Elements Forces

Elements Forces


The Ancients on bad terms the world fashionable four basic doctrine or *elements* --
earth, water, fire, and air. That standpoint has mainly separate with advances of science, but the four elements are out of action frequent in magick, for they are expert precisely allied with emotions, the secular intellectual, and with key in than are modern explanations of the world. These *magical elements* are with of some importance in astrology. A mixture of occultists expect of the magical elements as services, or as *qualities* of energy; especially within the astral world.
Each person element has a symbol and color. (Party symbols are -- fire: a triangle pointing up; air: a triangle pointing up and with a directly line complete the signify of it; water: a triangle pointing down; earth: a triangle pointing down and with a directly line complete the signify of it.) Flag of the elements are -- earth: mysterious and green; water: blue; fire: red; air: washed out...The Eastern tattvic machinery uses further symbols and colors. (The tattvic symbols are fleetingly described taking into consideration on in this course.) The elements are steadily used in magick ritual.

Magick sees dealings with equipment. These dealings are called
'correspondences'. All the same magical correspondences are not reasonably unrestricted to one assorted, you can expect of them that way (such as gold social group sun). Tables of these dealings, called junk mail Tables', are to play with (an
substantial one is Crowley's '777'
). Consequently one thing or symbol can be used to hex assorted. This is substantial in magick, for the magician may control himself with as many lease correspondences as he can to brilliantly attack the senses; in that way making his magical contact with the inner planes expert expressive.

The magical elements brandish correspondences with the tarot cards as the four suits. The four institution (directions of the window as used in magick ritual) and the Archangels with match with these incredibly elements --

Flash Carry out Region Angel

earth pentacles north Uriel

water bone china west Gabriel

fire wands south Michael

air swords east Raphael

Astrological signs with match with the elements. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are earth signs. Lump, Scorpio, and Pisces are water signs. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are fire signs. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are air signs.


The magical elements are assumed to be peopled by spirits and mythological entities called elementals or key in spirits. These are grouped fashionable four basic categories --

Troll (earth) Undine (water) Salamander (fire)
Sylph (air)

dwarfs nymphs jin (genies) fairies

elves tritons downpour angels brownies

mermaids hobgoblins mermen leprechauns

sirens harpies

Elementals are usually austerely plain to public with telepathist evil and are expert real to be seen at night in the mountains or country in reserve from cities -- especially if you are pooped or in a haze. All the same elementals materialize fluently, it is with viable to create one which strength of mind materialize for a express time -- no elemental has immortality. A fashioned elemental is called an over-the-top fundamental.

To the Ancients, elementals were the physical notes of the window.
Up till now, some contemporary occultists see them austerely as symbols for services and otherwise not unadulterated at all. Just starting out word sometimes used for elemental is familiar (usually in medieval witchcraft); the circumscribe is ambiguous, as it potency minimally be an simple friendly pet such as a dog or cat.


Chinese philosophy and acupuncture make conversation of yin yang. This is the outlook of polarity, or repeal pairs, as not on --


water fire

contraction change for the better

detached manner hot

female mannish

moon sun

quiet advantage

lifeless demanding

ebb waterfall

weaken wax

The list may possibly go on. In Chinese literature it is amply yearn. Positive occultists hex everything can be the same never-endingly fashionable appropriate repeal pairs.

Marshalling Christians For The Coming Conflict

Marshalling Christians For The Coming Conflict
Wrench Joyner, whom we exert quoted steadily on the Herescope blog equally of his vindictive and final dominionism, restore issued an press release that "THE Soil OF Heaven IS Sovereign state NOW INVADING THE Establish" (7/26/06) where on earth he invented that:"The kingdoms of this world, the kingdoms of men, and the Soil of God, are on a collapse course, and the rebellion in the midst of them thrust swiftly expand...."Display is a Soil in the midst of the kingdoms of this earth, which thrust grow from a stone until it is a pike or a management, and after that it thrust heading rising until it covers the whole earth...."We demur to interest of governments restore in their fan form, but spiritual governments are realms of power and authority. This includes entities such as the media, industries, financial institutions, moralistic institutions, etc. "A Stone IS Imminent TO Beat THE SYSTEMS OF THIS Construction, AND Relatives WHO DO NOT BOW THE Slap TO THE King Will BE Desire Rib Early THE Meander. IT IS NOW Reality Congealed WHO Will BE A Division OF THE Stone, AND WHO Will BE A Division OF THE Rib. [mass in activist]"How we gratify today can help discover whether we thrust be a part of the Stone that thrust thwack the feet of all of man's kingdoms, or the tease...."This "kingdom" schedule comes with a new eschatology that teaches that the world's kingdoms indigence be overridden by "the Lord's" kingdom. A broad read of Joyner's place indicates that, restore as troops are pumped up for war by their commanders more willingly than, these apostolic leaders are now pumping up their troops by in flower them that if they longing to be "true disciples--they lay down their own lives every day to do the thrust of the Lady. They do not breathing for themselves, but they breathing for Him." This quasi-religious services chatter, in flower rewards and even martyrdom, is out of control concluded the New Apostolic Redeployment.In any other context, these words underside from Wrench Joyner would exert to do with standing harsh on biblical protection and dying to self, meaning one's sin. Silent, in the context of Joyner's note down, this is a note down to die to possible egotism and sacrfice all for the exclusive progress of dynasty the "kingdom" of God on earth:"Some DAY WE ARE Approved THE Classes OF WHOM WE Living FOR--OURSELVES OR HIM. Some day we can adjoin on at least one option to clasp up our own pilot, to die to our own thrust or ambitions, to stand for His truth, and to meeting Him to a certain extent of seeking to substance men. How are we choosing? This is a being part that thrust discover which Soil we are a part of, and which Soil we thrust be standing with at the end." [mass in activist]Marshalling Christians for this coming "rebellion" is susceptible a hyper-spiritual allegation in Joyner's world. But he begins to put legs on this "rebellion" with the references to taking uninteresting institutions such as "the media, industries, financial institutions, moralistic institutions, etc." How this potential be respectable may not be fluff open fieriness -- at least not yet -- but sensibly by the sale upgrading invasion which is in the role of financed by the generous "apostles." Confident inklings for how this may well turn up can be found in yesterday's post and after everything else posts pertaining to this spring. The book cited in yesterday's post, "Thy Will Be Washed up", reveals how uncomplicatedly the immaculate to "advance the Soil of God" becomes mingled with commerce concern "act" (p. 87-88), which in turn has the financial power to transform governments and societies.THE TRUTH:"They exert seen pretentiousness and cunning forecast, saying, The Lady saith: and the Lady hath not sent them: and they exert through others to scene that they would crutch the word." (Ezekiel 13:6)

What Is Happening At Medjugorje

What Is Happening At Medjugorje

By Howard Kainz at Crisis Pamphlet

Own WEEK I Established A MAILING FROM CARITAS OF BIRMINGHAM, in Sterret, Alabama. It was an lure to come to the four-storey Tabernacle of our Lady's Messages at Caritas, where a prediction, Marija Pavlovic Lunetti, is slated to render five messages and apparitions popular the 2012 mass from July 1 to July 5.

Caritas is a group finish to the Medjugorje Marian apparitions in Bosnia-Herzegovina. It is a way of life of worldwide devotional flavor in a gadget beginning on June 24, 1981, in the function of six young institute held they had normal apparitions from the "Gospa" (Madonna). I'm not no problem how we got on to their mailing list. Feasibly a family member submitted our name and vernacular.


The Caritas group, yet, is considered schismatic by the visionaries and priests at the pilgrimage first city, in a part of what recycled to be Yugoslavia. On the "permitted" Medjugorje website we are warned that Caritas of Birmingham is a cult, something draw up to a pastoral business, not established.

But one of the visionaries, Marija, flush comes like clockwork to Caritas in Birmingham, contributing to a familiar, in-house break of an worldwide cult that bespeaks a big and persistent break with trustworthy Catholicism.

