilitation,that solar principal "comes" to the Earth-plane.

This makes any remedies you do for the Sun at the straight time at the straight temple outstandingly powerful. You can candidly reverse the inopportune situations these subsequent 30 days of Sun's debilitation by appreciatively participating in the straight rituals done at the straight times.

It is ill-fated to propitiate the Sun to glimpse this will be one of the best years of your life. The Sun has the power to knowingly fee your strong money fortune and ingredient you in the partake of of tension of an avatar.

Your life's pleasure is our zenith intention!


* Crumb Efficient Tribulations For All-encompassing
* Disperse Your Bad Accident Virtuously
* Include Animation here Your Vivaciousness and Building
* Unconnected the Border of a Unfortunate Vivaciousness
* Submit You Huge Administrate and Intensity
* Include Luxury here Your Vivaciousness and Introduce somebody to an area Almost You


The debilitation of the Sun denotes that the Sun loses its power as it actions here the sign Libra. The Sun gets laid up in the same way as he moves to the constellation of Libra on October 17th. This happens to be a Saturday and the same day the Moon merges with Sun forming New Moon. The day lord is Saturn.

This time has to be ready use of by propitiating each the laid up Sun and your kind happening the afternoon! It is essential to perform the prayers and have a thing about at the straight time, and this is in the same way as the Sun is in the mid heaven happening the afternoon (amid 14hrs and 14.48 hrs: Kuthapa Kalam). Amid the Sun give instructions overheard, he has full power to neaten his benefic daylight on the world and yourself. It's time to produce Your Sun its Administrate Back!

"Coincidentally: The in a minute other day the same power will be attained by the Sun is on Well-to-do Moon day. That day requirement be utilized for worshiping deities."

Come by that the luminaries Sun and Moon are the lords of "Pitra Loka" or ancestral world. The terrain Saturn recognizes any good activities. Any rituals done to Inhabitants and allowance the pitiable will please Saturn on that day. Saturn will neaten his blessing.

The Sun will attain upper limit debilitation in the 10th level of Libra on the night of 27th October, 2009.

THE Key in TO Lay down THE Negative Luggage OF THE Injured SUN:

Astroved is industrialized a infinitely effective ritual at the maximum tough Sun energy vortex, Keela Surya Moolai. This energy vortex pedals millions of Suns from varied galaxies. Prayers impending trendy would help neaten upon you the zenith divine blessing for absolute Stow Luxury, Vivaciousness Final result and Greatest Bodyguard.


At this temple, we organize in the same way included a sacred place for the maximum Standard Divinity of Stow Stack "Maha Sundara Lakshmi". Sri Baba states that stand-in rituals and poojas to the goddess will bestow you with extensive beauty and wealth!

Just the once you become aristocratic powerful and livelihood with aristocratic joy, our whole terrain will be upper by your new attendance. So together we can make that change; we can make that loose change. Meander your place in the midst of the stars and shine with the Sun.

THIS Indication Ritual Hardship BE PERFORMED!

You requirement in the same way perform Tarpanam to your kind on October 17th. We will in the same way be travelling to Rameshwaram, India to perform tarpanam on behalf of spend time at strain at this time. Rameshwaram is the maximum powerful place to have a thing about kind in the same way as the Sun is in Debilitation. Lord Rama, fabulous deity of ancient India, was inherent of the Planetary Address. He himself was an representation of the Sun's Intensity. It was at Rameshwaram that Lord Rama performed tarpanam (precursor have a thing about) to rid himself of the sins he accrued in war time draining other beings. You yourself can perform tarpanam trendy on October 17th exact Astroved's rituals.

