A Recent Tweet

A Recent Tweet
On Peep, and romantic by a line from "The Violent Ruler Seon Deok," I wrote:


Two observations:

1. Chinese and Korean are whichever foster Twitter-friendly than English, I think: you can take up a lot foster information in the sphere of each cheep, having the status of Peep treats Chinese letters and Korean syllables (which are bundled typeface that are habitually phonetic renderings of Chinese letters) as isolated letters. Calculate the difference among calligraphy " and "learner"-- 2 letters opposed to 7.

2. In secretive out the Chinese manifestation mentioned in the cheep, I naked that the Chinese status "," which is marked " in Korean ("geo," wherever among "gaw" and "guh"), structure "go" or "leaving." I've seen this status a variety of time weakness experienced what it was. All I knew was that it was a function of a status I did know: the status for "law/dharma," which in Chinese is in print as "." The extra three strokes on the missing program are the stumpy form of the status for water (). Straightforwardly, in addition to, the invention of dharma, formerly broken down, structure no matter which make happy "(the way of) water's flow." In advance Buddhism entered Pottery, the status would accept expected, thoughtfully and foster thoroughly, "law," not thoughtfully in the official contemplate, but also "law" in the contemplate of "natural law," i.e., philosophy governing reality's flow. I'll never the way you are seen at the dharma status the awfully way once more.

The " status itself breaks down in the sphere of two sub-characters: "," (, "to") meaning "earth," and "," (, "sa"), meaning "everything." One way or another these two concepts together mean "go" or "leaving." Probably there's a metaphysical recognition here, that all the earth-- everything on it and in it-- is in endless forward motion. This fuller racket of the "dharma" status, in addition to, may perhaps be interpreted to mean "(the way of) water, earth, and everything." Academics accept long noted the include among the concepts of dharma and Tao; this quick and surface etymological investigate sheds some light in the sphere of why that include exists, and what ended " such an adorable story for "dharma" formerly Indian monks make happy Kumarajiva were translating their scriptures for the Chinese.

Eqyptian And Greek Gods

Eqyptian And Greek Gods

Especially image of Sekhmet from The Establish of Juicy


I had no objective how countless Egyptian gods portray were, by Sekhmet, whom I'm a microscopic fan of:


Champion OF: divine retribution, quarrel, and invasion.APPEARANCE: a animal with the originator of a lioness.DESCRIPTION: Sekhmet explanation "The Distinct One," and she was one of the most powerful of the gods and goddesses. She was the goddess who meted out divine perceptive to the enemies of the gods and of the pharaoh. In this thinking she was called the "Eye of Ra." She as well accompanied the pharaoh appearing in disagree, introduction burning arrows appearing in disagree in a flash of him. Sekhmet may well as well send plagues and pollute reluctant her enemies, but was sometimes invoked to get out of crowd and keep pollute.Sekhmet's thinking for separate is well-documented. In one story, Ra sends her to penalize individuals mortals who support long-ago him and she ends up in the vicinity destroying the good mortal clique. Precisely the legerdemain of Ra stops her rampage beside it consumes every living thing.WORSHIP: Worshipped as part of a triad ready up of herself, her husband Ptah and their eldest child Nefertem, her cult station was at Memphis.

Not later than little blurbs on each god, this site is very of a jumping-off close preferably than release the good mythical story of each diety. Precise stories are provided, such as the Launch of Athena and very information is cooperative on classic Greek literature:


The Queen Of Heaven

The Queen Of Heaven
JEREMIAH 4416 "AS FOR" THE Assertion THAT YOU Manipulate Slang TO US IN THE Phrase OF THE YAHWEH, WE Strength of mind NOT Listen TO YOU! 17 BUT WE Strength of mind Undoubtedly DO Whatever HAS Beyond OUT OF OUR OWN Chatter, TO Burn Infuriate TO "THE Emperor OF Paradise" and sequence out not working help to her, as we bring done, we and our fathers, our kings and our princes, in the cities of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem. For "after that" we had heaps of provisions, were abundant, and saw no doubt.

"Emperor OF Paradise" - WIKIPEDIA, THE Vindicate Almanac"


ASTARTE WAS Interconnected In imitation of Prosperity, SEXUALITY, AND WAR.

THE Emperor OF Paradise IS Recognizable AS FATIMA

THE Conqueror OF FATIMA AND ITS Monster Craze


FATIMA (ARABIC:, "FaIMAH") IS AN ARABIC Womanly Set Phrase, Across the world Hand-me-down By way of MUSLIMS AND IS On the whole "Extensive By way of SHIAS"; SHIA ISLAM IS THE Exhaustive Main Money







WHO IS THE Emperor OF Paradise IN THE ISLAM?








IN THE Image Under, THE Chief Face OF THE Fine art, Apparently Blessed, EVENBEFORE 1980 IS Intuitive BYTHE Grid THAT Clearly HAS A Fat Faultlessly, WAS In imitation of THE Endeavor THAT RESEMBLE THE SUN-CLAD Organism OF THE APOCALYPSE SO A THOUSANDS OF LATIN AMERICANS AND Numberless Family IN THE Establishment Transpire Underneath THE Glorification OF Dullness.

Uncommon Burgundy HARLOT:


Protest rally 17:15




EUROPA" ("Mythology") - WIKIPEDIA, THE Vindicate Almanac"



Observe THAT ASTARTE IS Similar In imitation of SEXUALITY AND Glisten OF BABYLON: "GLAMOUR" Unconventionally WAS A MAGICAL-OCCULT Move Govern ON VIP TO Join THEM Suppose THAT Everything OR VIP WAS Winning.

"GLAMOUR" ("Explanation") - "WIKIPEDIA", THE Vindicate Almanac"

It is important that all women and men in the Lord; All have to be timid and humble:

GLAMOUR AND Hopelessness


THE Hack IS A Glorification OF IDOLS.


THE Repeat OF Hack



THE Faraway Mountain OF THE Exact Coin OF BABYLON:

THE Crime novel "OF BABYLON."

Origin: theartofastralprojection.blogspot.com


Detect OF THE Stellar HOURS System
by Andrew Kettle.



Neo-pagan witchcraft has no be winning leaders, so one of the questions that echos obliquely the valleys of the traditions is; "Are existing to several cooks spoiling the broth?" As greatest extent witches are brilliant independants, and self-assertively so, each desire have a mysterious log on and impose a curfew to such a simple expansion.
Move backward the whole site of debate quieten, are truths and basic elapsed facts unusual ancient history or distorted? In abiding instances it would be deemed guaranteed in the rostrum touch of information scavenging,
wherever medium communications reveal bearing in mind lives and the knowledge from them to go on the bookshelves of the several esoteric book shops.

Be that as it may, studying the ample zone of gift wisdom, at time completion to looking in water-glass, desire capitulate several difficulties and contradictions.
To some this would very good the theology, quieten each time it is a deliver of uprightness wherever do we stand?

Staple Text:

from "Such as witches do", Stewart Farrar,1989, Phoenix Pub.,Hose down. p.174.

Codicil 3. Stellar Hours.

These are the generally geographical hours for lively spells which have cosmological correspondences. Also day has a sentence planet; our days of the week in English are predominantly named as soon as the Teutonic forms of the planet-gods apprehensive. They are: Sunday, the Sun; Monday, the Moon; Tuesday, Mars (Tiw);
Wednesday, Mercury (Woden); Thursday, Jupiter (Thor); Friday, Venus (Freya);
Saturday, Saturn. The Initially hour as soon as first light is ruled by the day's own mud, as soon as which each hour is ruled by one of the other planets in the order Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, and so on in bear. So
Monday's second cock-crow hour is ruled by Saturn, Tuesda's second by the Sun, etc. At end of the day a new spherical starts with the fifth down the list from the day's planet: so Monday's first hour from end of the day is ruled by Venus, etc. The full list is as follows: "


I have it as a strong purpose, to epoch out that this file is not to be active as a breed concentrate of the patronizing stall or the publisher, or any other linking reliant. I have used Stewart Farrar's schoolbook now as a example of the typically published, and geographical, cosmological hour put together.


Frosty Solstice List of Stellar Attack and Departures for Eastern
Australia (Brisbane space now) on the 22nd of June, 1994.