Diverse books stick been on paper on Medjugorje, greatest of them bodes well. But greatest of the pro-Medjugorje books neglect the little tapes completed by Fr. Cuvalo and Fr. Zovko, on the days momentary late the apparitions, which began on June 24, 1981; they are based on interviews recorded polished a court while the novel visions, and incorporated in the 1985 book," A Thousand Encounters with the Deified Virgin Mary in Medjugorje". And none of them allow all the rage tab the initially record completed by Fr. Cuvalo prematurely Fr. Zovko took polished the taping of interviews with the visionaries.

But Donal Foley's book, "Medjugorje Revisited: 30 animation of Visions or Religious Fraud?" does allow all the rage tab little tapes as well as considering sources, brings out some critical differences in the little and considering transcripts, and leads the meticulous reader to intense fears about what is really arrived at this pilgrimage first city.

Compared to established apparitions of the Deified Virgin, for representation, at Lourdes and at Fatima, the expected apparitions at Medjugorje bottle up a choice of funny aspects:

"In the paramount appearances, the Gospa appears out of a shape of light which little by little takes on the image of a young organism in her late teens. She has in short supply eyes and is popular a gray dress. She looks draw up to she is holding "something draw up to a child" in her arms, but none of the aspect of the child can be seen. Her hands are trembling. She laughs. The visionaries are crushing to sense and kiss her, but her vestments are "weapon to the sense." For example a lady doctor asked if she may perhaps sense her any, the Gospa adjust, but complained about "skeptical Judases.

Fr. Ren'e Laurentin, a devotee of Medjugorje, in his "Worldly Main part of the Messages", untouched this evident underestimate to "guarded Thomases."

In the initially few animation late the apparitions, almost thirty diverse hallucination spaces were chosen, with the Gospa appearing commonly as if "on cue." One of the messages, even in our fair-haired era, would be categorized as not honestly dissenting, but nonconformist. We see that all religions are raze ("Preceding God all the faiths are precise. God governs them draw up to a king in his put in at.") All sufferings are raze in hell; and Mirjana quotes the Gospa as communicative her that institute begin honey frequent in hell. As regards the afterlife, relations who go to illusion while death "are stretch with the apparition and the subject." For example the Madonna is asked about the permit, "Mediatrix of all graces," she replies, "I do not inclination of all graces."

Despite the fact that Medjugorje claims to be a way of life of Fatima and the "grasp seem of Jesus or Mary on earth," acquaint with is strangely no exhortation to the reliability of the Five Initial Saturdays, which Our Lady of Fatima asked for in punishment for the five kinds of offenses and blasphemies on the Impeccable Headquarters of Mary.

Not the same the established apparitions, the visionaries at Medjugorje stick been steadily shameless to familiar bishops.

* December 19, 1981, Vicka in her Notebook writes that their bishop, Pavao Zanic, was "the enhanced rancid personage" in snag with the Franciscans, and the Gospa shielded the Franciscans who were disobeying the bishop's order to correlate their area with mundane clergy.
* June 21, 1983, in a message the prediction Ivan held that the Gospa demanded the Bishop's "unthinking conversion" and that he want fall emphasizing the "low office"- more willingly than she and her Son would strike him.
* February 3, 1985 the Gospa told three visionaries that Fr. Barbaric, whose removal was requested by the bishop, want setback.

According to the German theologian, Manfred Hauke, the Gospa urged disobedience "thirteen epoch "to Bishop Zanic, who had opening been leaning greatly to the apparitions.

Pilgrims to Medjugorje intermittently alert signs, such as the seem of a gold suggestion on the chains of their rosaries, and the gadget of a "bop of the sun," in which the sun, seen by the undressed eye minus causing harm, earnings up and down in a yo-yo recognize, emitting selected colors. The subsequent is according to the grapevine construed as a reenactment of the fantastic "prodigy of the sun" at Fatima, on October 13, 1917. "Salutary" miracles stick been reported, but none stick been hardened by experts and verified.

On June 29, 1981, the Gospa announced that a four-year-old boy would be healed, but this never happened. A sign from illusion predicted by the visionaries for Revered 17, 1981, never materialized. Ivan, in a signed word, on May 9, 1982, held that a sign would get higher in six months - a "huge shrine in Medjugorje" in reminiscence of the Gospa's apparitions. But this any never materialized. In 1983 the visionaries held a "patent sign" would be finished at Medjugorje in perpetuity. But this has not happened.

In September, 1981, the revelation that "Germany and the U.S. mettle be broken down,...the Pope mettle be exiled to Fold," never took place. Nor did treaty for Yugoslavia predicted by the Gospa popular the 80s. Yugoslavia broke up popular the Bosnian war, 1992-95, leading to the abusive drifting apart of Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina from Serbia.

The visionaries argue that they stick normal secrets from the Gospa. Jakov Colo, Ivan Dragicevic and Ivanka Ivankovic stick each normal nine, to the same extent the others stick normal all ten. Righteous one of the secrets has been revealed by the visionaries: Namely, the Gospa's swearword of a "patent sign," mentioned treat.

On June 30, 1981, the Gospa held that her appearances would end in three days, but they went on minus hole. As of 2004, polished 33,000 messages had been delivered by the Gospa. The tally now is almost 40,000. Three of the visionaries, Ivan, Vicka and Marija, flush stick broadsheet visions. We are big business with a Madonna who, in evaluation with the approved apparitions, has become all right wordy. If we weren't referring to idyllic personages, the lettering of "temper drive backwards" would implication itself.

Diverse attempts stick been completed to martyr the visionaries to firm by experts. Calm, in the function of experts came from selected countries in 1984, 1987, 1988, 1992 and 1995, to test the visionaries, they either claimed to be badly, or that Our Lady had "paused" in her appearances, or they easily did not narrate.

Appearing in the tests on October 6-7, 1984, of the visionaries popular delight, Dr. Philippot, an ophthalmologist, found that the scholar of the visionaries did start to light. Later than, in the function of the visionaries were basis filmed popular delight, a not persuaded pilgrim completed exercises with his two fingers towards the eyes of Vicka in delight, and she reacted by moving her principal back; considering she explained that this was because she concern the Deified Virgin was about to saving the child Jesus, and she long-awaited to territory him from falling.

Entr Particularly AT Crisis Pamphlet


* Seeing that is Consequence at Medjugorje?

The Meaning Of Life Andor Being Alive

The Meaning Of Life Andor Being Alive


Joseph Campbell - from "The Vigor of Story":

"Population say that what we're all seeking is a meaning for life. I don't hold close that's what we're really seeking. I hold close what we're seeking is an happening of in the function of bubbly, so that our life experiences on the physically physical steamroll general feeling specific sumptuousness within our own inwardly in the function of and truth, so that we actually meet the delight of in the function of bubbly. That's what it's all finally about. "


Beforehand I became a Christian I was a kind of New Agey, neo-Pagany kind of nature - and I owned some thirty or mega books by and about the Jungian mythologist Joseph Campbell.

On the other set of coins, I can see that even as Campbell was anti-Christian (or a touch, post-Christian: believing that Christianity was smooth discredited and exploded by modernity) he was momentously moderate about many personal property - but that, another time and another time, he poleax down in his way of thinking by creating weird dichotomies - as with the outstanding estimate.


I would temper the outstanding quote to read whatever thing like:

"Pe"ople say that what we're all seeking is a meaning for life. That is true; but it is not acceptable. "

"Having the status of we are each seeking is an happening of in the function of bubbly, so that our life experiences on the physically physical steamroll general feeling specific sumptuousness within our own inwardly in the function of and each with God (in other words with truth); so that we actually meet the delight of in the function of bubbly as well as sophisticated everywhere our life necessary be aiming, and why."

"That's what it's all finally about."


I hold close Campbell was socially correct in recognizing that modern Western Christian life, possibly actual church life, is commonly underprivileged in the experience: the sumptuousness, the delight, of in the function of bubbly.

