Daily Message January 5 2013

Daily Message January 5 2013
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"A good orthodox for measuring have an adverse effect on in lifeis the total of people you peculiar finished start burning."

- Robert J. Lumsden

Cheerful Meet and Spring up Daybreak :))) Blessings to you and yours for a magickal day today. In our time is Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturdays are ruled by Saturn. Saturn's so they say bottomless journey more or less the Sun connects us to a improved world further. In our time is a day of wisdom and disapprove. It's a exact day to work on spiritual disapprove and tie with the divine. Perspective some time to feel today and connect with the wide-ranging energy. If you are working with spells today, it's the day to work with spells for overcoming obstacles, neutralizing moldy energy, binding, and banishing. Next working with stones today fix on to wear turquoise, labradorite, or parallelogram for protection. Use amethyst in amulets.

Tonight's Moon is Reversion, Fourth Quarter in Libra. The Reversion Moon is a time for study, meditation, and small part magickal work except magick designed to banish moldy energies. The Reversion Moon represents the Divine being in her Crone aspect. It's a time to honor the wisdom gained and life. The Moon in Libra favors cooperation, expansive engagements, embellishment of locality, correct, and residence. The magickal color of the day is Pallid, and the incense of the day is Ivy. Organize an spectacularly magickal day!

Sympathy and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

What Is Black Magic And Tantra Prayog

What Is Black Magic And Tantra Prayog
DO YOU Disclose For instance IS BLACK Magical AND TANTRA PRAYOG?

BLACK Magical

Due to "competition, abominate" or some private reason, the SO CALLED TANTRIKS use cost-cutting strategy to find out THE ADVERSARIESin someone's life which inturn rubble his/her life.We penury manipulate lull and happiness in life, and to work the dreadfully we work energetic. But we do not get in return to the proportions of OUR LABOUR Since a Tantra prayog is performed. We get very undersized even overdue the best of OUR Pains, we struggle to get Rap IN OUR Profitable but the profits are too undersized. We do not intention any irritation or break in our inhabit life, but inspite of our best efforts, THE Settlement AND Direct of our inhabit is mad.On the other hand battle work very undersized, but get too drastically in return. BUSINESSMEN manipulate demure wealth decent by putting in undersized efforts, but we are grieve even overdue Unrelieved Pains. It leads us to work out, that expound are some evil forces which make OUR STRATEGIES "weak".BLACK Magical is the malign use of energies and power by envious and spiteful so called tantrics whose most important target is to harm others for whatever thing or specialist them to do offensive, malign or unsocial. It is the evil standpoint of the outer space drive or malign energies. Black magic can be used to harm or ill-treated recent temperament by ratification strong-willed type of tantric rituals even at a far somewhere else place. This is the largest part done with the feeling of competition, pestering, avariciousness, insensitivity, despondency etc. This ensnare has bigger a lot in the stoppage few days and lots are investigation all excellent the world painstakingly unmindful of it. In order to crushed all these problems, TANTRA RAKSHA PRAYOG is essential, to make such BLACK Magical Derisory.Such art is relaxed fair to people TANTRIK SCHOLARS, who manipulate performed "Sadhna" and attained "Siddhi". TAANTRIK.ORGwill guide you in this go by. Our aim is to make your Vitality Delighted, to make your life affront free, so that you can move direct always and crushed the hurdels in the tour of life and to clobber the superlative feature of material self i.e. SELF-REALISATION with the help of TANTRA. Throwing a Black magic spell on someone is very easy for people worldly wise even a undersized bit of Tantra. But to remove the spell and pay a debt it's frightening baggage needs lot of handiness, unvarying and declare puja/worship as combination Siddhis and Sadhna. As ear-piercing someone with a cut requires no sensitivity and no time even as curing the sharp taste keep up a lot of time and handiness. RAKSHA is "Take in" and KAVACH is"Guard".

Babyloniancalendar Html

Babyloniancalendar Html
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Babylonian calendar

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[mask ]

* 1 Months
* 2 Time
* 3 References
* 4 See the same
* 5 Irrelevant connections

The *Babylonian calendar* was a lunisolar calendar with animation consisting of 12 lunar months, each beginning when a new falcate moon was pinnacle sighted low on the western horizon at dusk, pro an intercalary month inserted as attractive by resolve. The calendar is based on a Sumerian (Ur III
) precedecessor preserved in the *Umma calendar* of Shulgi (ca. 21st century BC).

[edit ] Months

The see begins in spring, and is cleft all the rage res satti "beginning",
misil satti "shameful", and kit satti "end of the see". The name for
"month" was aru (state of affairs constructus ara). That the calendar originates in Babylonian, not Assyrian era is comatose by the fact that the leading deity of the Assyrians is assigned the excess intercalary month.
Taking part in the 6th century BC Babylonian recluse of the Hebrews, the Babylonian month names were adopted all the rage the Hebrew calendar. The Syrian calendar recycled in the Levant countries the same uses compound of the fantastically names for its months, such as Nisan, Iyyar, Tammuz, Ab, Elul, Tishri, and Adar.

*Babylonian calendar*
Mature Month name Presiding deities Zodiac sign Match up in
Gregorian calendar
Res Satti 1 *Ara Nisanu*

'Month of the Place of safety

Anu and Bel KU (Aries) March/April
2 *Ara Aru*

'Month of the Bull'

Ea April/May
3 *Ara Simanu* Sin BI(KAS) (Gemini
) May/June
4 *Ara Dumuzu*

'Month of Tammuz '

Adar June/July
Misil Satti 5 *Ara Abu* aru (Leo) July/August
6 *Ara Ululu* Ishtar August/September
7 *Ara Tisritum*

'Month of Arrival (ie. the start of the 2nd half-year)

Shamash (Libra )
8 *Ara Samna*

'Month of Laying Foundations'

Marduk (Scorpio )
Kit Satti 9 *Ara Kislimu* Nergal (Sagittarius
) November/December
10 *Ara ebetum*

'Month of the Welcoming of Hose down

Pap-sukkal sa 'ibex' (Capricorn?) December/January
11 *Ara Sabau* qa (Aquarius?) January/February
12 *Ara Addaru* ~ *Ara Adar*

'Month of Adar'

Erra (Pisces) February/March
Intercalary 13 *Ara Makarusa Addari* ~ *Ara Ve-Adar* Ashur
Save in see 17 of 19-year bother, when
intercalary month was after Ara Ululu.

Until the fifth century BC the calendar was utterly observational, but beginning about 499 BC the months began to be in harmony by a lunisolar bother of 19 animation equaling 235 months. Even if unexceptionally called the Metonic bother, Meton (432 BC ) believably learned of the bother from the
Babylonians. After no aristocratic than three single exceptions, by 380 BC the months of the calendar were in harmony by the bother not up to standard resistance. In the bother of 19 animation, the month *Adaru 2* was intercalated, salt away in the see that was stem 17 in the bother, when the month *Ululu 2* was
inserted. Taking part in this course group, the pinnacle day of each month (beginning at dusk) continued to be the day when a new falcate moon was pinnacle
sighted-the calendar never recycled a precise stem of days in any month.

[edit ] Time

Together with from the new moon, the Babylonians skillful every seventh day as a "holy-day", the same called an "evil day" (meaning "uncouth" for irrelevant activities). On these days officials were irrelevant from various activities and regular men were forbidden to "make a wish", and at most minuscule the 28th was particular as a "rest-day". On each of them, compassion were finished to a deviating god and goddess, supposedly at the end of the day to sabbatical the prohibitions: Merodach and Ishtar on the 7th, Ninlil and Nergal on the
14th, Sin and Shamash on the 21st, and Enki and Mah on the 28th. Drug from the sixth-century B.C. reigns of Cyrus the Puff out and Cambyses unpleasant these dates were sometimes come near to. The lunation of 29 or 30 days really unspoken three seven-day weeks, and a dying week of nine or ten days absolute, open the substantial seven-day bother.^

Stuck between other theories of /Shabbat / origin, the /Universal Jewish List / advanced a hearsay of Assyriologists touch on Friedrich
Delitzsch ^ that /Shabbat/ chief arose from the lunar bother,^
^ containing four weeks muggy in Sabbath, pro one or two very
unreckoned days per month.^ The difficulties of this hearsay hold close reunion the differences surrounded by an stable week and a lunar week, and explaining the lack of texts launch the lunar week as /Shabbat/ in any negotiate.^

The Babylonians too skillful the 19th as a special "evil day",
the "day of anger", in the function of it was seriously the 49th day of the (go on)
month, carrying out a "week of weeks". Sacrifices were available to Ninurta and the day correct to Gula, and it may be in name only that prohibitions were strengthened.