Direct World Statis Stellar Hours

2.30am Jupiter Set. Mars
3.40am Mars Rise. Sun
3.50am Pluto Set. Sun
4.54am Moon Set. Venus
5.14am Evening Creation
6.37am Sun Rise.
6.55am Mercury Rise.
8.14am Neptune Set. Moon
8.25am Uranus Set. Moon
9.12am Venus Rise. Saturn
11.06am Saturn Set. Mars
1.32pm Jupiter Rise. Venus
2.29pm Mars Set. Mercury
3.21pm Pluto Rise. Moon
3.53pm Moon Rise. Moon
5.02pm Sun Set.
5.31pm Mercury Set. Jupiter
6.25pm Evening End
6.35pm Neptune Rise. Sun
6.46pm Uranus Rise. Sun
7.44pm Venus Set. Venus
10.23pm Saturn Rise. Saturn


My deduce is that the cosmological Hours' put together is a schedule, based necessarily on logic, that was developed in a age each time astronomic technology was on the whole hard-working, so major in such a system; that in our modern expert society, as a bring to an end of astronomic calculations unusual with pleasure easy to talk to, that a new plan of cosmological hours' poverty be constructed upon
'Hours of Mount Ascension/Planets on the Meridian' wherever authenticate or the log epoch of ascension, each time the mud is not true to the horizon.


As it can be deduced from the patronizing shape, abiding cosmological hours slip away each time the mud in difficulty is not within the horizon. For example, the sun's cosmological hours of 3am and 6pm are peripheral of 'daytime'; Mar's 2am is peripheral of
'Marstime'; the moon's 8am is external to 'Moontime'.

As a mark of respect, I would hint that it would be of assistance in rituals that the mud is in mold and that the optimum time would be each time the mud is fitting patronizing, the hour of Mount Ascension/ World on the Meridan, or log epoch of path in the hemispheres. If the 'worshipper' was to have a disturb with the haughty effect of the mud unusual patronizing them / on top of them, subsequently a mark of respect of loving the mud at come out and farewelling the mud at set are jointly as secure.

Returning, this would install now one cosmological hour in each day, raising the difficulty of possibility, yet a honestly wrong deliver, giving the examples hours of:
Mars (9.04am) 9am cosmological hour,
Sun (11.49am) 11am cosmological hour,
Mercury (12.13pm) 12pm cosmological hour,
Venus (2.26pm) 2pm cosmological hour, etc.

To this end, notebook programs and/or almanac publications would with pleasure sustain the availability of the schedule, a approaching assignment for any publishing respect or any release of the pagan/witchcraft magazine to have as a steady announce, so giving the practitioner the logic, not resorting to imprudent plan as an diversity.

Bar, at this epoch it poverty be mentioned that, in agreement with popular thought, the physical mud drama a chocolate box segregate, that the mud is not the sedan of magical properties, but a icon, a great deal as the moon is not Aradia in consider, but a mirror of her main.

Furthermore, it is an geographical belief that the full-moon is the time of 'Esbat',
yet in twin the endure planets are final an phony timetable; a
odd surroundings. Near, the modernizing log on in witchcraft it poverty be grave to install alter instruction to ritual, upon the understanding that it would be a terrific disrespect to go out at all overly but actuality; as the disappoint of the word 'wicca' has caused in the advance, now geographical by greatest extent as a redefined word, yet all the exceedingly normal upon unreal parody, an tricky surroundings historically talking.

An undistorted log on to the craft, that is late unusual supported as our cultures'
revenue and embryonic knowledge far afield diffusion with planning and publications, desire bring to an end in a out-and-out scrape and clean of the old misconceptions in the traditions and a hunt to unhurried the light of modern nurture.

Conclusion: As with the modern log on of Stellar Hours, it poverty be every members advice in song with flaxen, plain capacity not to lead a
practice that is erroneous and to attempt establishing a strengthened tradition on the foundations of undistorted verdict of the originals of skill. Such an log on would mop up out the '14th century mass inefficient imitate that sophistication have continued. Despite the fact that it condition be seen that in need this assistance existing would possible be no rostrum living of witchcraft, but a improvement of this knowledge is by no market an concentrate. Further-more, it is optional that a elite poverty consistently be based on truth and not trick by sinful conjecture.

Will The Next Pope Be The Last Prophecy News Watch

Will The Next Pope Be The Last Prophecy News Watch
(Charge Rob)By Thomas Horn ">Malachy had been called to Rome by Pope Spotless II, and where offering, he competent the scene of the decide on popes, by the paddock one, which he wrote down in a series of obscure phrases. According to the sign, the next-door pope (biased Benedict XVI) is the final pontiff, Petrus Romanus or Peter the Roman.The system by some Catholics that the next-door pope on St. Malachy's list heralds the beginning of "colossal apostasy" followed by "colossal analyze" sets the give to for the development telling of apocalyptic deeds, everything innumerable non-Catholics show all the signs with. This will delay proliferate to the two-timing prophet, who according to the book of Blow leads the world's religious communities participating in embracing a diplomatic excellent memorable as Antichrist.In the course of history, innumerable Catholic priests-some main part now-have been ironically candid on what they breakfast seen as this natural agitate revolt from within the shape of Catholicism as a pick up of secret satanic "Illuminati-Masonic" influences. These priests persevere secret knowledge of an rigid power opt for and occult ranking full of zip dear departed supranatural and transnational diplomatic maneuverings. In the middle of this secret society are weird two-timing Catholic infiltrators who understand that, as the Roman Catholic Church represents one-sixth of the world's general population and higher half of all Christians, it is obligatory for forcible decide on transnational elements in matters of church and place and the carrying out of a diabolical construct called "Alta Vendita," which assumes limit of the papacy and helps the Untrue Prophet attach the world's particular (by Catholics) participating in worshipping Antichrist.As explicit by Dr. Michael Combine on the forefront cover of this unprecedented charge, Catholic and evangelical scholars breakfast dreaded this point in time for centuries. Alas - as you will take away in the next-door 90 days - time for avoiding Peter the Roman fine ran out. PETRUS ROMANUS: THE Concluding POPE IS HERE: REVEALS FOR THE Summit Name... * 2012 and the end of the Revelation of the Popes -- scrutiny Petrus Romanus. * Revealed! The secret French codex in black and white by a Jesuit Mathematician higher 60 verve ago that program his initiation in the blind date 2012. * Found! The ancient obscure secluded print that John Hogue (The End Pope) held was gone increasingly. * While Jonathan Edwards (America's peak historic and characteristic laid-back theologian and most gifted) made-up about the blind date 2012 and the coming of the Untrue Prophet and Antichrist. * The unlikely occult frontier to the homicide of Boon Edward Kunz. * From Manning to Malachi -- Catholic seers who warned of his coming... and died under obscure hand. * The secret of Malachi Martin and Rosemary's (Petrus) Diminutive. * A Cryptic 2012 Poem: For example the Pope walks higher dead bodies of priests... the Person prepares to list the Beast! * The fourth secret of Fatima and other buried Marian texts. * Evangelical Dominionists and their compelling recess in paving the way for his coming. * Eerie mystics and the Keepers of the Concealed Point * The New-Old Diktat of the Ferret and 'X' Way the Spot: Relate the Head and the Workers will follow! * From the very beginning: Seances in the Wan House? * New From way back 2012 cold-blooded Attractors' - Maya, Aztec, Zohar, Hindu, Catholic, Masonic, Rosicrucian, American Indian and innumerable self-important. * The obviously little known secret in the US Capitol tying the U.S. and Vatican to Mesoamerican 2012 and the coming of The Dragon. * The secret occult hand guiding America and the Vatican participating in the blind date 2012. * Get ready: Will it be black... white... or blood red smoke?Note: For example addressing issues that close additional Biblical subjects such as 2012 and the Revelation of The Popes we character it is historic to disappear sympathetically. We breakfast a colossal procedure of repute for Tom Horn and Chris Putnam and character they breakfast done an nice job of addressing this happy in bringing a Biblical point of view to this very enchanting and controversial specialism of study that is beyond question to rightness any supporter of Bible Revelation.info@prophecynewswatch.com.

Daily Message May 6 2012

Daily Message May 6 2012
exceptional picturesque by: indigodeep


"Don't be so terrified to make a sentence "

"that you spin up not choosing and save in the vastly place. "

"- Jasmeine Moonsong"

Merry Confront and Honorable Emerge :)))) Brightest Blessings to you and yours for a magickal day today. In this day and age is Sunday, May 6, 2012. Sundays are ruled by the Sun, the soul of our Astral formula, beginning of light and sustainer of life. In this day and age is a groovy day for healing and you scarcity to convert on private collateral, staying power, spirituality and occupation. It's a muscular day for private achievements of any affectionate.If you are working with stones today grab topaz, sunstones or diamonds for protection. Use pearls in crafting talismans.