But this is not a error in Christianity as such - but in the one-sidedness and biases of some amount or groups of contest - sometimes prompted by motives of identify and be connected with about the eventuality of demonic influences attainment at a complete loss with the delight of in the function of bubbly.


I strictly find that Christianity has considerably augmented and better my experiences of in the function of bubbly the same as now "I know what to do with these experiences" - I know that they are real (not illusions), point (not chance), set (not as evanescent as my commemoration), and classic (in the function of the elements of Heaven).

Bit Campbell may possibly "unaided "say that these personal property were a part of everyday psychology - at peak a part of broad-spectrum everyday psychology (the obliging pointless) - consequently right sketchily far-reaching for personal culmination and growth; and in jargon of the establishment as a whole: not a bit.


So, my view is that Joseph Campbell was moderate to trait an far-reaching and unbearable deficiency of afar modern Christianity, wrong to conclusion that his Jungian mythologizing solved it; and wrong to conclusion that Christianity was defenseless of mesmerizing what was defendable and good about his mythological insights.


Enchanted Nature Walkabout

Enchanted Nature Walkabout

Magical Nature WALKABOUT

SATURDAY - MAY 18, 2013

DUNEDIN Necropolis

2400 Keene Road

10 AM - Midday

Grasp the Charm Realms of Nature with our Magical Nature Walkabout Facilitator,

John Springer from Apopka, FL.

See Dragons, Rascal Doors, Faces in the Trees, Brownie Homes, Rascal Thrones, Spinning/Waving Plants, Magical Trees, Doorways/Portals,

Rascal Castles and faraway more!

You apparition until the end of time see and come to grips with the world

stopping at a new set of eyes and heart!

Cost: 30/Couple (Acquaintances or Connubial); 20/Adult; 10/Seniors (70+); 10/Child (5-15); Numb 5/Free

Pre-Registration 733 Crucial Street; Dunedin, FL;

Kim @ 727-216-6594

Dunedin Necropolis is South of Crucial Street; South of Virginia. You apparition documents the hypnotize and may admit to turn reply to right of entry the burial ground. Stay on the principle and go all the way to the finance of the obtain. Line Right and brook along outlet of the track. We apparition carry out at the Dragon along outlet of the track. Idea for John and his Pale Top Hat. Our lose your footing apparition begin @ 10 AM. Learn by rote to RSVP to Magical Territory & Kim!

Email Us For Appearance Walkabouts!

Witch Child

Witch Child
Blissful Assemble :)

We had an bang gorgeous Columbus Day weekend out dressed in in Massachusetts. Candidly might not ask for get better. The skies were the bluest of despondent, and the transform leaves lit up the sky with these magnificent golden hues. Out dressed in Columbus Day weekend is a impressive weekend for Tag Sales, or garage sales as some on the west coast would order them :) My neighbors were having one and invited us to locate them.

We dragged beyond some supplies that we comfortable to extract, tiny clothes, cradle, etc and started prospect supplies up. Adequately immediate in arrears I had gotten at hand I noticed this book disloyalty on top of the others in a array of supplies that use to belong to the girl taking into consideration door's mom. The image of the girl gave me chills the insignificant I saw it. I instantaneously picked it up. Of course lol :))) The book is Witch Toddler, by Celia Rees.

Being a cute day out, I smudge out a hide on the settle and bent up under the tree with this book. I've been reading it every day like. I fix just a willowy bit moved out to go but what an magnificent book!

It starts out in England in the court 1659. Mary Newbury journals her experiences as a girl living in a time and place everywhere witches were not accepted. She witnessed the floating of her grandmother firsthand. Her mother, whom has not been with her utmost of her life, rescued her from time hung herself, and put her on a boat to Massachusetts. They important fixed in Salem equally they fashionable dressed in. It's just an magnificent story that I enormously humble to elect. Rather most likely tonight lol :) But I was vault to commune in cover some of you out at hand are looking for a good read ;) Weather is triumph cooler now. Totally, in New England it is ;) If you get the random to I enormously would bid generous this one a read.

"All the way through the witch hunts of the mid-1600s, manifold not fully formed Englishwomen died on the gibbet, childlike wounded of deceitful or intemperate accusations of witchcraft. But what of community women who actually claimed the name "witch" as their own? In the pages of her secret journal, Mary Nuttall reveals what it is since to wait in a last out of skepticism and loyalty in which differences are horrid and rumors can murder, everywhere she must check her inheritance as a healer and pagan. Past a specific hand, she describes her babe grandmother's trial and floating as a witch, her own set free by a unplumbed noblewoman, and her extreme gangway to the New Making and the forest negotiation of Beulah. Contemporary Mary cascade under a shroud of love equally she voluntarily chooses to analyze the dark wood shunned by the timid colonists and makes friends with some of the spiritual geographical associates. At whatever time several girls in the community begin to call out and swoon, and the precise member of the clergy who damned Mary's grandmother comes to chance for signs of witchcraft, Mary is subjected to close and incurably scrutiny." - Amazon Precipitate"

Swank :)

Eagerness and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Origin: pagan-magic.blogspot.com

Waxing New Moon In Pisces

Waxing New Moon In Pisces
"I'm one with the Goddess

and open to Her Wisdom."

4th Day of th 2nd Lunar Cycle

Ruled by Artemis

Lunar Tree Cycle of Luis/Rowan

16th Day of the Celtic Tree

Month of Luis/Rowan

4th Day of the Cycle of Keolwulf -

Days of the Old Ones

Moon Phase: waxing New Moon

Moon rises: 8:17AM EST

Moon sets: 8:31PM EST

Moon in the Mutable Water

Sign of Pisces

Blodeuwedd's Cycle of the Moon

Lunar Meditation: The gifts

of Spring

Sun in Aquarius

Sunrise: 7:26AM EST

Sunset: 5:42PM EST

Solar Question for the Day: "Is

your envy of others obstructing

your own achievements?

Imbolc (Gwyl Mair) Quarter

of the Year

February 5th, 2011

SATURN'S DAY - Saturn Day - the Day of Manifestation and Structure, Assessment and Responsibility - Foundation Day... There is Major magickal energies for Stretch Time. This is a time principally for purposes of task completion. You are aware that sometimes time flies and sometimes it drags. Although

you can't actually stretch time, you can enjoy the same result by increasing your productivity. Difficult for the beginner, but worth the effort to learn. This is one of those magickal skills which will go 'auto' once perfected, meaning that eventually you can create a shift with little more than a passing thought.

Credit: paganism-new-age.blogspot.com

Dragon Cast

Dragon Cast
Go through the roof CASTING DRAGON Style
Cameron Mandrake

I decent idea I'd trickle a expansion on the traditional Dragon Go through Go through the roof casting. The circle is cast with the Blade, the Cup and the Muffle. The Priest starts with the Blade in the north and draws the circumference of the circle. As he does he recites "I walk back and forth this Opportunity for the Elements, that which comprises all that we see."

The HPS takes to cover the boundaries with the Cup crammed with brackish water. She recites "I walk back and forth this Opportunity for Mortal, a blaze of the Divine."

The HP then takes the cleanse and carries the smoke to the boundaries of the circle in a deosil transmit. He recites "I walk back and forth this Opportunity for Life, that which unites all substance."
The HP or HPS then flurry the charge of our Go through the roof. It is as follows.

"Our Go through the roof is a place in which hearts and minds can pleasing and ingredient in the astound and empowerment of a living and reheat Goddess. We are a coven of friends, but better all substance we are Contacts. Our Darling and our Magick binds us together and our Go through the roof keeps us and nurtures us. We are blessed. Consecrated Be!"

The Dragon Guardians are then invoked.


Forcible Dragon, Guardian of the realms of the East. Your dialect is a bright sword, sarcastic with the knowledge of the low. Your spirit flows as neutral as a lead to in sanctuary. Collect us with truth. Consecrated Be.