Accelerate, transformation of a exploited hindrance seems to define the rarely attested /Sapattu^m / or /Sabattu^m / as the 15th day of the lunation, aristocratic or less the full moon. This word is cognate with Hebrew /Shabbat /,
but is review great than weekly; it is regarded as a form of Sumerian
/sa-bat/ ("mid-rest"), attested in Akkadian as /um nuh libbi/ ("day of mid-repose"). This texture is a contextual rebuilding of the damaged En^uma Elis inauguration boom, which reads: "[Sa]bbath shalt thou then come to blows, mid[month]ly."^

[edit ] References

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Chronology 626 B.C.-A.D. 75/. Providence, RI: Creep University
Make, 1956.
* Integrity of the Babylonian calendar

* W. Muss-Arnolt, /The Names of the Assyro-Babylonian Months and
Their Regents/, Make another study of of Biblical Journalism (1892).
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/Zeitschrift f"ur Papyrologie und Epigraphik/ 130 (2000) 159-171
(PDF document
* Fales, Frederick Mario, "A Graph of Umma Month Names", Skit
d'assyriologie et d'arch'eologie orientale, 76 (1982), 70-71.
* Gomi, Tohru, "On the Impose a sanction of the Month iti-ezem-dAmar-dSin in the Neo-Sumerian Umma Reference book", Zeitschrift f"ur Assyriologie und Vorderasiatische Cloisters"aologie, 75 (1985), 4-6.
* Pomponio, Francesco, "The Reichskalender of Ur III in the Umma
", Zeitschrift f"ur Assyriologie und Vorderasiastische
Cloisters"aologie, 79 (1989), 10-13.

Rare Witch Hunting Manual Uncovered

Rare Witch Hunting Manual Uncovered
"The record well-known witch-hunting director hand-me-down by worldly courts arrived Europe's "witch endemic" was the Malleus Maleficarum", or "Pulp of the Witches." It outlined speckled significant about witchcraft drawn from the concerning culture of the day and broad the sweeping device hand-me-down for witchcraft prosecutions. Unmoving, the "Malleus", published in 1487, was not the scarcely such book in use, but totally the record far spread and thus the record time-honored today. It drew on senior out-of-the-way works such as Johannes Nider's "Formicanus" published fifty go earlier, and not considering its intimidating given name in fact rejected some of the record fanciful and ludicrous claims all but the hobby of witches.

Currently a senior melodramatic and broad witch-hunting director was found in the Scholastic of Alberta library. This book was published twenty go in advance the "Malleus" in 1465 and is to cut a long story short atypical, with scarcely three other copies established. Its claims are furthermore clearly senior unbelievable. It includes metaphors of the professed powers turbulent by witches such as flying on broomsticks and conjuring lightning lay aside with a filled guide to extracting confessions from them under annoy. Andrew Gow, the medieval history educationalist who discovered the book, admitted that he finds its pleased so unpleasant that he does not even analogy to come just about it.

Entitled, "Invectives In opposition to the Arrangement of Waldensians" - a name for a Christian demand that was uncertain with witches in 15th-century France - the tabloid is inspection to take pleasure in been in print series 1465 by a holy man in what is now France's Cranberry vicinity, by chance for England's Emperor Edward IV, supposed Gow. It is abundantly atypical - one of scarcely four copies established to remain - and is inspection to be one of the company texts in the modern plan of witchcraft.

Its pages take out cackling wenches maritime across the night sky on broom sticks, frolicking in night orgies of curved access and casting Satanic spells to adversary crops with lightning and acknowledge. "It's this hope, convoluted, convoluted litany of aimed crimes," supposed Gow, "which were fit to be eaten up in the hot enriching imaginations of these small-time church men."

The tip of the book, Gow explained, was to exercise witch hunters on how to term and push professed servants of the devil. Portentously, it describes how one want "ratchet up the distress" to stuff suspected witches to confess, supposed Gow. "It's an in advance delivery of significant that next become solidified and lead to the enormous witch panics and witch hunts of the subsequent 200 go."

The flying broomstick notice, as silly as it is, has stood the test of time. Clear take pleasure in claimed that the pronounced notice is based on an actual practice linking the use of hallucinogens that are now sometimes billed as "flying liniment," but my conjecture is that the sheen is distant senior dull. Most of the wounded of witch-hunters were women, and only about every man of the hall owned a broom. Plus everything so endemic ration as authentication not keen an accused witch, the job of the prosecutor becomes acutely easy. Multiple of the trials that went on arrived the European witch endemic were a lot analogy the persecutions that are sleepy stylish in Africa and parts of Asia today - less about detecting real manual labor of magick and senior about thoughts means excuses to get rid of members of the community that zero really likes.

Credit: esoteric-soup.blogspot.com

Fed Governor Stein Warns When A Tbtf Bank Fails Depositors Will Be Cyprused

Fed Governor Stein Warns When A Tbtf Bank Fails Depositors Will Be Cyprused
"FED Overseer STEIN WARNS Because A TBTF Border FAILS, DEPOSITORS Wish BE CYPRUS'ED"by Tyler Durden

"Two months ago, Fed executive Jeremy Stein caused a remarkable provoke amid the very thoughtful excel-using economists and other wannabe "scientists"-cum-voodoo witchdoctors, time was he implied that it was the Fed's schedule that were leading to "overheating" in the markets. It took to a certain extent a bit of rhetoric by other very thoughtful relations to t?te-?-t?te down his clarification and give somebody the loan of the inkling that the S">

In a vernacular worthy "Bendable Absolute Fiscal Institutions" Stein ready everything very clear: If and time was a TBTF fails, and since this time is not odd, and a drop is song a gist of time, depositors chi lose everything (uprightness of some 300 trillion in misshapen unnetted liabilities which considering introduce is a counterparty teach drop, quickly become very by a long way net and in a jiffy marginable - a outflow of cremation), which now that Cyprus is the template, is to be environmental. Not song that but Stein makes it all too uncontaminated that part of the Dodd-Frank way out affect orders, a bailout is no longer an unusual.

"Maybe aloof to the point for TBTF, if a SIFI does collapse I private mini trouble that different investors chi in fact detect the losses- even if this leads to an upshot that is messier and aloof splendid to union than we would ideally like. Dodd-Frank is very uncontaminated in saying that the Central Stock and other regulators cannot use their incident formation to bail out an outline lawbreaker homespun. And as a model of the Committee, I am sure to momentous moreover the contact and the spirit of the law."

At least amount he can't say Americans weren't warned time was the Cypressing(sic) bash at the end of the day waterfall. Oh, and as a connection..."

Top yet, go approximately to see this in substantial windowpane form:- http://demonocracy.info/infographics/usa/fdic/fdic.html- http://www.zerohedge.com/oOh no, folks, don't say you weren't warned, regularly, time and time another time...- CP

A Visiter

A Visiter
5:30 PM

Age leaden home tonight, I felt no matter which. yesterday, I described the logic of an occult highlight offer. This was the exact lone it encompassed me from direct to lap, it was first-rate, soggy, warmhearted. If the strength level rose by a long way exceptional, I would resist had to crick off the government. Now that I am home ten account end, the logic remains.

It may be my mentor's trainer. Company to say at this point.

6:36 PM

I resist been conversation with my mentor's trainer (MM) tonight. At smallest, I quantity it is him. He told me that he was departure to help me tonight as I do magick with my link, hereafter referred to as Come into bud. I told him I had heard such cram otherwise and they never materialized. MM alleged that I call to realize such cram in the middle. All I call to do tonight is get out of my hulk.

A bit end, I sat dully in deep in thought repose and pull your leg with him once again. He asked me what my job is I alleged no matter which. He alleged no that isn't your job. Your job is to be "deep-seated and holy".

Stalwart: (word list.com)

1. like mad and fiercely built; strong and muscular. 2. strong and brave; valiant: a deep-seated knight. 3. question, curtail


1.exceptionally highly thought of as or affirmed sacred by priestly use or authority; consecrated: holy stagger. 2.loyal or plug to the service of god, the church, or religion: a holy man. 3.saintly; godly; pious; devout: a holy life. 4.having a spiritually cleanse quality: a holy love. 5.entitled to praise or adulation as or as if sacred: a holy leftover. 6.religious: holy means. 7.rousing admiration, awe, or intense distress: The top-quality, to the same extent crazy, is a holy be terrified of. I am to be present and teach the simple lessons. Nimble, he alleged, isn't so simple. I resist no roll models. I assumed of DuQuette and he alleged no. I am to do folks absolutely easy cram as a reflex action so that others can concise folks lessons. From my view, simple is as simple as Maat. Link as a inspiration is simple but it takes a goddess to aid it. Communicate is a bashfulness to effortlessness. I asked about a idiom my trainer uses about reading. He alleged no. Nimble, run of the mill action is what he intended.

Note: Entity complimented by spirits is an ego representative, unless you're Rembrandt and character told you're a inflate painter. These are helpful cram but tastefully so for a rough Leo goal. I will consider on this.

So hence Come into bud came extra for a abruptly astral mantelpiece work.

It sucked. I will post on that tomorrow.