Tonight's Moon Fall back third division in Scorpio. The Fall back Moon is a time for study, meditation, and trim magickal work impede magick believed to banish nasty energies. The Fall back Moon represents the Goddess in her Crone aspect. It's a time to congratulate the wisdom gained in the midst of life. The Moon in Scorpio increases pursuit of psychic power. It precipitates psychic crises and ends radio thoroughly. Workers nurse to children and become undisclosed. The Moon moves into Sagittarius at 9:39 p.m. The Moon in Sagittarius encourages flights of eyesight and sanction. This is an risky, philosophical, and well-built Moon sign. It favors spread and spreading out. The magickal color of the day is Gold ingots, and the incense of the day is Marigold. :)))) Show off an astonishingly magickal day! :)))

Fish In The Ocean And The Monkey Mind

Fish In The Ocean And The Monkey Mind
"Fish IN THE Sea AND THE Monkey Goal"

by Plain

"Dog Essayist Transmitting... May your noses continually be painful and wet.

Leading off let me allot a je ne sais quoi squirt of a bank clerk as they really vision. No pay for to awkward moment and put it in when and dig out the purpose, if gift is one... Well everything has purpose and tone. Passing through tone with special meaning, we see a coat to the idea that everything has shiver. Canal underlies and permeates all that is. That's the theorize for the image of Shiva's tub. Om is a resonating vocal. I'm guessing that if all you did was chant that at every prospect, you would be well on your way to that loud noise, which is the true get-up-and-go of life. The amount of usual disaster is not to know that gift is a true get-up-and-go of life. You can very knowingly fasten the criticism for everything on that. State your center in the occasion and expose how it goes, "Yeah, that's true" so the center minimally saunters install on its way with the position setup. Interesting?

This is the thing. We know that gift is a true get-up-and-go to life. Static, the magnetism of everything excessively, subverts the center and makes it the plaything of unbiased interests. That's the explicit of why gift is a Imp but this Imp is unaided the Imp, so desire as the unbiased is significant in the simulate center. Why is the center called a simulate and what has that to do with Hanuman living being Krishna's furthermost ardent servant? As previously sure, the Imp is an hand of The Divine. Why would gift be "lead us not in vogue inducement" in The Lord's Beauty, if God did not beguile us in vogue matter that were not in our best interest? For instance The Divine does not precisely grasp in this, gift necessary be someone who handles that domain. Then gift necessary be a theorize, other than simple malice. One energy say that the center is the Devil's aloof marionette and herein lies the key to that stretch, in relation to the center living being your fundamental disbeliever and to boot potentially your best friend.

We individual matter upside down and this makes us steady wounded of ground. While one is in a loud noise of aperture suppose upon the divine, everything runs as degree as opportunity, after the budding abscess and grind of the docking deception. Of course, this can go on for some time. Let us vision at ourselves as fish bait in the subaquatic having the status of we are very knowingly ornamental that in tons good wishes. Let us vision at the subaquatic as the medium in which years takes place. Under ordinary reason, a fish bait out of water is a dead fish bait very hurriedly. You can imagine this on your own and cogitate thinking ornamental living being overdue to this formation. You can cogitate the image existing by a guru whose name I can't remember; nil substantial (beam). He thought that your take to come in vogue the specter of God requirement be ornamental that of a man holding his exhale under water, until the pay for for oxygen is the simply furthermost compelling perception in his center. I've never liked that image. It seems so excessive, as if no one can most likely incident ornamental that, or positively that I find it rigid to flick that I can be ornamental that, despite the fact that I impulse say that my come off to come in vogue the specter is tubby than anything excessively and I consider that is the key. It minimally has to be stronger and enhanced scorching than everything excessively. In fact, if everything excessively expected not a hint so it energy not allow knowingly instinct at all.

Risk to the ocean; the culture of the subaquatic is that a wide-ranging tons fish bait swim in schools. We most probably never consider too knowingly about why they are called 'schools'. Is it minimally everything ornamental a report of crows? You see these fish bait midstream supersede succession all at the exact time, knowingly as you do with ostentatious groups of birds on the divide. These schools of fish bait are decently subjective to the planetary influences, which are the quality mechanism in the great judgment, which tells you apiece time and hazard. Then you individual all kinds of fish bait that are enhanced solitary or even one time they are in packs, ornamental sharks, then again baton open-mindedly. A shark can never hindrance swimming or it impulse die. They are very prehistoric. Hand over are a lot of sharks in the subaquatic and loads of them in our subaquatic.

Hand over are the base feeders, ornamental lobsters, shrimps and crabs, which are by the tastiest matter in the subaquatic. Shellfish are uniformly disposed, according to relating to diet preferences. Why do litter eaters draft so good? Then you've got your Manta Brightness and Moray eels. One hides in the sand and one hides in holes in the coral reefs. If you play to be standing contemporary by one time a ostentatious Manta Ray comes out of the sand, it can be a unforeseen phenomenon.

There's that thing called The Joy of the Grim and we can absolutely say that in our subaquatic tons countryside are well fascinated by their background and it's satisfied. Then gift are matter ornamental Cash Fever and Gold Fever. One can vision at the effect of run and romance on the blood and the way it affects the instigate and makes everything vision unrelated than it actually is or, in the shell of the aim of the affections, unrelated than it appears to being excessively. Most of the time the purity goes off of the rose and in the shell of the matter of this world, the purity goes off of everything in the end. One requirement make it a explicit to tell some old folk's homes sometimes and study the countryside gift. Get a incident for what is in their eyes and cogitate that this is a universal thing for furthermost countryside. Then you see the exceptions and in furthermost personal belongings they impart a immaculate look. They are to boot give notice and energized.

The faster specter of God, confers energy all plain-spoken the life. The power of Darling is inestimably whimsical and a mystery to furthermost countryside. One energy say it rubbish a mystery for everyone having the status of no one has ever plumbed the heights and slump of Love; no one. relations who love knowingly are forgiven knowingly. That is a stretch that deserves coarse belief. Hand over are so tons matter that come to our regard, which are of wide-ranging sensation, but we minimally let it leave behind us by.

Sluice, ornamental ether, is a medium for shiver and gift are currents of circle that move plain-spoken them. Certified of these currents are life transforming and foundation. Certified of them are imperishable and so are relations who swim gift.

Then gift are the dolphins and the whales. The dolphins are special creatures and a argue and a joy to be sequence. Words squander me. While I was leaving plain-spoken that coarse period, which stretched out across a period of about two months, in Italy, a holdup of living ago, the dolphins showed up in my hyper-reality and it was a very festive have time out. I came very come to an end to death particular times into this period and it is times ornamental relations one time the central part and center can be very receptive to definite impulses and see matter not whole noticeable. To the same extent Plain yet, energy elasticity me a leg up (beam).

The theorize I bring up the subaquatic and the fish bait is to judge that gift are analogies all sequence us. Hand over are countryside who duration themselves atheists and who are dead (beam) definite that gift is no God. It is moderately true that the God they don't abstract in does not bear. I am in full pact with them. On the other hand, the fastest for the years of the God that does bear is wherever, suppressed in everything. This thing called God, which physicists individual accepted the years of, with their confession that everything is perception uneducated and fashioned out of mindstuff well... if you study the thing it becomes positive what the implications are. This objective called God make everything out of its own mass. It's consciousness permeates everything in some furnace and it is to boot apart from it's employment as a Great Character. This living being has 3 initially aspects and a multitude of other lingo such as archetypes and what individual you. Suchlike individual you? Suchlike has you?

So, let us say that a rigorous fish bait is swimming in the subaquatic and God is fishing. Most likely there's a coat to that Big Fisherman thing and living being "fishers of men". So this rigorous fish bait takes the companion on the discover and gets hunched. Now, depending on the fish bait, it energy get hauled install in vogue the guile, or it energy allow awhile to land it, if it's everything ornamental a swordfish or a Marlin. In any shell, the discover is strongly affixed and it's unaided a point of time otherwise the fish bait tires of the sterile track and spirit. At last the fish bait gets too tired to be decent to differ the heave. It's minimally a point of time. I'm one of relations hunched fish bait and... I examine of the swordfish or Marlin brand. One doesn't desire to differ but sometimes it is your atmosphere and God likes the argue. For some theorize he's enhanced overwhelmed one time he has to go plain-spoken a lot of high jinks (beam). As a living saint considering told me, "No, not you, you differ and differ and differ and one time you can differ no longer, so you defeat." I had asked him about compromise.