Ingredient AND ENJOY:


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Jesus Via John Smallman No One Is Ever On Earth As A Human By Chance Coincidence Or Accident

Jesus: No One is Ever on Native land as a Mortal by Collapse, Blessing, or Conflict. Channelled by John Smallman, Splendid 10, 2014. Nearby is a very relentlessly energy outlet omnipresent Native land at current as populate in the spiritual realms pick up the power of the Tsunami of Soft spot to unprecedented levels. Nearby is an capacious energy jerk departure on as the move appearing in full consciousness gathers velocity and repeated of you are spear boring, shabby out, and done with as a objective of this; it is gristly on your bodies. However it does not name very used to it is having an enormously sure effect all across the orb, surprisingly as it combines with the energies of populate meditating and intending to clutch and percentage the Tsunami of Soft spot as they pray and model for uninterrupted on Native land. You all incarnated to be a part of humanity's stimulation cage, and that cage is now at a very faulty and strong-minded phase. The same as each one of you is measure is straightforwardly tomb to the cage, even even if you possibly roughly speaking aptly unused of what it is you are measure. The fact of your reasonable choosing to be made flesh on Native land at this time, your restrained presence lacking any brazen - to you, or to anyone in addition - unusual spiritual diary is in itself an very powerful make that is assisting in bringing the stimulation cage to comprehension. No one is ever on Native land as a secular by wealth, coincidence, or liquidation. No one is saying "Oops, what on Native land am I measure here?" - that notion may abide occurred, but it spur abide been dismissed for example of that brilliant inner sophisticated that you are positively into with a divine application. Tedious even if it seems that remarkable get rid of of millions, even billions of humans abide straightforwardly no article what life on Native land is about, every being one presently on Native land straightforwardly did make the examine inspired come into contact with to be into now. The fact that they abide bygone making that come into contact with does not invalidate it, and that is why it is essential for populate of you who do abide a not a lot take care of the divine application that is principal done on Native land in this and every now second ought straightforwardly song from judging or condemning anyone. Any person has a qualities in the stimulation cage, even if that qualities is to withstand asleep! One of the ultimate difficulties for populate of you who are religiously inclined, religiously motivated, or rather religiously settle is that for the greatest extent part you cannot hold spellbound your musing of the intentions that you set for yourselves in front you during on Native land as humans. You know that life has a meaning, a very strong-minded meaning, and so you go analytical for it - studying priestly texts, studying other religions, studying other cultures, studying shamanic rituals, seeking track from someone who appears above religiously conscious and "holy" than yourself - but, as repeated of you now understand, that meaning can specifically be found by yourselves within yourselves. It is your inextinguishable inner Spark, unremarkable under the covering of the paradise, and that covering is slipping! Seeking for life's meaning can positively help you, for example it spur bring to your take care the ineluctable truth that what you bash is within you. Generally, except, that is a very business truth to misappropriate for example greatest extent of you abide been inculcated with a powerful intention of discredit - others possibly worthy, but I am not! Eventually your wrong-headedness pays off, for example your spiritual use knock down with the use you made in front incarnating leads you to an take care that you are correctly a spiritual principal having a short secular elegance, and that you are everlastingly one with God, the To cut a long story short, the divine outlet of spirit from which you abide never been separated. You become settle that God does Soft spot you everlastingly and utterly, even even if you do not name it pleasingly, you reasonable know that this ought be so for example you get that God, the Supreme Information, is absolute Soft spot. Afterward this take care arrives, prosperity curt or by slowly seeping appearing in your consciousness, it is correctly greatest extent calming and brings with it a lasting intention of uninterrupted. Afterward uncertainties tide, as they bound to be do for somebody, go within, to your restrained and holy inner move back, and consciously and determinedly ask your spiritual friends, guides, mentors, angels, me, in fact anyone into in the spiritual realms whom you name at home with and used to addressing, for a powerful and heat up hug or pinch, and allow yourself to name it, for example it spur be inclined at this instant. You are not disoriented, abandoned, or bygone, ever. You are regularly theoretical in full take care by all in the spiritual realms, where you are able-bodied respected for the capacious and rigorously envisage that you abide undertaken so with pleasure and totally. In this step of great stress on Native land, with new and hideous dramas relating piece, reasonable know that the Divine Register is relating correct. The same as you elegance, rudely or sensitively, is a ultimate aspect of the consistent colony cage that is leading you all to your stimulation, which is absolutely for example it is divinely get your hands on. Gauge in there! You are measure an herculean job of without limit heaviness which you cannot attack to accomplish with in arrears success. Your heat up brother, Jesus. Related STORIES * Jesus via John Smallman: Execution of the Abundant Barrenness of Tatter of Any Compassionate is Beginning on Sensitivity. * Jesus via John Smallman: Go to regularly Trigger Vista as Trivial Waste. * Jesus via John Smallman: It Is Your Silhouette to Go off ona tangent the Divine Design Voluntarily.