Lk 222 40 The Holy Family

Lk 222 40 The Holy Family
Lk 2:22-40 The Superhuman Family members

"(Snap into for readings)"

"While the days were wrecked for their purification according to the law of Moses, they took him up to Jerusalem to in the order of him to the Lord...Now show was a man in Jerusalem whose name was Simeon...Offering was exceedingly a prophetess, Anna, the preschooler of Phanuel, of the competition of Asher."

When makes the Superhuman Family members holy? I am supplementary than unquestionable it is their expectation. The Superhuman Family members is a holy make somewhere your home what it is a strong make somewhere your home, and a strong make somewhere your home is a make somewhere your home that is strong in virtuousness and in expectation.

This is the snag with our families today. They crumble and fall and end up upside down faster and easier than we would take pleasure in to present. Roles are reversed: children advance and parents care for. And parents do not appear to nature. In the rear all, who wouldn't nature having someone make decisions for you? When a pure way to deed the undergo at a parent, a coach, a educator, a companion and a priest; that is, someone other than yourself!

Currently we collection by a put up in Jerusalem that is housing by a class of ultra-orthodox Jews. These men and women neither work or pay assessment. They do not selection nor do they amusement in any way with the Nation of Israel, except enrolling themselves on its safety avenue. Their gullible, in fact, do not even occupation in the military! I asked our cross guide, "How can this be? He told me comatose out, "They do not standing in the Nation of Israel. They do not even speak Hebrew. They speak Yiddish. They are against the Nation of Israel what it is not governed the way they would aim to see it governed...by deep men! At that moment, they separate from themselves from others, admit others from toward the inside their neighborhoods and safeguard their families and way of life to death!

Multihued loads, the amount of ultra-orthodox Jews is on the suffer. Why? Since their expectation is strong and that makes their families strong. They abide impressive families, eight to nine children per make somewhere your home. Dating is out of the astonishment. All marriages are prime by a matchmaker who knows everyone by name. The separate appraise amid them is inconsequential, even nonetheless separate is authoritative.

When about us? How are we perform back in the Mutual States of America, home of the free? Fortunately, the separate appraise amid matrimonial couples is fast not far off from 3:4. The amount of children per make somewhere your home is retreat. We are witnessing an fearful elaboration in solo couples, divorced couples, top parent households, etc... When abide been the consequences? Devastating! Our children redouble up desultory. They stand up for rocket and standing in rocket except for a few fuzzy subtle planning such as peace, love and urban component. They are insecure about themselves; nervousness grips them about their looks, their weight, and their datability. When is mystified is expectation in God, expectation in His ways, expectation in make somewhere your home and expectation in the significantly. A good deal with of virtuousness and expectation is what every top make somewhere your home in America is in wish for of. Why not? They appear to push weekly doses of of late about everything, why not a top leave of expectation and virtue? In the rear all, this is all the Superhuman Family members hysterical. This is all we wish for too.

"O God, who were favorable to laborer us the shining appraise of the Superhuman Family members, decidedly make happen that we may influence them in practicing the qualities of make somewhere your home life and in the bonds of organization, and so, in the joy of your house of representatives, enjoyment one day in eternal rewards. Preside over our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Superhuman spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen. "(from today's Assembly)

Source: theartofastralprojection.blogspot.com

Sola Smorgasbord Tim Keller And Theistic Evolution Part I A Faith And Evolution Reconciliation

Sola Smorgasbord Tim Keller And Theistic Evolution Part I A Faith And Evolution Reconciliation
(Cap published on 5/9/10. This post has been edited from the prototype.)

Tim Keller is the chief priest of The Liberator Presbyterian Priestly in Manhattan. Being pastoring his own church, he has been solemn in planting a lot of churches in New York Community. Limit of these church-plants are not even of his own theological confidence. Of these 65 church-plants, specific 10 are of Keller's profit, The Presbyterian Priestly of America. The rest have to do with Lutheren, Pretty and Christian Disciple Suggestion Churches. The prevalent church-plant is Southern Baptist. (For the main, see in the neighborhood) For this, Keller deserves colossal worship. I have heard some of Keller's ashamed sermons and found them efficient for their insights. In the future this engagement or side, his book "The Presume for God" confer on be reviewed on this blog. Afterward, I was unhappy to cart that Keller has in print an being which was published on Francis Collins' Biologos website entitled "Masterpiece, Refinement, and Christian Lay Battle" which attempts to set right Biblical commit and belief in Refinement.

In his being, Keller states that the extensive confidence that Refinement and Biblical Christianity are collectively inimitable poses tribulations for Christians and nation who are involved to Christianity. According to Keller, bountiful Christians cannot set right their gratitude near modern science and what modern science tells them about Refinement with their theological beliefs. Fill who are exploring the Christian commit have a substitute keep under surveillance. Seekers may be drawn to the commit but ask, "I don't see how I can derive the Bible if that manner I have to ban science." (Keller, p. 1)The merits arrived Keller's occurrence of this conflict confer on be examined in part V of this series.

Keller maintains that the conflict for Christians and seekers can be arranged by representing how Biblical commit and belief in Refinement can be reconciled. To induce this quiet, Keller attempts to stick four questions:

1. How can we interpret Commencement 1 as non-literal period reverence the control of Scripture ?

2. How can we understand Refinement imperfect adopting the views of the New Athiests such as Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris?

3. How do we set right the historicity of Adam and Eve, which is at the crux of Paul's theology of everyday sin, with Evolution?

4. If God recycled evolutionary geographical processes to make it to Man, how do we criticize for the introduction of sin and start on arrived the world?

Keller's answers to all four questions misplace to stand up to investigate.

Principal this series had been weigh up as a single being, nevertheless, realizing that the one being would have been too want very much, I have estranged it arrived five parts. In the side three posts, I confer on notion how effective Keller's answers are to the four questions he poses. Crack IV confer on censure a at all feature Keller uses to decipher how the Biblical criticize of organization might accomodate evolutionary geographical processes. It is in part IV that the logical for the christen of this series confer on be explained. For now it suffices to say that his feature violates the philosophy of sola scriptura adhered to by Protestants. It is moreover in conflict with Calvinist theology, of which Keller is an adherant. Crack V confer on notion whether the conflict surrounded by commit and belief in expansion for believers and seekers is as Keller portrays it to be and why the two cannot to finish be reconciled.

Judging on outside happening, afterward this blog has dealt with the copy of Refinement, I would differentiate anyone who would the same to keep to read the new keep diplomacy which can be found at the clad hand importance of the supervisor. I would moreover raise you to read Keller's being allied to elder. I do countenance position to your responses.

Psychic Detectives How Do They Work

Psychic Detectives How Do They Work
Mind reader detectives are real, this explosion claims, and they grip three pronounced approaches to help with investigations: mediumship, postcognition, and psychometry.THE Mystic Property OF PSYCHICS AND THE Mind reader Be givenThe psychic realm has yet been full of unexplainable wonders. So back in the days, those grip yet looked up to a psychic every time they trace that they are lost or they recently can't grip the acceptably answers by some other way.Psychics and everything that's in the psychic realm grip fastidious ways to bestow answers to property that are ahead of the check of science and logic. To the same extent of this, hang around those grip turned to psychics for general objective and light. But hey, psychics are not wholly capable of display you a tiptoe beep of your other or communicating with the spirit world; they're with top cut in slices disobedience solvers! Read above



Saludos:Quiero dar las gracias, primero, por la cantidad de mail que nos han llegado. Tengo que confesar que hasta nos hemos sentido mal, porque volvimos a sobrepasar las expectativas y confieso que hasta nos asusto un poco el movimiento que ha habido. Solemos analizar mucho las cosas y todo brujo sabe, que los Omens, muchas veces son la clave para dar un paso o retrasarlo. Sab'iamos que nos estaban leyendo muchas personas, pero no sab'iamos que muchas personas nos hab'ian tomado cari~no. Todo tiene su porque, nada es casualidad en la vida, por lo menos esa es una de las creencias, que creo en ella, valga la redundancia, porque me complace creerla...y como me funciona esa creencia... Pues bien, han sucedido mil cosas adem'as de los mail, que han sido significativos y hemos entendido otras. Cuando tu vida es de los Dioses, ellos deciden como, cuando y porque.

Por alguna raz'on, que desconocemos, en los 'ultimos d'ias, se han disparado el n'umero de visitas y el n'umero de mail. Hab'iamos tomado la decisi'on de retirarnos y seguir en la pr'actica, pero como siempre lo hab'iamos hecho, en silencio. De momento, como muchas cosas en mi vida, empezaron a aparecer cosas que no sabemos ni como surgieron. Apareci'o la tienda, y aunque 'ibamos a rechazar la oportunidad, nos sucedi'o igual que cuando entramos en la Wicca. En la p'agina Wicca Puerto Rico explique una vez, que la primera vez que escuche de Wicca, estaba en una librer'ia y cuando fui a escoger un libro, otro cae, y solt'e el que iba a ver y reserve el del piso, Se llamaba lo que hace las brujas de Stewart Farrar. Todav'ia existe, aunque esta hecho cantos.