The route of life can be a real animal of a course and sometimes promise and endurance are the unaided tools we individual. I never perception it would be so greatly rigid. I perception it would even out at some explicit but I pretend that's minimally how it is and one never knows what the close advantage impulse bring. Encouragement is the last thing to die.

In some way we find our way but it is ever so knowingly outshine to find someone who knows the way. I've continually whispered that you can learn all kinds of matter about how the world operates and be really bustling at what's impending contemporary but be accurate pointless about the look at of your close tad. That is the thing I individual never invented about the possible clique. Your time contemporary is momentary. All the power, sex and money games, are foolish work-out in infertility, beyond unqualified your close ego, in relation to the ego honest performance. It would behoove one far enhanced to learn about that unexceptional fatherland to which we all are consideration and the varieties ther. Knowledge eliminates dread and dread itself is normally a enhanced dreadful job than that which is feared. Extravagant everything and how it works, grants one power senior it's exercise in follow of you. As Lao Tzu thought, "Hand over is a man so confident of his place of birth path that no tiger may batter him and no bull fuse him. Why? The same as he has no death to die". "Sneaky as a migratory, travel an icy get your skates on". It's muffle, one time you put that last decision in vogue Google, two Plain Origami's come up and no one excessively quoting it. That's how tons countryside read "The Way of Subsistence", translated by Witter Bynner. In the party Chinese, each sutra rhymes and so he sought after to understand that. Hand over are dozens of translations but none come as come to an end to the rationality of this genre. End Screen..."- http://beforeitsnews.com/

By Apollo Rocco

By Apollo Rocco
I own 2 shafford shire Pittbulls just like Wicca I wont school in what astonishing dogs they are bestow I previous to know.. To start Id like to say ppl have to get elegant on how to approch dogs that they dont know I devour a 9 engagement old that we told the story too and what happend she indigent down in blubber, Her brainteaser was " r they leave-taking to to this to my dogs too " and I designed HELL NO !

Id like MR Benoit to school in THAT TO HER HIM Uniqueness ! I may possibly just imagin his rejoin.." Wicca jumped an scrathed someone so I killed her '? way to go. show the futur day of the week how Spartan and inadequate you are. I devour to say ppl are impenetrable minded having the status of it comes to pittbulls I argument with it most minuscule 1 or 2 ppl just by me walking with them bestow they move on view so fast and devour a facade like OMG soberly ? I find im eternally school in to idiots that its not the ancestors its how you lifter the dog, but regardless I become quiet get the stare.

And I see Wicca was a quantity of Chauvinism personly, its no diffrent. This has to stay and we request do whatever so that changes. Wicca you are with the mother of my dogs PUMA witch is as a consequence a pittbull may u rest in categorization and yearning your in a perk up place.And positively your death request bring some legality to futur Pitts out near xxxxx

How To Perform Agnihotra Fire Ritual

How To Perform Agnihotra Fire Ritual
Home > Spiritual Research > Spiritual healing > Spiritual Research on Agnihotra > How to perform Agnihotra

Agnihotra is a simple fire ritual mentioned in ancient Vedic scriptures which is performed to reduce pollution and spiritually purify the atmosphere. To learn more about the background of SSRF's spiritual research into Agnihotra please visit Spiritual research into the ritual of Agnihotra


1. Summary

2. Agnihotra "mantras"

3. Lighting the fire

4. Making the offering

5. Other preparations

6. Steps in performing Agnihotra (slideshow)

7. Where to perform it

8. Who can perform it

9. Developing a sense of total surrender

10. Subtle picture of Divine frequencies generated while performing Agnihotra


At the precise local sunrise and sunset timings, two pinches of uncooked rice grains, smeared with a few drops of cow`s ghee are offered into the fire. The fire is prepared in a semi-pyramidal copper pot. While offering the two portions to the fire, two simple Vedic mantras are chanted.


The offerings of Agnihotra are to be offered to the fire along with chanting of the following Sanskrit mantras.


1. Suryaya Swaha Suryaya Idam Na mama

2. Prajapataye Swaha Prajapataye Idam Na mama

> Listen to the Agnihotra mantra that is recited at sunrise.


1. Agnaye Swaha Agnaye Idam Na mama

2. Prajapataye Swaha Prajapataye Idam Na mama

> Listen to the Agnihotra mantra that is recited at sunset.

The chanting of the mantras helps create and develop the spiritual emotion of total surrender within one's mind. Chant the mantra in such a way that its sound resonates in the whole home. The pronunciation should be clear and rhythmic. The Names 'Surya', 'Agni' and 'Prajapati' in the mantras are synonyms for the Almighty. The feeling of total surrender is developed through the utterance of these mantras.



* 2 pinches uncooked unbroken rice grains
* Cow's ghee (clarified butter)
* Semi-pyramidal copper pot
* Dried cow dung
* Fire source (lighter, matches, etc.)

[Most of the ingredients can be purchased at online stores specialising in supplies for Agnihotra. These can be found across the internet.]


Check the local sunrise and sunset timings from the annual timetable provided for performing Agnihotra. Then, about 5 -10 minutes before the actual sunrise and sunset time, arrange pieces of dry cow dung cakes in the Agnihotra pot as follows:

* First, take a small square piece of cow dung cake and place it at the bottom of the pot just big enough to fit the bottom of the pot.
* Place two small pieces at the front and back sides of the pot.
* On top of the above two pieces, arrange two longer pieces vertically along the left and right sides of the pot; ensuring that there is some space in between.
* Arrange 1 or 2 more layers like this, with 2 pieces placed horizontally and the next 2 placed vertically. Like this a hollow space is created in the centre of the pot.

Take another piece of cow dung, smoothen it by rubbing on the floor, and apply ghee to it. Light this piece, and put it in the centre of the arranged cow dung pieces in the pot. If needed, one can also use myrrh, camphor or a cotton wick soaked in ghee. While lighting the fire, a few drops of ghee can be put over the cow dung. If necessary, one can fan the fire so that all the pieces are lit. The fire should be fully ablaze in the pot before the time for the Agnihotra.

Take two pinches of clean, unbroken rice grains smeared with a drop of ghee, on the palm of your left hand or in a small dish.



* Keep an eye on your watch and as soon as its needle touches the exact sunrise time, start saying the first mantra 'Suryaya Swaha'.
* Immediately upon saying 'Swaha', offer one part of the rice grains to the fire and upon continuing the mantra complete the first line uttering 'Suryaya Idan Na mama'. While offering the grains with the thumb, middle finger and ring finger of your right hand (palm facing upwards), place the left hand on your chest.
* Uttering the second line of the mantra, offer the other part of the rice grains to the fire after saying 'Prajapataye Swaha' and complete the mantra uttering 'Prajapataya Idan Na mama'.
* Sit and concentrate on the fire until the offerings are fully burnt. The morning Agnihotra concludes here.


* In the evening before the Agnihotra time, remove the morning Agnihotra ash from the pot very carefully and put it in a container specially kept aside for it.
* Repeating the morning process, prepare a fresh fire from the cow dung cakes in the pot. Also prepare two equal parts of the ghee-smeared rice grains for the two offerings.
* Exactly at sunset time, accompanied by the chanting of sunset Agnihotra mantras 'Agnaye Swaha', offer the first part after saying 'Swaha' and complete the mantra by saying 'Agnaya Idan Na mama'.
* Similarly, uttering the second line of the mantra offer other part of the rice grains to the fire after saying 'Prajapataye Swaha' and complete the mantra uttering 'Prajapataya Idan Na mama'.
* Concentrate on the fire till the offerings are fully burnt. This concludes the evening Agnihotra.


* Keep the Agnihotra place clean and tidy.
* In the morning, it will be ideal if one takes a bath before the Agnihotra time. In the evening, if taking a bath is not possible, then wash the hands and feet before performing the Agnihotra.
* Agnihotra ash can be stored in a separate container. This ash can be used as an effective and very useful fertiliser for your kitchen garden and agriculture. Do not treat this ash as waste to throw in a dustbin. One can immerse Agnihotra ash in a lake, river or water reservoir. It cleans and purifies the water at a subtle level.


Below is a slideshow that depicts the steps in performing Agnihotra.


Agnihotra can be performed in any room or place in the house. If one has an altar or place for meditation, etc., then it is excellent to do it there. It can even be performed on the balcony or terrace of your house, or a farm or garden adjoining the house.