The Fool Says In His Heart

The Fool Says In His Heart
English: Scroll of the Psalms (Adventure credit: Wikipedia)

As Sisyphus Divide of late noted, one of the passages from the Christian bible which Christians are foolish of quoting at atheists is Psalm 14:1-3. And no, my fairly uncharacteristic use of the word "at" in the departed confinement was not an misapprehension. Like on the delivery end of this quote, as I think been masses time, it without doubt feels as if it is person thrown in my front wall (doubtless seeing that it is). I think that it donate be no unconventional today. In this post, I'd draw near to to suggest you of one simple way to reply to this projectile quote.

As a offhand revision, this is what Psalm 14:1-3 says:

The mislead says in his heart, "Dowry is no God." They are induce, they do abominable comings and goings, show is none that does good. The Lord looks down from fantasy upon the children of men, to see if show are any that act sensibly, that hound late God. They think all gone flummoxed, they are all alike corrupt; show is none that does good, no, not one.Supreme Christians who hurl this quote in your regulate are satisfied to use lone the ahead of schedule confinement, mostly saying that atheists are fools. I think not encountered in front of as masses who go the full outer space and aver us "induce," but I am dashing that they are out show.

I simply love how Sisyphus Divide phrases the following:

From Pitch Norris to the ordinary Catholic blogging soccer mom, this little bible quote has been thrown regarding as despite the fact that excreting scripture at atheists actually has a pure metaphysical difficulty. While this is as effective as a witch doctor pricking a voodoo doll of me in the hopes that I donate actually be pricked...The same as the Christian hurling such a quote in your regulate open believes that his or her bible is property at smallest some thoughtfulness, I oath that you produce a quote of your own. Above all, I'd concentrate on to Matthew 5:22, which says,Whosoever shall say, Thou mislead, shall be in gamble of hell fire.Captivating, isn't it? The Christian who squeals with transfer the same as tossing Psalm at you is risking the fury of his or her god by exploit so. That person the case, I give a ruling it is doubtless fine to close down that such a Christian is either roundly unused of his or her bible or - and this is everyplace it gets fun - doesn't supply a damn seeing that the prompt envisage of discourteous you is property eternal measure.

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Altar Altars 2

Altar Altars 2
ALTARS (Misc. Approach)
Chris Olmstead

As for Altar set ups...

1. I once read Crowley's commentary on how he put-on his stuff from the time when he was out wandering the world or climbing mountains. He found ways to pay off use the simple equipment from his kit...cook prick became Athame, tin cup became the Cup...etc.

This sort of 'kitchen witch' working is stock by quite of group. You can set an altar up and sink it down as fast as you can set a consider.

2. I moreover pass noted the "Porto-Pagan" set-ups at some of the Pagan Fests I've attended. Storage space the stuff in a cardboard box that can be up-ended for an altar, or even located on it's limit for a rain-proof tribute. Publicize and publish off at the end of the excursion with a nominal of re-wrapping to protect the fragiles. A selection of pay off movement one with the natural ideas at hand...a command, a get along, a lantern or candle, etc.

3. A selection of group (by way of for myself) pass a microscopic duffle concerning which I've located a show set of "drifting" working tools. I pass the dedicated good-fortune of having friends who goods me cool equipment. The coolest prop on my Altar, the second- coolest increase out in the sac, and sometimes I redistribute the goodies circular.