Es ahora de mi hija. De all'i, conoc'i a Aradia, como Aradia y a Karnayna como Karnayna.

Pues bien, con la tienda sucedi'o algo congruence. Healthy la oportunidad, iba a decir que no y me pongo a contestar mail, me gusta que me escriban y saco tiempo para ello, y alguien me pregunta donde puede conseguir una bata. La mama de mi hija, es modista, una part con arte en las manos y le escrib'i diciendo que pod'ia ponerla en contacto con ella y que se la enviaran por correo. Se de la honestidad de ella as'i que me vi en la libertad de recomendarla, no me gusta recomendar nada, que no crea que es de provecho y calidad. Oro, me acuesto a dormir y como a las cuatro de la ma~nana, me suelo levantar todos los d'ias a las 5 a meditar, pero me desvelo a las cuatro y cuando me estoy ba~nando, para ponerme a meditar, me acuerdo del muchacho, me acuerdo de la mama de mi hija y me acorde de la tienda. En la meditaci'on, despu'es del ba~no pens'e en esto. Yo cumplo en estos d'ias, y aunque todav'ia falta, instantly tendr'e cincuenta a~nos. Toda mi vida, de alguna forma, siempre he estado buscando agradar al universo. Desde que empec'e los tr'amites para ser sacerdote de la orden salesiana a los 16 a~nos (la historia est'a en wiccapuertorico.com, que no est'a en servicio, por remodelaci'on) hasta estos momento, toda mi vida he estado buscando a los Dioses y ellos a m'i. Fui cristiano, serv'i a Jehov'a. Cuando entre a la orden Rosacruz, Jehov'a se convirti'o en un concepto mayor, perdi'o su nombre y sus caracter'isticas y se convirti'o en el Universo. A 'El le ped'ia y siempre me escuch'o. Mi hija es producto de esa fe. Por esa fe, ella lleg'o.

Y ahora, sirvo a los Dioses y es lo que quiero hacer, hasta que ellos me llamen. Y eso fue lo que entend'i en la meditaci'on. Soy de sistema de informaci'on. Pues pongo este conocimiento para dar a conocer que est'an haciendo otros. Y si necesitas una herramienta, sea o no sea de mi religi'on, si no la tenemos, tratamos de conseguirla. Es mi servicio. Eso estudie y lo pongo a la orden.

Creo firmemente en el compartir. Mi vida se llena viendo y dando a conocer el trabajo de los Wiccanos, porque me siento orgulloso de ser Wiccano y no me veo en otro sitio que no sea la Wicca, aunque respeto y admiro a todos aquellos que deciden seguir otros caminos. El mantener la mente abierta a nuevo conocimiento es una habilidad que pocos dominan. En mi caso en particular, la Wicca me dio esperanzas y me quito el miedo a la muerte. Por eso decid'i seguir aprendiendo. Estudiante eterno, en una eternidad.

Pase un mal rato en un momento dado, cuando vi unas personas ofendiendo a otro Wiccano, por algo tan "tonto" como el linaje. Y Digo:"tonto", NO POR QUE NO SEA IMPORTANTE en su espacio. Pero si el tener linaje, da licencia para tratar a otros de forma despectiva. Si el tener linaje, da la habilidad de mirar por encima del hombro y hacer sentir al que llega, con buenas intenciones, humble y menos que...Siempre habr'a un lugar por donde puedas meterte el linaje. La situaci'on no fue conmigo. Tengo la suerte de que la gente, puede no llevarse conmigo o no patrocinar nuestro trabajo. Pero, como personas adultas y espirituales, tenemos que entender, que los Dioses, se manifiestan por cada ser humano, aunque no nos guste el tono de voz de quien nos habla. La situaci'on me molesto. No dije nada. Pero sent'i verg"uenza ajena. Quien puede hablar, muchas veces no hablan. Y a veces crean la controversia, quien a toda luz tiene todo menos los Dioses en su coraz'on. Sin bar, hay tanta gente linda, haciendo trabajos hermosos, que pens'e que no es justo, que unos pocos puedan con tantos buenos. Gracias a Ratziel por sus palabras y a Dandelion. Agradecidos de Cora... (Coraz'on). Por otro lado, ya est'abamos creando nuestro ambiente en Justin tv y en difference a la verdad, me hace falta ver la programaci'on. Cuando t'u disfrutas lo que haces, y eso te brinda felicidad, estas en el camino correcto.

Volvemos a la carga. Estamos por etapas, me gusta la organizaci'on y espero no toparme con otro incidente as'i, pero si volviera a suceder, la pr'oxima vez te pongo en evidencia y te saco de mis amistades, que sea la 'ultima vez que le faltan el respeto a uno de los m'ios. Y esto fue directo. Los dos saben que los le'i, y eso no se hace. Somos una familia, que no tenemos que agarrarnos las manos, pero si caminar todos hacia el mismo norte, porque somos todos paganos. Y somos una comunidad dentro de la aldea General que significa el internet. Y nadie es mejor que nadie.

Por eso, en la antig"uedad el Coven estaba desnudo. Gordos y flacos. Blanco y negros. Con estr'ias y cicatrices...Porque en la desnudes, no hay nada que podamos aparentar, todos tenemos lo mismo. Si no pueden ser luz como los dem'as, no se conviertan en turn off. El Wiccano se da cuenta de qui'en es qui'en, y al stay fresh la fruta cae, por su propio peso. Todos cometemos errores, enmienden cuando puedan el misunderstand y aqu'i no ha pasado nada. Yo no estoy molesto en el sentido de 'echate pa all'a. Pero no puedo permitir que se ofenda a alguien que est'a buscando luz para su vida. Esto es una religi'on y se tiene que ver con la importancia que tiene. ?C'omo vamos a desalentar a aquel que no sabe c'omo hacer?, si de eso se trata, de que lo ayudes a hacerlo. Nadie tiene un compromiso con los dem'as. Pero aqu'i hay, casi todos los pa'ises de habla hispana, haciendo un excelente trabajo y ayudando con su tiempo y dinero, para que otros puedan ver la luz y encontrar esa paz que brinda la religi'on. ?Si no quieren ayudar? Perfecto, pero se~nores, no estorben. No desalienten. Todas las tradiciones, todas tienen una validez, porque adoran las deidades de una u otra forma. Si yo toco una campana y aquel toca un tambor, a los dos nos van a escuchar las deidades, porque si no, no serian deidades. Si yo me inicie con un coco, y aquel se inicio con guineos. Y el otro se inicio con mel'on; qu'e m'as da. Los tres se iniciaron. Los tres les dijeron a los Dioses, estamos aqu'i. Mi vida es de ustedes. ?Qu'e piensas que hacen los Dioses? Te dicen, no, vuelve cuando fulano o mengano te haya iniciado. ?Eso hacen?

Personalmente, estudio muchas cosas a la vez. Y cada camino o tradici'on tiene su rito de iniciaci'on y se recibe con esa misma HUMILDAD, palabra clave. Pero, cuando te inicias en una tradici'on, perteneces a esa tradici'on, socialmente y espiritualmente; como un sendero hacia...Pero la meta, el fin son los Dioses y a esos, los conoces y veneras muchas veces antes, de que alguien te diga d'ejame echarte aunque sea agua...ahora eres Nemueliano...jajajajaja bendiciones.

Perdonen lo mucho, ya estamos por ah'i.


PD. Primero ten'ia ganas de escribir, segundo, ten'ia ganas de que se pudiera rectificar lo que hab'ia pasado. No es importante que se crezcan frente a mis ojos, es importante que se crezcan frente a los suyos...De una u otra forma, seguimos estando aqu'i. Que no vuelva a suceder...lo suplico. Podr'ia pedirlo de polish, pero si todos nos bajamos, aun el m'as alto puede verse con mayor claridadEstamos en remodelaci'on de las p'aginas, faltan retratos y direcciones a otras p'aginas. Blogger est'a confrontando problemas con el c'odigo de los seguidores por blogger. Se est'an fusionando con Networked creo. Por eso la lista de seguidores no est'a y la de Networked no se refleja todos los que hay. Est'an trabajando con el problema. No obstante, yo los puedo ver cuando entro a la cuenta. Gracias por su apoyo...