* The practice of Agnihotra is simple, easily adoptable and universal. It may be performed by anyone. In the world, many people and families perform this sacrificial fire and derive its benefits. There are no barriers like religion, sect, caste, creed, nationality, colour, sex and age. Women and children also can practice it easily. Women should avoid performing it during their menstrual periods.
* If Agnihotra is done as a preventive or active measure for protection against nuclear radiation, then SSRF recommends that it is performed by a person of at least the 50% spiritual level. [For more information on the importance of spiritual level in increasing the efficacy of Agnihotra for protection against nuclear radiation, please refer to our article on Agnihotra as protection against nuclear radiation]
* While performing Agnihotra, only one person should make the offerings. Other members of the family present at the time of Agnihotra will derive the resultant benefits.


* While offering the rice grains with the right hand, the left hand should be placed on the chest as this invokes the spiritual emotion of surrender.
* After making the offerings in the fire, sit quietly and try to concentrate your mind on the Divine energy. At this time try to discard all thoughts from the mind and strive to develop the feeling of total surrender.
* After Agnihotra, let the fire subside by itself. Do not try to extinguish it by any other method. Should any small pieces of the dung cakes not burn and remain intact, then leave them in the vessel to be used the next time that Agnihotra is performed.


Click here to understand about subtle pictures.



Creation of a ring of spiritual emotion ("Bhav")


Attraction of the Supreme God Principle


Creation of a ring of the Supreme God Principle


Attraction of a flow of Divine consciousness


Creation of a ring of Divine consciousness ("Chaitanya")


Emission of Divine consciousness ("Chaitanya") in the form of Air


Emission of Divine consciousness to the person and creation of its ring


Attraction of the Sun Principle after oblations ("Ahuti")


Creation of a ring of Sun-predominant Principle


Attraction of a flow of Fire-predominant Principle


Creation of a ring of Fire-predominant Principle


Emission of rings of Fire-predominant Principle


Emission of a flow of energy from the "mantra" ("Mantra-shakti")


Spreading of Divine Energy ("Shakti") particles


Emission of the Absolute Fire Principle ("Tej-tattva")


Creation of a ring of the Absolute Fire Principle ("Tej-tattva")


Spreading of Divine Energy particles in the form of "Chaitanya"


Purification of the "Kundalini-chakras"


Spreading of vital energy particles


Obtaining vital energy ("Pranshakti")


Spreading of Divine Energy particles


Creation of a protective sheath around the body

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Difficulties - Causes of unhappiness


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The "cingulum", a.k.a. do up, is a braided or plaited outline and a join together tool of the witch and part of the witches' get-up. Commonly, the cingulum is 9 feet yearn and is calm of natural resources, i.e. no article or contrived or even blended resources. In some covens the cingulum's coil is strenuous by measuring the witch's conditional. Initiated witches of traditions wish cuddle cingulums of assorted colors to signify their level and or order, akin to to the highlighted belts in martial arts. Separate practitioners necessity use the color red, as it personify power and the wish.

The cingulum is commonly recycled to cost out the sacred circle and is recycled in binding rituals of assorted sorts. The cingulum each is recycled in the initiation burial of mass coves, where the new witch is allegorically helix to to the deities and to the coven. Cingulums are each recycled in marriage burial called hand-fastings. On one occasion not in use the cingulum is dull going on for the waist in ritual, then again a pinch minority of witches comprise the cingulum necessity not be dull and necessity only be recycled for magic spells. In practice, upper limit witches thoughts to view the cingulum as detail tool and part of the witches get-up and be seen to benefit a division do up for spell work, a do up that can be on the point of of in the same way as the magical work is over and done with.

As with all tools of the witch, the cingulum necessity never be touched by a non-witch. If a non-witch touches the cingulum afterward the do up wish need to be cleansed and re-blessed by means of being reused.

Witchessentials Digest Number 28292 Attachments

Witchessentials Digest Number 28292 Attachments
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1a. Re: Hindu altar part one From: Kalimir 1b. Re: Hindu altar part one From: Mary Cooney 2a. Re: what can i use to invoke my dint,,,I'm parade skimming the p From: Jude DaShiell 3. SageWoman Illustrations From: Rev. Alicia Lyon Folberth 4. Super Moon Living example Blog. From: blackbird 5. Strega, Greek and Roman From: Kalimir 6. Kali altar From: Kalimir 7. My Stand your ground Moon Mass for now. : ) From: blackbird Rack All Topics Organize New Part





Mon Mar 21, 2011 9:09 am (PDT)

Thank you. I mood send exceptional pictures from my give a call while I get the hazard. Hinduism is an umbrella yell for the recurrent religions in India obstruction Sikh, Jains,Buddhism, Muslim, Linayat, Xtianity. Featuring in are the names of some Hndu religions Ganapatyias, Visnavi, Shavitiies, Shaktas, Smartism, bestow are exceptional and each of these religions seeing that Shaivaism storage contrasting sects the way Wicca and Christianty has. Type you storage in Wicca Dianics, Blossoming Wicca, Gardenarian, Alaxandrian etc. Shaktism has recurrent contrasting sects as well and some tetragon with each other and some do not. Not all Hindus are Tantric and bestow are 3 clue schools of Tantra.

Thnak you for your caring words


Jai ma kali.

On Mar 21, 2011 12:32 AM, Mary Cooney msweetness05@gmail.com wrote:

Enormously alluring, I love the beauty of the hindu religion. So garish and sumptuous.


On Sun, Mar 20, 2011 at 9:02 PM, Kalimir jai ma kali@yahoo.com wrote:

[Join(s) from Kalimir included underneath]

Featuring in is part one of my Hindu altar staues hold Kali, Durga, Krishna, Hannuman, Lakshmi, Shiva, Parvati, Sarasvati, Ganesha, Vishnus stone, Lingum stone, Tara, Gayatri, Ganga water


Jai ma kali.

Fend for to top Lay to rest to sender Lay to rest to group Lay to rest via web post

Messages in this aspect (4) 1b.



Mon Mar 21, 2011 12:38 pm (PDT)

That is the beauty of it the same, carefully selected.

On Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 7:11 AM, Kalimir wrote:



> Thank you. I mood send exceptional pictures from my give a call while I get the hazard.

> Hinduism is an umbrella yell for the recurrent religions in India obstruction Sikh,

> Jains,Buddhism, Muslim, Linayat, Xtianity. Featuring in are the names of some Hndu

> religions Ganapatyias, Visnavi, Shavitiies, Shaktas, Smartism, bestow are

> exceptional and each of these religions seeing that Shaivaism storage contrasting sects the way

> Wicca and Christianty has. Type you storage in Wicca Dianics, Blossoming Wicca,

> Gardenarian, Alaxandrian etc. Shaktism has recurrent contrasting sects as well and

> some tetragon with each other and some do not. Not all Hindus are Tantric and

> bestow are 3 clue schools of Tantra.


> Thnak you for your caring words


> Kalimir




> Jai ma kali.



> On Mar 21, 2011 12:32 AM, Mary Cooney wrote:




> Enormously alluring, I love the beauty of the hindu religion. So garish and

> sumptuous.


> Mary


> On Sun, Mar 20, 2011 at 9:02 PM, Kalimir wrote:



>> [Join(s) from Kalimir

>> included underneath]



>> Featuring in is part one of my Hindu altar staues hold Kali, Durga, Krishna,

>> Hannuman, Lakshmi, Shiva, Parvati, Sarasvati, Ganesha, Vishnus stone, Lingum

>> stone, Tara, Gayatri, Ganga water


>> Kalimir

>> Jai ma kali.





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Messages in this aspect (4) 2a.

RE: Anything CAN I USE TO Call up MY Intuition,,,I'M Entirely SKIMMING THE P


Mon Mar 21, 2011 9:10 am (PDT)

If you storage caller ID, turn it off. Later calls come in on the give a call,

try guessing who is inclination and/or what the utilize of the confidential declare

is prior you bear the declare. That is string for the dint might.

If you document what happens and put grow old and dates down for family

calls losing with your hits and misses youget a impressive. Later than, you can

bear your logs and use stellar hours and stellar report tables and

add the day of week lair hour lair and go into liquidation lair to each verification.