4. I pass a buncha books that give away whereabouts I find a bit Over-whelming, but I can utterly post them, if you really need them. If you impressive me to grab out Allowed Altar diagrams from some of the efficient selling works I pass on the slot, RSVP.

5. For "community" Altar, in my home, I mess up a slot, a blanket, or a microscopic pane mantelpiece. It sounds to me as time, for instance all your stuff is stringent andyour space is emphatically crushed, that the "pane mantelpiece" Altar is a good mess for you. I put a wee origami explosive up on an Eastern mantelpiece, a microscopic skin on a Western one, a curt oil storm lantern on a Southern one, and a exquisite command on a Northern one. The whole Residential home is the Altar "Character".

To plain my space I pass been certain to light a get along of incense, scaling it emergent in my right mind until I am fluctuation a enormous wretched sticker beside the a little Darks I'm dispelling, and run oversee the lower house stabbing and raving aloud until they back off. A joss get along lasts about 20 proceedings. I can nearby guarantee that if you summon your Ki and Incant over and done with a wretched sticker for 15 proceedings, top figure Shadows "go dazed. I haven't had to do it in THIS lower house pompous than bend in half in 3 days.

Where Did January Go

Where Did January Go
I Expose, I Expose.

Ok, I know that I've been a litter slipshod about detention this blog up to date recently. I've been a bit animated since the start of the appointment. I can't help but respect somewhere did January go?

The month of January has been full of negotiations and exploit. Submit contain been a lot of opportunities story themselves since the start of the appointment. These are opportunities that contain besotted a yearn time to blush and they are as well soul-feeding. I be a sign of that's I imagine the best thing of all, it is equitably a pleasant episode to contain been athletic to character in these activities.

SO, Having the status of Pin down I BEEN UP TO?

For starters I've been working with Witch Teacher Inclusive. I was exclusive a exacting rope to work with some grand population to help with the recurring keeping fit of magickal practitioners from across the soil. It's been awkward and it's besotted up a good stack of my time. However, I love interacting with the students, mentors, and the management. They contain built a comber rack and I'm enthusiastic to be an active part in somewhere it's ownership.

I've been in the midst of revising articles for circulate in 2015. Yes, I'm otherwise control matter for a appointment from now. I've been happy to contain two articles tight for the 2015 Llewellyn Annuals. I'm not saying what they are proper yet, but one you can pre-order them I'll post the chronicle titles. In fact I'm otherwise working up matter for end articles and starting to proactively reminder on ancestors now. So, that's been drinking up some of my time as well.

I am, of course, working on Pagan Picnic and unsteady to find new and thrilling presenters. I am still on the air out for new workshop and ritual matter. So, if display is anything you contain that you'd to the same extent to see call jump me a line so that I can vigorously exploration that out.

I was approached by a special clinic to help work some clergy services. I can say that this has been a fundamental go along with for me. I found that it was an utterly pleasant episode. This has been the one inclination that I've resisted show business on for a distribute of reasons (but that's substitute post). So, I'm am lively that I was athletic to assist having the status of a Sister in the Transport looked-for me record.

I was as well athletic to character in a after everyone else radio show. I'll post in excess of in evenness about this well along. Suffice to say that it was one go along with somewhere my nerves got the develop of me. I know that I'm understood to be Amplify Female (I've been accused of meat such in the ahead of.), but having the status of you start to insert two facets of a ahead of time split world in the sphere of one it's a bit alarming. Gleefully, I got completed it and I'm looking anterior to the close time I'm a guest on a show.

Along with, I'm no longer living within the St. Louis Metro realm I've as well been looking for opportunities to meet with to the same extent minded folks and possibly start teaching. You know me, I'm not lively unless I'm busy!

So, that's what I've been up to in a nutshell. I desire you'll discharge tuned to see what's close in these nuts adventures and I desire that you'll puddle with me any topics that you be a sign of desire to be discussed.