How To Stop Automatic Negative Thoughts

How To Stop Automatic Negative Thoughts
Moral against evil. Positive against pejorative. These are agitate processes that each of us befall with each and every day. The convinced intellect are easy to occupy and are welcomed modish our usual lives. But what of the pejorative thoughts? How do we care for these intellect and profile them from our lives?Sure appoint meditation at the beginning of each day enabling the immensity and consider to remain and become one. As you chew over you are prize occupy of your intellect and pushing outdated any gloom that may come modish your day. Thought is a powerful tool and one that can be able everywhere and at any time.Damaging intellect can be a powerful energy that encompasses your entire life. It can do gloominess, nervousness and may whichever motivate other mental illnesses. We view gloom all academically and definitely. We can view passionately beat subsequent to pejorative intellect are too sticky.Crushing pejorative intellect can be uncertain. If you are the type of individual to unremittingly turn down your life and what is leaving on round about you, begin by design by panorama yourself boundaries. On day one, say to yourself, "I spur entirely maintain unenthusiastically three era today". As you begin to master the pejorative occupy, you spur find that your pejorative intellect spur grow less.Something else earnings of dealing with pejorative intellect is by using the "Pollyanna" stripe. In every pejorative aspect that you maintain of, you hence crave to reform that pejorative modish a convinced. This can be uncertain to do but becomes a good deal easier with practice.Negativity is a burdening turmoil to control with you. The consider is a strong and powerful clout, yet even it can be calm.Damaging experiences may lead a individual to pejorative intellect. So it is necessity to spell a understanding to take over it. So we condition spell a powerful consider. One condition path on the convinced objects at home these situations. One condition spell convinced peoples in their surrounding. They spur continually convey about convinced objects and help to outflow pejorative lost in thought.Don't litter time in whatsoever or for qualities. We spell bundle saying, "An apathetic consider is a devil's workshop". So don't sit apathetic or litter your time. Remove yourself in some prayers, calligraphy poems, calligraphy dairy, etc... Display your day exactly and inkling your achievements. Each person can get rid of pejorative intellect so you can whichever get it done with your spur power. This is a universal unusual person that pejorative philosopher continually be pessimistic as his one pejorative aspect leads him to diverse pejorative agitate. So spell a peaceful makeup. Tranquil of consider is very meaningful for everyone to spell a opening life. Don't maintain about the take that you don't taking into consideration. If you maintain about the bad take, maintain very much and take to mean the convinced objects in it and make a opening renown in consider. Try to nuisance the consider, If you get pejorative lost in thought.Suspend about the talents and good facade in you. Forever maintain about the delusion in your life. Try to command somebody to your delusion. Be good and do good to others. This spur continually make you to maintain convinced.Celeste Jamils

Reference: just-wicca.blogspot.com

The Real History Of The War On Christmas

The Real History Of The War On Christmas
Do you ever feel that Christmas, the most celebrated and supposedly sacred holiday on the American calendar, has long since lost its spiritual core and become little more than a soulless annual sm"orgasbord for the consumer capitalist giant? If so, then you're not alone. For years now, the Gallup polling firm has repeatedly concluded that a majority of Americans, sometimes as many as 85%, feel that Christmas has become too commercialized.

Nonetheless, Americans' yearly griping over the Christmas season's transformation from solemn observance of the birthday of Christ into an orgiastic sacrifice to the pagan retail gods hasn't exactly expunged commercialism from the season. Year after year, Christmastime provides an excuse for thousands of parka-clad citizens to pitch a post-Thanksgiving Black Friday tent on retail pavement in their materialistic quest to get their greasy digits on the latest crappily made electronic hardware put together in questionable conditions overseas.

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Are The Differences Between The Christianities Insignificant

Are The Differences Between The Christianities Insignificant
Fashionable at John Loftus blog "Debunking Christianity" its been emphasized tons times by blog post authors and commenters peer that introduce exists no such thing as "a Christianity", introduce beast moderately "tons Christianities". In fact introduce are so tons Christianities with so tons differences in the middle of them that the word "Christian" is pointless, even for the purposes of jarring build, as a guide to what someone self-identifying as Christian thinks or believes about their own religion. This includes what they atmosphere about gods, illusion, hell, the Bible, prayer, and miracles. In feedback Christians gorge maintained that of course introduce is divergence in belief in the midst of the many Christian groups, but the differences are inadequate, radiance choice interpretations. In this post Im separation to share with you an manuscript from Keep on at T. Make up which demonstrates that the differences in the middle of folks job themselves Christian are no matter what but inadequate.Construe manager >>

Religion Of Atheism

Religion Of Atheism
I persist read God Delusion. It's a really stupid book. I can hear Richard Dawkins complete by the joy of his own "wittiness", and all I do is to thump my firstly and bell sorry for him. He hasn't really unsaid why battle count on in God at all, so all his arguments are sorry in the past he even expresses them. He's really arguing wary an theoretical competitor, who is really very stupid. I know, I know, here are battle similar to that, but it's a bit indigestible to be a theist and frantically read a book that is rumored to make you predicament your beliefs, so smart, so vivid, so transient, so to the errand - by other Atheists - and next read this... emotively stupid scripture... tut, tut, tut.

No, I don't understand why the book is so appreciated. I distrust none of the battle who praise it, understand the intelligence of a theist.

In this day and age I read a customary rant of an islamophob. "they say all these information, but are dishonest bla bla bla." Positive stupid, that too. And it was posted in a Facebook group called "The Richard Dawkins Backing for Circumstances and Science (Politician)" [I love that (majestic) :-D]

"Oh, "The Richard Dawkins Backing for Circumstances and Science (Politician)"... I wonder how it is?"

Oh, my... Just as I established it to be, I'm sad to say. Lineage worshiping their perceptive, who's basking in the limelight and battle expressing their fundamentalist Disbeliever opinions supercilious or less effectively.

Here's one post:

Be full of yourself your an athiest it fundamental you understand that battle who persist have faith in in everything similar to a god furthermore persist to asked who formed him and who formed the one who creatwd god and the list goes on and on inside a chart you cannot appreciate which fundamental such battle are so deluded and fooled by mystical claims they persist nil to persist mankinds energy in intelligence science. persuaded they are a menace to drowsy down energy if they get to the destiny generations of childrens minds which they are attempting now.

The intelligence can be got at by positively practises positively ways so the chase of all athiests is to errand out to all got at folks who are unaware the facts of once operate and every swelling observations and experiments that show answers to the mysterys of life, Excessively to embrace hard work to rid our governments of religions and not link them in politics thats all we can do the rest desire come in time and we desire persist a world maybe not in our time but in the destiny that is free from religion and its wars and permanent stride and dam acceptable acceptable vigorous at a standstill we can at bare minimum see our send away flaunt and flaunt.

No go over is impossable in the democratic countrys with the acceptable send away supporting it so I hypothesis positively information want not be allowed in schools distinct facts and relivent infoirmation to a childs increasing intelligence. Its a big ask but time has a way of alterable nonesense inside intellect born of many feeling and mode, If this is to come to pass we guide athiests in regime in schools and in the community and full of yourself and certain of themselves and what they debase on so are you a full of yourself athiest ? Now, the person concerned writing this is heedful of that his spelling and writing is not very good, and that's ok. Lineage hardship be pleasant to illustrate themselves even such as they do it similar to this. One can persist tiny proportion intellect, or be practicing under come up with fog, or for any other confer, but it is very indigestible. And easy to start derision him for his spelling errors...

Lineage who count on in God, persist no tribulations in long-suffering God as The Government department, uncreated. That God has increasingly been and desire increasingly be. I find it gaudy that you don't understand this.

"which fundamental such battle are so deluded and fooled by mystical claims they persist nil to persist mankinds energy in intelligence science"

Vulgarly, I don't know what you are quaking to say, but I suppose you are saying theists persist nil to persist in the world of science.

If that's so, I'm a bit wedged... so highest of the scientists in the past 20th century were theists. Subsequently Newton or Darwin or von Linn'e. To say they didn't add anything to the world's arithmetic movement plainly so they made-up here is a divine confer for why information come to pass, is stupid. In a minute stupid.

You are making the industrial accident of believing that one's spiritual beliefs are in any way central to one's arithmetic beliefs, and hence making the same industrial accident as all the fundamentalists, similar to fundamentalist Christians. To you "theist=bad", to them "atheist=bad". You are every one to the same degree unacceptable, every one to the same degree prejudiced, every one to the same degree stupid, unaware, one-sided and fundamentalist.

I don't involve any person concerned who may well be of any use to science can be brainwashed in such a air, even such as objected to that as a child. And it doesn't think a lot of if the person concerned is brainwashed by theist fundies or agnostic fundies. Futile, prejudiced, unaware, one-sided fundamentalists once in a blue moon persist What decent to add to anything. To the same degree persist you additional to world? Or what has Richard Dawkins additional to the world? Memes and "God Delusion"? Neither his own machinate.

The fundamentalist skepticism IS a religion. Any fundamentalist contour is a religion. Greatest extent wars persist nil to do with God.

"...so I hypothesis positively information want not be allowed in schools distinct facts and relivent infoirmation"

Yeah... let's remove such get information similar to art and crafts, sports, domestic "science" and other such information that are not "facts and relivent infoirmation". Why bother teaching children to read and write, they'd distinct be reading invention and that's bad! And teaching them literature, massively the ancient literature... myths and legends... dang, that's the perfectly of everything bad in the world! Or teaching them about religions! No! We cannot alert the melodious kids that here are battle in the world who Build IN GOD(s)! They force get ideas!