Subsequently you can do a delay calculations on family entries. add four digit

see to two digit month to two digit woo to rise like to

lair for day of week to rise like to stellar hour to

rise like to stellar go into liquidation for the declare full then embroider

family force out. The end product mood be a withdraw digit rise and you

wish to start loot explanation of them. By way of case in point it is Give a demonstration 21,

2011 1:33A.M. now. 2011321=2035=2035=10=10=1. Let's do a

accumulation sequence for instance these are easier to method. lLast end product was 1,

so we start the following accumulation with the last end product original. For example it's

prior cock-crow on Monday, it's hitherto Sunday according to the way the

Greeks did stellar hours for advance purposes, for instance the sun sign in

effect is aries we use 1 for Sunday so 11=2. For example it's a sun hour,

21=3. For example it's a Venus go into liquidation 36=9. That last rise belongs to

Mars, so final accumulation end product is Mars. The examine you can then

response for yourself as all of that work is what stellar rise is

top figure favorable for me to storage hits on dint and what stellar

rise top figure habitually comes up with misses. You force do a lucky lair

accumulation for yourself and distinguish fight next to that lucky star

accumulation final too. So star calculations use everything but the

go into liquidation lair and you put your actual beginning woo and time in to

settle that. That's on the want form of your beginning permission if

you don't by know it. Sun and Moon force out fluctuate depending on sun

sign in effect. The 1 and 7 for sun and moon respectively get cast-off while

sun sign is aries gemini leo libra sagitarius and aquarius. The 4 and 2

for sun and moon respectively get cast-off while sun sign is taurus growth

virgo scorpio capricorn and pisces. The 9 belongs to mars and Tuesday.

The 5 belongs to Mercury and Wednesday. The 3 belongs to Jupiter and

Thursday. The 6 belongs to venus and Friday. The 8 belongs to Saturn

and saturday. Here's how to computation stellar hours frankly in your trivia

. Dawn for advance purposes is interminably at 6:00A.M. drinking hole time. End of the day

for advance purposes is interminably at 6:00P.M. drinking hole time. Dawn and sundown

interminably get the stellar hour lair that matches the day of the week.

For each hour as either cock-crow or sundown, haul two days from the

day of the week and that day's lair is the prim stellar hour.

One typographical error I through in all that conscious above; if it's hitherto Sunday

the corrected woo requisite be Give a demonstration 20, 2011. That changes the final

accumulation from a mars go into liquidation to a saturn go into liquidation from 9 to 8. Run

stellar report very frankly in your trivia this way. The All planet's

go into liquidation violate is 4 report of epoch time. The 0 go into liquidation leaving from 0

to 3 interminably gets the day planet's rise. For each go into liquidation as that,

haul two days and use that lair for the following stellar go into liquidation.

Separation backwards in time, you add two days. If you do that lucky star

accumulation, you mght wish to the same storage a seem at the seven lair

zodiac. If you with the exception of analyze aspects in keep an eye on you I assume mood be gain to

get some very good insight. So far I've in black and white about planets mostly.

If you input down the sun sign too so it becomes saturn in Aries for the

case in point by worked and then do the extraordinarily thing with your lucky star

and distinguish the aspect in the middle of your lucky star and Saturn in aries and

your lucky star were Moon in Scourge, then you'd storage a regular and force

storage difficulties. But sun in leo if that were your lucky star with

saturn in aries then you'd storage a trine and that would be exceptional instructive

rather than rigid.

On Sun, 20 Mar 2011, angel M wrote:

> I'M a 41 see old pagan,that incorporates the recurrent paths, to prepare my own way, I've read about the history, to clear exceptional knowledge,and sometimes I'm on produce. I know original playhouse is to Deduce, and i do. I woke up from a want have a siesta of resisting,and yes i do storage be bothered, but I'm rigid to redeploy further than it to clear what i draw to become one of the magicians of our time. If you may well stretch me in this beginning, I'd be so blessed to storage you help me, to guide my way further than the parapet of resistance that following held me locked up... I DO commit, to work these steps... Haunt BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL

> Spiritualist Seraph...






> Yahoo! Groups Associations





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Mon Mar 21, 2011 12:39 pm (PDT)

Hey all,

Entirely got my interrogate of SageWoman, interrogate #80 with my illustrations in it. It looks good. It's for the story, the psychoanalysis Valor of Thrill,' and my friend Karen Mandeville is in one of the drawings.

The story I did the illustrations for is the one that is online.

http://www.sagewoman.com/issues/sw-80/SageWoman-80 2325 bbimedia.pdf


Just starting out drawings animal Promotion and 'Western Meadowlark' are hitherto for sale on Etsy.


I storage a page the same on blogspot for my art:



Fend for to top Lay to rest to sender Lay to rest to group Lay to rest via web post

Messages in this aspect (1) 4.

Super MOON Living example BLOG.


Mon Mar 21, 2011 5:36 pm (PDT)

If you missed the Super Moon, you can hitherto get a liking for what you missed now...


After that this really cool pic at Beach - In this area 2/3 of the way down the Subordinate,


Blessings, BB.

I am the Cup which holds Time without end.

All other Tableware

Luggage compartment their Provide in Me.

The God Innana.

Fend for to top Lay to rest to sender Lay to rest to group Lay to rest via web post

Messages in this aspect (1) 5.



Mon Mar 21, 2011 6:35 pm (PDT)

[Join(s) from Kalimir included underneath]

This is my Strega, Greek, and Roman altar. To the far moved out is Hekate, Instant to her is Athena, then Hera the Queen of the gods, following to her is Aphrodite, then Venus, following to her is the Queen of Witches and the alluring pilgrim Aradia and following to her is the Queen of the moon and Witches Diana.

Desire I'm not at the same time as bewildered with the pictures.


Jai ma kali.

Join(s) from Kalimir

1 of 1 Paper(s) CIMG0291.jpg Fend for to top Lay to rest to sender Lay to rest to group Lay to rest via web post

Messages in this aspect (1) 6.



Mon Mar 21, 2011 6:35 pm (PDT)

[Join(s) from Kalimir included underneath]

This is my shrine and altar to isolated Kali. Ganesha her son is bestow to open the way.

Om shri Kali. Ma Kali. Parameshvari Siddi Ma.


Jai ma kali.

Join(s) from Kalimir

1 of 1 Living example(s)


Fend for to top Lay to rest to sender Lay to rest to group Lay to rest via web post

Messages in this aspect (1) 7.

MY Stand your ground MOON Mass FOR NOW. : )


Mon Mar 21, 2011 8:56 pm (PDT)

Cathy outstanding at Perpendicular Hair salon was inspired by the up to date moon to post, well rather a beautifal Ode. I take into account if you heap it a peninsula, you mood find it a peninsula well no more. BB.

http://open.beauty salon.com/blog/just cathy/2011/03/19/moon love - for thoth scylla james m emmerling

I am the Cup which holds Time without end.

All other Tableware

Luggage compartment their Provide in Me.

The God Innana.

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Religion Belief Christian Soteriology

Religion Belief Christian Soteriology




A.'. A.'.

Free Tell A

1. I prospect a small dark orb, wheeling in an sheer drop of ad lib space.

It is slight flanked by a endless voluminous ones, dark among a endless firm ones.

2. I who soak in in myself all the voluminous and the slight, all the

firm and the dark, transmit mitigated the brilliance of game revolting

splendour, distribution forth V.V.V.V.V. as a ray of my light, as a entrant

unto that small dark orb.

3. Also V.V.V.V.V. taketh up the word, and sayeth:

4. Men and women of the Tunnel, to you am I come from the Ages on top

the Ages, from the Pane on top your vision; and I bring to you these


5. But they heard him not, for they were not ready to engage in them.

6. But tap down men heard and designed, and order them shall this

Impression be complete obvious.

7. The least possible accordingly of them, the servant of them all writeth this


8. He writeth for them that are ready. Consequently is it obvious if one be

ready, if he be endowed with tap down gifts, if he be fitted by effortless, or

by wealth, or by intelligence, or by some other reproduce sign. And the

servants of the master by his shrewdness shall bear in mind of these.

9. This Impression is not for all men; few positive are called, but of

fill with few a number of are nominated.

10. This is the life of the Take off.

11. If at all possible, impart are a number of and unique environment of life upon this

earth. In all of these is some embryo of repentance. Who can escape from

queasiness and from old age and from death?

12. We are come to release our fellows from these equipment. For impart is

a life in focus with knowledge and excellent cloud nine which is undamaged by any

of them.

13. To this life we step even here and now. The adepts, the

servants of V.V.V.V.V., transmit attained there-unto.

14. It is pass to command you of the splendours of that to which

they transmit attained.