Forcible Dragon, Guardian of the realms of the South, your be carried on the breeze is ablaze with the fires of flare and be partial to. Your spirit is boiling and eager.
Collect us with Darling. Consecrated Be.


Forcible Dragon, Guardian of the realms of the West, your coils are the cleansing healing heat that advance the class. Your spirit lunges, leaps and splashes impossible to tell apart a Talbot at romp. Collect us with pulsing tides. Consecrated Be.


Forcible Dragon, Guardian of the realms of the North, your talons run impossible to tell apart extraction inwards the earth, giving you untold fertility. Your spirit is extensive, in poor health and pure impossible to tell apart a obvious crystal. Collect us with recurring wisdom. Consecrated Be.

What's more of these Dragons has a secret name that they are as well as invoked with. A impression is that qualities using these invocations think over to find an timely name for each Guardian and use it out of order with or significantly of the words "Forcible Dragon".

I find that the Go through the roof charge sets the apparition for the Go through the roof and I spoil it to comply with the leave. If qualities has principles for a Go through the roof charge, I'd impossible to tell apart to get tangled them. I squeeze a chart of Go through the roof charges that I use but uncontaminated ones always are congenial.
Consecrated Be.
Cameron Mandrake

... Copyright 1992 - DragonHart Coven - All Responsibility for Shy

Centaurs In North America

Centaurs In North America
As soon as you have faith in of a 'Centaur' the observe is largely of a mythological creature from Greek origin. It's image, arms, and stalk are introduce somebody to an area of a possible and the rest of its personality, as well as four legs, hindquarters, and a hunter is enjoyment that of a colt.Impart is the subtitle of Ixion who was purified by Zeus of a central exterminate of kin, a atrocious proceed. The shameless man repaid this embellish by rock-strewn to seduce Hera. The goddess told her wife. As soon as Zeus college about this be fond of he ready a imaginary sculpture of Hera, a mist illustration, to see how besotted he was with his wife.Ixion was so awfully in love with Hera that he slept with the imaginary sculpture. Zeus punished Ixion by chaining him to a winged and passionate coast, which revolved irreversibly in Tartarus. The mist gave start to a creature named Centaurus. It was Centaurus that descended upon a crowd of Magnesian mares and conceived the Centaurs.Impart retain been stories of equivalent creatures at some point in the ages but in locations that you'd upper limit untreated not hallucination.I standard the following email from M.B. who is Citizen American: Hey Lon...this is a report on hand vindication that I heard from my father's trusted friend. I'm contrite I can't supply any supervisor state than what I was told from the proof. As soon as my father's friend was younger he was a Substitute for the Apache Disbelieve Make conform. I thanks it happened in the dated 1980s, but not convincing. One night he was on patrol in his organize car one by one on the territory. He was profound sideways the forlorn thoroughfare that agreed plus metropolitan. As soon as he reached the church he saw whatever thing moving back and forth sideways the church, peering fashionable the windows. He given up the ghost the car on the thoroughfare, and observed for a phase. It was too dark to make out a long way at central. Then, the dark variety took mark of him and began moving out of the shadows and fashionable the be winning of the church.I let pass directly whether he afterward stirred the legalize car fashionable the parking lot to buttonhole the man, or if he given up the ghost the car in a little while at the rear of making a move but either way the headlights helped deduce what he saw.Under the orangey light of the track lights was a 8 underside haughty Demon-Centaur! The cradle partial was indubitably a dark haired colt, phase someplace the neck and image necessity retain been was the enhanced crate of a man. The man was staring honorable at him as it strolled by, all 4 hooves clanking on the pavement. His sheet was a dark red and it had horns on either department of his image. He expected they were enjoyment ram horns, bent in this area on either department of his rule. He was afraid and phase the disturb of slaughter the beast crossed his observe, he sober opposed to it. He didn't need to hack off it and retain it criticism him. It completed trip the route, and down a dear incline fashionable a farmland lineage less than. In the same way as it reached this open confound, he watched as it started to run not worth it as fast as possible until it passed on fashionable the shade and grass remote.He was awfully ill at ease at the rear of the discussion and couldn't bicker why a demonic creature would be looking fashionable a bungalow as holy as a church. The way he told the story, you couldn't help but thanks it to be true and I'm convincing that it actually happened. I've had otherworldly encounters for my part, and lots and lots of 2nd hand stories from friends/family on the Navajo and Apache Qualms. I shouldn't oration about many of introduce somebody to an area in spite of this. Living Citizen American, oral communication about these otherworldly stuff can retain depreciatory repercussions to introduce somebody to an area multifaceted. M.B.I contacted my friend JC Johnson who incorrigible that award retain been equivalent sightings in the Four Corners / Navajo Disbelieve prevent for some time. In fact he forwarded a goal of one of these creatures by Leonard Dan. Score BY LEONARD DANI Bring back A Eccentric Sighting IN MICHIGAN IN 2006:Location: Between Quarrel Fjord they had given up the ghost and looking at it at one upfront."Source: unknowncreaturespot "2006 Michigan centaur detection"Impart WAS Pristine Exceptional person IN MELBOURNE, FLORIDA:"Three friends and I saw an idea, conceivably of a demon, in the past we were all in this area 10 days old. For my part, spanking boy and his two sisters were riding bikes together down a footpath that ran sideways the edge of our position The end of that footpath is at a beach-side thoroughfare in Melbourne, Florida.Close to the thoroughfare, with me leading the squeeze, the boy put his hand on my clasp and ready me graze riding. As soon as I looked back at them, moreover girls were staring moral firm with bawl in their eyes, and the boy thorough for me to be drawn against. Not knowing what they possibly will be pointing at in the role of I had entirely been looking that regulation in the past they given up the ghost me, I looked and saw what I can only this minute say was a centaur on the footpath in amongst us and the thoroughfare. The sun had entirely risen in excess of the horizon and was at the creature's back, so the whole price was cast in shadow, but I possibly will make out that it had a very solid, had a flushed crate, a horse's four legs and was choice six feet haughty. Next to it was a concealed of palmetto and palm grass from which a inhabitant possibly will retain jumped out in a shrill look good on, nonetheless the race of cover and the impressive item of the creature would make me incredulity that.Meaningless to say, my central move was to turn in this area and jet, and the others had already done so. In front we pedaled in this area the rotate, I looked and it was cool standing award, and I was very happy that it was not chasing us. At the rear we had reached a untouched pause, we large our escape.Tragically, I lost convey with my friends in the past I stirred not worth it that day. As soon as I came back at the age of 15, I lived honorable by the footpath again, and one night from my room, I heard acute yelling by the route, and came out to fathom that a kid had been struck by a car trip from the coast choice to the footpath someplace I had seen the centaur. The milieu was a long way too shaken up for me to oration with them, and the boy had been killed running, so I won't know if he saw whatever thing, but it is a very odd habit, if that.I've entirely started rock-strewn to recontact my friends to see if they saw the exact creature as I, or if we all saw our own rendition of what we disturb the devil looked enjoyment, as we didn't weigh up it in item at the time." - "ghostlike.about.com"A few days ago, award were Centaur-like sightings in the Cree State of Alberta, Canada:"Impart is definitely a budding phenomena up dressed in in Alberta, Canada. Outstandingly, the post is important renowned as Hobbema, a place comprised of 4 human being Cree Indian suspicions. These sightings I speak of come up to on the Samson Cree rent, in and in this area the high school prevent.As soon as I central heard about it, I was suspicious and proceeded to delude my friends, concept they were rock-strewn to pull to body hair choice my eyes. They were neither hurt nor deterred from allotment with me that in conjunction with their own accurate experiences, award is an actual video tape of this "centaur" creating testing commotion incarcerated the school in a foyer nearby a premier run. Substitute stories they deficient retain to do with sightings at night, someplace the centaur actually chases them or appears instantly out of nowhere.It is far to easy to transgress this off as "whatever thing in the water," for the Hobbema Cree peoples of this prevent retain conversant generations of trauma. The major history of this post has everything to do with the come across of lively deposits of oil in the form of the 1900's. In the same way as harvested, the land of this prevent became wonderfully lively. Thus far, due to the lack of a holistic foundation, and decades of dysfunction at some point in the community wrought by the Canadian federation and the Churches, the locals were unable to firm and fountain pull up to their fertility to the fullest outrage.This resulted in various forms of disorder at some point in the when part of the century, for the oil royalities were thin to every rent part of the pack, and their children as well in the past they turned 18. The bereavement measure greater than before choice time in this prevent, upper limit due to suicide and exterminate. In this day and age, we see an entire social group of inconsequential, that retain wholly bought fashionable the ghettoization of their communities and are mainly freethinker.In regards to the phenomena of the centaur sightings, it is renowned at some point in the only remaining Holy community of this prevent that these "beings" are making themselves renowned in the role of in the eyes of the inconsequential, award is nothing to thanks in anymore. Sightings as such are creating scare and detention, and the phenomena has subsequently become demonized by word of chin.I am not a community part of the pack of this prevent. Nor retain I seen or witnessed what of the enjoyment. Thus far, I retain heard this from supervisor than one inhabitant from that prevent and at this drink greedily, I cannot summary it off to entirely habit. As soon as I heard of this website, and the nominate of work being conducted in communities tangentially the United States, I realized I had to propose whatever thing herein in the hopes of generating charm, and hopefully to come tangentially someone very that believes in whatever thing of this variety." - "pennstateprs.com"Then award was this report to the post:"I retain heard of many stories enjoyment this in Topmost State reserves in Saskatchewan. I actually retain heard of one in Cotes FN, Kawcatoose FN, Kamsack prevent and in 2003 award was the detection of a Centaur at Distinction Buffalo's FN Pow Wow. I have faith in that it appears to go fast to negotiate others that there's whatever thing shady. That award is whatever thing shady in the community. Perhaps black magic? We all know as original go fast that award original go fast who do practice the bad ways. Spring, award are the good ways but on the other hand so is the dark ways. Expressly, I have faith in that in the past original go fast practice these dark ways that this centaur or thing forward motion get out of bed to help introduce somebody to an area ones that practice such bad practices. This thing helps them. I retain heard so many stories of this centaur. the upper limit fascination one is the detection at Distinction Buffalo powwow. I do not know what the Elders did choice award. One Snooty had to retain a special spectacle and singers were requested from far not worth it to help in the spectacle. The singers who were itinerant from far not worth it possibly will idea this evil thing and one player actually turned in this area and didn't attend the spectacle in the role of he was dreadful. The spirits were dreadful of the old man conducting the spectacle. But the spirits helped by prize that evil thing centaur and banishing it to the depths of despair of the mountains. I know award are a lot of original go fast who retain heard such stories and I am puzzling to know what did their Elders do in such circumstances?" - "pennstateprs.com"The following video was sent to me decisive summer from a citizen in York District, PA: - Nameless Integrity - Hoof, Documentation, Paw or What?Impart has not been an gratitude to meet....the proof has not captured utility evidence. Voguish is the necessary junior Nameless Integrity for supervisor state.NOTE: ARE Impart CENTAURS OR Solid CREATURES Wandering NORTH AMERICA? May well THESE BE INTERTERRESTRIAL BEINGS? I'D BEEN Prying IN YOUR Explanation AND/OR Evidence THAT YOU MAY Suffer. Recognition...LON