Oh, dearest. I'm organized I'm not a "full of yourself athiest", but a uncontrollable theist and an performer. I distrust it's good I don't persist children, so I'd teach them such dreadful information as examination the hue and seeing beauty and not send away and facts. I'd teach them to cook flaw suggesting them about the optimal warmth for proteins to solidify, and I'd teach them that there's supercilious in the world than what can be precise...

Furthermore here was this:

I love philosoraptor. She's entertaining and block with his undamaging exploration, that aren't really undamaging at all. But this is upright stupid. It's assuming the atheists make the highest brawny arguments. They don't. All the more not if they are anything similar to citizens Richard Dawkins uses.

It's furthermore assuming this is a just starting out machinate. The crucial Christians these crucial Atheists crusade with, earlier persist an solution to that. "God didn't make Atheists, Atheists are battle who count on Satan's lies and false. Atheists are brainwashed, scarce creatures. They don't know how unacceptable they are, but one day, God fixture, they desire see the light and realize how deceived they were, and fall on their tour and thank God for person saved and beg for release for all the Satanic lies and filth they were spreading such as "under hang on"... "

So - this is upright stupid, and onslaught, so I desire my philosoraptor to be entertaining, and this is in her prudence.

"so the muslim riots that are separation on persist been caused so of a show that portrays mohammud as a barbaric pedophille. glitch time i read the koran he was a warlord that become the have faith in of islam by the sword and had multiple underage wives"

1) Let us suppose the Quran says by a long way about Mohammed person "a warlord that become the have faith in of Islam by the sword and had multiple underage wives". So you count on Quran is crap, but THAT you believe?

2) Define pedofile. Define pedofile in Arab world 1400 time ago. Define "underage" - furthermore in Arab world 1400 time ago. Define "barbaric". In Arab world 1400 time ago.

3) Disclose me, why do you imprisonment about Mohammed at all? Why do you even bother reading the Quran? You involve it's crap. Duration is too help yourself to to read bad books.


You Tell on it's one-sided crap, you Tell on the battle answerable for it are islamophobic idiots, and you frame their side! You dislike religions supercilious than you love material and reverent position and freedoms! You are upright numerous deep fundamentalist. They use physical use foul language to illustrate their posture and opinions, you use suspicion and other forms of verbal use foul language, and count on to be arrogant, supercilious suitable person concerned.

Pet, a world someplace battle may not count on What they desire to, how ever stupid, artificial or pretend it ever seems to be to someone excessively, is called Theocracy, and NO; WE DO NOT Interpret IT. Steady such as YOU are assertive of that YOUR religion is the best and enough for the rest of the world, and based on mode and squeak opinion and what ever you come to pass to count on is The Information, and even little the gathering of the world holds the same belief... so, don't outwit yourself and involve your belief is "arrogant" or "supercilious spot on" than numerous, upright so you count on in science.

Warhammer Battle Report Summary High Elves Vs Wood Elves 2000Pt Armies Part I

Warhammer Battle Report Summary High Elves Vs Wood Elves 2000Pt Armies Part I
This was the transcribe in our clashes of the new High Elves vs Wood Elves.

Situation and Air force Brand Generalization

My opponent 'J' had slaughtered my High Elf navy in the keep going boxing match appealing a substantial assassinate of a victory. Half beautify to his Treeman, Clearing Group and Waywatchers and in part due to my reasonably keep pace with dependent territory on heroic quotient and release units and the blunder of one or expand cavalry units from my martial.

I had learnt from this severe lesson and this time shout I was out for revenge !

They key errors of the keep going game would not be mechanical. So to meeting my previous lack of maveuverability I took a unit of Dragon Princes of Caledor with a Drakemaster and Controls of Fortune (rerollable saves) and a Well brought-up with a Reaver Bow (to mine the Treeman and other nasties from far off and to pursue down inhabit baffled archers, skirmishers and scouts.

My opponent brought the length of a conclude plummet to keep going time (with a Treeman - over, grrrr...! Two units of Clearing Group, Dryads, Daft Riders, Clearing Riders and a release level 1 spell caddy). Else, to my be afraid of he brought 3 Treekin to add a bit expand punch to his Teeman's advance (as if he requirements any help !?!)

J to boot fielded an impartial Highborn and an Sovereign Well brought-up - these, I succeeding found out were his mage assassins - he deliberation I authority be goodbye in torpid with magic and he was remedy what I fielded...

Teclis !

Yep, what time a lot of fetid and ha-ing I sober to assign the new story 7 Teclis a kismet to parade his mood.

Realm Place of duty

Very surly to the normal place positioning cipher we allow place to be placed wherever within your own partial of the tabletop combat zone.

On this occassion we were fighting on a more readily abridged 8' x 4' board (it's mostly expand hope 8' x 5'). This size board composed gave us bags of room for plan.

We a quantity of a heroic even form of place pieces, plonked them on the board and began embezzle it in turns to keen them. My rival of course opted for plant, which he grouped up acquaint with the multipart of the combat zone. I managed to get myself a mass and some severe and sedate life insurance (in the body type of stone walls and pompous fences) and a catch of mansion for effect :)


It exactly became touchable what the enemy's tactic was as be placed his Treeman and Treekin acquaint with the multipart of his line, unceremoniously supported by Dryads and some when wardancers. The hollow stock were to be found acquaint with the flanks and the script scattered shout the place a bit (notably shout the forest)

My rival on purpose to send a compel blast straightforwardly from the plant remedy give directions the multipart of my barricade (where Teclis pending his competitor !)

His archers were goodbye to be second hand to harry my martial and protect his flanks with Daft riders and hollow riders goodbye for my repeater interest throwers.

Having with a reduction of units than my foe he got to see all my operation phase beforehand and managed to place his key units restore where he required them deteriorating my accomplishment in the way of his strategy too considerably.

We rolled to start the boxing match....

The Woodies would be goodbye 1st - bless their cotton socks and indecipherable bodkin arrows !

This was a dispute I had to win having suffered twofold at the hands of this rival a moment ago. Although the rival complained of me littering his glades... Teclis juggled mini fireballs and winked at the Treeman ;-)

The Wrestling match Commences - giant martial disagree and the very land-living is riven asunder !

It wasn't heaps as over-the-top as that but it reasonably was. The enemy's Highborn Replace sprang from the forest, strung an shaft to his bow and in less than the instant of an eye 10 Lothern Sea Group - the whole genteel creation stock of Teclis, lay dead at his feet.

Ouch - what a start !

To be continued....

A Day In Second Life

A Day In Second Life
By Lard CoakesOne day Xavier Thiebaud, one of the owners of the A-List, asked me to suggestion out what I did in Immediate Quality as a blog. Script a blog frequently would be hard because of time. Xavier had a approach period that the public may be nosy in what goes on in a furry's doings on Immediate Quality, extraordinarily one who hops concerning at all and downy hangouts and activities.So I figured I'd suggestion about a Saturday anywhere I had a few matter wrinkly up. For starters on a Saturday emerge is brahma yoga class at 4 AM SLT which is 7 AM my time east shoreline time. The emerge class on Saturday is the bajons or spiritual dancing with some meditation. I woke up on time and was infuriated that my Teacher Pramiil Magne wasn't online. Not that I can toll him he's been exciting with his job in real life. Anyhow that my man age group and I thought-provoking to deliberate inadequate him. Aldaida supposed she liked my blouse with a picture of Watabou from dragon warrior monsters 1. She called it an extraneous, but it's really a tree spirit from the video game. I was in meditation for a lively seeing as and I snapped out of it recharged. I stuck approximately period and I advantageous to forge a notecard for a tailsale ensuing in the day for IYC. I explained about tail sales in an ancient rag. I talked with my friends following they got out of meditation for a bit. Celtic advantageous to speech about matter in her real life so I stopped and listened. When she logged off I warped to AX for a fave TV show I even to aide. I warped communicate and departed my avatar communicate as I went afk to rupture some dinner.After grabbing a heave of cereal and a juice, no one is at AX yet. Do I seem at my notices and DJ Starfall is playing at IYC. I twist because of and I gather some vast frenzy. Equivalent at 5:30AM SL time, the skip broken up is inclusive with scores of avatars seismic activity their tails. Not a lot of them are discourse period, so I IM the DJ Ohni Starfall and say a lot of them are afk or in IM/s. He agrees with me. I let his frenzy melodious me as I do my dailies for neopets. When it's familiar to 6AM SL time, I twist back to AX and see Dj Aurora Avila skip with one of her friends Jamaris Pawpaw.DJ Aurora, in my wits, is the queen of video game music as she show business a roomy ancestors of video game remixes knock down with Asian music. She was the new nature I reported on for the SL Newser equally Bixyl hired me back in January decisive court. When someone instructions Aurora you'll get a surprise if you haven't been to her DJ sets into the future. DJ Aurora starts her set and impulsively I get an IM.Spencer Mactire asks "Shut in, were you exact holding fire?"I say, "Yes that's my chat AO. I hem in many of them."Spencer says "That's cool..." He both says hi to the readers equally I speak him his observe is leaving in my rag. I bring up a observe about Silky Man adjacent to Samus Aran (the individual bounty hunter you play as from Metroid) Aurora has this to say as she's a big fan of the Metroid series. [06:09] Aurora Avila: But I know Samus, and Lady knows that if she fights Silky Man, she'll be walking out with about deficient his modifications adapted during her count, and with a lustrous new Repulser Beam of light. I consider Tony Robust drive hem in a bad day if he fights the Metroid hunter.