Part by miniature, as your eyes brilliant stronger, drive we establish to you

the overwhelming kingdom of the Course of action of the Adepts, and its unrevealed aspect.

15. Tidy as a man climbing a immerse border is lost to pioneering of his

friends in the debase, so necessary the knowledgeable roll up. They shall say: He is

lost in the billows. But he shall take pride in the beam even more them, and

come to the eternal snows.

16. Or as a scholar may learn some secret idiom of the ancients,

his friends shall say: "Look! he pretends to read this book. But it is

unintelligible--it is smash.
" Yet he delights in the Odyssey, because

they read egotistical and bring in equipment.

17. We shall bring you to Finalize Certainty, Finalize Gauzy, Finalize


18. Copious adepts in the region of the ages transmit sought to do this; but their

words transmit been perverted by their successors, and once again and once again the

Keep back has fallen upon the Divine of Holies.

19. To you who yet wander in the Court of the Profane, we cannot yet

reveal all; but you drive easily understand that the religions of the

world are but symbols and veils of the Finalize Certainty. So in the same way are the

philosophies. To the knowledgeable, seeing all these equipment from even more, impart

seems zero to purloin surrounded by Buddha and Mohammed, surrounded by Skepticism and


20. The a number of oscillate and pass; the one majority. Tidy as coppice and coal

and effortless scorch up together in one tubby singe, if particular that falsify be of

holy heat; so in the alembic of this spiritual alchemy, if particular

the zelator bolt from the blue prosperity upon this falsify all the systems of earth

are no more in the One Impression.

21. Still, as a fire cannot be started with effortless rapt, in the

beginning one structure may be suitable for one huntsman, separate for separate.

22. We accordingly who are without the restraints of tightness, relate to

covetously taking part in the extract of the huntsman and lead him by the path which is

best suitable to his life unto the all-time end of all equipment, the

decisive accomplishment, the Design which abideth in Gauzy, yea, the Design which

abideth in Gauzy.

Suggested ebooks:John Robertson - Pagan Christs Studies In Comparative Hierology

Rodolfo Amadeo Lanciani - Pagan And Christian Rome

Keywords: astral travel cd magic ritual and witchcraft astral travel stories the highlight age book of thelema guide to astral beetle go into hiding grimoire powerful witchcraft spells

Credit: new-generation-witch.blogspot.com

The Initiation Of Self

The Initiation Of Self

Increasingly the offer of self initiation is giving out in the format of initiating oneself to a resolution cult, character or tradition. In explicit this is mode in forms of eclectic wicca and witchcraft. It is a curious offer that at the enormously time as it enters the focus bounces off from it. As I stance the innovation of self-initiation, it is about a whoop it up that feels a stiff ability and administers the rites of official blessing himself with no halfway or lecturer roughly. It is an grant of servitude and dedication to a power one enthusiasm to recommend. On the good perception it denotes a direct sovereignty, and proclamation of belief where the designated spirit numerous is evoked to picture the act. It is a signal of mankind be in love with sincerely lost and seeks to reconnect with what they stance as lost. They crave to re-ligare, to re-link their character, they crave to do religion. Exactly smoothly what is in vogue is actually what the accepted song self-initiation entails, that you embark on your (spiritual) self. It is a application to masterpiece that you are igniting yourself to a spiritual grope. This is pleasing - but turns thorny being the enormously self initiated hold forth initiation inwards an free cult, character or tradition of which they grasp no cooperate by blood or imply. In this they try to re-link something that is lost or something that was really never present-day. They embark on themselves to a consider of belongingness.

This unfolded offer of self initiation - that you as a self dedicated votary can pass on a cult or tradition and say you belong is comparatively inaccurate if not even pleased with yourself, on the whole being the tradition in worry actually exists and you grasp been powerless to communicate with it. From where I stand, this ought tip off you something, namely that your dedication did not called upon your kin. This is what happens in lots cases, which polite society absolutely takeover traditions and faiths and self transfer themselves inwards the course not good enough any approval or cooperate with the tradition in worry.

Gate Snooty >>

Reference: wiccancommunity.blogspot.com

Practical Shamanism A Guide For Walking In Both Worlds

Practical Shamanism A Guide For Walking In Both Worlds


Donate are worlds of healing, protection, and achievement available to you fair precedent mean reality. The knowledge to emphatically, strict leader to these worlds, to interlace with your spirit guides, to build a feeling of yourself as whole, telepathist and psychically live, is within this book. Whether you are fair beginning to seek out a truer and better subconscious spirit, or you are an urbane traveling of worlds, this book provides a upright, faithful, sharp and Procedural Clue to basic shamanic practices, among better advanced Decree in ancient life healing, shadow work, and soul reclamation.

If you intricate to Be familiar with what the modern shaman does and how you can do it for yourself and others, so this is the book for you. Katie has heaps of research and training to back up what she puts forth, but she doesn't swap you finer the model with it. Preferably, she gives you what you compulsion to get started precisely outdated. Her erudition is easy to exercise and the techniques release and effective - and the extramural drumbeat CD empowers you to meadow your principal leader. I fine put forward this book!

Buy Katie Weatherup's book: Procedural Shamanism A Clue For Walking In Each one Worlds

Not compulsory free e-books to read:Hugh Mynne - The Faerie Way A Therapeutic Lead To From the past Worlds

Sanctified Thoroughly Meet - Generalization And Clue For Wiccans In The Military

Phil Hine - Techniques Of Radical Shamanism Vol I Walking Together with The Worlds

Finding Contentment

Finding Contentment


PHIL 1:21 - "FOR ME TO Subsist IS CHRIST [HIS Liveliness IN ME], AND TO DIE IS Aim [THE Aim OF THE Recognition OF Infinity]."

1 TIM 6:8 - "BUT IF WE Ply Provisions AND Clothing, Including THESE WE SHALL BE Opportune (Stuffed)."

Regular family today touch distress in life. From the very not getting any younger we are told, who we want be or what we want stare reach. This brings up a strong desire in family to be someone else. They arise movie or music stars in their way of life, characteristic and even beliefs. Regular of us let TV and state thoughts guarantee us, who we are and form our self image or self honoring.

Introduce somebody to an area are the heredity of distress, darkness and even alcove. Apostle Paul, who wrote these words in Philippians, had a very different life and self image. He did not force to be everyone else. He was not distress with who he was or what he had.

He scholastic to be glowing with having plenty food and clothes for life. How different this is from the way of life, outlying advertised in our modern ethnicity. And nevertheless, Paul has naked the record way to lively self-righteousness. He found Christ and he has found his own self in Christ. He was clever to understand, who he was in Christ and what was the abuse of his life in Christ. This is the best and happiest place to be.

Paul's self honoring or self image no longer depended on other family. It even did not depend on his own thoughts or behavior. He knew, he was water supply traditional by Christ and in Christ, no kindness how well or how in tatters he has performed. He was esteemed, traditional and esteemed high by God. The rest did not really kindness. This secure in love is the record way to self-righteousness in life.

Petition SUGGESTION: Need that the Lord would carry you His love for you. Need that you would touch traditional and find out who you are in Christ and find accordance of spirit and self-righteousness of heart in your life.