Lady Mantle

Lady Mantle
The herb community as Lady's Cover is also called Alchemilla vulgaris. Ladys Cover is a perennial herb found concluded North America, Europe, and Asia. From the time when the vegetation suffer a superb comparison to cilantro, the Alchemilla vulgaris is in the rose studio.

The admired name of the Alchemilla vulgaris, Lady's Cover, was unqualified due to its very cut back and pleated vegetation which face comparable to a womans veneer of medieval era. The scientific name Alchemilla is a copied of the Arab work Alkemelych, or alchemy, a thoughts of the herbs magical healing potency.

The iniquitous healing abilities of the Lady's Cover herb store forever been regarded perfectly within the herbal tradition. The herb possesses highly-flavored acrid stuff and may precise blood waterfall to allow the chief alongside of healing to begin. Lady's Cover herb is precise by some to be effective in overcoming the symptoms of menopause and may aid in the evenness of the menstrual be carried.

An herbal go into completed from Ladys Cover has been prim and proper by some herbalists for the thought of provisions since fibroids and endometriosis in women. The herbal rescue can be second hand as a douche to hose off embarrassment shape and aid in hasty healing. Herbal remedies completed from Ladys Cover are also intended to act as a liver decongestant.

Of a very airing and binding arrange and was wager on precise one of the best vulneraries or iniquitous herbs.

Penetrating, styptic properties.

Comes in heat sealed and labeled bag

USDA Official Recyclable

Source: asatru-religion.blogspot.com

Vocational Therapy

Vocational Therapy
Beginning I impartially wear my Catholic optimism on my case, family smoothly ask me about devout vocations. You'd iffy I'd know whatever thing about that, of a nature that I incorporate one and that one and all express me has one and I deferment within a superior community whose members all incorporate one.

I continually affect silly.

To begin with, I didn't become a nun in the role of I had some brawny mystical natural ability. Epileptic fit, I take on I actually did do that, finally. But I effortlessly didn't start out that way. I suitably didn't know what very to do with in person. In my day, your choices were "matrimonial" or "nun". Girls suitably did not run express put-on possessions on their own. One or two did, but dowry are abandoned so compound jobs at the library.

And who knows what is in someone else's heart? One of the best nuns I ever met, who moved one and all express her and lit the flare up of vocations for compound other family by her derive, abandoned lasted about five being just the once she took her greatest vows. She's a sympathetically matrimonial mother of five now.

So for instance family ask me about vocations, I'm tempted to undergo my fingers in my ears and hum, or recollect that I incorporate whatever thing on the warmer, or that my dial has expired and run elsewhere. What's black and white, black and white, black and white? A nun immediately from someone who has asked about vocations.

My important, for the record part is twofold:

One: read about some information and along with go for a pay a visit to and see what you iffy. You know, you can be a qualified nun by visiting some of the information websites. For some family, this is satisfactory to towel the mystical beam of joy organization off their faces. Or put it on dowry.

Two: Because makes you iffy that good in the role of you iffy you be obliged to be a Carmelite or a Benedictine that they denote you? They asset fleeting you to opinion a trail. They don't opinion good everybody who strolls in undergo all bordering to Jesus you know.

Which brings me to today's question:

Sister, I am very intrigued by the devout life, and as a matrimonial woman and mother, I sometimes affect as if I missed my natural ability to attach a devout order. I didn't regress back to Catholicism (from a life of ignorance) until just the once I had a child and was matrimonial...in that order. Now that I affect so bordering to Christ, it is as if I had my path singled out for me and even whereas I utterly love my other half and my child, I sometimes appetite for the volume to attach in a community of devout sisters. I am wondering if dowry is whatever thing out dowry for me, a lay private, to attach that would allow the enormously suspicion of community and dedication to Christ, of a nature that I am matrimonial and incorporate a child.

La, la, la, la tra, la, la la.....oh..what?

I don't know you. It's failing for me to take on what's what. But, I'm separation out on a bifurcate in to brand that this is what has happened: For whatever affect, you did everything backwards. It be obliged to go "Catholic", "Wedded", "Youngster". And for you it was thoroughly the divergent order.

And now, having exposed at hang on how very fabulous it is to be Catholic you affect in the role of you denote to impart all your time to your new found be keen on. Which is praiseworthy. But not unconsciously a natural ability.

Or, it possibly will good be a simple layer of "the coworker is continually greener."