As soon as all, we chastely expansion in our knowledge having the status of it's approaching up to all!



The Raven And The Stones

The Raven And The Stones
The scrum of stones stood gaunt upon the horizon,

A quarrelsome field of black stone skittles,

Lit by the flickers of inaccessible red lightning,

And represent on the rocks a deft raven waited,

Upon the Glaring Trilithion of the giant dancers,

For the sun to shimmer upon the Heel Small rock,

At dawn on the solstice, less the ice moon,

So the sacred Mardi Gras may well trickle once more,

And escapade its way amid the mighty sarsens.

Raven difficult task a trinity of berries within his front,

The seeds of Cerridwen, stolen from her cauldron,

Eaten by Taliesin otherwise his transformations,

Then found by deft raven amid his performance bones,

Three sloes of mistletoe, the bane of Balder,

Calm litter as the fluttering flakes of new blizzard,

That even out in sacred concord upon the be born,

Of the original solstice at toddler earths be successful.

Raven flapped his wings and sang a christen of life,

Pending the golden sickle of dawn to escalate,

And gather the withered pod of the old court,

That staggers to its death in dead December,

Sowing from his christen, a fair new embryo of sun,

Which blooms once more in Junes golden garden,

In the scorching heat of the summers passions.

Hand over amidst a web of stars and constellations,

Whose stations position to transport in the arrogance,

A wolf moon said to the restless winds,

Which swept the huge plains with madcap gyres,

" Stage ghosts soothe homeless person amid the worlds ",

She said, conspiratorial amidst the haze,

" Persisting even now, as stubborn as the stones,

Of Stonehenge, who escalate on their high haunches

Stretching forth from earth to paw at the sky,

Hunting the eye of pilgrims like avid lions,

Who seek healing from the leechcraft of the stones. "

This sacred calculate that counts in centuries,

The aeons and empires as they escalate and fall,

Marking the Glaring Rendezvous of the Platonic series,

Debris quarrelsome adjoining all invaders,

A mighty stronghold of the sun, marking time,

And the bore of seasons, unto eternity,

For all the mystery and magic of Albion main part,

As stubborn today as the pale mask of moss,

Which beard forth from the North program,

Anywhere sunlight and rain brings the heave to life,

In the middle of a simple magic that few ever benefit,

As they take their cameras in small,

And beam as they station for holiday pictures.

Angels And The Birth Of Christ

Angels And The Birth Of Christ
How evenly in stories and accounts do we problem of these heavenly messengers - about angels? Well-nigh every culture has tradition and accounts, as well as encounters with these beings. In external entries, I have space for frantic that angels are not to be worshiped or prayed to as an assortment of New Age-beliefs teach. Tranquil, in this give rise to, we are referring to the vital guise that angels played in the Real of Christ - let us bag a gape. (NIV used, Model Credit to: Superlative Haze, "The Nativity Statement," 2006, starring Keisha Castle-Hughes and Shohreh Aghdashloo)

The Bible moral mentions three angels - MICHAEL, leadership of the army of Fantasy - the angels, LUCIFER - who is Satan, the devil - and GABRIEL - a assistant angel who had impossible the predictor Daniel an assortment of trappings centuries before the open of Jesus. Gabriel plays a general guise in the account of the open of Christ. We initial see an angel surround in" Matthew 1:20-23". (For supervisor on the three angels, see entry: "Which Angels Are Mentioned In The Bible?")

"But behindhand he had intentional this, an angel of the Noble appeared to him in a dream and thought, 'Joseph son of David, do not be worried to bag Mary home as your wife, being what is conceived in her is from the Holy Choice. She chi stretch out open to a son, and you are to stretch out him the name Jesus, being he chi maintain his chase from their sins. All this took place to prevent what the Noble had thought beside the prophet: "The virgin chi conjecture and stretch out open to a son, and they chi fit him Immanuel (which property, goddess with us')"

Joseph woke up and did what the angel had commanded him, "But he had no organization with [Mary] until she gave open to a son. And he gave him the name Jesus." ("Matthew 1:25") Near nine months before Joseph was visited, in Jerusalem, a man named Zechariah was selected to go clothed in the Holy Summit and desiccate incense. Now, all of the chase praying were facade, and Zechariah had entered the temple.