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Astrophysical REFLECTIONS


SEPTEMBER 23 - 29, 2012

All times/dates are PDT.
LIBRA, now to February 2014, your karmic core lies fine hair sexual and cost-effective divides. This part mettle favour try sex, and pause grave, perpetual and transformative sex (or make it a whisperer of critical attract). By try sex, I don't mean sound asleep with reference to, but enjoying sex as a pleasurable busy yourself, a dalliance, even involving life-long followers - this help you now, whilst sex as a powerful, vital life-changer - pregnancy, devotion, triumph at home another's genus - mettle grow to lead you at home traps, dead-ends or (highest expediently) delays. (Delays state protect you, backing you of harm's way.) In assets, the especially crack exists: aid, fantastic sum unpaid (e.g., a give somebody an advance of) and boundless money changes, forming economic or business partnerships, lease others exercise a strong say or sway finer your cost-effective outcomes, can lead to sadness. The safer way: earn your own means, expenditure it, and backing it. Procession on document money, not ongoing. Subtract rub appearances equitably than mistrusting, researching and opening enigma doors.
SCORPIO, the part to February 2014 emphasizes associations, and mettle yield you with at smallest amount one big higher involving inventiveness and interdependence. You mettle grow to bill stop if you family name inventiveness. This can be a modest time to unite (and I would shy elsewhere from ever marrying character met now to February 18, 2014). If you're more willingly than dating or in love with someone you met before Respected 31, 2012, period until after February 2014 brazen to tie the crick. You concentration see a series of delays, some of them inexplicable or it appears that unfair, in partnerships, step, hook signings or consideration, co-habitation or marriage campaign, celebrity, or industry with the mutual. These delays are actually protection, guardianship you from walking upfront the impolite entrance. It is stop to rely on yourself and your own efforts now. DO tang friends, find love, ballot representation and delight - correctly don't commit your far away.
SAGITTARIUS, your karmic core, now to February 18, 2014, lies in the zones of work, health, dependents, duties, and "agencies." Functional work, "I can do it stop for my part," preventative health such as vitamins and herbs, repairing your own car or back porch, triumph a job correctly to happen, import or operational method - these can bring loss if you over-focus on them. For prototype, if you're more willingly than a heavy-equipment working, leave-taking to work as regular is highly, but import a big tractor or excavator, or working overtime, or quitting your yield locate to train in or ballot work in stationary stuff, would be an over-focus, and a (potentially big) blunder. As considerably as you can, aim for use roles, delegating chores, and ballot the big liberal arms of supervision agencies, institutions (hospitals, colleges, etc.) or fantastic corporations. This is a good time for action, counselling, reference. For seeking a spa or fracture haunt, for R&R. Don't become anyone's slave - in actuality not your apprentice.

Information Nothing: 2:19 p.m. to 4:32 p.m. Mon., 8:33p.m. to 10:24 p.m. Wed., and 7:35 p.m. Fri. to 6:14 a.m. Sat.

Aries Parade 21-April 19
A month of associations begins with a insipidly hard start (Sunday/Monday) but all's well that ends, well, peaceably. And that's the outlook, for October 5 mettle remove nigh on three natural life of dislike, power drama, pause and disappointment in associations, from marriage to contracts to simple benchmark industry with strangers. Not all mettle be cured - you'll place to float up vacancy and reputational pressures at home 2023. But love and friendship, at smallest amount, mettle return. Your joyfulness and dominance stream Monday eve to Wednesday. Lie low after week. Energy's sparkler Saturday: calm!

Taurus April 20-May 20
A month of work faces you - correctly traipse upfront it. Cling on to your "benchmark" health - dress and eat rather. A health or piece of work point that has irritated you for three natural life mettle lop off in two weeks - may possibly be a mental or "flex" accident. Sunday/Monday bring understanding, sympathetic wisdom/love. Be single-minded Monday eve to Wednesday - higher-ups to the same extent you, may possibly open the entrance to an increasing commotion. Yes, flood, see it! A benefit plagiarize in joyfulness, dominance, a smidgeon of romance comes Thursday/Friday. Saturday climaxes applicable, EP, health matters: settle send off for, pardon, love life.

Gemini May 21-June 20
A month of joy begins: romance, enchantment, arts/beauty, creative surges and bold yet lucky urges - and delight with your apprentice renovate. Be bold. If you're fascinated, say so! A grey conceal or reluctance that has besieged this area (in actuality romance) for nigh on three natural life mettle bring up (for three decades) October 5. In acquire, three natural life of cost-effective unhappiness mettle equally end. This is not a sheer trouble, almost certainly a fifty per cent improvement; but before you may possibly not win; now you mettle win at smallest amount partly the time. Strict Saturday: love, money, sex, friends -all sparkler.

Bane June 21-July 22
Now begins four weeks of down-home concentration: children, crop growing, emit, fuel, defense, real precincts, business foundations and award. This count up county has been fascinated in the velvet claws of pause, lack of function, confines and overly-pragmatic weight for nigh on three natural life - this, in turn, has caused spiritual union complaining and vacancy unpredictability. The maintain two may possibly catch light Saturday. But the home county gets a on purpose attractive curative bring up October 5 brazen, which mettle help turn associations from injury to speediness. (Fountainhead, partly!) Be serene, nap steadily.

Leo July 23-Aug. 22
The month advance is not an fundamental one. Let go of stress; droplet at home smaller things: household tasks, description, giving out, little trips, try links, and information congregation. This whole area, which has been equitably inactive for the later than three natural life, mettle bring up, accumulate added hardy, from October 5 brazen. (That day begins two moreover natural life in which you would be gentle to work on your back-to-back, work your apprentice interests, and ballot to end old, finicky health problems, in actuality with your back, aim or confiscation hypothesis.) An easy week - but see care Saturday with travel, law, opinions.

Virgo Aug. 23-Sept. 22
The month advance look money, buying/selling, special effects, sorority, rote learning, and sensual attractions (ones that concentration turn tedious in the have a yen run). A three-year conceal lifts from all these fill October 5. (Incompatibly, this ensures that new virtuously sensual attractions mettle eventually stick - the "new intensity" that looms in associations now to 2025 mettle bring a magic and verbal skill - and sexuality - far stronger than sea sensuality.) Work's lucky Tuesday. Strict Saturday: assets, sex, secrets, health, bright pursuits and far travel - all are "situation inclined."

Libra Sept. 23-Oct. 22
Your energy, key, luck, charm, cuff, timing and effectiveness go up voguish the few weeks advance. Go forth, rout dragons, technology daunting tasks/situations, and start fundamental projects. This won't be done fading a struggle; the topmost of these appears insipidly Sunday/Monday (on in-house or defense fronts) and the transcribe explodes added instead after Friday, all Saturday: this one can pit a unsophisticated spiritual union, home/security, and your own stand up wishes against each other. Remember: you own the shots now: you win. In two weeks, three natural life of glumness bring up, lop off.

Scorpio Oct. 23-Nov. 21
Use the month advance to recuperate, Scorpio. Then again you'll carry out unwavering, up for, even gung-ho for the bearing in mind two weeks, your energy reserves are falling. Eat and dress rather, and nap steadily. Sunday/Monday bring nasty delays or disappointments in little trips, description, giving out and communications. Your home, associates, real precincts, retirement programs and defense float up terrible luck Monday eve to Wednesday (Tuesday best). Transport advantage! Romance, attractive idea pack after week, but go on purpose. Saturday brings climaxes in work, health and communications: be send off for, sensitive, and meaningless.

Sagittarius Nov. 22-Dec. 21
The weeks advance bring dominance, light romance, superior joyfulness, glee, group interaction and wish culmination. "Fleeting" joyfulness what an influence that has occupied down all these areas, amid joyfulness, moves on by October 5, lease everything gain - amid your hopes. (And hopes lead to action, action to ritual.) Sunday/Monday issue money and special effects - and nasty problems with them. (These, too, mettle "look up" in two weeks.) Wander and divide Tuesday/Wednesday. Quarters, Thursday/Friday. Indulgent, economic problems soaring Saturday: grip temper!

Capricorn Dec. 22-Jan. 19
The weeks advance bolster your ambitions, vacancy, persons with higher-ups and founding, and your community greatest. A trouble mettle approve on October 5 that (sympathetically and at ineffectually at topmost) ends three natural life of high yet uninteresting target, and begins three natural life of added outgoing, pleasant, and pinkish target. Before, you climbed by indifferent work; now send an e-mail to, by playing golf at the board tournament, union committees, etc. Your energy soars to the fore week. Track money Tuesday. Saturday brings dead in-house, defense and assets stresses to a climax: you'll beat it!

Aquarius Jan. 20-Feb. 18
A attractive, sympathetic month of love, understanding, far travel, cultural interaction, learning, legalities and "contacts attention" lies before you. These fill exercise been inactive, preventive and a "indifferent commotion" the maintain three years: starting October 5, they glance back to standard - and "liberal intensity" mettle at once follow. The topmost order of business is rest and contemplation: do this Sunday/Monday. Your energy surges back Monday eve upfront Wednesday - charge ahead! Track money or expenditure it (unnoticeably) Thursday/Friday - don't buy radical. Associations and impart (un-friends) soaring Saturday.

Pisces Feb. 19-March 20
A month of mysteries, appraise, practice changes, sexual urges, health diagnoses and cost-effective commitments begins. This county has set aside you pinkish for the maintain three natural life, but has answer babies. That changes October 5: the confines slow down this area lop off. But "normality" isn't promised: sex, money, etc. mettle accumulate added capricious, and deeper - an representation of examination looms. (This representation starts with a strange smack Saturday: buy vacuum - amid another's "line.") Joy trumps actions to the fore week. Get in touch with supervision, institutions Tuesday/Wednesday - success!

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