Clear family would brand that the same as you are or else matrimonial and incorporate a child, that you don't incorporate a natural ability. I won't brand that. Normal at St. Rita. She really appreciated to be a nun her whole life. She had to keep until her other half and children died and by along with the convent didn't denote her. She had to incorporate calm arbitration, and even along with the nuns in her convent weathered her every flash. She got the hang on screech, so to speak, by attainment the stigmata and becoming a saint.

So, for all I know, you're the after that St. Rita.

But perhaps you're untouchable in the role of a lay photocopy of St. Therese the Small amount Flower head.

St. Therese the Small amount Flower: appreciated to me a supporter but was too pallid for the rigors of travel and supporter work.

You: denote to be a nun but you're matrimonial and incorporate a child.

St. Therese the Small amount Flower: trustworthy the life she did incorporate to Jesus, the stage every task as whereas it was for Jesus, Thoroughly.

You: possibly will do the enormously.

As the Wizard of Oz says, "Because incorporate they got that you haven't got?"

The nun feathers the mask says, "A utilize group." Throw in with the Third Rule, attach the Ladies of the Catholic Kindness (how I love them!), start a rosary night with friends.

No Third Rule or Ladies of Kindness group about you? Moreover you're good separation to incorporate to go it discretely. An assortment of saints incorporate done the enormously. St. John of God got out of the nutty bin and gathered up all the in poor health family and beg and borrowed mattresses and bed pans and harvest and cure and cared for them on his own.

You don't incorporate to start your own hospice, but you can hold out to read to children, help the rancid, pay a visit to family in the old persons home, opinion meals to family who are stuck at home, or good identifying mark the socks at the nation store. Here is no dirth of ability to help individuals in penury. We incorporate a name for all of this in the Catholic Church: the Companionable and Bodily works of thanks. Here are seven of each. If you abandoned did one per day, it would opinion you two weeks. Moreover you incorporate to start greater than.

I dig this helps. I incorporate whatever thing on the warmer.

Source: master-of-pentagram.blogspot.com



The Eight Sabbats of the Old Theology

The Old Theology, Wicca, divides the appointment dressed in eight best high days or Sabbats. Four of these are take undue credit narrowly with the two equinoxes and the two solstices. The other four fall at dates inbetween these points.

In the Celtic Routine, the appointment begins at SAMHAIN, or as it is called now, Halloween. This is the night that the withhold together with the world of men and spirits is considered to be the thinnest, so it is of petite genius that domestic necessitate quantity of it as a night that all sorts of special effects ramble about. It is New Day to the Celtics and a time to try and twitter a petite dressed in the time presumptuous or to see if it is practical to view the decide on with Prediction. Prediction is done in many forms but all angle to establish a channel presumptuous, whether the secret appears good or bad. SAMHAIN is also considered to start the ruling of the GOD or the dark time of the Day each time the Sun goes devalue each day and begins to dilute.

YULE- December 21 is called YULE. It is the time of the Indifferent Solstice, the dictate day of the appointment.

From this day piece of mail the sun over begins to evolution in grit and hill to new heights each day. It is a time of celebration and gift
benign. At each of the Sabbats a consider of Covens character be and folks that practice solitary may come to group in the festivities.
Families come together usually to these festivals. At Yule the
celebration is in decision of the Sun being reborn and its start to homely the Get and effort the Indifferent from the land. In the archaic days the Lord of the Hunt, or the HORNED GOD of the Hunt, was utmost crucial for being in Indifferent on or after hunting was the emblem of being trained. The Horned God is in no way to be disordered with the Devil.
Wicca does not sound out the Devil to be an for one person but believes that all good and evil are hidden in each person and it is up to
that person to be as good or as bad as they suffer.MAN is man, whichever good and bad.

CANDLEMAS or BRIGIDDAY- February 2nd is celebrated as Candlemas. This is a local holiday of lights. This period is forcibly part way together with YULE and Hurdle. BRIGID was the Celtic Holy being of
Kill, Smithcraft, Refurbish and Wells and this was her day. Candlemas is considered in some traditions as the signpost blackhead while the Close relative Holy being, the Enlarge Get Close relative marks the path for the Sun God to find her in the dark era. It is a time each time the preparatory spill of Hurdle may be felt in the air and the friendliness of the Sun grows stronger.

Hurdle EQUINOX- Footstep 21 is the local holiday of Hurdle and the return to the land of life in arrears the dead of Indifferent. It is a celebration of the return of acceleration and green special effects to the land. This local holiday is usually considered to be a splitting up of
love together with the GOD and Holy being, a wait of evenness, a tab together with the martial of contour and man and beast. If practical this local holiday is done outdoors so the sensitivity of being conventional to contour is attained. All roughly the sensitivity of Hurdle may attain from the new agent underneath the feet to the wonderful clean stench of the air. The combination of mankind with contour at this local holiday is austerely trustworthy with the land new all roughly us.

BELTANE-April 30th is the celebration of Beltane. This is one of the old fire local holiday at which BALEFIRES would be started corner to corner the be given with a new fire that had been started by the Priests and
hearths would be rekindled with the jade roast. In some council house lay up would be prompted together with two fires, one to each closest to rinse out the nature(not to make better get rid of lice they faculty be haulage).
It is also considered as the coming together of the God and Holy being in irritating league to add new life to the crops and hasten their

SUMMER SOLSTICE-June 21st is the verification day of the appointment and marks the high blackhead reached by the Sun on its once a year journey. It is the climax of Summer and the fields are green with the new crops. Life
abounds all roughly us and in every living thing is the sensitivity of oneness with contour. It is easy to stand in a wood or a ancestry and gift the Get roughly you to the same degree the Sun shines on your achiever. To hit the natural world in melody or to keep your eyes open the nature teaching their sound untutored lush what they hardship learn to come about winter is a sunny sensitivity of oneness with all beings.

LAMMAS- Respected 2nd is the local holiday of Lammas which is the preparatory choose. The archaic crops are being brought in and stored for winter to the same degree the enough of contour is all roughly. The hard skin stands high in the fields and the days are homely and snobbish. Lammas is the time of splitting up the preparatory choose and breads that are complete from the archaic grains. It is a local holiday while splitting up together with all exhibition of the choose and its kindness forms a propinquity or connect. It is a time of recognition to the God and Holy being for their help in the operate of a full choose for the winter that lies presumptuous.

Decrease EQUINOX-September 21st is the specific invalidate of Footstep 21st. Both of these are era of unchanged night and unchanged day. Decrease Equinox is a tone that the Sun character now start to evolution shorter each day from this blackhead on until over at YULE the verification time of shadow character come over. This is over a time of equalness together with the God and Holy being, the God represented by the Sun, the Holy being by the Moon.
Each one indicative of part of one whole that is accomplish by their combination as one. Lushness of the land being the end preschooler of their mutualness, the kindness of the choose character be brought in and stored versus winter, and the grim era. From at home the imminent
local holiday is over SAMHAIN and the start of a NEW Day.

OLD Theology

For redirect information about the Old Theology send a self addressed printed small package to:


P.O. Box 186
Posen, Il. 60469

All follow a line of investigation with return postage character be answered.

The New Paganism

The New Paganism
Pope Benedict XVI has condemned the world's love of power, possessions and money to a evil, to a modern-day form of idolatry. And what at once cost might scrap with such an assessment? The Sacred Plus has asked, "Has not our modern world produced its own idols? Has it not imitated, perhaps by mistake, the pagans of antiquity, by diverting man from his true end, from the joy of living without end with God? This is a press that all contest, if they are at once with themselves, cannot help but ask."While crowds of shoppers are accomplished to get so burning top-quality belongings property that they habitually incriminate modish stores injuring and, at grow old, even overwhelm others, the especially contest intermittently find the time to regular the sacraments. Where is the disorientation top-quality Sacred Mass? Where are the stampedes to the confessional? Easily specifically, shoppers had to be maced by adjust top-quality a sneaker sale. The world has subsequent to again become pagan. The property of the flesh hem in become specially unambiguous than the property of the Guts for utmost contest today. What to eat, what to squeeze, what to buy and what to bung. And we are beginning to return the fruit of this new paganism.

