My Intro Post

I just joined. HI! I wanted to post a little about myself so here I go.

I'm married to VELDURN. We've been together for 8 years this June 14th but married 2 years this Aug 19th. I count the June anniversary as our real one. I ain't starting over just cause we got married. We eloped. Went to a local car dealership and just got married. Yes a car dealership they didn't even give me a free car or anything. Oh wells...We eloped like that cause he was leaving for Iraq. He just got back about a month ago and he's looking for work. We are currently living with my parents (gods help me) and we are going to get out ASAP but no one's gonna give us a loan until he gets a job. We are looking for a condo (200K) because you can't afford a house in south FL. I'd really like to try and get a foreclosure house because then maybe we can get a real house instead of a condo. Oh wells I'm rambling sorry.

I'm pagan/wiccan there's a lot I'm still sorting out but I know the basics of what I believe and I work mainly with the Greeks. My husband is still searching. Oh my hubby is 24 and I'll be 24 in June so we are a young couple. I look forward to talking with all of you!



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