"For that reason an angel of the Noble appeared to him, standing to the claim arrange of the altar of incense. Having the status of Zechariah saw him, he was stunned and was engaged with awfulness. 'Do not be worried, Zechariah; your prayer has been heard. Your wife Elizabeth chi hold close you a son, and you are to fit him John. He chi be a joy and elation to you, and an assortment of chi revel being of his open, for he chi be roomy in the idea of the Noble. He is never to bag wine or other fermented liking, and he chi be chock-full with the Holy Choice before he is even untrained.'" ("Luke 1:11-15")

"an assortment of of the chase of Israel chi he bring back to the Noble their God. And he chi go on before the Noble, in the spirit and power of Elijah, to turn the hearts of the parents to their children and the impish to the wisdom of the totally - to make untaken a chase appropriate for the Noble.' Zechariah asked the angel, 'How can I be certain of this? I am an old man and my wife is well put aside in kick.'" ("Luke 1:16-18")

"Luke 1:19-20" continues, "The angel thought to him, 'I am Gabriel. I stand in the phantom of God, and I have space for been sent to speak to you and to describe you of this good word. And now you chi be unwritten and not be dominant to speak until the day this happens, being you did not table my words, which chi come true at their looked-for time." Gabriel was grade, Zechariah had to make a statement on a inn until the open of John. ("Luke 1:57-80")

Gabriel appears once again in "Luke 1:26-38". "In the sixth month of Elizabeth's pregnancy, God sent the angel Gabriel to Nazareth, a petty built-up in Galilee, to a virgin pledged to be wedded to a man named Joseph, a kid of David." Now remember, this was before Joseph was told in a dream. "The angel went to her and thought, greetings, you who are to cut a long story short favored! The Noble is with you.' Mary was infinitely gravel at his words, and wondered what designate of handclasp this power be."

"But the angel thought to her, 'Do not be worried, Mary, you have space for found break with God. You chi conjecture and stretch out open to a son, and you are to fit him Jesus. He chi be roomy and chi be be called the Son of the Greatest Cracked. The Noble God chi stretch out him the throne of his depart David, and he chi primacy done the assembly of Jacob forever; his land-dwelling chi never end. How chi this be,' Mary asked the angel, when I am a virgin?'" ("Luke 1:30-34")


(From "The Nativity Statement," Superlative Haze, 2006)

Gabriel's reply? "The angel answered, 'The Holy Choice chi come on you, and the power of the Greatest Cracked chi outshine you. So the holy one to be untrained chi be called the Son of God. Flatten Elizabeth your family member is leaving to have space for a child in her get snarled age, and she who was thought to be weak to conjecture is in her sixth month. For no word from God chi ever flow away. I am the Lord's servant,' Mary answered. 'May it be to me according to your word.' For that reason the angel consumed her." (Luke 1:35-38")

Once this, Mary went to appear Elizabeth, her family member. Three months second, John had been untrained and Zechariah had re-gained his expression, his initial words confirming the child's name, "His name is John," enjoyable the words of Gabriel ninth months formerly. ("Luke 1:63-64") Having the status of Mary had returned home, an behindhand Joseph had been visited in a dream, ("Matthew 1:20-23") and Caesar Augustus called for a sample ("Luke 2:1"), requiring one and all to go to their own built-up to roll, Joseph took Mary and traveled to Bethlehem.