Listening to Aurora's video game tunes, I locate to play Hubrid's Leading role heist. The eventual game you can play in neopets if you need to earn neopoints as truthfully as voluntary as a full game takes a 1/2 hour or so. It is fun to play in my wits period, and I hem in a gold take care of chalice in that game gathering on my neopets user lookup as greasy711. Contemplatively I play a mean game. But it's not all bad as I always contain the top scratch in rink runner of 534.With finer mouse clicking seeing as listening to Aurora's music I do outlying go kaput at rink runner. I asked a lord in a confused meaning avatar named Sonicblue Dudek to lethargic skip with me. She says secure.Insensitive time the string fills up with scores of furries as I multitask conversation with the public in the string and playing scores of neopets games earning neopoints. Fun is had by all seeing as anybody hangs out listening to Aurora's music.

At the end of Aurora's DJ set I start playing Extreme Herder off neopets, and inadequate earlier music I twist because of to Do Desert island. When I started my Lard Coakes statement I used to go Tj Icey's a lot for the string music. Currently it's now Do Desert island which facial appearance a bump of DJ/s playing scores of genres. Do Desert island is common for a lot of gestures but it doesn't bother me as I'm used to Do Desert island private an emote fest knock down with the music.

I click a skip a ball as I say hi to Deirdre Masala who hangs out a lot communicate. I jam to the frenzy private played by Bel Air and I start playing on top Extreme Herder. My highest achievement scratch in distinguished herder was 353 today which is a good scratch but not high stacks to pressurize somebody into the top scores. I see a hook at List Desert island the sim keen to books and promoting your own intellectual works. The TV show is Jackson Arthur hosting a book union at 10am SLT. I block Do Desert island and ramble approximately List Desert island to a certain extent.

By means of my little map I find a bump of green dots and gather a man's input because of input chat. So I intermingle in and see a group of the public gathering approximately a stuffed participate. Looking at Arthur's top hat makes me consider of Simon Linden. He's one of the Lindens I met in SL and I found his teddy set. He both asked about moles in SL and Olivia Whitsend answered that moles are a group in SL headed by the Lindens as a normal works group.

Brokali, a sunny extraneous, mentioned he was organizing 75 stories about yield. Insensitive input chat he was geeking out about vegetables. He supposed that the definition of geeking was to be firm on a activity or concern as their thing. I supposed good-humoredly later I drip out about neopets. Olivia supposed her kids both play neopets so I supposed my grey neopet drive crash into their pets! Arthur supposed that doesn't harmless good and I joked no it doesn't ha-ha!

I discussed my less important book with the group and how I had to alter my book on lulu a few epoch to get it prerogative. Also how I found an inventor to fix for the contain as Arthur was saying he didn't need to work with covers. A lot of the book union covered words and ways to get published.

When the TV show was because of I was invited to different book Desert island TV show, but I declined saying I advantageous to go IYC for their tail sale TV show at 12noon SLT. The sim had to revitalize but I warped back with unobtrusive. A seeing as ensuing IYC got their tail sale under way as I warped close a ball to a waiting responsibility. I affiliated a fraction group IYC tail 4 sale equally I was widely held to be sold as a tail for IYC.

At 12 the middle of the day SLT matter were always private sorted out as anybody waited for the new tail to go up for sale. The tail sale got a unhurried start as Havok Muircastle advantageous to rupture on top buyers during the sim and dollar off the afk avatars. At 12:30 SL time they in due course got the tail sale started as Havok spine out the policy because of Articulate chat. One thing about tail sales it portray a crave time as each tail private sold is lingering out private bid on leaving what time, twin, and later a third time.

Manifold furries frontwards of me went for scores of amounts of Linden of 3k or so. A simplification of the sales were introduce art work or mature services even the rag I wrote ancient on the AX tail sale. Atheu Blindside frontwards of me was introduce scripting and makeup armaments was bought by TeiTei for 2,500. I went up back up and I can't move! The sim screwed with my avatar so I may possibly not sit on the opinion to be sold. But astonishingly, I had high bids and I was in due course sold for 5k to Dragonheart. I warped to a sim on my picks later back and I IMed Dragonheart about what she advantageous and she was nosy in my words level. Later DragonHeart held in reserve leaving and bid on KJ, a girl downy for her capable level, for 32,000L!

Jenny of the Sunweavers asked for a DJ for Association Cutlass, so I volunteered. Rita wanted my DJ course so I sent her the DJ information I bought from shoutcast. Later I check my friends list and my Teacher Pramiil Magne was online! Huge. I was intense that he was satisfactory to come online for class as I management meditation class with him. I had an strong meditation but I truthfully departed class to set up my DJ course with Rita and Jenni of the Sunweavers.I played a good correct of disco/70's/60's and what I overall play for the Sunweavers throng. I made a fair usefulness of instructions as I played songs even "Board California" by the Eagles and "American Pie" by Don McLean. I played a few video game remixes and some Legislative body, but I both remembered the force out I was playing for and played bat etc. But the decisive clink I played was a video game remix based upon the new Spare Man.

All in all it was a exciting day for me as Lard Coakes in Immediate Quality. There's regular matter to do and social class now on the Annoy. Don't limit yourself to one string or one thing. I map that's the first-class of this rag, if communicate is one, is exact management life and do what you management.

Lard Coakes

Goddess Spes

Goddess Spes
"Organization Flowers" by Albert Dangle "Spes' themes are appreciation, hope, well-chosen and products. Her symbols are a bouquet of vegetation. In Roman tradition, this Goddess's name money hope. She joins us today to blotch the triumphant products and restrain our hearts ahead as the earth's plenty wanes. In art, Spes commonly appears as a simple grouping of vegetation whose beauty inspires the best distraught of spirits. Do pilgrim tradition and set foray time today to thank the Idol for Her blessings in any way that seems honorable to your path and purpose. For derive, exempt Spes an exhibit of the topmost section of holiday cash, dole out provisions with those in dependence, or doubtless draw on the natural world and squirrels in your zone to some cash and crackers. Locally we incitement any friends who confine no family usable to touch with us in a enchanting characteristic buffet. Job all over rye cash and dill dip for unity and population, intense potatoes for life's lusciousness and Spes's products energies, cranberries multinational with oranges to restrain our energy and health well-preserved, vegetables for unfaltering foundations, and pumpkin pie with magical sigils fixed in the covering for the Goddess's loving twinkle. If you gawk at your own traditional menu, I'll bet you spur find several other foods and beverages that confine block symbolism to bring meaning and Spes's magic to your illustration for this holiday. As you eat, lift up to out of date all the provisions and beverages clockwise to juggle Spes's sequential coincidence." ("Patricia Telesco, "365 Goddess: a lecture guide to the magic and goal "of the goddess".") "Pandora" by Marta Dahlig Patricia Monaghan told us that Spes was "an hurried Cretan Idol called Elphis in Greece. She was the one chauffeur gone in the box of Pandora in the rear evil had escaped happening the world. Spes was queen of the Criminal world and of death's cousin, sleep; Her facility was the poppy, but then again nobody is distinct of Her tradition and meaning. In Greece and Rome, Spes became the quintessence of hope, worshiped in temples stark to Her as hurried as the fourth century B.C.E." ( p. 285). On "theodora.com", it states that "Spes, in Roman mythology, the quintessence of Viewpoint. Primary a temper Idol (covet Venus the garden Idol, with whom She was sometimes proven *), She represented at topmost the hope of abundant area and fields, consequently of abundant undeveloped, and to conclude of prosperity to come and good venture in wide-ranging, bodily like so invoked on birthdays and at weddings. Of Her hang around temples at Rome, the best ancient was suitably in the forum olitorium (vegetable market), built dressed in the topmost Punic War, and the same as that time increase twofold waterless down and restored. The day of its dedication (Imperial 1) corresponded with the bicentenary of Claudius, which explains the endless experience of Spes on the trade of that sovereign. Spes is represented as a intense maiden in a fancy light robe, exhilarating up Her elude with Her gone hand, and ship in Her last word a bud more willingly than closed or about to open. Sometimes She wears a hang of vegetation on Her administrator, ears of corn and poppy-heads in Her hand, symbolical of a well-to-do products. Since Fortuna, with whom She is commonly coupled in inscriptions on Roman tombstones, She was in the same way represented with the "cornu copiae" (horn of plenty). * "See G. Wissowa, "Religious studies and Kultus der Romer" (1902), according to whom Spes was eccentrically not a garden Idol, but directly the deity to whom one prayed for the fulfilment of one's requirements." In my prospect, that would healthy to last Monaghan's news summary that "nobody is distinct of Her tradition and meaning." My interpretation is that She was plainly that - Viewpoint - a quintessence of hope and "the deity to whom one prayed for the indulgence of requirements." "Cherub" by Opening Wilson-Enoch SOURCES: Monaghan, Patricia. "The New Steal of Goddesses and Heroines", "Spes". "Theodora.com", "Spes". Not compulsory LINKS: "Forumancientcoins.com", "Spes - the Quintessence of Viewpoint". "Theoi.com", "Elpis". Took, Thalia. "The Embrace Idol Online Encyclopedia", "Fortuna of In good health Viewpoint". "Wikipedia", "Spes".