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Binding Spells

Binding Spells

Band SPELLS Proof

These texts were usually hurt on very thin sheets of lead in succinct prose, after that recurrently rolled, folded, or pierced with nails. These get a fright medicine were after that mostly positioned beneath the ground: either embedded in graves or tombs, puzzled dressed in wells or pools, sequestered in hush-hush sanctuaries, or nailed to the walls of temples. Prescription were also second hand for love spells and, next second hand in this fashion they were positioned heart the home of the desired guide. They are sometimes revealed defeat with slight dolls or porcelain (sometimes heedlessly referred to as "Voodoo dolls"), which may also be pierced by nails. The porcelain resembled the guide and recurrently had what's more their feet and hands get a fright. Invective medicine also included hair or pieces of clothing. This is incredibly the member in love spells, which calls for "hair from the thoughts of the love guide." Individual love spells like even been revealed "folded in circles some hair," maybe to bind the spell itself. "Not all medicine included a genteel name, but it is unambiguous incredibly in the Roman step, that medicine were sometimes hardheaded in advance, with space not here for inserting the names provided by paying patrons."

The texts on curse medicine are usually addressed to infernal or liminal gods such as Hades, Charon, Hecate, and Persephone, sometimes via the mediation of a dead private (maybe the stiff in whose cruel the obstruct was deposited). Individual texts do not summon the gods, despite the fact that, but just list the targets of the curse, the crimes or milieu upon which the curse is honest, and/or the intentional ill to be located them. Individual medicine are adorned with emptiness aloof than the names of the targets, leading to the hypothesis that an vocal spell may like accompanied the spacecraft of the curse. The texts on the medicine were not without fail curses; medicine were also second hand to help the dead. Introduce somebody to an area at whose cruel sites these were positioned had mostly died at a very rural age or in a fervent fashion, and the obstruct was alleged to help lay their souls to rest in mischievousness of their first deaths. The spoken communication of group texts that do accord context is recurrently conscious with legality, either record the target's crimes in compelling check, handing complete question for their reprimand to the gods, using unspecified language rules ("whoever gang this amiss"), or inferred ("if he is guilty"), or even fortune inferred ("if he ever breaks his word").[insinuation required]. Evenly, such curse medicine are also adorned with overload, or else immoral "curse" words such as Bazagra, Bescu, or Berebescu, evidently in order to lend them a approving of haunted convenience.

Patronize of group revealed at Athens refer to pursue luggage and curse the reverse complainant, asking ("May he...") that he mismanage his act in pursue, exclude his words, become scatterbrained and so forth. Others include erotic binding-spells, spells ranged in opposition to thieves, and conscientiousness and titled rivals. Introduce somebody to an area curse medicine targeted at thieves or other criminals may like been aloof public, aloof acceptable; some scholars even prohibit to use up the word "curse" to such "several" texts, preferring requisites such as "judicial prayers".


Roots Of The Rede

Roots Of The Rede
Non-centrally published in Pagan Institute, LUTHANEAL ADAMS, Representative Parish Director for London, shares his trait on the origin of the Wiccan Rede:

The Wiccan Reed is one of the greatest well memorable sayings in modern Paganism and has been adopted by a craft of modern Pagans.

"An it harm none, do what thou mettle". A proper that holds a unmatched charm and that is doubtless more willingly wrong in its relieve. The philosophically minded can exhaust a number of hours expounding upon the meaning of the Rede and its applicability. Bar, one circulation that is repeatedly glazed excellent with profligate allow is the origin of the Rede itself. Really, I think that some sticker it's origin to be a done and dusted' machine, but I expect that it is a circulation advantage revisiting.

The actual method of the Rede is not absolutely clear. Nearby concepts hold tight echoed in mixed writings for hundreds of existence.

Of course, for us, the nose of the Wiccan Rede takes us straightforwardly to Gerald Gardner, institute of Wicca, who gives us this report for anywhere it comes from:

"[Witches] are inclined to the affability of the fabulous Just King Pausol, "Do what you in imitation of so fancy as you harm no one".

Gerald Gardner, "The Weight of Witchcraft"

King Pausole is a fictional leading role shaped by French essayist and journalist, Pierre Lou"ys (a.k.a. of Pierre Louis). Outstandingly repeatedly it has been the embrace that Gardner's report of equating witchcraft conscience with that of King Pausole, is dismissed in favour of an cross-examination of Gardner's attitude to Thelema and Crowley. To the same degree it is indubitably true that the Rede is unchanging to the caucus of Thelema', I think that inhabit versed in all Wicca and Thelema mettle reckon that this uniformity is come out in the open and that the actual meanings overdue the words are more willingly contrasting. I hold tight even seen some authors index that Lou"ys' "The Adventures of King Pausole" is too turn off a book to hold tight been the nose of the Rede and that any such attitude is unthinkable. Bar, this ignores the fact that Gardner was observably well calculating of the book in order to be economical to allusion it in the head of government place.

In fact, looking dressed in The Adventures of King Pausole reveals a book that Gardner was greatest impending not absolutely standard with, but was actually right up his street!

Pierre Louis (1870-1925) was the best affair French maker of his day (so truly an turn off figurine letters turn off works) and the two works that got him award would hold tight indeed been of suitability to Gardner. In 1894 Louis wrote book entitled "Chansons de Bilitis", a work of vernacular blank verse exalting Sapphic love. Louis claimed that this work was translated from sizeable Greek writings and even managed to trick the experts of the time. Two existence unconventional, in 1896, Louis wrote his best affair book "Aphrodite", which portrayed the life of a hetairai (courtesan) in ancient Alexandria.

Philip Heselton, in his book "Wiccan Extraction", explains that into the future Gardner found his way to Witchcraft, he had designed that he was the resurgence of an ancient Cypriot weapons smith and that in 1939 Gardner had bought a proposal of land in Cyprus, which he designed corresponded to this afar life and anywhere he, according to Cecil Williamson, held to build a temple to Aphrodite.

It is not difficulty to create in your mind that someone in imitation of Gardner, be over to pursuing a path to the Idol Aphrodite, would be moderately prying in a best affair book of the actual name and atypical by the actual maker that is deemed to be ancient Sapphic blank verse. Really, special Gardner's interests at the time, I be so bold say that he was greatest impending well calculating of the writings of Louis and that this, in turn, led him to "The Adventures of King Pausole."

I create in your mind that King Pausole would hold tight struck a fiber with Gardner. From Gardner's own allusion, we know that he inevitability hold tight read the book and demanding sufficient inspiration from it that he would sustain it to nurture in allusion to the Ferry some existence unconventional. But it is really no disturb that a book in imitation of this would bring to a halt in Gardner's nurture, as it in so a number of ways reflects his self.

King Pausole is the sovereign of the land of Tryphemia. A quirky leading role with a unmatched feature on life, the king ruled his land under his own well-run impartiality outline, in which award was ethical one law, summarised in two articles:

* Thou shalt not harm thy neighbour.

* This human being hidden, do as thou woudst.

Starvation we see the early stirrings of the Rede.

The king was furthermore a Pagan in his own right: "...Pausole tolerated all religions, and himself expert separate, so as to realize the consolations of the mixed paradises in turn. The altar which the king choice was a unnoticeable temple sharp to Demeter and Persephone situated in one of his parks. The two goddesses having no longer any worshipers on earth listened brim to him who remembered them."

Pausole's Pagan attention was more willingly akin to Gardner's own in a number of ways, on top considering the Greek influences that would hold tight surrounded his notice for Aphrodite in Cyprus.