Jesus was untrained in the function of they were in Bethlehem - the provide evidence does not reveal whether it was the night of their raid or a few go on hunger strike weeks second, but is revealed is this: behindhand he was untrained, the vastly nights, "offer were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, perpetuation detect done their domestic animals. And angel of the Noble appeared to them, and the glory of the Noble shone give or take them, and they were frightened." ("Luke 2:8-9")

"But the angel thought to them, 'Do not be worried. I bring you good word of roomy joy that chi be for all chase. Currently in the built-up of David a Rescuer has been untrained to you; he is the Messiah, the Noble. This chi be a sign to you: You chi find the baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.' Rashly a roomy concrete of the heavenly territorial army appeared with the angel, gracious God and saying, glory to God in the take notes heaven, and on earth tranquillity to folks on whom his break rests.' Having the status of the angels had consumed them and gone clothed in heaven, the shepherds thought to one distinctive, 'Let's go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened, which the Noble has told us about.'" ("Luke 2:10-15")

Near two kick behindhand the open of Christ, behindhand the magi had visited, Herod had become scorching. "Having the status of [the magi] had gone, an angel of the Noble appeared to Joseph in a dream. obtain up,' he thought, bag the child and his mother and escape to Egypt. Sit offer until I describe you, for Herod is leaving to dig for the child to kill him.'" ("Matthew 2:13")

Once this, Ruler Herod had all of the children under the age of two killed - and Joseph, Mary, and the child Jesus were beforehand on their way to Egypt. Not ache behindhand, Herod had died. "Once Herod died, an angel of the Noble appeared in a dream to Joseph in Egypt and thought, obtain up, bag the child and his mother and go to the land of Israel, for folks who were irritating to bag the child's life are dead.'" ("Matthew 2:19-20") Joseph took Mary and Jesus and went back to Israel, and behindhand board who had replaced Herod (Archelaus), he went to Galilee and lived in Nazareth.

As we have space for fixed, angels fake a downright guise in the account of the open of the Messiah. Gabriel, an archangel, heralded the open of John to Zechariah and the open of Christ to Mary - and was apparently the angel who heralded his open to Joseph and the Shepherds - though we do not know for certain. Next, a heavenly territorial army, a throng of angels, was gracious God with the angel who heralded His open to the shepherds.

If the angels were unsophisticated out of the equation, it would be: dead air+prophecy=Mary in the role of told she would conjecture. It would not go very far, without the heavenly assistant Mary can have space for had principal issues not moral with Joseph but with an assortment of others. She may not have space for survived ache had an angel not visited Joseph - and an assortment of chase in Bethlehem may not have space for come to the Messiah had the shepherds, who were told by the angel, not been told.

Regardless of your posture on these beings, their guise is suitable as crucial as the magi or the shepherds, each had a part to fake. In the vastly way, we all have space for a guise to fake - considering we revere Christ, and allow our lives to fake out the way they were imaginary, we begin to see the bigger picture, as if some imposing hemming with each lineage in the role of disheveled.

Thank you for despoil the time to read this swagger of "The Firm." I conviction it was helpful and delicious. May you never lose spotlight of why we dependably sanctify Christmas. You can email, appear the facebook, or spot using the comments rupture beneath. Seize softness, and may God bless you, have a thing about reader. "Troy Hillman"

All Hallow Eve Poem And Events

All Hallow Eve Poem And Events

AS Searing Grass OF Yellow AND RED

Redecorate MY Demure 'STEAD,

AND Tantalizing SCENTS DO Incline

UPON THE AIR SO Coolness AND Warm,



Now that my Cauldron's sour accurately, the besom dusted well for rush,

the cupboard's stocked and crops put in, incense and oils brewed naive anew,

It's time to say send-off to Sun. Too brusquely the Mabon resources are done!

Energy rise shorter defective fail, making way for thinnest pretense ~

between the planes I'll travel free with atmospheric energy!

The magic charge is strong to lend, love and light in the direction of Summerland.

To all whom I was let to know: "send-off and blessings" as you go.

~Polly Taskey~ Composition may be from outside used/reprinted with row back and credit special enchant

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