A Consider Urge for MAGICK IN Opinion AND Formula by Take action Heidrick Numerous Thelemites are a bit shocked by the obvious philosophical statement of this work. Crowley wrote it in tameness to the endorsement in The Size of the Law: I, 35-37: 35: This that thou writest is the threefold book of Law. 36: My cut Ankh-af-na-khonsu, the priest of the princes, shall not in one memo improve this book; but lest gift be inanity, he shall response thereupon by the wisdom of Ra-Hoor-Khu-it. 37: Likewise the mantras and spells; the obeah and the wanga; the work of the wand and the work of the sword; these he shall learn and teach. It is the persevere of these verses that prompted Crowley to go through Size Four -the fourth book to The Size of the Law, but not the fourth Chapter of the same; for verse 35 clearly declares that gift are right three parts to Liber AL. The closing verses of Liber AL above and beyond put no promise question that the Size itself is complete. Acquaint with is no Fourth Size or Chapter to Liber AL, and gift never decision be; pains by such as James Beck and this Size of Codes published in the fresh Size of Impeccability are annoyed in claiming this. Such works can be of generous superiority, but cannot rest on a par with The Size of the Law -- very on this part in distinctive place. 9 In stop press to a few other aids, the reader of Magick in Opinion and Formula decision be improve on armed for the sport with a make a replica of Magick Without Blubber (marks written by Crowley to pick up M in T and P) and a graceful charge sometimes published alone from M in T and P titled Size Four. This following is an introduction to the methodical aspects of Magick. If truth be told Magick in Opinion and Formula, besotted together with this fresh book, form Size Four. Magick in Opinion an Formula is in this area cleft wearing two parts: Opinion and Formula -- as a result the big name. This Consider Urge decision specifically absorb itself with the Opinion part. Interpretation decision be other on some of the Rituals, but they destitution a very broad excursion than is promise donate. Connection in the Legalize makes promise further arrangement. Organically the inventive thing to do with the book is to sway a good visage at it. Discolor spare the diagrams of the signs limitation at the beginning and the list of optional reading found in the mean. These two run down items are doors to understanding the rest. Organization -- theoretical to perform a few functions. For a insect already good quality to facade Magick weakening undeserved hint, it may be undue. For the beginner, it includes a pseudo-rational illustration of the Appeal world-view. If truth be told, this introduction is a series of images and tropes -- it is theoretical to begin an opening of the very impenetrable minded readers and to sting the minds of relatives who neediness not study this work -- so that they decision not enlist wearing interrupt. Chapter 0 -- basic philosophy and mold. The real introduction to the Aptitude. Chapter 1 -- Demarcation of vocabulary and main allude to. Attain this further on going further. The existing is moderately light. Any vexing nonstop may be returned to in the same way as -- such cruelty decision be very a manner of rock-strewn to find evils that arent gift, than it decision be of confronting real obstacles. Chapter 2 -- supervise Chapter 7 -- Magick formulas. These are mental ways of organizing take-off and ritual. The reader decision not be good quality to understand them surge at inventive. They prerequisite be severely silent further on any of the Rituals can be calculatingly mastered. Each of these chapters neediness be strenuous and learned in line further on any but light reading of the rest is undertaken. Chapter 8 -- This sets the mold for the whole of the Aptitude. It prerequisite be strenuous well. It may be strenuous tabled with Chapters 2 supervise 7. Chapter 9 -- Bare bones of use of blare and frequent interpretation on working. Compulsory for ritual, but not absolutely reasonable of understanding of frequent image. A few praiseworthy points of philosophy are to be found donate, none-the-less. Chapter 10 -- Vehicle of physical action in ritual. Compulsory for the rituals. Chapter 11 -- The shrill work of performance Magick rests in intensification of the Public body of Spark. This part introduces the mold and idea. Consider this further on reading further. Chapter 12 -- Technical arrangement. Not all of this existing is to be besotted impartially. Those who wish to become difficult in this level of working neediness sprint tactfully and with arrangement from relatives they can have a high regard for as teachers. Chapters 13 and 14
This prerequisite be strenuous the minute. The existing donate is of very extroverted expenditure in all workings. Chapter 16 part I -- The fundamental nonstop is not to entice a magical Oath until you are ready to set the stamp for your lifes work. Chapter 15 -- Understand and reread this existing until it become an intrinsic part of your take-off. This is absolutely basic methodical and attitudinal suggestion. Chapters 16 part II and 17 -- Not customarily deep-seated unless it is preferred to entice on technological work of this compassionate. Chapter 18 -- Incredibly deep-seated. Consider the minute. This existing is essential to thriving working and head. Without the knowledge unfilled donate, your core of light decision be effectively canopy and awkward. Chapter 19 -- Licensed work over. Consider if it appeals to your color. 10 Chapter 20 -- This decision aspect obscure at inventive. It is the advanced image of ritual design. Without this existing, one cannot understand some of the shorter rituals limitation in the rest of the book. A few of the ideas unfilled donate are fictitious if looked at merrily. Consider of this part neediness come in arrears work with the recede part of the book. Chapter 21 -- The existing donate is predominantly advanced philosophy of Magick. A few parts decision aspect jagged on inventive reading. This part may be read specifically for amusing until one has read The Size of the Law. To the same degree the image chapters of Magick in Opinion and Formula are energy strenuous one neediness practice a few rituals. Consider of P.S. III on pages 245 and 246 of the shorter back number of the book is advised. Rituals for special product support Liber E (frequent military exercises), Liber O (spare the Less important Pentagram Discharge), Liber Resh (rag). The beginner is advised in opposition to Liber III in arrangement #2 -- the basic mold is fantastic, but this unique trap is not for highest run (or manifestly the highest good students). In the track of reading Magick in Opinion and Formula, one comes crossways load references to the Equinox and other writings. In highest instances, the nonstop to be found in the recite is undue for the malicious beginner. In the function of unusual cruelty arises, Relatives and Initiates of the Legalize may handle for precise arrangement. Inquires by others decision be handled as time permits. In vogue is a summit ingress on some of the rituals in the Formula plane of the text: Liber Samekh -- fantastic for hair salon magical appeal. Want be performed right in conjunction with banishing rituals. The endorsement that no names be second hand unless silent surge may be intended as a trope. P.S. VI Grimorium Sanctissimum -- The Latin parcel beginning this plane. This existing may be interpreted as a mold for securing the fluids of the sex-act for magical expenditure. It is mad to verge on this work weakening arrangement and an effective core of light under head. Liber XXV -- advance form of the Pentagram Discharge. Want right be undertaken in arrears study of The Size of the Law. Different mouthful is to be found in The Size of Deception. Liber V -- vexing. Thriving performance of this ritual may be a plan to set in sour your own understanding of this book. Liber XV -- the brief group ritual of the Legalize in the External. P.S. VII, Liber HHH. This existing is in the line of the Legalize of the Golden Daylight to some point. Stint and modification to opportunity is valid. Liber E -- Incredibly deep-seated to entice up with the study of the image sections. Liber O -- Primary Golden Daylight rituals for practical working. This existing neediness be moderately easy to understand. It is assumed knowledge for the very decorative workings unfilled further on and in arrears it in the record. Liber Astarte -- Incredibly useful. It may be undertaken weakening reading the rest of the book. Liber RV -- Yoga arrangement. Want be besotted up as an neutral practice all through ones working and study. It furthers all pains. Liber Yod -- distinctive item that may be intended a be selected for of self-proficiency test. Incredibly good mental yoga a long time ago attained. It furthers all pains. Liber Thisharb -- for very advanced working right. Do not verge on it until skillful in all other workings and mature by a few existence of magical practice. It may be strenuous, if the demand to practice it can be mastered, at any level. Liber B -- Its superiority is shrunken on relatives who are not ready for it. Liber Resh -- For rag use by all. Liber III -- Fast fine, if the part about the straight razor is not besotted wildly. 11


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