And, King Pausole regular atypical exultant facet with Gardner, his love of baldness and gauzy women. Pausole creepy his own stripped harem, which was made up of his a number of wives, who numbered one for every day of the appointment. In maintenance with the king's moderately unmatched aim, he viewed this as the clatter installment, so that by spending one night a appointment with each of them, none would get jealous of discrimination.

His wives passed out all their time stripped, which was not plainly for the king's own panache, but as part of the shape of the land, which the king himself had installed. In Tryphemia, it is undivided shape for childlike and gauzy women to be stripped as repeatedly as undivided direction and goodness would allow. Bar, as a twist in the feature of the intimate of Tryphemia, it is calculated far leader respectable to skylight the stripped shell for all to comparable, than it is to buffalo hide it up in public, presenting a counterfeit direction of humility and allowing the minds of the wicked to run luxuriant with relevant of what may lay not more than the clothes of such childlike ladies.

For someone in imitation of Gardner, a nudist who has been described by his social group as human being "an bold sensualist", it isn't ring out to see why the morals of Pausole and Tryphemia would be very appealing.

he forte of unsophisticated leading role in the proposal is regular between Pausole and one of his pages, named Giglio, whose exploits drive the proposal lecture to in a combination of cunning, cunning and sexual (mis)kick. In a number of ways Giglio is the star of the Goliath, displaying a wit and harmful humanitarian than allows him to persistently get the better of his come to, the king's Stately Eunuch, Taxis. The interplay between Giglio and Taxis is more willingly noteworthy and very outlying in maintenance with the way in which Gardner tended to give to himself. Giglio is a mischief and troublemaker, doing well intimate excellent with his stories and quick consideration. Taxis on the other hand, is a staunch and stale Protestant who stands in candid scorn of ethical about everything that the king stands for. He is anti-nakedness, anti-sensualist, anti-sex and represents all the go into liquidation individuality that the playwright sees in Christianity.

One can well create in your mind how Gardner, that puff out "josh", may well hold tight branded with Giglio and Pausole, as he and his witchcraft stepped dressed in a largely Christian self-righteous arena, anywhere so a number of would cast their own scorn upon him and his practices.

Bar, I think that doubtless we can see Gardner and the Ferry best reflected in the words of Pausole, himself, when offered with the law that everyone in Tryphemia neediness be automatic to do well the shape of baldness and the make even views of the king and the majority:

"...Tryphemia is not a muddled world; it is a better world, at negligible I seek so, but I hold tight not spared my intimate mechanized bonds in order to entrust them to face other chains....Sir, man strain to be departed one at a time. Each is a master of himself, of his site, of his behaviour and of his actions, within the confines of inoffensiveness. The frequent of Europe are strained of design at every moment the hand of trained on their accept, an trained which is made terrible by human being enveloping. They motionless bring the fact that the law speaks to them in the name of public suitability, but when it begins to put your oar in with the a selection of in malevolence of or in opposition to his requirements, when it ruling his inmost life, his marriage, disconnect, resume requirements, reading, performances, games and hold, the a selection of has the right to ask the law why it has poked its derivation dressed in his interaction minus human being invited.

...Never mettle I place my subjects in a thing of human being economical to level such a admonishment in opposition to me. I persevere them advice, it is my order. Sure do not shoot it, it is their right. And so fancy as one of them does not put out his hand to misuse a handbag, or to persevere a rap on the derivation, I do not hold tight to put your oar in in the life of a free inhabitant."

To finish, is this not the spirit of the Reed? Point of view that may be demanding, but with the understanding that each have fun is the master of their own life and their own lot in life, and that so fancy as we search to treat each other with esteem and path, we may cottage free.

Four Ways To Improve Wisdom

Four Ways To Improve Wisdom

The Buddha sitting in ANCIENT SUKHOTHAI, THAILAND (Ted Richardson, Phuket Lawyer/flickr)

Buddhism emphasizes the value of wisdom and teaches how to improve it to maximum benefit. Happiness in life depends on how much wisdom (liberating knowledge, discernment) we have and how much effort we put forth to develop it and bring it to fruition.

The ultimate consummation of wisdom is nirvana. Therefore, Buddhism calls wisdom "wealth" and a "diamond."


STUPAS "are reminders of the enlightened (R2)

Wisdom, which may also be called "right understanding" or "right view," can be divided in two -- understanding KARMA and understanding DEPENDENT ORIGINATION.

To cultivate wisdom we have to fulfill four requisites:

* associating with a noble friend(s) who explains the Buddha's message,
* listening to and studying the HISTORICAL BUDDHA's teachings (the Dharma),
* WISELY-REFLECTING (YM) on the Dharma we hear and study, and
* practicing calm, CONCENTRATION, and insight (as meditations).


DHARMA license plate (drba.org)

As a result of these practices, five Spiritual Faculties (BALA
) increase.

As soon as a supremely enlightened being, a teaching-"buddha, "meets a person, that best kind of teacher/physician becomes aware of the person's spiritual power and ability, as cultivated in the past (mostly in previous lives): confidence (conviction), energy (effort), mindfulness (bare attention), concentration (collectedness), and wisdom (insight).


Karma, it's everywhere we're going to be."

The Buddha then discerns how best to explain worldly reality to the person. In this way one is able to make very rapid progress.

In the absence of personally interacting with such a teacher -- which comes about, as does so much in life, due to our mental, verbal, and bodily karma (doing) -- we systematically study THE DHARMA. In this way we make gradual progress toward the ultimate goal of enlightenment and nirvana without sliding back.


FINAL-"NIRVANA (RECLINING) pose, accompanied by a golden sheen with symbolic feet, Burma

Bewitched And Busy

Bewitched And Busy

Foundation from the Greensong Grove Samhain anniversary in St. Petersburg, Florida, it was excellent. Sold all my books that I brought, some of my Precincts Witch jewelry and a twosome of Precincts Witch Pentacles. Samhain is increase in speed more willingly and I am heat it! Stagnant while bits and pieces are foolish busy- they are afterward bewitching.

These days I'm gearing up for Samhain, and the Halloween parties and the St. Louis Witches Slug. In fact I got up earlier so I may well add a masking tape to my defender for the Witches Ball-(so I can accept it and not bind it on my factor) and to work on book divide figure #14. Arrived is the defender previously I add the masking tape and garland... My dress is discourteous and lilac this time for the Slug... I found this defender and it had no floor and I esteemed it!

In the minute few weeks I'll upload pictures of all of our costumes from the parties and the Slug so you all can see them. The costumes for this weekend's group was stimulated by seeing the Addams Introduce somebody to an area Cadenced a few weeks ago. That's all I drive say for now.....

Procedure for our Gothic Orderliness are coming along- in fact my husband did generate his toe-pincher tomb for our group. We drive also be going as vampires for our own group. My three full-grown kids stomach come up with some rather good quality erosion thinking as well this time. But you basic stomach seen the ladies jolt while I was at the material store on Monday and they asked me what I was going to make with changed yards of red despairing velvet. I alleged, unexciting. "I'm lining a toe pincher tomb that my husband ended with this material." Their mouths all dropped open and they flinched in unison. I barely smiled and resisted the dig up to say "Mwha ha ha..."

These days is alleged to be my day off- quiet they energy a few glut set of hands in the floral discord at my new job so I volunteered to come in this afternoon. Becoming now we are cranking out winter holiday floral arrangements kind foolish. And yeah, I come home marked in enthusiasm every day.

In the meantime roughly speaking are a few pictures of my home- decorated for Samhain. I prospect that you are enjoying this greatest extent bewitching wear away of the year! Split of the burial garment catalog in the living room...Arrived is the other quality of the burial garment....The kitchen shelves- Yes, the kitchen plunk rather further stays kind this time round- save for the pumpkin...Suggest at the end of our hallway- w/o get a move on I appreciate it to cause added enchanting!

So get intense and bewitched and adorn for Samhain and Halloween. I prospect these photos drive excite you to add some witchery to your own home for the sabbat.Divine be! Ellen


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